Author's Note:

Okay this little ditty is going to be a cross between the television show True Blood and the SVM books. I fully intend to incorporate aspects from both the show and the books into the story, while at the same time creating something new. I must say that the whole reason I decided to write this though is because I loved Godric's character in the show, even if he isn't really Eric's maker in the books, and I have not seen a lot of fic's with him in it that I enjoyed. So, I created my own got to love being a writer no? hehe. Anyway I hope ya'll enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think.

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The Shadows of Doubt

Chapter 1

***Eric's POV***

The events of the last few days have most definitely been eventful to say the least. Ever sense I met Sookie Stackhouse my life has been anything but boring. Although with me being as old as I am boring is a very very bad thing; boring means us, vampires, becoming despondent and withdrawn, boring means us eventually choosing to meet the sun. I scoff at that idea, as if I would ever do such an idiotic thing as meet the sun voluntarily. I love my life, even if it is an undead one and regardless of how bored I became, I would never do such a thing.

All in all though things have worked out in my favor in my life, I have a perfect child, I rule a very profitable area, and with the help of the afore mentioned Ms. Stackhouse my maker is safe once again in his nest here in Dallas. I watch him receiving our fellow vampires in, what is supposed to be, a celebration of his liberation from the hate mongers who had somehow managed to hold him captive, The Fellowship of the Sun. Something though is just not right with him as he waves the next vampire forward to make there congratulations. All I can get from him through the bond we share as maker and child is what can only be described as weariness, a desire to no longer be here in this place, it is almost… I let the thought trail off not allowing myself even to think that my maker would be contemplating such a fate. Not my Godric, not the man who taught me everything that I am. To be passionate and fearsome, to live every day to its fullest potential, no my maker would never contemplate such a foolish thing as meeting his final death willingly.

I shake my head of the unpleasant train of thought and approach him, shooing away the vermin that surrounds him. "Hugo's been dispatched, I told him not to stop driving until he reaches the Mexican border." I hiss internally fucking Hugo almost cost us everything, cost me everything, fucking traitors bastard is lucky he got off so lightly. If it had been up to me he certainly would no longer be able to walk let alone drive anywhere on this Earth. Godric simply nodded in acknowledgement to my statement.

"I've arranged for an ab negative human for you, extremely rare." He needs to feed he looks pale and wane and it worries me. I may not be good at showing it on the outside but I love him, even if I cannot say the words.

"Thank you, I'm not hungry." Godric replies but his sullen mood doesn't change, he seems almost despondent and indifferent. I shake my head slightly; this behavior is so unlike him.

"You have to feed eventually; I doubt the Fellowship had anything to offer." I flash him my most charming smile, Sookie would call it cocky but most find it sexy as hell and even endearing. Again Godric just sits, withdrawn into himself. I had a sudden sense of foreboding; something was definitely wrong with my maker. After a long pause I finally ask the question that I have both been dying to ask and the question I have been dreading the most. "Why wouldn't you leave when I first came for you?"

Godric finally turns to me speaking in a slow tone as if speaking to a child who needs to learn a valuable life lesson. "They didn't treat me badly. You'd be shocked at how ordinary most of them are."

I was shocked he could not be serious, those meat sacks, those blood bags, who took him, who were going to force him to meet the sun, he was defending them. "They do nothing but fan the flames of hatred for us." I spit at him angrily.

Godric smiled at me softly. "Let's be honest, we are frightening. After thousands of years we haven't evolved we've only grown more brutal, more predatory. I don't see the danger in treating humans as equals. The Fellowship of the Sun arose because we never did so."

"Is that why you wouldn't fight when they took you?" I whisper to him.

"I could've killed every last one of them in minutes. And what would that have proven?" I was shocked; I had never heard him speak this way. Could he be right? What would it have proven if he had killed them all but that we really are monsters? I let my thoughts wander as my eyes roam the party around us.

He was right, things needed to change in some way with these humans. We were living openly among them now we had to blend in and adapt. Something Vampires are supposed to be experts at considering that for centuries we were forced to do just that, only we did it in the shadows instead of out in the open. My eyes fell on Sookie, laughing the night away with some young female vampire. She was just sitting there chatting away and joking like it was nothing, as if this was normal, as if she spent every day sitting around visiting with vampires who would love to just eat her up. I must have been staring because Godric leaned over and whispered in my ear. "She is very beautiful."

I simply nodded in agreement. She was that indeed, her long golden hair floating feely around her in perpetual movement, seriously did the girl have her own personal air machine blowing her golden locks just right so they had to take on that sexy dreamy quality. "Smart too." He continued.


"Funny, loyal, charming and quite the little spit fire if I do say so myself."

What is this an advertisement for Sookie Stackhouse's fucking virtues. I nodded again in agreement. There was just something about her and I wanted nothing more to make this woman MY woman. Bill Compton didn't deserve to kiss the bottoms of her beautiful feet. I had to sneer a little at the thought that Bill was currently playing house with MY woman. As if he read my thoughts Godric asked. "How does Bill Compton feel about your interest in Sookie?"

I almost had to laugh at that, it was word for word what Isabelle had asked me earlier. For the sake of Odin am I really that obvious. "I am not interested in Sookie and even less in how Bill Compton feels." I reply just as coolly as I had earlier with Isabelle. Godric though knows me better though then Isabelle and gives me a withering look.

He raises one eyebrow at me and looks over at Sookie who is now hanging off the arm of Bill. I couldn't help but let a small growl escape my lips as I watch that fool parade her around like a prize. "I do not think you are being honest with me Eric. Either that or you are not being honest with yourself. She really is something extraordinary; it's a shame that she has no taste in men." He laughs slightly I smile in return happy to hear him laugh and see the look of happiness upon his face.


We sit silently for some time watching Bill and Sookie fawn over each other. "There relationship is curious to me." Godric said.

I pulled my eyebrows together in thought. "I agree, I do not understand what she sees in him or why he has chosen to associate himself with her."

"Well, the reasons he has chosen to associate with her, as you put it, are quite obvious any man would be so lucky to have her love and devotion. Although I don't think that any of my afore mentioned statements of her virtues are the reasons he is doing it. Her reasons for choosing him though are quite apparent, he is handsome enough. She thinks him to be a southern gentleman to her delicate southern belle, she looks at him and I would bet you good money she see's that damn Rhett Butler from that movie all little southern belle girls are raised on. She thinks he is completely and utterly devoted to her which is what every little girl dreams of, a man who will love them completely not despite all of their flaws but because of them. He has quite obviously shown her; at least outwardly that he fits that mold completely. But look at him really watch him interact with her."

I turned my head back towards Sookie and Bill and watch them interact with each other and with the others around them. "Watch," Godric said, "he does not see her. When she is not watching he pulls away slightly as if being in her very presence is a nuisance to him, a burden even, something forced upon him. The moment she turns back to him, he is all southern grace and hospitality doting on her with the way a true lady deserves. From the little I know of her she holds these values and virtues with high importance in her mind. He is being what she thinks every mate should be when she looks upon him."

We fell silent and I observed as they moved about, I had not had many opportunities to observe their interactions. Partly because there was always some damn crisis revolving around them whenever they were in my presence and partly because whenever she was in the room I wasn't really watching Bill Fucking Compton. I only had eyes for her, my little Valkyrie.

After a few moments though of actually studying his behavior towards Sookie I saw that Godric was right on the mark. Sookie's attention was drawn away by a human girl and was laughing and joking around with the girl. Then Bill did the unthinkable, I watched as Bill pulled away and sneered down at her, he was clearly disgusted to be in her presence. WHAT THE FUCK!

A low menacing growl escapes my lips, I must have given some indication that I was going to go after Bill because Godric placed his small hand upon my chest to still me. "What do you know of him?"

I turn towards him and shake my head slightly. "Not much, he just moved to my area. In fact I think he checked in maybe two weeks before he brought Sookie to my bar for the first time. Before that not much, I have met his maker, Lorena." I smirk. "She's a piece of work that one. If the things I hear about her are even remotely accurate I am unsure of how he has managed to pull off the mainstreaming life style." I roll my eyes slightly at that.

"I have heard of her, I have never met her but her brutality does precede her. I have heard whisperings of quite a few messes the council has had to clean up on her behalf. You say he is her child?"

"Yes." I nod. "She released him though in the forty's or fifties."

"What of his time between when he was released and when he has joined your little Sookie in her home town."

"I have heard nothing, although I must admit that I didn't look very deeply when he petitioned to move into my area. His home from before he was turned is there in her home town of Bon Tempes. I really did not think anything of it."

"Did he give you any indication on why he choose to return when he came before you with his petition?" I could see the wheels turning in his head trying to sort through the pieces of the puzzle fitting it all together just right so that he could see the whole picture.

I shook my head slightly in the negative. "No, other than him stating that he wished to return to his family home, the former Compton had passed away suddenly and there were no living heirs so the estate reverted to him. He did say that he was looking to restore his home as he had built it with his own hands when he was alive and that he just wished to settle into a quite life. I found the notion to be foolish but did not see a reason to question his motives."

"And you knew nothing of the girl? You had never heard of her before or had any indications that she was special in any way?"

"No, not until the night he brought her into my bar looking to save that fool brother of hers. She warned me of a police raid that was about to take place. Unfortunately there was a vampire currently feeding in the bathroom, she saved me a lot of headache that night by coming to my rescue and outing herself." I smile slightly at the memory, I was definitely drawn to her from the first moment I saw her.

He stilled for a short time clearly pondering over the information. "I would be interested in finding out where exactly Mr. Compton resided before he decided to grace your fair area. With the way that he acts towards her I do not think his intentions are honorable towards your Sookie." A small smile crept on my face before I could stop it, my Sookie it just sounded so … right. "Eric do you think you can find out where he was located before he came to you?"

"I am sure that the information is on his application, Pam reviews them all approves them and then sends just them before me for the final interview. I must admit I abhor paperwork and rarely look over the application if I find nothing wrong with them during the interview."

"I think it would be wise to call her."

I pull out my cell and quickly dial Pam's number. "Master, I trust all is well?"

"Yes, Sookie recovered Godric and he is fine. I need you to go into Bill Compton's file and find out where he has been located over the last fifty years. I want to know who he has been associating himself with since Lorena released him. I want to know everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Godric suspects Bill is up to something and after observing him tonight I tend to agree."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with a little blond telepathic bar maid would it?" She said I could hear the annoyance and snarkiness lathered thick in her voice.

"Pamela you will do as I say and not question me again. Are we clear?"

"Yes Master."

"Call me when you have completed your task." I snap my phone shut and turn back to Godric and nod.

"You give her too much leeway Eric." He says seriously.

I laugh softly. "I do, but she is fiercely loyal to me and" I leaned closer to him. "you can never tell her this but I love her just a little bit. She makes me laugh and she is always a challenge. She just is not too fond of the idea of sharing me with anyone else. Besides I like them feisty." I wink at him, Godric roars with laughter, all the vampires look over briefly at him I doubt that any have heard him do such a thing. To me that sound is as good as hearing the horns of the Valkyrie's blowing to take me away to Valhalla.

"Of course." Before I could respond with my next though we heard a loud argument taking place in the living room area. I hiss, and feel my fangs descend, Godric looks at me and I can feel his puzzlement at my reaction to the brunette currently speaking with Bill and Sookie.

"Lorena." I growled softly.

"I can do nothing unless she makes the first move." Godric said softly. I watch silently on the edge of my seat, every muscle in my body screaming and tensing ready to spring into action. I can see Sookie quickly losing her temper and I know this cannot end well. Lorena runs one finger down the center of Bill's chest, it is so obvious that she is trying to provoke Sookie into a confrontation but Sookie is so blinded by her 'love' for Bill that she is unable to see that she is being lured into a trap.

Lorena though has made a fatal flaw in thinking that we would do nothing to stop her from harming Sookie. I am sure that she thinks that we would view her as nothing more than a blood bag to be used and disposed of at our whims, that girl walked into the wrong damn nest. There isn't a vampire here who wouldn't act on behalf of defending Sookie, even if Sookie doesn't realize that. We all owed her a debt for saving Godric and helping prevent the massacre at the church. The entire nest was silent watching their exchange and just as I thought, Sookie was indeed provoked by Lorena placing her hands upon Bill.

"Do not touch him." Sookie screamed in Lorena's face lunging towards her. Bill quickly acted placing his arms around her middle to prevent her from getting any closer to his maker. I tilted my head slightly and watched Bill closely. He was clearly conflicted; he wanted Sookie to attack Lorena but he couldn't allow her to do so. His motivations for wanting such a foolhardy thing are complexly mind boggling to me.

"My we're feisty too." Lorena laughs manically. "Mmmm you're no more than a blood bag, you cannot win this." Sookie flinched slightly at the insult but Bill looked pleadingly at Lorena trying to convince her of something. The more I watched him the more clear it became to me that Godric's words were correct. Something was rotten with Bill Compton. I could clearly see that he wanted to go to Lorena and comfort her but was somehow forced to stand beside Sookie. Why would he do this? Why would he be with a woman he clearly had no affection for?

"I've already won. Bill chose me and yet you still won't give up. Don't you have any shame?" Sookie snarled. With that jab I could feel the entire room tense. I shook my head slightly doesn't this girl have any sense of self preservation?

"Sookie stop." Bill spoke up for the first time; he clearly was between a rock and a hard place here. Something was keeping him by Sookie's side but he could not allow her to insult his maker in such a way.

"I'd listen to him run away little girl. William and I love each other." Lorena said dismissively but we all could see it, she was so close to the edge, she was ready to pounce on Sookie.

Bill released Sookie and grabbed a hold of Lorena's arms, he looked her deep in her eyes, trying to convey something… love maybe or devotion but his words spoke otherwise. "You've gone mad get out now." His words were icy and cold and Lorena was clearly injured by them. For the love of all the Gods why can't Sookie see this man was duping her?

"Maybe you do love him who am I to guess, but he doesn't love you. He never has and that we both know." Sookie said. Shit! Every Vampire in the room took one step closer towards the confrontation. I looked sideways at Godric hoping he would pounce into action before it went too far.

My attention was drawn back to the main event when Lorena shrieked loudly. "Take those words back or they will be your last."

"We're leaving!" Bill yelled trying to drag a struggling Sookie away from Lorena.

"Go find someone else you fucking bitch you've lost this one." Sookie screamed lunging towards Lorena. FUCK FUCK FUCK! Before anyone could even blink Lorena and grabbed Sookie by the throat and slammed her down on a nearby coffee table ready to drain her dry. Godric and I instantly sprung into action and were across the room to rescue Sookie. Godric was two steps ahead of me and reached Lorena first grabbing her by the throat and pulling her off of Sookie.

"Retract … your … fangs … now." Godric said in soft but deadly voice. Slowly Lorena's fangs slid back into place with a small click. I looked around the room and quickly observed every vampire in the room had reacted to the attack on Sookie. I had been right in my assessment, they all love her in their own way and would all protect her. I let a small smirk creep on my face, I love it when I am right and let's face it, I am almost always right.

When Lorena retracted her fangs Godric let go of her throat and took one step back, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down upon her with nothing but disdain. "I neither know nor care who you are, but in this area and certainly in this nest I am the authority. Do you understand?" Godric said coldly. I had to keep myself from laughing at his statement, Godric knew exactly who she was but he had to pull the 'I am aloof yet still all powerful act.' I could feel Godric pushing both amusement and warning through our bond telling me to stay quiet and let him deal with this.

"Yes, sheriff." She whispered.

Godric raised his voice slightly clearly addressing the entire nest as well as Lorena. "This human has proven herself to be courageous, and a loyal friend to our kind." Subtext fuck with this girl and you fuck with me. He lowered his voice again clearly speaking only to Lorena now. "And yet you treat her like a child does a dragon fly, pulling off wings for sport. No wonder they hate us."

"She provoked me." Lorena said incredulously.

"And you provoke me." Godric said menacingly leaning forward and getting into her face. "You disrupted the peace in my own home. I could snap you like a twig and I haven't. Now why is that?" Raising an eyebrow at her questioningly.

"It's your choice." She said through gritted teeth.

"Indeed it is." He said, the message clear to all of us fuck with me and you're going to get decimated. "You're an old vampire, I can tell. You've had hundreds of years to better yourself and yet you haven't. You're still a savage and I fear for all of us humans and vampires if this behavior persists. You," Godric said turning to Bill. "you seem to know her."

"Yes Sheriff." Bill nodded in agreement, fucking smarmy bastard.

"Escort her from the nest." Godric commanded, but Bill turned to Sookie to 'check and see if she was alright' fuck he was a great actor.

"Go ahead I'm fine." Sookie said quietly, although she was clearly not fine Bill turned to Lorena placing one hand on the small of her back. The gesture was loving and sweet, FUCK how could Sookie not see that this man was a fake.

"I want you out of my area before dawn." Godric commanded. Lorena just nodded and allowed Bill to escort her out the front door. "Everyone go back to what you were doing before we were so rudely interrupted. Drink, eat, and be merry." Just like that the tension passed and everyone seemed to let out a collective sigh of relief.

Godric and I both turned to Sookie, I noticed a stray blonde hair hanging in front of her eyes and before I could stop myself I brushed it from her face and tucked it behind her ear. "Are you all right Sookie?" I said softly looking down into her beautiful blue eyes. By the Gods I could stare into those eyes for eternity.

"I'm fine, I …" she hesitated slightly and took one step away from me and looked back and forth between Godric and me. I could tell she was clearly conflicted wanting to say something, probably quite rude and unladylike if her expression was any indication.

"What is it Sookie? Godric said softly.

"Well, I just don't understand what he ever saw in that woman. Why would someone as good and pure as Bill ever be with someone so… so… evil?" She placed one hand on her hip clearly trying to convey strength but her face and words were anything but. She was questioning, probably for the first time, Bill and all his actions.

I looked at Godric for guidance here; I was at a loss as how to answer this question. After all we had no real proof that Bill was up to no good. We had no proof that he didn't love her. And anything I said she would perceive as being a lie or slanted to make myself look good. A small smile crept on Godric's face he could feel me floundering here. He knew this was unlike me I always knew what to do! This small human woman had me all twisted I felt like a tiny spring leaf cast out into the vast turbulent sea.

"Lorena…" Godric said softly. "well she isn't really just an ex-lover of Bill's. She is his maker; it wasn't like he chose her to be his companion. She choose him and he was stuck with her." Godric was clearly trying to not disparage Bill because we both knew that Lorena didn't choose her children lightly. They always, always were blood thirsty and ruthless.

Sookie clearly contemplated this for a moment and cocked her head slightly looking back and forth between Godric and I. She shook her head lightly. "Okay, I get that she is his maker but something doesn't feel right about it. I mean look at you and Eric. He loves you, so much so that he drug my lily white behind down here and sent me into The Fellowship to find you and ensure that you were safe."

Godric chuckled softly. "Eric and I are not the same as them, and yes Eric loves me as I do him and we have a great respect for one another as well. Eric and I have a very healthy relationship, Bill and Lorena they are different. I am not saying that she does not love him but she is the very essence of what I have been talking about. She is ruthless, and brutal, and cruel, she cares nothing for others feelings, save one. She only looks for what she can gain from others and cares little at what they lose in the process."

"Save one?" Sookie arched her eyebrow in question. Godric looked out the large glass windows of the front room and there in the moonlight stood Bill and Lorena, his arms wrapped around her in comfort, her face buried in his chest but facing towards us with her eyes shut tight. Bloody tears streamed down her face and dripped slowly off the end of her pointed chin, the look on her face was clearly one of heart break. Sookie took all this in and I watched as her heart slowly cracked while she put a few pieces of the puzzle together. "Oh." She whispered softly.

Before either of us could really respond, we heard someone clear their throats behind us, clearly trying to get our attention. "Excuse me everyone, if I could have your attention." Godric and I turned towards the unknown voice and there in the middle of the room stood a boy of no more than 24. The stench of fear was rolling off him and he was sweating heavily draped in an oversized army jacket.

The entire room fell silent waiting to hear what this boy had to say to us. "My name is Luke McDonald. I'm a member of The Fellowship of the Sun" there was a few hisses and Stan stood from his place on one of the couches clearly ready to spring into the action. "and I have a message from you all from Reverend Steve Newlin." The boy unzipped his heavy army jacket and beneath its bulky exterior laid a bomb. I heard Sookie gasp in fear behind me, my only thought in that moment was to protect her.

Godric and I both leapt at Sookie pressing her tiny frame between us, just as the boy triggered the bomb. There was a bright flash of light I could feel bits of shrapnel and bullets, that were somehow rigged into the bombs configuration, pierce my body. The shockwave knocked the three of us to the floor and just before the world went black I said a silent prayer that Sookie would be all right. 'Please Odin watch over this girl and keep her safe.'