CHAPTER THIRTY (and every breath we drew was hallelujah)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In the waiting area of Terminal 3 of London Heathrow Airport, a young blond man in a green T-shirt that matched his eyes paced alongside a row of chairs, checking his phone between bites at his thumbnail. He'd been pacing for several minutes now – long enough that the others that were calmly sitting down had taken to ignoring him. Between glances at his phone, he stared hard at the crowd down the length of the terminal.

He was so on edge that, even though he was prepared for and expecting it, he still jumped when his phone started to play a tinny, over processed melody.

He answered it, almost snarling into the receiver, "Where the bloody fuck are you?"

"Relax, Arthur, I'm headed your way," an American-accented voice said on the other end, laughter in his tone. "I can see you now, actually."

Arthur whipped around, searching the terminal crowd frantically until he saw familiar gold hair and a leather jacket.

He didn't even notice that the smile splitting the newcomer's face was only beaten by his own. His thumb pressed the 'end' button automatically.

The American took the last few steps in giant strides, dropped his carry-on, and scooped him up in a bear hug that lifted him off his feet. They clung a little desperately and pressed a little closely. Arthur buried his nose in the American's collar, and it smelled just as he remembered it.

"God, I missed you," Arthur whispered fiercely. The American nodded against his shoulder, gave him one more squeeze, and set him down just as his other companions joined him – an older couple that had to be his parents, a brunet in a slightly crumpled suit, and a blond in a purple V-neck. The woman gave Arthur a shorter, but no less bruising, embrace while the man clapped him on the back. The other two stood awkwardly to the side, talking quietly to each other.

"Good to see you again, Arthur," he said with a smile. Arthur grinned in return.

"Come on, Uncle Leo and Aunt Jo are waiting by the baggage claim, and we don't want to get the van towed again," he said, leading them towards the exit.

The American laughed, slinging an arm around Arthur's shoulders. "Lead the way, oh wise one."

Arthur rolled his eyes and shrugged the arm off. "Gladly, oh idiotic one."

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