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Before you read my little story there are a few small things I should mention.

This is the only proper Authors Note, so just read it.

First of all, I am not British and I have never visited the Motherland therefore I have absolutely no idea how the school system works, however, I have been informed by a proper English lady that what I originally posted is incorrect. I do not have the care or patience to do the research and fix it, so it's staying as is – which is based partly on the Australian and partly on the American education system.

Secondly, whilst I recognise living in Europe is more expensive than my hometown I simply guestimated monetary values off the fact that the British pound is roughly double the Australian dollar.

Thirdly, for those people who live in countries where soccer is soccer and football involves men hitting (and often injuring) each other for our entertainment, please know that in this story 'football' refers to soccer.

Lastly! In this story I see the character of Merlin looking more like Colin Morgan did in Doctor Who. If you want to know what the character looked like, just google "Colin Morgan Doctor Who" and it should pop straight up.

Please enjoy and don't take this too seriously, after all its just fanfiction.

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You Belong With Me

Chapter One

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Merlin Emry's, I'm 17 years old and I'm a geek. I live with my Mum, Hunith, in a very small house in the town of Camelot, I play the clarinet and I'm considered to be a child of 'gifted' intellect.

Mum and I had only recently moved into this place, we'd only been there for about a week when I happened to be staring out of my window at the huge mansion that sat back to back with our humble little house when I saw the light click on in the opposing room. At first I didn't think anything of it, after all people usually lived in houses, but then I saw that the blinds had, for the first time, been left up and the bay window seat was taken by a sobbing, golden haired Adonis.

I gasped when I recognised him. It was none other than Arthur Pendragon – School Captain, Football Captain, straight A student and all around over-achiever.

I'd never talked to him in person but I'd always figured he'd be just another rich prat who judged people by the most superficial means. But here he was sobbing in front of his window. I was amazed, what could this seemingly perfect man be crying about? Well, that was the thought that got the ball rolling.

I grabbed my sketch book and a NICO marker and wrote in huge letters:


I opened my window despite the autumn chill and waved my arms trying to get his attention. Eventually it worked and he stared, no physical reaction, no nothing except curious staring. I suppose he'd thought that he was alone in his sorrows and the fact that a geek like me saw him in his moment of weakness was horrifying. I was right. In a split second he pulled the blinds down and his shadow disappeared from the window.

I didn't see him again except vaguely around school until the next week on Tuesday night. He was at his window, crying again. I was curious to know if this was a pattern with him. I hadn't ripped out the note from the previous week, so hell I thought let's try again. I opened the window again and got his attention and held up the sign.

At first I thought he had just got up and disappeared again but a couple of seconds later he came back with some binoculars, a pad of paper and a NICO. Relief flooded through me when I saw this, I perhaps hadn't made a complete arse out of myself trying to extend some empathy towards this man.

He held his paper up, at first I couldn't read it so I also grabbed some binoculars (which were given to me by my Uncle Gaius who used to be avid bird watcher).

The reply was:


I quickly scribbled back:


It was lame, but what else could I have said. I didn't know this guy, I couldn't ask details of what was upsetting him. Could I?

He replied:


He actually wanted to continue communicating with me. He really mustn't know who I am. Because frankly, in regards to high school, I was a loser. I can admit it. I have all of two friends in the world, Will and Gwen. I'm a band geek, I'm actively involved in the art department and I'm a scholarship student who has NO money to speak of. Which all equates to being a fucking loser at Camelot high.

I penned:


Through my binoculars I watched his face at this, he seemed surprised not to recognise me. I wasn't.

SO U NO WHO I AM… Arthur wrote back quickly before flicking to a new page and writing something else.

WHAT GRADE? He also asked.


I heard a knock at my door and quickly hid my sketch pad. I opened the door to find my mother in her most appealing pyjamas… *cough* (bright yellow, flannel and with brown cows on them.)

"Merlin, what did you want for lunch tomorrow?"

She seriously interrupted my 'getting to know the school sex God' session to ask what I wanted for lunch. Christ.

"Um, peanut butter sandwich is fine thanks Mum"

"Ok then, night little boy"

"Night Mum"

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that she does little things for me like making my lunch but sometimes I wonder if she'll ever let me move out of this house before I have grey hair.

After I shut the door I rushed back over to the window.

"Damnit!" Arthur was gone. However, he left the note pad on my side of the blinds saying:


We started doing that nightly, just talking about ourselves and what we wanted from life. It continued for a couple of weeks and I didn't see Arthur crying again but it still weighed on my mind and I wanted to ask him about it. I didn't straight away though and all this time I never spoke to him at school. He saw me in the halls a few times and smiled shyly before running off to class or where ever he had to be.

The night before the opening football match of the school year and my first band performance I finally got up the nerve to ask about why he was so upset those first couple of times I saw him through my window.

I was nervous the whole night until our sort-of-not-really arranged time to talk.

Finally he time came and I rushed to my window with my already prepared note. I held it up anxiously hoping for some sort of reply.


He seemed to spend an extraordinary long time reading the message before replying hurriedly.

I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT. He replied, quickly followed by


I sighed, and wrote exactly what I was thinking about him, then held it up to the now, one-way window of communication.


The next night came and after briefly appearing in the music of God Save the Queen I spent the rest of the evening in the stands.

God, Arthur looked good in his footy gear. I was practically drooling surveying him in his red and gold uniform, the tight top showing off his pecs and the loose pants that hung perfectly around his arse. Damn I scowled internally, should've bought those stupid binoculars.

As soon as the game finished (we won, of course) I rode my tattered bike home and sulked for a bit, listening to music. It started to dawn on me, I didn't just think Arthur was really fit but I was starting to fancy him. I mean, I spent half the time staring at him and the other half glaring at his head-cheerleader girlfriend, Sophia.

"Shit" I muttered aloud. It was just cruel that I had a thing for Arthur 'Perfect' Pendragon. He wasn't just straight. He was soooo straight and even if he weren't he'd still be 20 000 leagues out of mine.

What was a lonely, loser, accidentally-fancied-the-football-captain gay boy to do on a Friday night?

Admittedly I'm smart, but I can be a real dumbass at times…

I snuck downstairs and into the pantry in the kitchen. I took a block of chocolate and half-filled a mug with vodka before grabbing a bottle of orange juice from the fridge and retreated back to my room.

Half an hour, half a block in and half the vodka gone later I had my music blaring and I was dancing around my room in a t-shirt and my tight black boxer briefs. With my curtains open. Stupid!

I'd figured that Arthur wasn't going to be home anytime soon because he'd be out with his buddies after the match or with her. Besides, I didn't think he was talking to me after I tried to pry last night. So he wouldn't look out his window in any case and I really wanted to keep mine open because I liked the cold air whilst I was dancing.

I squealed when one of my favourite songs came on, You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift. Which, when I thought about it was kind of funny since it was like exactly what was happening with me and Arthur… but not really. Ok, we had the note thing going on and that was it.

Oh well, I was wayyyy too drunk to care as I started singing into my wireless mouse like a country star. Wiggling my arse to the beat as I acted out the lyrics, I was having fun then I turned around and looked out the window to see Arthur's notepad on my side of his blinds. A swell of dread washed over me. He fucking saw me dancing like a bloody girl. To Taylor Swift. Fuck my life.

I grabbed my binoculars to read the message.


Well no shit. I was drunk. But of all the things to say, why that?

I went to bed pretty much straight after that, my buzz was killed and I forgot about the strangely endearing message from Arthur until the next day.

On Saturday I did homework, assignments and I studied for tests. Come Saturday night I sat waiting at my window for Arthur for over an hour. He never came. Never showed on Sunday night either. I was disappointed, totally and utterly, I kinda thought we were friends (even if I had more than friendly thoughts about him.)

He didn't come to his window again until Thursday of the next week. I'd almost given up by this point but by habit I checked for signs of life near the window every five minutes whilst I was reading in my room.

I saw his shadow sit in the bay window but he didn't lift the blinds. He was crying again, I just knew he was and it broke my heart to know this and not be able to help.

Five minutes later the blinds slowly lifted to reveal the tear-soaked face of the man I had grown to have feelings for. And that was the night everything changed between us, the night we truly became friends and the night I fell irrevocably in love with Arthur Pendragon.

We stayed at our windows to well into the early hours of the morning. He told me why he cried. His father was, on the surface an extremely successful and influential businessman, but underneath he was an abusive drunk who blamed Arthur for the death of his mother. His father hated him, and Arthur found it very difficult to deal with which is why I saw him crying some times.

I shared as well, told him about why I was such a loser. He seemed to laugh at my reasoning.

I DON'T THINK UR A LOSER. He wrote, adding


I smiled sadly at that. It was true that Arthur knew more about me than my other friends. The secret friendship we had was, in my eyes, pure and beautiful because no one else knew. No one needed to if Arthur didn't want but I desperately wanted to be able to talk to him at school. To hear his voice confess to me the things we talk about every night at our windows.

DO U THINK WE COULD? I wrote hesitantly.


I swallowed nervously. I was actually going to spend time with Arthur.



Oh my God. I was going with Arthur to London ALONE. I was about to have a panic attack.


Please say 'have crazy teenage sex'. Please say 'have crazy teenage sex'.




Before Arthur could reply his phone rang. He held up a BRB sign. I watched him through my binoculars, he seemed at first happy to be talking to whoever called but then it quickly escalated into, at least what I could interpret as, a screaming match. He sighed deeply and looked at his phone, whoever it was hung up on him.

Almost immediately he returned to his window, and without me having to ask he held up a sign:



He laughed at that, he beamed me a smile that almost made me fall off my chair. God, I was so screwed. How was I supposed to spend a day alone with him in London without at least touching him inappropriately?

Arthur held up:


Yes, I did notice that it was gender neutral. He fucking knew didn't he… shit.

I had to think about at least something kind of witty as a response to hide my embarrassment.


Crap, well if he wasn't sure if I was gay before it's confirmed now.

I muttered to myself "Damnit Merlin, that wasn't witty - it was fucking girly."

I couldn't keep talking to him if this is where the conversation was going. It would just be too awkward on Saturday, plus I really didn't want the guy I was pretty much head of heels for to be the first person I told.

I GOTTA GO. C U 2MORROW. NIGHT. I didn't wait for a response.

Friday morning came, the day before Saturday *gulp*

Most of the day went by fairly quickly, not that I was paying much attention – my mind was kind of blank. Gwen was the first to notice at lunch.

"Merlin, are you ok? You've been acting really distant today and you've been different the last couple of weeks" she asked me timidly.

It took me a second to register what had been said. I was really out of it apparently.

"I'm fine, thank you Gwen. Just preoccupied"

"You know if you need to talk…"

"I know and thank you."

Our conversation was abruptly cut short as Arthur and his two best friends walked past our table. Gwen couldn't keep her eyes of Leon and I couldn't keep my eyes of Arthur, who sent a heated look towards me. I pretty much melted into a puddle in my seat.

I sighed quite audibly, I was so screwed.

The bell rang and with a quick wave to Gwen and a silent Will I ran off to my next class, maths.

Half an hour later, my eyes were drooping and my head was held by the cradle of my arms. Maths was boring at the best of times but with my concentration ability at an all time low, it was unbearable. I needed to get out of there, just for like five minutes to clear my head and walk around.

I stuck my hand up and waited until my teacher called on me.

"May I go to the bathroom please?" I said in my politest tone.

"Yes Merlin, go on" she said, sounding annoyed.

I walked slowly to the boys toilets, stopped to get a drink from a fountain (getting most of the water on my shirt instead of in my mouth) and read every notice on every board on the way there. Finally, I pushed through the door to the toilets and stopped abruptly. For shit sake! The world was out to get me. Arthur stood over one of the sinks splashing cold water over his perfect face. And all I could do was stare… should I talk to him?

"Arthur" I said quietly, he looked up at me and was taken aback. A small smile crept onto his face then he crossed the space between us and held a finger to my lips. The contact burned, I had to suppress a shiver of desire.

He took a pen and a piece of scrunched up paper from his school pants and wrote on it. He shoved it into my hand and hurried out of the bathroom. I opened it up, it said:


Ok seriously, this was getting a little weird right? Do normal teenagers have friendships like this? No of course they don't, but in the terms of unconventional friendships, does this count because the way he looked me in the eyes and held his finger against my lips was far more intimate than I've ever been with Will or Gwen… This whole thing with Arthur was messing with my equilibrium.

The rest of the day swam by, my mind only focused on what happened in the toilets. Then the end-of-school bell rang out and I hurried off to the music room to get changed into my band uniform and get ready for the start of the match. It was an important game tonight, against Mercia College – our most hated rival and everyone was pumped up… even the band geeks.

5:00pm came and we started playing on the school oval as parents and students arrived to watch. We played until 5:30pm and with a quick God Save the Queen the match was started and I took my place in the stands.

Again, I spent the night half drooling over Arthur and half glaring at Sophia who stood on the sidelines.

The game ended and we won! Thanks to a last minute effort of Arthur's, Christ was there anything that boy couldn't do?

I was walking out of the oval when something caught my eye. It was waving, Arthur was waving at me… I grinned widely and waved back then Sophia hijacked Arthur's attentions. Bitch.

Still, the interaction was enough for me to ride home on high, smiling broadly and humming love songs. I realised, to my horror, I was a lovesick teenager. I arrived home to empty house, Mum was working late again – I offered to get a job to help out by she wouldn't hear of it. She said my job was to go school and have the chances she never did… and then when I was a rich doctor I could pay to keep her comfortable. Seemed like a good deal to me, not that I wouldn't have looked after my Mum in any case, after all she's my only living family and I love her to bits.

I walked into the kitchen, grabbed chocolate, vodka and orange juice again (I hoped this wasn't becoming a habit) and headed up to my room. I huffed as I switched on my computer, alone again on a Friday night. It sucked. Will was always at Youth Group as his Dad was a church leader and Gwen was always working at her family's restaurant.

Well, time to relax and attempt to forget about Arthur, and tomorrow. I put on my favourite movie (which was also one of Arthur's) Role Models and drank and laughed for the next two hours.

The movie finished and I supposed I should probably go to bed or something, but I was drunk and honestly not that tired, wound up by worry about tomorrow and from laughing for the last two hours straight. In my drunken state I wondered if Arthur was home. I picked up my binoculars and attempted to focus my eyes, and as if on cue Arthur turned on the light and walked through his bedroom door. It was strange that I could seem him at all since he usually kept his blinds closed except when we were exchanging notes.

"Oh God" I whispered aloud, he was starting to get undressed. This was wrong, watching him like this and he probably didn't think to bother pulling the blinds since my lights were off, logically meaning I was out or asleep. It was kind of like in a movie when someone's head gets cut off, you can't look away but you know you should. Except this was much, much sexier.

First he unlaced his shoes and threw them towards the door, I gulped. Then he lazily pulled off his long uniformed socks and put them in his washing basket. I couldn't believe I was watching this… and dear God I hoped he didn't stop until he was stark bollocks naked.

He lifted the hem of his shirt and slid the grass and mud covered item over his head and revealed his perfectly formed pectorals and abs. I was already hard, apparently voyeurism and alcohol mix well.

Oh God, he was undoing his pants. Was he purposely doing this slowly like a strip tease or was my mind trying to torture me? Either way I didn't care. I shifted the binoculars from my right hand to my left and my free hand started to venture downwards, softly stroking myself through the material of my boxers.

Arthur's footy shorts were sliding down his long tanned legs revealing his red Calvin Klein boxer briefs underneath. I was so incredibly turned on right now, it was possible my balls might explode of their own accord.

After he took the shorts off I turned my full attention to the only clothing he had left on and sweet merciful miracle making Jesus, he was hard. And stroking. I'm pretty sure I blacked out a little at his point, because the next thing I remember was him sitting on the edge of his bed sans boxers slowly masturbating, one hand on his gorgeous cock and one teasing a nipple. I was sitting in my chair furiously rubbing myself whilst watching him. I was so close but damnit! I wasn't going to come until he did, even if he had no idea what was going on.

He was really taking his time, teasing, stroking lazily. He had his head flung back, his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted. His body was covered with a light sheen of sweat and I could not imagine that there ever was or ever will be a more arousing and sensual demonstration than what was happening in Arthur's room. However, I was wrong.

Minutes later as his pace quickened, his left hand left his nipple and fumbled to open a draw beside his bed. I saw him remove some sort of tube and flick the lid open one handed and pour some of the contents on his dick and his left hand before chucking the bottle on his bed. Obviously whatever he was using for lube was doing the job because I saw his mouth open in barely concealed moans of pleasure as his worked himself up and down, his breathing get more ragged than my own. Then he lay back on his bed (only his cock and legs visible to me now) and his wicked left hand moved itself in-between his legs, past his balls and he started fingering himself. That was the final straw for me; I lost it and came fucking hard all over my windowsill. I didn't let myself shut my eyes for a single second, knowing if I did I could miss the most amazingly hot thing I'd probably ever see in my life.

The vague thought of Why the hell didn't I film this? crossed my mind as Arthur added another finger to himself and I whimpered. He was coming now, hot waves of white covering what I could see of his stomach and I wished I could've seen his face when he came, watched him as he stifled cries of pleasure.

After he finished he switched on his bedside lamp then walked to the other side of his room and pulled on a fresh pair of boxers before turning his light off and climbing into bed.

"Guess that's my cue" I Mumbled to myself and I grabbed a tissue and wiped off the spent cum on my windowsill.

His lamp turned off and I put my binoculars to rest on my chair and got into my own bed. It was only after snuggling into my pillow for five minutes before I realised… I had to spend the day with him tomorrow. How was I meant to do that without reliving tonight's events over and over in my mind and getting hard every three seconds? I'd have to dress carefully…

Saturday morning came; (and so did I after remembering what happened last night) I woke with a bit of a headache and terrible taste in mouth around 9 o'clock. I just got out of the shower when I realised that Arthur and I had never organised a time or place to meet or even how we were getting to London. It was a bitch of a bus ride, but not too long by train but the station itself was a half an hour walk from here and I didn't have a car and I just couldn't wake Mum to ask her to take me after she worked all night.

How was I meant to contact Arthur about this? I didn't even have his mobile number to text him or anything. Maybe this lack of organization was an excuse to avoid spending the day with him? Because I still didn't think I could face him after last night.

I walked back into my room with a towel around my waist; I was about to draw my curtains when I noticed a sign on the outside of Arthur's blinds. (When had he closed them?) I quickly grabbed my binoculars from where they were rested behind me.


The message was rather demanding – I liked that.

I dressed in some casual house clothes and picked what I was going to wear for my afternoon with Arthur. I settled with black skinny jeans (on me, these were still a bit loose) and a grey long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows.

I spent the time until 11 o'clock reading, well attempting too before I got up and started preening. First to come on were socks, then jeans and a nice belt with a superman buckle. I ironed my shirt and hung it on a hanger then went into the bathroom to attempt to do something with my hair.

I borrowed some of my Mums mousse and styled it into an 'it looks good but I didn't really try' kind of 'do. Unfortunately nothing could be done about the size of my ears. Gwen told me they make me look adorable like a little kid, which really wasn't what I wanted today Oh well…

11:45am - I grabbed my wallet, put 50 quid in it (my whole allowance for two weeks – eek!) and shoved it in my back pocket. I put my chapstick in my front pocket then shrugged on my shirt and rolled the sleeves.

11:50am – I took my nicest coat from the rack, it was black wool, thigh length (convenient for when things unexpectedly popped up) and quite lovely. It originally belonged to my father many years ago but was still in style. I put my phone and keys into my coat pockets and left my room with my shoes in my hand.

In the kitchen I drank a glass of water and wrote my Mum a quick note telling her I was going to London and that I'd be home sometime before dinner.

I stood at the front door with my shoes on waiting for the time to hit 11:55am. It took about five minutes to walk around the block to the bus stop and I didn't want to be (more of) a loser and arrive early.

Finally the time ticked to 11:55am and I stepped out of the front door of my house and walked slowly, casually as possible to the bus stop with my heart in my throat.

I took exactly five minutes to walk around to the bus stop and I sat nervously in the shelter waiting for Arthur. I didn't really see Arthur as the kind of bloke that would take the bus anywhere let alone to the city. But, I'm sure this day was going to be full of surprises.

12:05pm – I wasn't just nervous, I was fucking jiggling. My right knee was like a one limb epilepsy attack. God, I hoped Arthur wasn't going to stand me up. Oh shut up Merlin I told myself. He was five fucking minutes late, anywhere up to half an hour was still good timing for a teenage boy.

It just ticked 12:11pm on my phone when a bright red, recent model BMW pulled up beside me. The drivers' side door opened and The Golden Prince (as I'd dubbed my fantasy Arthur *wink wink*) emerged from the rather flash car. Without a word he shut the door and walked around his car and sat next to me in the bus shelter.

He was dressed in well fitting grey jeans that probably cost more than my house, a sky blue dress shirt with a black leather jacket over the top. His hair was perfect; his smile as he approached me was perfect. Arthur Pendragon was just perfect, fucking prat.

After he sat down neither of us spoke for a minute. The tension covered every inch of space in and around us. I was almost about to make a comment about the weather (looks like rain… ) before Arthur turned towards me and held out his hand.

"Hello, I'm Arthur Pendragon"

I was admittedly a little stunned at first, took me a moment to recover before introducing myself right back. "Merlin Emrys, how do you do"

"Pleasure to finally actually meet you. Hmm, I did imagine your voice to be a little higher though." He smiled like a hyena at his own comment.


"Sorry to disappoint," I said trying to sound offended, but honestly if he smiled at me like that again I'd forgive him for killing my Mother.

He laughed a little. I smiled sheepishly. Then it was awkward.

"Looks like rain" I said before my mind could stop my mouth.

He looked at me with one eyebrow raised, "Did you just make conversation about the weather, Merlin?"

"Yes, well it seemed appropriate since it, ah rains a lot here."

"If I didn't already know you were a genius I'd have to think you're the biggest idiot ever to grace my presence."

"And if I didn't already know your not a dick, I'd call you one"

Oh shit, don't think about Arthur's dick, don't think about Arthur's dick, don't think about… fuck.

"Right, well I suppose we should get going, if we ever plan to make it back by a reasonable hour" Arthur said breaking my ah, train of thought.

"Yeah I suppose so" Or we could accidentally get stuck in London, have to get a hotel room and then do naughty things all night…

Well, that was a nice fantasy and all but unfortunately two factors came in the way of anything remotely like that happening. One, Arthur is completely straight (jeez how Medieval *rolls eyes*) and two, we just pulled up outside Sophia's house. Fuckity fuck.

She was waiting by the curb, dressed in a very short high-waisted skirt with stockings and a purple turtleneck covered by a calf length wool coat and she was wearing matching purple pumps. I just rolled my eyes because honestly, who wears high heels shopping? I thought those things hurt women's feet? She's such a fashion whore (not the only kind of whore she is either…)

After we pulled up she stood at the curb without moving. Arthur got the hint after a few seconds and got out to open the door for her. Who the fuck did this girl think she was, royalty? I know it's meant to be gallant and proper for guys to do that but seriously she just made it look pretentious.

After she settled behind me in the car, Arthur returned to his seat and made quick introductions before we headed off towards our capitol city.

Forty-five minutes of driving and a further twenty minutes of looking for parking later we all emerged from the car and stook awkwardly, waiting for someone to take the lead as to where to go and what to do.

Sophia huffed from behind me, "well I have a salon appointment, I'll meet you outside Chichi's Coffee at 4 o'clock, ok?"

"Ok, babe" Arthur answered automatically.

Sophia kissed him on the cheek and stalked off to her salon, hopefully to get a bitch removal mask.

Arthur and I walked in silence for a few minutes, heading towards some department stores.
I did a double take when Arthur said "She's cheating on me"


"Yeah, she doesn't know that I know. But she is, with one of the guys on the cricket team"

What a fucking bitch. Who the hell in their right mind would cheat on this man?

"Are you going to break up with her?" I asked, trying not to sound hopeful.
"I don't know, I don't love her anymore but having her around makes things easier with my father. He actually likes her, for some reason"

"God, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry Arthur."

"It's ok, I always knew she was a tart, guess that's probably why I started dating her to begin with, ironic in the end really"

"What's ironic?"

"I lied, Merlin" he said almost annoyed with me for having to say it out loud.

"About what"

"God, you're thick. I'm a virgin, I never slept with her"

"Huh? Why not?"

"I guess, I didn't want my first to be a trophy girlfriend. Mind you, I'm not a bloody girl I don't need roses and all that crap for someone to get into my pants but you know, doing it with someone who actually cares about me would be nice."

"Yeah, I suppose."

He scoffed, "What, you don't want your first time to be with someone you at least like?" He paused, "I know you Merlin, you're intelligent and sensitive, you want it to be special," he said condescendingly.

He was right though; I did want my first time to be special. Not in the back alley of some sleazy pub or with some fuck buddy I find at school or university. More specifically, I wanted it to be Arthur. I just know he'd be a wonderful lover, especially with that magnificent cock of his. Mmm.

No one said anything for a while, unfortunately we weren't good enough friends yet that it could a comfortable silence. We walked slowly, trying to think of something – anything! – to say that wasn't lame.

"Ah, that's the book store I wanted to go to" Arthur said.

"Oh thank God," I answered a little too quickly. He just gave me a strange look.

"So what book is it that you're looking for?"

"Just something a friend recommended,"

Ok, was he trying to be purposely vague or just annoying?

"And this recommendation is called…"

He sighed quite audibly before finally answering, "The Linnet Bird"

"What's it about?"

"Not sure really, Morgana just said it was set in India during the English occupation, and that it was the best book she had ever read. And she's a librarian so that's certainly a feat"

"I might have to read it after you're done, if you don't mind" I gave him a smile.

He just smiled back and I nearly tripped over my feet. Could any man on Earth be this perfect?

After half an hour of browsing the 3-story bookstore and refusing to ask the staff for help Arthur finally found and paid for the book he was looking for.

We decided it was time to have lunch, well whatever a meal was called at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We went into a nearby pub, sat down and quickly ordered. Arthur had a beer with his meal, I was annoyed.

He saw me looking at his drink, "Sorry, did you want one?"
It snapped me out of reverie, "What? No, I don't want to get you in trouble"
"Why would I get in trouble?" He asked seeming genuinely confused.
"I'm a year below you Arthur, I'm only 17"
"Oh yeah, haha, I forgot about that!" he sent a big self-satisfied grin my way "I suppose I can't ask you to come out clubbing with me next weekend then"

NOOOOOOO! Clubbing with Arthur? He'd be all drunk and in the mood for dancing. I might've even been able to grope him a little and get away with it. Fuck my life.

"Not unless you know someone who makes fake ID's, really cheap fake ID's"

"Actually…" he started, "never mind, just keep next Saturday night free ok?"

He wasn't actually going to get me a fake ID was he?

"Ok, I'll make sure to put my overly active social life on hold for one night"

He smirked at me. I melted a little.

"Well, we've got an hour an a half until we head back, what would you like to do?"

It was my turn to grin.

"Arthur, have you ever played Dance Dance Revolution?"

He had a look of shock horror on his face, "You're not seriously suggesting,"

"I seriously am" I injected.

Eight rounds of DDR later, six winning bets, £50 extra in my pocket and an hour and a half later, Arthur and I stood outside ChiChi's Coffee waiting for his whoring girlfriend to show up. She was twenty minutes late of course and when she finally arrived she gave us a look of indignation, like we were the ones that had kept her waiting.

One the way back I sat, cramped, in the back seat of Arthur's car. Everyone was silent, the radio was the only thing that broke the tension. Taylor Swifts 'You Belong With Me' came on and I couldn't help but escape into my fantasy world where this was Arthur and my song as a couple. Seemed to fit I think. I was rudely interrupted during the best part of my fantasy (The Golden Prince had just found his servant, Merlin, chained face-first to a wall as punishment for insolence and decided to add his own penalty in form of a brutal arse pounding.)

I was hard and Sophia had just jumped out of Arthur's car, I now had to get up (hehehe) and move to the front seat. THANK GOD I wore a long coat today.

A short time later we arrived outside my house. Today was just so much like a date (minus the girlfriend hitching a ride with us part) that I was almost tempted to ask him to walk me to the door. I jumped out of the car and was about to lean through the window to say goodbye when I saw that he had in fact gotten out of his car and was, I shit you not, about to walk me to my door.

I was bewildered, scared and a little giddy. Was it too much to ask for a kiss goodnight?

He walked beside me towards the door. "I had a ah, fun time today Arthur. It was good getting to know you using vocals instead of pens."

He chuckled, "yeah me too… and don't forget we're on for next Saturday night"

God, that sounded like a date again didn't it?
We'd reached the door by this point – should I invite him in?

"Yeah of course." Fuck it, you only live once, "Do you, uh, have anything excited on tonight?"

"Nope, I was just going to stay home and watch telly"

Say it Merlin, you big fucking pussy. Just ask!

"Did you wanna come in? My Mums at work tonight and I know where she keeps the vodka." I said, trying to sound as un-I-want-to-fuck-you as possible.

The look on his face told me he was deliberating. I wasn't sure myself if it was a great idea, but more than likely for different reasons than Arthur. I was what you would call an honest drunk.

His expression changed suddenly to one with a smile.

"Sure, why not? I'll just take my car home, grab my PS3 and be back in like, ten?"
"Awesome, the door will be unlocked – my rooms' the attic"

He went back to his car and drove home whilst I madly dashed around my room trying to make it look at least a little bit respectable. I hid my porn, shoved my clothes in the laundry basket and made sure my bed didn't smell like spent cum. I went downstairs and grabbed the vodka, orange juice and chocolate (this was really becoming a bad habit, well at least I wasn't drinking alone this time!)

I changed my clothes to something a bit more casual, but still better than my normal house clothes and put my sketching pad (which included a rather true-to-life depiction of what I witnessed Arthur doing to himself the previous night) behind my TV for safekeeping.

I'd just finished when Arthur trundled up the stairs holding his PS3 system and bottle of tequila.

"Oh yeah, you can buy your own booze hey…" I said sheepishly.

He just smirked.

"Yeah, besides tequila gets the job done faster" His brow furrowed, "do you have limes?"

I looked at him like he was an alien. Do I have limes? Who in the hell has limes just lying around? It's not like scurvy is the biggest health problem facing the nation anymore.

"Uh, no"




What. The. Fuck.

"No" I just shook my head and scoffed, rich people! "I think we have oranges that aren't quite ripe yet so they're still sour, will they do?"

"Perfectly, um you do have salt don't you?"

My God, now he thinks I'm a peasant.

"Yes, Arthur, I have salt." I replied rolling my eyes.

I went down to the kitchen to cut up the oranges and grab the salt whilst Arthur started setting up the gaming system. I came back to find him holding my sketchbook. Why the hell had I thought behind the TV was a good hiding spot?

I quickly snatched it off him. "I was wondering where that had gotten to, haha" I said trying not to sound suspicious.

"Oh, I found it behind the TV when I went to plug this in" he indicated towards his PS3.
I shoved it in my porn draw.

"Well glad you did, haven't been able to find it." I said with a nervous smile.

Arthur went back to what he was doing as I poured us both a starter drink. I was half way through mine by the time he'd finished, and I was already feeling it. I'm such a thimble.
I fucking giggled as I handed him his drink.

"Merlin, are you already drunk?"

"No, don't be ridiculous" Then I giggled again.

"Oh my God, you are! You've had half a drink!"

"Oh shut up Arthur, at least I'm a cheap drunk"

He just shook his head.

"How about a shot then" he said whilst grinning sadistically.

"Might as well," I said and resigned myself to a night of drunken stupidity.

Two hours later, Arthur and I were fucking maggotted. We were attempting to play some sort of racing game but kept crashing into the walls and restarting every 30ish seconds. We were also having a great time, laughing our arses off and talking uninhibitedly.

After another five 'races' or so I gave up, softly threw down the controller and fell back to lay on my carpet.

"I give up, you win," I said drunkenly

"I'm pretty sure neither of us won" Arthur replied, which sent us both into a giggling fit.

Once we'd regained our composure Arthur unsteadily stood up. "Hey, where'd you put that sk-sketchbook. I wanna see your drawings" He already had one hand gripped on the handle of the drawer by the time I realised what he'd said. "It was this one!" he said to himself as I crawled across the floor in an attempt to stop him from opening the drawer.

"No, stop, don't open it!" I shouted

Too late.

He picked up a magazine and a DVD from inside and stared at them, well at least the sketchbook was forgotten.

The slowly read the description on the back of the DVD then started laughing, loudly.

"I knew it, I fucking knew it!" he proclaimed between laughter.

Mentally, I was sobering up but unfortunately my body wasn't so as I went to grab both offending items out of his hands I tripped and landed on my knees in front of Arthur, which sent him into hysterics.

As he collapsed against the bed I grabbed the magazine and DVD from his hands and threw them back into the drawer and shut it angrily. I stomped over to the window and sat, sulking, in the chair I kept there.

After another minute or so Arthur finally stopped laughing and got up from my bed and stood beside me at the window.

"I'm sorry Merlin, I wasn't laughing at you. I always kind of suspected you were, well you know"

"Gay," I interjected.

"Yeah gay, but it doesn't bother me. It really doesn't, I just found it funny that I discovered your porn stash and it's fucking hilarious that you have one called 'Backdoor Bandits'…" He started laughing again.

"S-Sorry" then he giggled a little more.

"What, like you don't have any porn with funny names?"

"I don't buy porn, it's called the Internet Merlin." He stated condescendingly.

Neither of us said anything for a while. I sat, glumly, reliving the horrifying moment of that drawer opening again and again. He said he doesn't care, but that's a drunk person talking. What will he think in the morning?

"Well I think we should probably call it a night" Arthur stated.

"Yeah we're both a bit pissed."

We both giggled.

"I'll come round tomorrow to get my stuff," he said indicating towards his PS3 and tequila.

"I'll be here all day, cleaning and studying so drop by when ever"

"Right, well I'll be off then"

I stood up, about to walk him to the door, when he grabbed me in a bone-crushing hug. He felt so good. Hard muscle combined with soft skin and I immediately thought back to the night before, watching him from my window. Annddddd, now I had a stiffy. Luckily Arthur didn't feel it, or at least chose to ignore it and whispered in my ear, sending situation worsening shivers down my spine.
"I meant it when I said I don't care, Merlin." Then he let go and walked/stumbled out of my room.
"Lock the door on your way out!" I yelled down after him then turned off my lights and fell into bed.