Through the years, Neverland has changed a lot since the Lady Wendy and her brothers left. Peter Pan had all but forgotten them. Although, Hook had been killed, a few years later the mermaids spread rumors of Hook's return. Now there were new Lost Boys, or Lost Children, as there were now girls in their ranks. The harsh cycle of hunting one another had started up again; Indians, Pirates and Lost Boys... Children.

A Hook, Two women and New adventure

Once upon a cold dark night in Neverland, a tall man of elegance and intellect stood at a waterfall wondering how he had ended up in Neverland. The accursed land that his deadly foe and rival at Eton had somehow come to live upon. Yes Charles Lautrec had heard the rumors of his once best friend turned foe had sailed the seas in search of Neverland. But never had he the man with cool green eyes; curly ginger hair with a goatee; in his dark navy blue jacket, black trousers and boots ever expect himself to be on a land of mystery. He had heard from the mermaids that Hook was back and back with a daughter and a new lover.

Within the distance a tall slim female with long curly black hair and dark green eyes was watching Lautrec. She wore a white blouse with a black corset on top, tight black trouser and knee height boots. She is Captain Jas Hook's on off lover Black Eyed Sally known to the underworld as Bes the Captain's whore. Bes eyed up the piece of fresh meat from behind a large rock.

Crimmson Flynn Hook stood at the helm of her father's ship awaiting her father's return from searching for Peter's layout once more. She was used to her father going off like this, but any more it seemed he was more and more obsessed with capturing Pan. Although, she couldn't blame him one bit. She had gotten over her stage when she was Pan's friend a very long time ago and now worked with her father. She wanted revenge, not for her father's hand, but for the man that was taken from her since her birth. The feminine version of Hook couldn't remember a time when his thoughts were not wrapped around Pan and his demise.

Eventually Jas Hook returned to the ship with a few of his motley crew. He had dined with his daughter and talked very little as he was angry that today's Pan hunting had not gone to plan. He read Shakespeare's "Hamlet" he also found reading a good literature to calm him down. Hook sat alone in his cabin behind his desk reading when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in" the slim feminine figure walked in.

"Captain" answered the gentle yet seductive voice.

Hook peered over his book and noticed it was Bes his on and off lover. "Bes. Now what do I owe you the pleasure of being on board my ship?"

The tall woman leaned forward on his desk; just so that she could show off her cleavage. "I thought I might enlighten my dear Captain as to what I happened to find on today's outings."

"I presume it would have nothing to do with finding where Peter Pan's new hide out is?" he asked as he began to look in his desk draw for something.

"No. That's your hobby." she said as she sat upon the desk.

Hook tilted his head up at her with a dark calculating look.

"Then what did you happen to stumble upon?" he asked not very amused with her last statement.

"Ahh... what do I get in return for this information?" asked Bes as she then lay upon the desk.

Hook stood up from his desk and moved towards a small trinket box. He pulled out a small charm bracelet. Bes eyed the small piece of jewelry with a slight disgust. Hook then sat upon his sofa next to the cabin window and motioned Bes to sit upon his lap. Bes quickly complied.

"Now if you tell me what you found out today not only will you get this charm but you may get a kiss." he answered as he stroked the nape of her neck.

"What if I want more than just a simple charm bracelet?" she asked with still a disgusted sneer upon her face.

Hook raised his Hook to her neck. "Quit the childish games Bes. Be grateful for what you receive! You disgusting excuse of a woman"

Bes being wise decided to tell Jas. Hook "Very well dark villain. I came to tell you that I stumbled upon a new face within the Never-forest. He was standing at the waterfall near mermaid lagoon. He is off tall stature, with curly ginger hair and appeared to have a navy blue coat. He had a look of a nobleman. Too be honest he was very handsome...even more so than you're self." Hook pointed the tip of his hook into the nape of her neck.

"You tell me this why?"Asked Hook with venom.

"Simply because when I joined you're crew did you not tell me to tell you of any new arrivals King Jas? Is it not your right you said to know what is going on within Neverland?"

Hook pulled away his hook from Bes's neck and gave out a chuckle. "Aye Bes you're right. So tell me my beauty. Is this figure as handsome as you say he is?" asked Hook as he began to stoke to her cheek.

"Aye Captain...but not nearly as handsome as yourself" replied Bes.

Hook glanced at the charm bracelet and noticed how old and rusty it truly was. "Next time we go treasure hunting you can pick which ever piece of jewelry best fits yourself."

Bes nodded and asked as Hook kissed her neck. "What...what of the new man?"

"We'll bring him on board and ask him what of his business upon my island...tomorrow Bes what say you to enlighten me with your company for the rest of the night?" he asked as he gazed into her eyes.

"Aye Jas Hook." replied Bes as she kissed him passionately.

Crimmson stayed where she was, sitting up in the rigging. It was hard at times to tell if it was Hook at times since she refused to wear dresses like most noblemen's daughters. She dressed rather like her father, in his extravagant style. Because some of the crew couldn't tell if it was her or their Captain, they behaved, although it's hard to say if they were behaving because they thought it was her or him. Crimmson had seen the trollop go into her father's cabin and wrinkled her nose in disgust. She never liked the other female aboard. She wasn't sure why, but she rubbed her the wrong way...

After fulfilling her purpose Bes left the cabin with her hair a mess and top ever so slightly cut. She glanced around hoping not to come into contact with Crimmson; unfortunately she did. She saw the little pip squeak within the rigging.
"Crimmson dear your father...I mean the Captain wishes to see you."

Crimmson raised her eyebrows at Bes, perhaps it was the fact that her father's lover was only a few years her elder. She dropped lightly from the rigging and looked at Bes, "A hint, next time look in the mirror before you come out. You already have a bad reputation, no need flaunting it." she said before walking into the cabin.

"ME? A bad reputation? Ha-ha! Never would have guessed" burst Bes into giggles. "What an evil little bitch!" with this Bes walked off to go flirt with the other men on board. Yes she was harlot but Hook's harlot none the less. She was allowed to flirt with other men but she was not allowed to give them her body for slaking their lust; that was the one thing her and Jas had agreed upon. For if she did it would be banishment from the crew.
Hook had his back against Crimmson when she first entered, knowing that she was bound to say something about Bes.

Crimmson walked in, closing the door behind her, "Honestly, Father," she said in disgust, "You couldn't have gotten a whore that was at least 10 years older than me?" she asked, sitting down on the edge of his desk. She brushed her long black curls behind her ear, looking oddly like the perfect combination between her parents.

"So you'd prefer me going out with someone younger than yourself then?" he asked as he rolled his eyes. "I fail to see why you don't get along with Bes. She's really a nice woman. Plus since the death of your mother how can you blame me for not wanting a new woman in my life. I do not intend of living the rest of my life alone." with this Hook playfully pushed his daughter of the desk. "Anyway; I wish for you to go on the island tomorrow. Bes tells me there is a mysterious man looming around Mermaid's lagoon; either capture him or seduce him onto the ship. I wish to know why he is here and most importantly who he is. "Hook moved to where Crimmson was. "Do you accept the challenge?" he asked as he placed his good hand out. "If you accept you will have someone to accompany you...of my choice...but this I shall tell you in the morning...So what say you?"

Crimmson looked at him and raised her eyebrows slightly, her hands resting on her hips. "First of all, I can blame you all I want. I'm 18 and you're my father," she grinned wickedly. "As for this challenge, why do I need a helper? I am perfectly capable of luring a man to this ship without your little whore."

"Did I mention you'd be with Bes? No and don't you dare show your temper to me girl" said Hook as he began to raise his voice.

She groaned in frustration, "Father!" she exclaimed, "When will you get it through your head that we do not get along! We never will!"

"And what part did you not hear when I said you weren't working with Bes" shouted Hook

Crimmson stopped and looked at her father, "That is not what you said," she said, trying not to laugh.

Hook tried not to laugh too but in the end he gave out a heartwarming chuckle.

Crimmson smiled, "Alright," she said, sitting back down on his desk again, "Must someone come with me?"

"You think you can handle it on your own?" he asked calmly

"Why wouldn't I be able to?" his daughter asked, "I am just as good of swordsman as you, plus, I have my pistol, although, if it's a man... I think I can get him to come," she grinned mischievously, unable to resist getting another chance to bad mouth Bes. "And I'll keep my pants on."

Hook strangely enough thought she said "And I hope he keeps his pants on."

Author's Note: Hey you guys. This is Lilkatcaz; me and Secret Vespy are writing a new combined story with one of her favourite characters Crimmson and two of my Bes and Lautrec. Some of you may have heard of Crimmson in Secret Vespy's first story about her and Hook (oh Hook's in this one) or you may have heard about her in the Peter Pan RPG Forum. My two characters have only appeared in the RPG Forum. And since the chemistry of a certain pair has worked so well me and Vespy thought why not share a story. Ain't that so Vespy? Yep! Very right! So we hope you enjoy this and that it turns out as well for the readers as much as it has for the writers!