Summary: Elliot finds out that his aunt was kidnapped and convinced the team to help him and his cousin retrieve her, taking them all to DC. It does not help when a dead marine is involved. Warnings: Maybe Slash

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Part 1

"In other news, this calling card appeared in front of Multi-billion dollar company of-"

Elliot paused the TV as they showed the calling card on the picture. He took a closer look at it and was surprised. Something was not right though, he could tell.

"Is that what I think it is?" Parker stated jumping on the couch next to him.

"No its not. This calling card is a replica, not the real thing."

"How do you know?"

"Aunt Nancy's writing is a bit different with her calling cards. I gotta call my cousin."

Elliot went over to the counter and grabbed his phone making a call. It was then Hardison came in and gave Parker a weird look. She had this really excited expression on her face, which was rare mind you from the usual blank looks. He went over and sat on the couch.

"Is there something I'm missing?" Hardison asked curiously.

"Did you know? Elliot is related to Nancy Ross!" Parker stated excitedly.

"The Nancy Ross? The queen bee of thievery? Top of the line grifter, hacker, hitter, thief, mastermind, the whole shebang?"

"Hey! Will two keep it down? I'm trying to talk here!" Elliot yelled at them.

They quickly quieted and began whispering to each other about the situation. It was then Nate and Tara came in at the same moment. They both glanced at the scene with a skeptical look. Tara took a seat on the couch and watched as Hardison brought up something on the screen. Nate looked on curious at these turn of events, especially when Hardison brought up the Interpol file of Nancy Ross.

"Nancy Ross?" Tara asked curiously.

"Elliot is related to Nancy Ross!" Parker stated again.

"Really? Wow, that is something I wouldn't expect."

"So why now?" Nate asked.

"Someone replicated her calling card. I don't think it's her and it is one of two things: she's been kidnapped or someone is a copycat. I just called my cousin to confirm it. If she is kidnapped my cousin is in trouble too. This building was what made her retire when my cousin was hurt." Elliot brought up a corporate building. "This is the guy responsible." With that he brought up the CEO of the company. "Would you guys help us?"

"Can we? I've never met a celebrity," Parker asked, the excited gleam in her eyes.

"Where's your cousin?"

"He lives right in DC. Said he already booked us the penthouse at the hotel and got us our plane tickets. No wisecracks about his job k?"

"Why, you're related to a fed?"

"What's wrong with that?"


"Alright. Let's go save the Queen!"


Timothy McGee glanced at his phone as it rang a certain tone. He ignored Tony's and Ziva's questioning looks and picked it up walking out of the bullpen and hoping that his nosy coworkers did not follow. Besides, they were all stuck on cold cases. Answering it, he greeted the other person.

"Hello, Elliot, never thought I would be talking to you so soon." He said. Tim listened to Elliot's explanation and his expression changed from one of amusement to that of shock. He almost dropped his phone after opening the video that was sent to him. "Are you sure this is true?" Tim asked worriedly. He had to confirm it and call his father first. He quickly walked over to his desk and brought up some airline sites. "Your flight leaves in about 3 hours, you have a reservation at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown. Yeah I'll see you then… bye." He went back to work, ignoring Tony and Ziva's dubious looks.

"The Ritz Carlton, whew McGee, you're loaded…" Tony commented. Tim rolled his eyes before responding.

"Actually it is for my cousin who struck it great in the stock market when Bering Aerospace plummeted. He just asked me to set reservations for him and his friends," Tim said.

"Really? So he's good with stocks?"

"Skip that thought DiNozzo, you and David come with me," stated Gibbs as he entered grabbing his coat. "McGee your vacation starts now." With that said, Gibbs let both a confused Tony and Ziva to the elevator while Tim waved a little to them before the elevator closed. He frowned before packing up this things and shutting his computer down. He did not request this vacation time until only a few minutes ago, but he made it to where he did already request it off a couple months ago. He quickly went to his apartment and packed some essentials before driving back to DC in Georgetown.


Tony and Ziva looked on while holding for dear life as Gibbs drove and broke so many traffic rules, they probably should have been caught right now. Tony and Ziva were relieved to stop. They were surprised at the house, as it looked really nice two story in a quiet neighborhood that was quite a distance.

"What are we doing here boss?" Tony asked as he looked at the simple luxurious house.

"A kidnapping," Gibbs said. "They specifically asked for us." Gibbs rang the doorbell and the door opened. The three were surprised to see who answered it.


Sarah McGee looked on and beckoned them inside where former Commander McGee was situated in the living space. The older man looked distraught but otherwise calm. He motioned for them to sit down, a remote in his hand with the TV on pause with Nancy McGee on the screen. The team was surprised but sat nonetheless as Sarah set out some waters on the coffee table.

"Thanks for coming agent Gibbs. I just did not know anyone else to call. To be honest I should be calling Interpol," the commander said.

"It's Jethro. Why did you ask for us Commander?" Gibbs asked.

"It's Andrew then. I called you because you are the only ones who could bring my wife back and possibly my son." The team was silent pondering this situation. They saw McGee fine and dandy at work and Gibbs just sent him for his vacation. Before they could ask anything Andrew spoke. "It's much better if you just watch." With that he hit play on the remote and movie rolled on.

"If you are watching this, then that means I have been dead or taken. I did not want to put both Sarah and you in danger. I probably should have told you a long time ago Andrew when you found both Tim and I injured at the coast of Chile. This is so hard to say… but my name is not Nancy Randal.

"My name is Nancy Ross and I am a thief."


Elliot and the team arrived and spotted his cousin standing right next to the limo sent to pick them up. The group followed his lead and went up to the person standing there. He gave him a tight hug, happy that his cousin was safe and not in some tight jam.

"Tim, how are you doing?" Elliot asked, pulling away.

"I'm fine. I just can't believe I created a stupid personality, anyway, is this your team?" Tim asked glancing at the other four.

"Right, guys this is Timothy McGee, my cousin. That's Parker, Hardison, Nathan Ford, and Tara," Elliot introduced them to each other. Tim shook each of their hands.

"You can call me Tim. So Nathan Ford, never thought I would find you on this side of the business. Finally decided to stay with Sophie?" They group looked on in semi-surprise.

"You know Sophie?" Nate asked curiously.

"Yes, I still talk to her. Her and my mother is good friends. Anyways, let's go. I got you guys a good suite at the Ritz Carlton."

They arrived at the hotel in no time at all. During the car ride they got to know each other, more like Parker and Hardison asking Tim so many questions. Elliot rolled his eyes at their behavior. They quickly checked in at the hotel and situated themselves in the suite. The team really liked it and was surprised at the expense of it. Currently Tim was entertaining Hardison and Parker, with Tara listening in, with his great skills as a former thief about lock picking and hacking. Elliot and Nate stood off to the side conversing.

"Nate, that's my cousin right there. He's the nicest person you will ever meet. You can pull me into whatever crazy con you got but not my cousin," Elliot said, with a bit of a threat in his voice. Nate just nodded in understanding as he watched the three get along really well with Elliot's cousin. He decided to let them relax a bit longer before having to go over the details.


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