Epilogue: Lily.

Ginny was exhausted. You'd think after doing this twice already her body would be used to it, but Ginny found herself as tired this time as she had been with both her boys. Wishing there was some spell to make getting a baby out any bloody easier than this, she sank back in relief as the nurse wrapped a small bundle in a pink blanket and handed her to her mother.

Ginny peered down at the tiny girl and smiled at her.

'Lily, don't you think? Harry?' She looked up at her husband who was staring down at the tiny bundle with rapt astonishment on his face.

'Harry?' she repeated louder, stopping short of snapping her fingers under his nose only because she felt too tired to get her arm up that high.

'Oh? Yes, Lily.' His face softened even more and Ginny lay back on the pillows with a contented smile on her face. She passed Lily over to her father who immediately wandered over to the window with her, murmuring small endearments no-one else was to hear.

'So, you're the mother of a little girl now, Ginny.' Her mother smiled at her. 'It's a different battle, love, but so worth it in the end.'

Ginny squeezed her mother's hand, brushed damp hair off her forehead with the other and said, 'you found me a battle, Mum? You amaze me. I was so sweet and pliable as a child.'

She burst into giggles as she said it, unable to keep her face straight and Molly laughed right along with her. 'You'll see, love. You'll see. Baby girls are like all babies. They want to be cuddled and nursed and loved, but girls ... when they grow up they live different lives to boys, no matter how many brothers they may have. All babies are different to each other, but girls are a different kind of different.'

'Mum, you know I appreciate everything you've done for me, right? Every conversation we've had, even the ones that involved me yelling.' The two women smiled at each other in mutual sympathetic memory.

'I know sweetheart, you didn't have to say.' Molly leaned over and kissed Ginny's cheek. 'But it's nice to hear. Sometimes I wondered if I had any chance of helping you become the woman you were meant to be. But I look at you now, and I know between us we did alright.'

'I think you did brilliantly,' Harry said softly from the window, still holding the precious bundle, but all his attention focused on Ginny. The smile Ginny directed at him was so radiant she almost forgot she was tired. He smiled back and the two parents stayed locked in the moment until the small bodies of their sons wriggled around the door and into the room.

Molly left them to it, allowing the family to discover their new member together and smiling to herself as she left the room. She was pretty sure in a few years Ginny would be back for more advice, just as Molly had gone to other experienced women for advice on raising her girl.