Part 6

Tony and Ziva waited patiently at the bullpen… Patiently… no… They were anxious to find out if McGee and his mother were going to be walked out of here in handcuffs. It was then Abby came up to them.

"Hey guys! Do you know what's happening?" she asked quietly. They both shook their heads. Abby bit her lip in worry. "I hope they don't do anything…" she stated. After another few anxious moments, they saw McGee and his mother about to walk right past them. Before they could go any further, Abby threw her arms around McGee.

"Abby? What's wrong?" Tim asked.

"Oh Tim! No matter who you were, you're still my geek," she just wailed a little. Tim looked to his mother to see her snickering. He rolled his eyes at her.

"I'm fine Abby. Nothing is going to happen." He said, knowing what it was she was going after. Abby stared at him.


"Really. I was just escorting my family outside."

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry Commander, Sarah and… Mrs…"

"Please call me Nancy. I can still hop buildings in a single bound," Nancy said with a smile. Abby squealed before pulling out a picture and handing it to the woman along with a pen.

"Can I have your autograph? You're like my hero! I admire your craft ever since I started… um… yeah." Nancy smiled and took the picture and pen.

"Wow, you found an old picture of me. This was in my modeling days." Nancy signed and handed it back. She looked at Tim. "We can find our way out. I'll call you for the next one. Bye!" she said grabbing both her husband and daughter's hands dragging them to the elevator.

Tim shook his head before calmly walking past Tony and Ziva to sit in his desk. He noticed their looks but decided to make them break. They would break soon. Well Tony and Abby would break soon. Ziva only did after someone else did. Sure enough, Abby and Tony were in front of him, grilling him with questions.

"Are you going on another heist?"

"What did they say to you?"

"Could you let me in on it?"

"I can't believe you were a thief! How did you do it?"

"Grab your gear we got a dead marine!" Gibbs interrupted them while walking over to his desk to get his coat. "McGee you stay here. You're on probation."

Tony and Ziva glanced at Tim with a smirk before following behind Gibbs. Tim sighed before following them to the elevator. He stood outside and pulled two items out of his pocket and waved it in their faces, providing them with a smile. Both of his teammates gasped in surprise just as soon as the door closed. Abby watched the exchange and giggled. He walked back over to his desk.

"I didn't even see you take it," she commented. Tim smiled.

"Well they never notice either. It's much more fun that way. Anyways, my mother wants to throw a party this Saturday, do you want to come?" Tim asked her. She squealed in delight giving him a hug and an affirmative.


The team was able to solve the case quickly, especially with McGee's knowledge. It was just in time for Saturday. Surprisingly Gibbs also attended. The Leverage team was also there, as Nancy had to invite them, since they saved her life. They quickly paired off Tony spoke, more like flirted, with Tara. Ziva and Elliot quickly hit it off. Abby and Hardison started talking, while Tim and Parker were teaching Sarah how to pick a lock quickly. Ducky and Nate were talking on the side. The other three were observing and talking at the same time. Gibbs' group was wisely kept out of the loop that the other people were also con men and that Elliot was on the Commander's side of the family. All of them, except for Parker, who Gibbs saw jumping off the roof with Tim that one time.

Currently Parker stared at Gibbs, while Gibbs stared her down. She was not fazed; instead she had this curious look. She leaned in and sniffed him. The Leverage group shook their heads at her actions. Tim groaned. Parker nodded her head after he inspection. She turned to Tim.

"I approve of your bo—"

"Let it go Parker!" Tim and Elliot yelled at the same time to interrupt her. Tony, Gibbs, and Ziva were curious about what she was going to say. They figured it was 'boss' or something and left it at that. Everyone else knew except for Andrew and Sarah who assumed the same thing. Parker went to sit back down, not bothered by the outburst. Now they were going to teach Sarah how to be a pick pocket. Nancy decided to join in. Andrew sighed and shook his head at his wife's actions, especially when he saved both of them.


"I was securing your future! This agency is full of idiots!"


With that Director Vance came in and Nancy quieted down.

"I only have once question… How did you do it?" Director Vance asked seriously.

"We had a deal Vance, remember? I gave you everything on Michael Billings and in turn you let my son keep his job and I get to live my life," Nancy said as she glared at him.

"I'll just let the DA handle this." He finsihed as two other people came in. He placed some documents down in front of the mother and son.

"Nancy McGee it seems to be your lucky day. Your husband provided me with papers when you were married and when Agent McGee was born. You're free to go," Vance said before excusing himself, leaving the family to talk. Nancy and Tim stared down at the documents and were surprised. Tim recognized it.

"This is made by the—" Tim was cut off when his father nodded. "Where did you get it?" he asked curiously.

"Your cousin provided me with it," Andrew answered.

End Flashback…

Andrew sighed as he watched his wife attempt to teach their daughter how to pick a pocket. He watched as she demonstrated putting an arm around someone and doing small other gestures, only to end up with items on their person. Really, he did not know how she had done that, but considering her profession when they met, it was not surprising. He watched as the girl Parker quickly demonstrated stealing Tony's wallet and Ziva's necklace with so much as just passing by. Sad thing was Sarah was impressed. Andrew was afraid that he would have to deal with three thieves in his house. He thought it was only one.

"Remember honey, steal only if you need to," Nancy commented after Sarah successfully stole a wallet.

The Commander sighed.

The End…

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