Flourishing Comfort

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Thirteen opened the doors and entered into the land of fitness. She had just joined the gym she was at so that she could avoid House and his antics in at least one spot of her personal life. This gym was still in the city, but far enough away that House would get distracted or bored when and if he tried to follow.

She walked over to the plethora of exercise bikes and chose one far enough away from the other people using them, but close enough not to look like a loner…even though that's what she technically was.

She hopped on and set the bike to the appropriate settings. Then, she looked forward. Good God Almighty. She thought as she managed to pick her jaw off the floor before anyone around her noticed her lack of composure. Before her was a half blonde, half brunette woman on a treadmill. She had to been there for at least a little while because she was starting to sweat, or as Topanga on Boy Meets World would say "girls don't sweat, they glisten," so this woman was starting to glisten. Damn she is foine! Thirteen started at her calves which just happened to be defined with the woman's run. She ran her eyes up to that cute little ass that would give Thirteen some lovely dreams, and over the workout tank to her sinewy arms. She went up to the woman's hair, but immediately went back when she saw it. There was a tattoo on the back of the woman's neck. It said 'Flourish.' She stared at it for a moment before looking at her hair. The underneath half was a light brown, while the top was blonde. The blonde looked familiar, but she shook it off because really, how many blonde's has she been in company with before…men or women? That answer, she'd rather not say, or even think.

She loved getting to workout behind this enigma of a woman; she intrigued Thirteen. It might've been the tattoo alone, but for some reason, she felt almost drawn to the woman. And she hadn't even seen her face. The tattoo told a story, and she wanted to know what that story was. Flourish basically means a dramatic action that draws attention. She doesn't seem to be wanting the attention of anyone, so why? And why doesn't she want anyone's attention? She's got mine and about Sixty percent of everyone in this damn facility…

Thirteen watched her as she took the towel and wiped her face and arms as her workout increased. The action made Thirteen unconsciously sigh. She watched as a man walked over to her and tried to flirt. Thirteen furrowed her brows in disgust until she saw the man step back in surprise and walk away. She saw how her body shook as she giggled at the dumbass that tried to ask her out.

Well…not tonight then… Thirteen thought to herself. She had been debating on going over to her when she was done or not.

"Good view?" She heard a male voice next to her.

"The best." Thirteen breathed out. Then she turned to the voice, realizing it wasn't in her head. It was the same guy that mystery woman shot down. "Can I help you?" Thirteen didn't stop her workout, just like Flourish.

"Well…you could go out with me. That would be a lot of help." He said, thinking he was smooth.

"No." Thirteen turned back to the woman.

"Oh, come on! It'll be a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' kind of thing…if you know what I mean." He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"You want sex." Thirteen stated plainly, "Hell no." She rolled her eyes, "The only thing you'll be fucking is your hand for the rest of your life unless you figure out how women want to be treated…or you realize you're gay." He stood there staring at her, "I'm sorry was there something else? Or will you leave me alone now?" He walked away from her in much the same fashion he walked away from her.

Thirteen rolled her eyes again for good measure before she looked up again. The hem of her shirt was about to ride up, and that little hemline had her undivided attention. Just as it started, she reached behind her and pulled it back over her shorts. What? No!...well, at least you're classy not trashy. She thought.

Throughout the next half of their workout, Thirteen had started having flashbulb memories of this woman. She started seeing her in the hospital, but never saw her face. Thirteen knew she was losing it and sat up straight to get a bigger breath of air than she had been allowing herself to get. She looked up at the ceiling as she inhaled and exhaled, but shortly thereafter, she was looking at this woman again. Why would I place her in the hospital of all places? Why not my bed? Why am I obsessing so much? She's just eye candy… Thirteen looked up as the mystery woman started her cool down. What's the draw…why such a connection to the back of a head?

All of these thoughts were repeating faster than it took her foot to reach the top of its circle again. It was as she was putting so much thought into it, that she didn't even realize the woman had stopped. She was about to walk over and ask her name despite what she had seen earlier. But, then she saw this beauty's profile as her head turned. Son of a bitch!? Thirteen blinked her eyes and even rubbed them to make sure she was seeing correctly. She even pinched herself to make sure this wasn't some sort of dream that was telling her what she already knew, and had chosen to ignore. Nothing was deceiving her, this was as real as it gets for Remy Hadley. Dr. Allison Cameron…why the hell? Remy smiled and shook her head. Made everyone think she had up and left…you've been right under my nose this whole damn time. She smirked at the woman that had no idea of her presence. Why am I so happy? She asked herself as she decided it was quitting time herself.

She wiped down the machine and headed home after Cameron left. As she got home and got ready for bed, her thought were uncontrollable. She was almost annoying herself…almost. The subject matter made it tolerable. I can't believe she's been here the whole damn time. And, I cannot believe that House nor chase have no idea… Why did she stay here? If she left, why did she come back? And how come not back to PPTH? Why does this bother me so much?

Because…it's Allison Fucking Cameron…

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