Disclaimer:: I don't own anything except this story of mine. La Corda D'Oro, as we all know, rightfully belongs to Ms. Yuki Kure and to Koei.

Title:: "Precious Memories"

Author:: tokiya-kun18

Fan-base:: La Corda D'Oro

Pairing:: 'Slight' Ryotaro Tsuchiura/Mizue Sakimoto

Memories… The times he spent with Mizue Sakimoto might not be the best but… he treasured them dearly.

Ryotaro was only shy, as his ex-girlfriend stated, back when they were dating in Middle School. Who wouldn't? He was a child, and things like 'lovers' and 'romance' weren't in his 'dictionary'. Doing romantic stuff like holding hands, a kiss on the cheek, and spending time with a girl was beyond his knowledge… kind of. Although he was familiar with these, Ryotaro was too embarrassed acting it out in front of everybody (especially to his playful friends who likes teasing one another). Mizue, on the other hand, tried to ignore his hesitations and clung unto his arm and dragged him out of the place; leaving pairs of stunned eyes behind.

On weekends, the 'couple' would have a stroll at the local park, go shopping (Ryotaro merely followed her. Shopping is not his 'thing' so that was all he could do: follow his girlfriend like a little puppy and make sure he doesn't get lost— which would never happen! He was old enough to know where he's going… isn't he?), watch films in the cinema (Mizue insisted in this one when Ryotaro argued with her about it being a waste of money. He'd said: You can watch it in your family's notebook for free, why throw the money away?), and eat at a fast-food restaurant (since he couldn't afford anything expensive, unlike some 'young masters' around here). Even things as simple as these are enough to make both of them happy.

Ryotaro might not show it, but deep down he was having fun (if he wasn't very flustered with any form of physical contact with the brunette). Yet their relationship had to meet its end when Mizue realised Ryotaro only sees her as a friend and not as a lover. After all, who would want to have a relationship with no love involved? It's rather hard to bear when everything's one-sided; so she decided to let him go.

Years had passed and Ryotaro had recovered from shock. He was on denial from this emotion, but he couldn't fool him-self if disbelief was clearly shown on his face like words typed down in a book. So, like his ex-girlfriend, Ryotaro moved on, but the times he shared with Mizue lingered in his heart.

He didn't throw it away like rubbish, rather he cherished it like an important belonging he didn't want to lose.

Those precious memories existed to be remembered and not to be forgotten.