INTRO (the baffled king)

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Hello, Internet. This is oncenthefuture, aka kingdomkirkland's new account. My old one was getting bogged down with some pre-teen angst, so I figured I would start afresh with an entirely new name to complement my new life. At this point in time, it's June of 2007 and I just turned eighteen a few months ago. I'm about to graduate from a stuffy old sixth form and ready to turn the page on my dusty teenage years and write a new chapter in Oxford. (University, that is.)

People call me several different things, including king, Kirkland, Kirky or kingy, and Eyebrows (long story), but I really prefer it if you call me Arthur. Most people know me from the actor Gil Dresden's fansite, 'Albino and Awesome: The Dresden Files', as the one who knows everything about anything and is basically an unofficial moderator. I've been a fan of Gil and, consequently and obviously, a hater of Alfred Jones since I spent my year 10 as a foreign exchange student in Minnesota - a rather bearable year overall except for the overburden of snow and sleet and fucking freezing temperatures. *grumbles* Anyway, in that cold-infested hole in the wall I found the time and the boredom to watch Hearts on a Split Log Fence, and my life hasn't been the same since. I've been a member of Gil's fansite since late 2005, and have been a dedicated follower of his works since, never afraid to fight it out with an Alfred fan if it was necessary.

So that's where I am now. Sitting on one side of an epic B-list actor war, fighting in the ranks anonymously while I pursue a degree in British literature at Oxford, wasting my time on trivial matters and enjoying every minute of it.

- Arthur

{A/N: I'm not going to spoil this too much for you, but at least the first few chapters of this story will be written entirely in PMs, AIM conversations, texts, and blog posts. I'll try and keep the chatspeak to a bearable minimum. Also, this is a modern-day AU. Gil Dresden IS Prussia, but I felt that Gilbert Beilschmidt would a) be too much work to look up for correct spelling every time I typed it and b) would have been dropped for something simpler way before his career got started. In this AU, that's his legal name, but he's credited and known as Gil Dresden.

Don't mind the short word count of the first chapter. It's just the introduction, the others will be ridiculously long.}