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About a week and a half later Cameron was diligently working in her ER. There wasn't an extreme amount of patients in there, but enough to keep her from taking a break. She had a clear shot for her office as she was finishing up the fifth and final bar fight member, who kept trying to squeeze her ass (making her pull a Reese Witherspoon at the beginning of Just Like Heaven, and slap his hand away every time), when she heard the best three words that she'd ever thought she hear…she did not care who they came from.

"Want some coffee?" The deep, well deep compared to what she lived with, voice asked.

Cameron looked up from her office door in the small hallway she was in, and turned to the voice, "Uh……" she didn't know why he was there, but the coffee was too tempting, no matter the trap that it was bound to be. "Sure. Thanks." She took the cup from his dry, compared to what she lived with, hand. They both stood there awkwardly after she took a sip, "Chase?" Oh God…he's looking at me in that way…

"Yeah?" He got closer to her, making her take a step back.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, shifting her weight.

"I just…heard the ER was busy and I thought you might want some coffee. And knowing you and your capacity for coffee, I didn't think you'd turn it down…" He rambled slightly.

"Yes I give Lorelai a run for her money." She smiled as she took another sip.

"Yes you do." He thought back to all those times that he was rooked into watching reruns of Gilmore girls with her before everything happened. "So…" He trailed off, not knowing where to go having already used his coffee excuse.

"So…" When he didn't say anything more, she decided to cut the awkwardness and leave, "I have some paper work that I should get to." She pointed to her office behind her before she started walking away.

"Allison wait!" Chase practically pleaded.

She stopped dead at the use of her first name. She turned around, more than surprised, "What?" She asked cautiously taking a step back toward him.

He was looking behind her toward the ER, and when she turned to look, he grabbed her arm to get her attention back on him, "I…" am still in love with you. "I…" wish we could have worked things out. "I…" want your body next to mine again.

"You…what?" She looked at him expectantly.

"I don't think that I stopped loving you." He said as he pushed her against the wall and brought his lips roughly against hers.

Surprise was the first emotion to come over her, but anger and outrage was quick to follow. She immediately started pushing against him, but that just made him push against her even more. "Mmm, CHASE! What the FUCK?" She finally got her mouth from his, but he was just on her neck. She started pushing against him again, but this time it felt like she had help.

That help was none other than her live in lover, Remy Hadley. Perfect… She thought before surprise took over her body once again.

Remy punched him square in the jaw, and proceeded to push to the other wall of the hallway. "Stay away from her!"

"What the fuck?" Chase said, looking at her with surprise.

"Don't go near my girlfriend, again!" She pushed him so that his back hit the wall hard. "Are we clear?"

"And if I don't?" He pushed from the wall and into her bubble.

"You really want to find out?" She had her hand on his chest keeping him away from Cameron.

"Sure." He smiled, then licked his lips tasting blood from her punch.

"Come near her again and it's on." She clenched her jaw and stared him down.

"Can't bloody wait." He looked back up at Cameron once more before stalking out of the hallway.

Thirteen stayed where she was gathering herself before turning around to find a shocked look on Cameron's face. Cameron's jaw was dropped, but she picked it up to smile and speak. However, Thirteen spoke before letting her girlfriend get a word in. "Don't." She said as she made her move to flee from the scene.

Cameron caught her hand before she made it out into the hall, "You know what happened right?"

Thirteen looked up and squeezed her eyes shut willing herself not to get emotional, "I know that you were standing there, then you were kissing him. And I know that the only way you allow yourself to get macked on the way he was mackin' on you, is if you do the provoking." She had turned and stared at her as she spoke.

Cameron was taken aback…she literally had to take a step away from her girlfriend to make sure that she had just said what she thought. "Are you serious?" When all Thirteen would do is look at the ground, she knew she needed to do some major damage control.

She grabbed her girlfriend's arm and headed into her office and locked the door. She went over to her purse and grabbed the travel bottle of scope she kept there and took a swig. She then began pacing, all the while Thirteen only stood in the spot she was dragged to, and the only movement she made was crossing her arms, shifting her weight and blinking.

"You honestly believe that I coerced my ex husband to bring me coffee and make out with me?" Cameron stopped pacing and crossed her arms, mirroring Thirteen's stance.

"Why wouldn't I believe it? You coerce me into doing shit like that all the time…and I mean you have fucked him, so he's been under your power and knows the fiery goodness you bring…I'll bet you've already fucked him again! We haven't had sex in week, which for us is a month in normal couple speak. So tell me, was it as good as you remember?—FUCK!" Cameron slapped her…Cameron not only slapped, but she bitch slapped her.

"Get out!" She yelled.

"I'm already gone!" She spat back as she slammed the door closed.

That evening Thirteen came home expecting to pick up where they left off until they finished their fight and reconciled…not come home to find her suitcase standing outside the door with a letter on top. She sighed as she put her briefcase on the ground and exchanged her purse for the letter.

Take your shit and get out. We'll take about it when we can be civil towards each other. That's obviously not now.

She sighed, "Dammit." She rolled her eyes and got her keys from her purse. She brought everything back into their, it had to still be theirs right?, apartment, and went in search for Allison. It didn't take long to see her coming out of their bedroom with a bunch of her clothes and going to a box on the kitchen table. "What the fuck?" She walked toward the table, angry.

That was when Allison noticed her…she was in a fit of rage that a purple and pink fucking elephant could have take one giant steaming shit and she wouldn't have noticed. She looked up at Remy with the rage she carried, "Get out!" She inhaled quickly, "Get OUT!" She yelled as she walked toward her and started pushing her.

"And where am I supposed to go?" Remy yelled back and grabbed Allison's hands to keep from getting pushed.

"To hell!" Cameron yelled without missing a beat, and even without her hands she was trying to push Remy to the door.

"Nice try Beyonce! I'm not going anywhere. This is my apartment as much as it is yours! Besides I'm not the one who cheated!" She yelled. It was softer than the other yells, mainly because she was struggling to gain some control over Allison as they squirmed and fought to the ground.

Tears sprang from Allison's eyes and Thirteen could tell it wasn't the first time she had cried that day…even that hour. Allison went completely limp as she shook from the waves that took her over, and Thirteen maneuvered them so that she was holding her.

"I didn't cheat on you!" She said through her sobs. "I could never do that! Never! I'm in love with you don't you get that?"

Thirteen was rubbing her back and holding her close. "Yes Baby, I do…" she tried to tell her what was going on inside her head, usually she tried not to let anyone know, but she needed Allison. And she needed Allison to know. They hadn't had an intense talk about their lives and feelings since they first got together, and obviously, that was their bad. She needed to rectify this; she needed Allison. "Baby?" She looked down at her sobbing girlfriend and mentally blamed herself for making her cry. "Ally, Baby…come on. Look at me." She touched her jaw and moved it so that Allison had to look at her. When Allison calmed down, she spoke. "I need you." She looked away from her and pulled herself from her girlfriend; she couldn't do it. She couldn't tell her.

"You…need me…?" Allison scrunched her face and pulled her legs to her chest and held them with her arms; if Thirteen were facing her, she never would have seen her girlfriend look small than she did then.

"I…God dammit…" She shook her head.

Allison sat there patiently, realizing that Remy was about to bare all…realizing that this was probably a conversation long time coming, and her putting Remy's shit outside was what finally brought it up… Whenever Remy got like this, she just needed time to get the words out. "I'm not going anywhere." She said in barely a whisper. She saw Remy's profile for a second before just seeing her long brown locks again.

"I love you, you know that?" Remy had her right leg pulled up and had her right arm under it, her hands were fiddling with a loose thread on the end of her pants.

"Yeah—" she coughed, "yeah I do."

"I mean…I am like totally and completely in love with you. But you have this past that no one should have had to live through, and your ex-husband killed a man, and…you can't really have that much of a future with me. I hate being selfish, but I want you despite the fact that I'm dying. I want you by my side through it all… and I—" she paused before changing directions, "I want you to be there, but at the same time, I want you to be happy. You won't be happy with me. I can't give you a family. I can only give you me…for the next eight to fifteen years." She stopped her speech, and Allison was getting ready to speak when she started talking in circles again. "I saw you two in the hallway and I thought, 'Huh, now if they had lasted they would have made a pretty perfect family. 2.5 kids, living in the suburbs, white picket fence, homemade pie…' but then I put myself in the mix, and there's no room in that fantasy for mommy's degenerating lover. Then I started becoming jealous of nothing because I knew that you guys weren't doing anything. But…he kissed you." Her nostrils flared and she 'hmph'ed as the loose thread broke from her pants. "He kissed you like I kiss you, and before he did it, he looked straight at me like he had won and I had lost and I had to go back to being the bisexual doctor that's never truly been in live, let alone a healthy relationship…" she trailed off. "I just…I'm in love with you and I need you."

Cameron crab-walked up to Remy's back and wrapped her arms around her while threading her legs through Remy's so that her right leg was on the floor, through the triangle Remy's made, and her left leg wrapped over her lover's. "I love you too. Do you know that?" She repeated Thirteen's earlier statement. "I am so in love with you and I need you just as much as you need me." She whispered in her ear. "You don't know it, but you saved me…if I had stayed where I was in the rut I was in…I would have done something drastic for sure, but you came along and saved me."

Thirteen had tears in her eyes and let them run down her cheeks. "And what will you do when I'm gone?" She asked, "Cause I can't imagine living without you, and if you need me just as much…"

"Shh…we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, okay? Besides…medicine is advancing everyday, we might be able to help you before it's too late." She kissed her neck, "You know that." She kissed her neck again as Thirteen nodded.

After a few moments of silence, Thirteen spoke again, "I'm sorry." She barely got the words out.

"Woahohoah. Big words coming from you." Cameron said lightly.

"Baby…" Remy looked at her, turning stone cold serious, "I'm really, really sorry." She paused, garnering her reaction, "I hate making you sad, and this…" she gestured to the boxes and suitcase, "is all my fault."

"No." Allison grabbed her face and held her stare, "Don't. This has been a talk that we've put on hold and have been screening for the past couple months…it's no one's fault, it just…happened." She kissed her.

"Mmm, minty." Remy commented.

"Yeah, I've been brushing my teeth and washing my mouth out since this morning." She had a disgusted look on her face.

Thirteen's jaw clenched. "I Hate him." She said stiffly. "I'm'na fucking kick his ass if he comes and speaks to you again…even if it is to call a truce." She growled and grunted angrily as Allison pulled her up and led them to the bedroom.

Allison made fun of her the entire way there, "Grrr, mmmmph, grumble grumble grunt furrowed eyebrows anger, grrrrr."

Remy stopped and looked at her, "You makin fun of me, Rizz?" she asked as Allison de-clothed them down to their skivvies.

Cameron got on the bed then got to her knees so that she was still eye level with her lover, "Some people can be so touchy." She wrapped her arms around her and kissed her as she pulled her down on the bed. The got settled, set their alarms and cuddled into each other, "Baby?"

"Hmm?" Thirteen was almost asleep.

"Next time, let's not wait so long to talk." She kissed up and down her jaw line.

"Yes." She sighed her agreement.


"Hmm?" Thirteen's tiredness went to visit her good friend, annoyed.

"Dick and Chuck are practically all grown up…"

"They're like two months old." She rolled over, trying to put some sense into their conversation.

"So…soon they're going to be six months old and Chuck's going to start laying eggs and Dick's going to…well, he's going to keep crapping himself because of his lack of sphincter. But, he's still entertaining, and I love his diapers, but they're going to be grown ups soon…"

"Yeah…grown-up pets. Chuck will last about as long as I do and Dick will be there for you when I'm not anymore." She said like second nature and rolled away from her so she could sleep.


"I know…I'm sorry. But my death is inexorable, and it's good that Dick will be there for you." She yawned.

"Inexorable? Remy Hadley have you been reading your thesaurus again?" She had a smile on her face despite talking about her death.

Thirteen didn't answer right away, "Maybe."

Cameron rolled on top of her and leaned over her, "I love you." She kissed her cheek.

Remy rolled on her back, surprising Cameron, "I love you too." She kissed her in a way that she knew Allison would melt, "Now, let's go to sleep and stop worrying about the damn kids." She rolled back over and settled again.

The next day Thirteen and Cameron were in the clinic working their hours together so that they could head to lunch afterwards. Cameron had just finished with a patient when she look up and saw none other than the most hated person on the world (according to her and her lover)…and it wasn't House. She swiftly turned around and headed into exam room 2, which was where Thirteen was trying to tell a man that she would not sleep with him, and all he had was a cough.

"Need a consult?" She asked as she pressed the back of her head and body against the door.

"Uuuuhh…no?" Thirteen looked at her, trying to read her.

"Yes." The patient said.

"You should consult with this beauty that she should go on a date me." He said as he got off the bed.

Cameron raised her brow and looked at Thirteen who rolled her eyes, "I'm not going to do that."

"Why? You want me for yourself?" He asked cockily. He was 'in the business' on a business trip, and they were both wanting him to go back from where he came.

"No. Not at all. Actually, that's not even the last thought that would cross my mind. If I told her to go out with you, she'd think I don't love her anymore…I don't want that to happen." She stared at him while he put the pieces together.

"You" he pointed to Cameron, "an her?" he pointed to Thirteen. "You uh…" he made NC-17 rated hand gestures.

"Good-bye Mr. Listler." Thirteen stood up and handed him a script. "Take this to the pharmacy; it'll make your soar throat feel better and hopefully make your cough go away." He took it with a grin and left.

Cameron had seen what she had written on the script, "Do you think the pharmacist will get mad if you keep sending people to him to get cough drops?"

"What's Andy going to do? He's scared to talk to girls still…" She gave her defense. "So, why the random consult?" Thirteen put her arms around her girlfriend, "you need a 'random consult?'" She asked with her blatant double entendre, and started kissing her girlfriend's neck.

"No." Thirteen pulled away a little put out, "Somebody's out there, and I'd rather not be out there at the same time…" She said, trying to keep Thirteen's arms around her.

"He's out there?" Cameron scrunched her face and nodded, "Well, what the fuck does he want?" Thirteen went from trying to pork to trying to kill in .25 seconds.

"I don't know what he wants, I didn't talk to him…" She directed her toward the bed and sat her down, then kicked the step in so that she could stand in between Thirteen's legs. "Let's just…go to brunch and come back and finish later…" Cameron suggested while rubbing Thirteen's back in their embrace, trying to keep her from flipping shit.

But, she suggested too soon because a knock came to the door. "Allison? Come on, I saw you walk in there, and I saw the patient walk out. And I know that you saw me too." He opened the door to come face-to-face with An angry Thirteen and possibly angriest Cameron he'd ever seen. "Sorry, I didn't realize you were in here too." He started to back out.

"This is what you call staying away from her?" Thirteen's growl stopped him as his hand was on the doorknob.

He smiled and turned to find Cameron not holding Thirteen back, but noticing that she stepped aside to let what was bound to happen, happen. "I told you I couldn't wait to see what you would do to me if I didn't stay away. Why should I stay away? You scared of a little competition?"

"It's not a competition!" Thirteen yelled.

"Everything is something worth fighting for…making everything a competition." He said as he walked them to the other side of the small room.

Cameron opened the door and called down the hall to get security, but by the time she turned back to them, Chase had pushed her against the wall and Thirteen had punched him at least once.

Cameron ran over to them trying to pull one off the other, but no dice came. They fought around her until they wormed her out from between them. Chase tried to do the old choking her against the wall bit, bit she kicked him in his man business, causing him to let go of her and hunch over. This gave her prime opportunity to tackle him to the ground. She had punched twice more by the time security finally arrived with Cuddy hot on their asses.

"Dr. Hadley. Dr. Chase. My!" the 'now' came from between her angry teeth and they knew they were in trouble.

Cameron ran to a supply closet and got the basic necessities before catching up with them right before Cuddy was about to shut her door. "Dr. Cameron, I don't think I said your name."

"No, but they need something to bandage themselves with. I'm sure it'll be hard to punish them when they look like wet, bleeding dogs…" She reasoned her way into the room. "If you don't let me in, I'm just going to eavesdrop…I'll be quiet…when have I not kept to my word?"

"When you married me." Chase said.

"Shut the fuck up!" Cameron spat. "I didn't think I was going to marry a—" she caught herself, "an egotistical, lying, hypocritical, son of a bitch!"

"Enough!" Cuddy stopped them before something else started. She turned to Cameron, "You can stay; you obviously have something to do with this anyways…"

Cameron grabbed some gauze, hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls and medical tape, along with some Kleenex before walking over to Remy and sitting on the coffee table. She looked at her lover, fixed her hair and gave her a soft kiss before taking a Kleenex and wiping her face clean. All in all, the only worry was Thirteen's knuckles. Her nose didn't bleed and her lips never split. Her throat was pretty red, but no bruises had formed; more likely they would appear that night. It was just her knuckles that needed attention.

Chase turned and stared at her with disbelief. Cameron looked at him. "What?" She asked.

"You're really not even going to help me?" He asked.

"I brought enough supplies for the both of you…if you really think I'm going to bandage you, you're seriously disturbed." She said as she sat on Thirteen's lap to get a better look at her neck.

Cuddy sat down and gave everyone in there a warning look not to start now or ever again. She started cleaning Chase up herself before actually speaking. She didn't know what to do; she knew the board frowned upon dating coworkers, but technically, Thirteen and Cameron were not fellow coworkers. Chase and Thirteen however, were. After she finished cleaning him, she rubbed her hands together a couple times, slowly, before rubbing the bridge of her nose in frustration.

"I honestly don't know what to do with this situation. I really don't. I can't fire anybody, you all are actually valuable to this hospital. I can't break anybody up, I of all people should not be telling people who they should and should love… The only thing I can think of is moving one of you to a different department." At the 'you' she indicated between Chase and Thirteen. She took a long sigh before continuing, "Chase you're going back to surgery. House can consult with you whenever he needs, but you and Thirteen are not to be in the same room if at all possible. Now, knowing House, you will be put into the same room more than you should. On theses occasions Dr. Foreman or Dr. Taub will supervise these situations. You don't get the day off, you're not getting any time off. You will work through the embarrassment of your cuts and bruises, and you will work clinic for five hours on your days off until I see fit, luckily for you those are different days."

She turned to Cameron, "Now, you still have a lot to do to get the ER running smoothly again. However, you will also be at House's beck-and-call. You have to accept whatever he throws at you, within the legal limits, and you will also work clinic on your days off. However, Dr. Cameron, you will work eight hours of clinic duty not five." She turned to the other, "Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes Dr. Cuddy." They all said at once.

"Good. Chase go gather up your things and head over to surgery." He moved to leave, "Thirteen wait about 20 minutes before you leave, and Cameron? It's been proven everyday for almost a year that the ER doesn't run itself. Go do your job." Cameron got up, but leaned down for a kiss and an 'I love you.' "Now." Cuddy said sitting at her desk.

Thirteen looked around, actually took time to notice things in the room, not like last time she was stuck in this room. It was completely different anyways. She turned and stared at Dr. Cuddy. "Yes Dr. Hadley?" Cuddy didn't even look up from her work to know that Thirteen was trying to say something, but needed to be prompted.

"Thank you." Thirteen said, sounding small.

This intrigued Cuddy, so mush so, that she put her pen down and her head in her hand as she looked over to her. The confident, attractive, charming doctor on House's team sounded like she could live in Whoville. "For what Dr. Hadley?" She asked.

"For keeping me on and not firing me. I know I'm not exactly an asset to this hospital like you spouted off…I mean, when House was making cuts he didn't fire me when he should have…after I didn't watch him take his meds and his dog ate them. And then I got drunk here, I hooked myself up to an IV to get down from the high I was on. I didn't take House's cane from the door after you repeatedly yelled at me to do so. I quit after I broke up with Foreman, wanted my job back not two months later, and……I just wanted to thank you for not firing me now…now that my life is really good…today being an exception."

Cuddy couldn't help but smile at Thirteen, "You're in love with her." was all she said with that Cheshire grin she wore. She looked up to see Thirteen staring at her confused, "Despite how things may seem, Dr. Cameron and I were very close at one point in time…I like to think we still are. I'm just happy that she's finally got her shit together, and I'm really happy that you finally got your shit together…I bet you've waited long enough. If House has a problem with the new arrangement, tell him to come here and tell me himself."

Thirteen nodded with a smile as she walked out. It looked like her life was going to have meaning after all. She just needed to open up more and not have underlying problems cause an explosion again. She had time to figure all that out. And like the great love of her life said, there might be something out there to help her before it's too late.

After going upstairs she was made fun of until the end of the day. She made a stop on the way home to get something she should have gotten a few weeks prior. When she got home, she smelled spaghetti and made her way to the kitchen. Cameron was in front of the stove stirring the sauce and she couldn't help but walk over to her and wrap her arms around her.

"Hey you." Cameron snuggled into her lover.

"Hey Boo." She placed kisses on her neck and squeezed her tighter.

Cameron smiled and put her hand on her lover's cheek and turned to kiss her before looking down again. "What's that?" She asked looking at Thirteen's left hand; the hand that wasn't supposed to be bandaged but was. It was at a rather weird spot too; it was on the side her thumb was on, but still on the top part of her hand.

"Damn, nothing gets passed you." She smiled as she dropped more kisses and went to get some drinks.

"Baby." She had her mom voice on as she turned off the stove and looked at her, "What happened? Why do you have a bandage on that hand?"

"Come here." Thirteen crooked her finger for Cameron to come to where she was sitting at the table. Cameron walked over and sat in her lover's lap. Thirteen pealed the bandage back for Cameron to see. Cameron gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, "Do you like it?" Thirteen asked when she saw tears in Cameron's eyes.

Cameron nodded and kissed her, "Does this mean we have to get married or something?"

"No Baby, we don't have to get married. Not if you don't want to." She smiled at her.

"Cause they've really worked so far…" She mumbled out. "But we're gonna stay together forever, right?"

"Yes. We're gonna stay together forever." She nuzzled her neck.

A couple weeks passed, and the bruises and boo boos were all gone. Cameron and Thirteen were taking a break from working the clinic, and Cameron was doodling in purple on Thirteen's left hand.

"You know Baby, that's permanent? It isn't gonna come off…" She said as she kissed her hair.

"I know…but it's fun to make it a different color. Besides…no ones ever gotten a tattoo for me before." She looked up with a grin like a five year old at Christmas.

"It's not like it's your name…" Thirteen replied.

"I know, but it's just as good! I mean…it's because of me that you got it in the first place. All that wondering, and pondering…and then finding out it was me! That I was Flourish girl…you went straight back into wondering and pondering…And then you started playing what if. But what you didn't see coming was that I was the girl of your dreams and not just a good fuck with a couple tattoos…I was the girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with…" She looked back up to her girlfriend, "Right?"

"Right." Thirteen confirmed with a smile.

"Tell me again." Cameron kissed her jaw as she spoke.

"I got Flourish because the dictionary definition is: a bold or extravagant gesture or action, made especially to attract the attention of others. And I want people to know that I'm yours and your mine for the rest of time…like Jack and Rose, we'll never let go."

Cameron kissed her full on, "Never." She confirmed.

Thirteen took a drink of her decaf before pulling Cameron even closer to get more comfortable. Comfortable… she thought, my life is finally comfortable, peaceful even. God bless Allison Cameron. They exchanged sweet kisses while sinking further into the couch. It was only a matter of time before they were called back to work, and they were going to spend that little amount of time they had from now until the foreseeable future together…just like their private life.

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