You Belong With Me


It's been a while since Arthur and I became a couple, about seven months actually and a lot has happened in that time.

Firstly, Arthur graduated high school with a million scholarship offers to Universities but he turned them all down in hopes he'd be able to go straight into professional football. He started training with the Camelot Knights as soon as the pro season was over and has been working hard and almost killing himself to bring his game up to standard. All his effects have paid off though as, just last week, he'd been told that he would become an official part of the team once the new season commences. Of course, he's not a starter but hey! If anyone gets injured or sick Arthur gets put in instead. Also, he's been promised that if his game is still up to standard at the end of the coming season he'd be in for a permanent position as it is the final year for the player in Arthur's position.

It's all so overwhelmingly exciting.

There is a downside though; upon accepting his role in the team he became the first openly gay football player in the UK (possibly the world?) and we all know that's a shit storm waiting to happen.

I fear that the club will use him as a publicity tool, knowing he'll attract the religious nut jobs causing the crowd to go a bit crazy and as they say, there's not such thing as bad publicity.

Arthur says he's not too worried about that aspect, in actuality he expects it. However, what concerns him is that he'll be hounded day and night to become some kind of gay rights spokesperson. It's not that he doesn't think its important, he just doesn't want to be caught up in politics. He's a football player, not a public servant.

Apart from the worries, we're both insanely happy about it all.

A few weeks after we started dating Arthur decided to tell his Father. We both knew it would go terribly, but boy was that an underestimation.

If I remember correctly, I believe the words "Get your shit out of here, and if I ever see you again I'll kill you" were used at some point. Arthur cried a lot that night, and for the next week.

Luckily though, he was already 18 and didn't need to file for emancipation and was therefore already able to access the money his mother left him. He immediately found a rather nice apartment (I wondered how much his Mum left him, but he never told me) and moved in. Amazingly, with the problems with his father and training with the Knights he managed to keep his grades up AND eat properly. Although, I do admit Mum made me take him good food a few nights a week and I may or may not (I plead innocence if anyone brings it up) have finished a few of his assignments.

In my defence (which I won't need if anyone questions me, because I'm innocent!) he was tired ALL the time. Hell, at one point we didn't do anything involving pants-less-ness for two entire weeks because he kept falling asleep when I tried to get into his.

I spend most weekends at his place, even if my Mother disapproves just a little bit. It's not that she doesn't adore Arthur, quite the opposite (she said I'd better watch him because she might try to steal him… just try Mum) but she didn't want her only, underage son spending so much time at his adult boyfriends apartment. It amuses me to no end that she worries about my virtue after giving me 'that' talk.

She need not worry though; my innocence is mostly still intact. At first, we weren't ready for full on sex. I mean seriously, we both had to get over the mental anxiety of putting that up there and by the time we were ready, Arthur was already training with the Knights. He was always busy, and always tired.

I tried to spend as much time with him as possible. I went to his training sessions, stayed at this place on weekends even if he was busy doing other things and spent as much time with him during school as possible.

But now, he has graduated and I'm on summer holidays. He still trains a lot, but at least now he has his weekends free to spend time with me. Maybe we'll finally get around to doing it. Seriously, I'm not sure about Arthur but I have been constantly friggin' horny for the past seven months. It's becoming a problem, every time I see him I just want to jump him.

So today's the day.

Apart from being the day I seduce Arthur into bedding me, it's also my 18th Birthday. Unfortunately I'm waking up alone, in my own bed because Mum made Arthur promise that I would be at home on my first morning of adulthood. Why Arthur didn't just come over here, I'm not sure but I think both of them are up to something.

It's now 10 o'clock and I'm just lying in bed. I'm sure I should feel more excited about being legally an adult now, but I'm much more excited about the possibility of sex.

Yeah I know, men *eye roll*


I hear a quiet knocking on my door.

"Come in" I say loudly.


It's Mum. She seems, excited.

"Thanks Mum"

"So, you're all grown up now."

"I suppose so, I don't feel any different…"

"Sure you will, because now you have to start doing your own washing. And making your own lunch for school"


I pouted at her, she just laughed at me.

"So, where's my present? And breakfast in bed?" I asked with a cheeky grin.

"Well, you'll get your present after breakfast. As for that, it's waiting for you on the table downstairs. Now get your lazy arse out of bed before it gets cold"

She actually made me breakfast? I LOVE MY MUMMY

I jumped out of bed and followed her down the stairs to the kitchen table. Mmm smells delicious. She had made me a meal of bacon, eggs, sausages, fried potato and toast with tomato gravy and fresh apple juice. It was a heart attack on a plate, but damn it looked good.

Mum and I sat down and ate it in a comfortable silence. Afterwards, I was stuffed. I felt like I could use a nap to let it all digest.

"Thanks so much for that Mum, it was wonderful"

"You're welcome, darling. I'll clean up"

"You sure?"


"Great, I feel like going back to bed." I said with a smile.

"Hold on, you haven't opened your present!"

"Oh, ok…" I looked around the room and saw nothing wrapped. "Where is it?"


"Outside? Is this a treasure hunt?"

"Sort of, why don't you go out the front door and I'll be there in a second."

I shrugged, the sooner I did what she said the sooner I'd find out what was going on.

I put on a pair of slippers and headed to the front door. I opened the door and went outside and stood in front of the garage. Nothing seemed amiss except there was a car I'd never seen before parked at the entrance to our driveway…with a giant red bow on it.

"HOLY CRAP" I yelled and I heard my Mother giggle from behind me. I quickly turned around, "You bought me a car?" I said in astonishment.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh course I bloody like it, you bought me a car!"

The car was a dark blue 1996 318i BMW in, what appeared, to be great condition.

I suddenly realised she must of spent most of, if not all of her savings on it.

"Mum, how can you afford this?"

Because in all honestly, her car was a piece of crap. How could she buy me something so nice when hers was rusting and barely worked in the winter?

"Hush, I've been saving for years to buy you a car for your 18th"

I still couldn't believe she bought this for me. I felt the starting of tears stinging the corners of my eyes.

"I love you so much" I said as I walked over to her and swept her up in a great big hug, "you are, without a doubt, the best Mother in the whole bloody world."

"I love you too, darling. Don't forget, you still have to become a doctor"

"Yes Mum," I answered with a eyeroll.

We stood, hugging, in the driveway for another five minutes before my excitement overwhelmed me and I had to take it for a drive. Luckily, something I had decided to do in the last few months was bother to get my license. Arthur had, begrudgingly, taught me to drive in his car.

I ran up stairs, quickly put on a pair of jeans and a shirt, grabbed my wallet and raced back down to the front door.

Mum was standing next to the car with the keys in her hand.

"Now before you go, I should tell you that Arthur is coming to pick you up at 1 o'clock, so don't be gone too long"

"Fine, I'll just go over to Gwen's"

"Ok," she said warily as she put the keys in my outreached hand. I smiled like the 'Cheshire cat' as I pulled off the big bow, unlocked the door and seated myself. I did the necessary safety things, like seat belt and adjusting the mirrors before I turned it on and backed out. As I changed the gear from reverse to drive I saw my Mum pull her phone out of her pocket and start texting someone.

Gwen lived only five minutes away from me and surprisingly, she was already waiting for me when I pulled up.

"Hey!" I said as I jumped out of my car.

"Happy birthday Merlin!" she said as came forward and pulled me into a hug.

"How did you know I was coming over?" I asked, puzzled.

"Oh never mind that, so this is your birthday present. Nice!"

Nice try Gwen, the diversion didn't work. Something was definitely going on. However, I let it slide.

"Yeah, I know. Apparently Mum had been saving for years so she could buy me a car"

"That's so nice, my parents say I can buy a car with the money I've been earning from working at the restaurant. Unfortunately they don't know about my little addiction."


"Addiction? What –"

"Shoes, Merlin" she interjected.

I breathed out a sigh of relief, "Thank god, I thought you were serious for a second"

"It is serious. I really, really like shoes."

I just laughed at her. Women and their silly ways.

We chatted for a few minutes, never going inside, before I regrettably had to leave. I had some kind of a date to get ready for after all.

Hmm, there's another question, why did I hear about it from my Mother instead of my boyfriend?

At 12:30pm I was rushing around trying to get ready. I'd tried ringing Arthur numerous times but the bastard wasn't answering his phone. I'd given up and asked Mum how I should dress, considering I was pretty sure she was in on the deception. She said, "Dress nice."

How bloody helpful.

I spent so long figuring out an outfit that now I was running behind. I finally settled on black dress pants and my best long-sleeved button up shirt, even though it was quite warm today.

I jumped in the shower and washed meticulously, as I was (hopefully) getting boned tonight I wanted to be as desirable as possible.

After showering I had fifteen minutes until Arthur was set to pick me up. I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get dressed and groom at the same time. At five minutes to 1, I was surprised that Arthur wasn't already here. He usually arrived at bit early and talked with my Mum whilst waiting for me, because if there is one thing that Arthur is above all else it's punctual. I'm chronically late and I'm dating the most on-time person that ever existed. Opposites attract? (Well it works with magnets at least…)

I was in my room waiting for my Prince to arrive in his chariot when I heard two quick beeps come from outside. I thought this was incredibly strange, Arthur was a gentleman and never failed to get out of the car to come get me. Perhaps we had reservations that we couldn't be late for?

I grabbed my shoes, wallet and keys and ran down the stairs stopping briefly to put my shoes on and yell "Bye Mum!" before running out the door.

To my surprise and confusion my Mother was actually outside, talking to the cab driver who was apparently waiting for me. She saw me come out of the house and quickly finished her conversation and started walking towards me.

Something was most definitely going on.

"Darling, Arthur got caught up doing something so he called a cab for you instead"

"Ok, but I could just drive myself. You know, the new car. Right there" I said pointing at my car.

"Oh, he figured you'd probably want to drink a bit today, since it's your 18th birthday! And you're smart enough not to drink and drive." She said with an almost convincing smile.

"Ok Mum, whatever you say"

I was highly, highly suspicious by this point. And heres another question, it's my birthday so why the hell don't I get any say in what's going on?

"Have a good day dear"

"I will Mum, and don't worry Arthur will take good care of me, I'm sure."

She mumbled something I didn't quite catch, but sounded something like "Oh I bet he will"

I frowned, everyone is conspiring against me.

"Well better get on with it, dear, don't keep the cabby waiting"

"Seeya" I said as I gave her a hug and took off towards the taxi.

Once inside the cab I buckled up and turned to the driver, "So, where are we going?"

"Sorry, sir, can't tell you" the old man said.

"Why not?"

"I'm under strict instructions not to let you know where you're going before we get there"

I sighed; Arthur is so fucked when I see him (literally?)

"Fine, let's go then." I said morosely as the cab took off.

Realistically the trip only took about fifteen minutes but it felt like an hour had passed by the time the cab pulled up outside a rather classic looking pub.

"So, what do I do now?" I asked the driver.

He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

"Go inside and give this to the bar keeper." He said as he put the paper in my hand, "and don't read it." He added sternly.

I silently started to pull out my wallet before the driver stopped me.

"This isn't your only stop, son, now go on inside"

I was entirely baffled. Still, I jumped out of the car and headed inside. The pub was rather cosy, maybe a bit too warm for a summer day but I could still understand its appeal. I walked straight up to the bar and sat on a stool waiting for the attendant to notice me.

I wasn't waiting long before he approached me, "what can I get you, mate?"

"Um, I was told to come inside and give you, this" I said as I handed over the little piece of paper.

Damn, why didn't I read it?

The man read the note and nodded to himself before pulling a pint of beer and setting it in front of me.

Before I could refuse the drink or say anything at all the man turned away from me and retrieved an envelope from a drawer at the back of the bar.

"Happy Birthday, kid" he said as he handed me the red envelope.

"Ah, thank you"

I immediately opened the mysterious packet in my hands. I pulled out a rather flamboyant 18th Birthday card that had a wizard on the front.

I opened the card and found a hand written message from Arthur.

Happy Birthday Sexy!

I hope you're enjoying you're day so far and you can thank me later for picking out such a nice car for you.

Now, as your 18 today I decided I wanted to be the first to buy your first legal drink in a pub, so drink up!

After your pint, go back to the cab and try to enjoy the ride.
There are a few more surprises to come yet.

I love you,


I looked at the drink, sighed with a smile and took a gulp. Hey, it's after midday it's ok to start drinking.

I should've known Arthur had something to do with my car, he was after all a BMW nut and it would've been a bit too much of a coincidence that Mum happened to pick one especially with her rather limited knowledge of cars.

I finished the drink, thanked the barkeeper and went back outside to the cab with half a litre of good quality beer running through my veins. I hoped I didn't get a drink at every 'surprise' or I'd be pissed before I even got to Arthur.

The drive this time was quite a bit longer and I recognised that we were by now in London. Eventually the car stopped at a taxi rank along Oxford Street and I sat waiting for more instructions.

"Go on, then"

"Well, aren't you meant to tell me what I have to do?" I asked

"Just get out and you'll know it when you see it"

"That's really not helpful. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was being tested for Mi6 or something"

The driver chuckled at bit and nodded at me to get out of the car.

I climbed out into the bright sunlight and looked around. At first I didn't really notice anything out of the usual, except that it was sunny but Arthur couldn't be held responsible for that.

This place was always busy being one of England's most popular shopping districts. So how was I meant to find anything with all these people around?

After swivelling my head around like a carnival clown for a few minutes (whilst also obstructing the human traffic) something finally caught my eye. It was a huge fucking banner hanging from the side of one of the many buildings.


Well, at least I had a destination. Now how the fuck do I get there?

I went into the nearest shop and politely asked the girl at the register if she knew how I could get to 'Le Café Monet.' She gave me detailed instructions and I thanked her humbly before I left the shop and started towards the café.

It took me ten minutes to find it, walking past it twice before I finally spotted it. I stepped inside and noticed there was only one customer in the entire place. And it happened to be Gwen.

"Hello Gwen" I said charily as I sat down in the spare seat.

"Hello again Merlin" she said with an overconfident smile.

"You know exactly what's going on, now tell me!"

"Sorry, can't. Arthur would rip my head off."

"Fine, but at least tell me why I'm here," I requested in an exasperated tone.

"It's already past 2 o'clock. Arthur thought you should have a nice lunch"

As soon as she said the words I realised I was bloody starving. My tummy growled as a waitress came over to us with menus.

"Would you like anything to drink?" she asked politely.

Gwen grinned at me.

"I think you should get a proper drink, Merlin"

"Why? I've already had a pint on an empty stomach, it's probably not a good idea"

"Just have one" she said again, then mumbled "trust me, you're going to need it" under her breath.

Oh God, what was happening next?

"Ok, I'll take a screwdriver please"

"I'll just have an apple juice thanks," said Gwen.

As the girl went to get our drinks I slowly perused over the menu. I understood why Arthur chose this place; it had exactly the kind of food I love. Simple but tasty. I eventually settled on a t-bone steak with chips and a few vegetables.

The waitress returned with our drinks and we ordered our meals and chatted a bit whilst waiting.

The food came and I was right, it was delicious and exactly what I felt like. It dawned on me, again, as we were finishing our meal that not a single other person had come in the café in the time I'd been in here.

"Gwen, don't you think it's odd that no other customers have been in here?"

She was about to answer when the door opened and in stepped a policeman. He walked straight up to me and stood with his hands on his hips. The man was gorgeous, dark brown hair with blue eyes and a jawbone that would put Superman to shame.

"Merlin Emries?" he asked me.

I gulped, and looked at Gwen for a moment. She was fighting to withhold laughter. I then had a better look at the man standing in front of me. On that second look it was obvious he was no policeman.

He was a fucking stripper.

"Yes?" I answered in a quivering voice, heat starting to rise to my cheeks.

"You are in a lot of trouble. I've been told you've been a very bad boy" the man said as some cheesy dance music started playing from the back of the café.

I just stared. This wasn't happening. Arthur did not, did not! get me a stripper. Especially not in the middle of the freaking day, in a goddamn café of all places.

Oh my God, does my Mother know?

My cheeks were on fire as the hottie in front of me started undoing his shirt. The whole thing was terribly embarrassing, and absolutely hilarious at the same time.

I looked at Gwen and she grinned back at me. I shook my head and started giggling.

"I can't believe you guys did this!"

"Shh, I'm trying to enjoy the show"

Every person I know is a pervert. Hell, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?

So I turned my head back to the man dancing/stripping in front of me and watched as he did his thing.

I'll give the guy one thing, he can dance. But I felt really awkward like, you know when you see a horrific accident and you want to look away but can't? That's what it's like watching a stripper that was hired for you.

Most of his clothes were off now and he was stepping closer and closer to me. I was panicking a little (actually, a lot) and Gwen was giggling her arse off. Oh boy, she's getting such payback on her 18th! I bet the stripper was her friggin' idea.

Annddd he's giving me a lap dance. Unfortunately, I'm a teenage boy who is always horny and my body decided it didn't care if it humiliated me. The guy had to be able to feel how hard I was, how could he not? He was only wearing a tiny pair of underwear by this point.

He got off my lap and I immediately crossed my legs and coughed a little as he started dancing with his arse facing me. Gwen saw me do this and completely lost it. She was still laughing like a maniac when I turned my attention back to the stripper. The least I could do is pay attention.

My face was so hot; I don't think I'd ever been this uncomfortable in any situation before in my life. Famous last words, Merlin. Famous last words, because when the stripper turned around I saw that in his tiny underwear he was sporting a semi hard on.

Well at least he was gay right?

Thankfully, soon after he finished up his dance and everyone, including the wait staff, clapped as the guy walked off to the toilets to put his clothes back on.

I called the waitress over an ordered two shots of tequila.

"Gwen, I hate you"

"Oh come on, it was fun"

"Maybe so, but fuck, I'm just so embarrassed." The waitress returned with my shots and I threw back the first one before continuing, "I mean, Arthur must have bought out this place for like two hours just so he could get a stripper in here. I just can't believe that just happened"

"I picked him out"


"I picked the, ah, stripper. Off the website." She said, going red.

I picked up the remaining shot, "Well, good choice. Damn fine" I said as I drank it.

This all really hadn't sunk in yet. My boyfriend is a nutter, seriously.

Gwen and I were getting up to leave when the stripper returned from the bathroom, thankfully full clothed. He walked over to us and extended his hand.

"I'm Brad, by the way"

My blush returned with a vengeance.

"Um, nice to meet you. I'm, well, Merlin" I said, trying to avoid eye contact.

"You know, you're really cute. One of the only clients I've had that's actually good looking"

"Ah, thanks?"

This was incredibly uncomfortable.

"Maybe we could, get together some time?"

I just got asked out by a stripper. My life is fucking weird.

"Um, well today is my 18th birthday and you were hired by my…boyfriend"

"Oh, I see." He said, looking like he was thinking, "I'm guessing you guys don't, you know play around?"

"Not if he wants to keep his balls intact" my mouth said before my brain could stop it.

He laughed and sent me a dazzling smile. Seriously, if I were single I'd hit that like a tennis ball.

Gwen grabbed my arm, "Merlin, it's 3 o'clock, you need to get going," she said as she started ushering me towards the door.

"Ok, ok. I'm going! Um, bye Brad" I said as she pulled me outside.

She handed me an envelope and pushed me into the waiting cab.

A couple of minutes into the drive, I recovered from my bout of mind-blank and remembered the envelope in my hand. I quickly opened it and found a letter this time.

Hello again, gorgeous.

Did you enjoy the show?

I hoped you liked that he was a cop; I know you have a kink for uniforms.

So, there was another first for you! And by the way, if any other guy ever touches you like that again I'll kill him and make it look like an accident :p

So just a bit more to go before I get to see you, enjoy!

Love, Arthur

My not-so-innocent thoughts of what was going to happen when I did eventually see Arthur were interrupted by the driver speaking.

"This bloke of yours must really like you to go to all this trouble for your birthday"

"Bloke?" I asked, how did he know he was ferrying around a fag?

"Son, no man goes through all this trouble for someone who is just a friend" he said with a wink.

"I suppose not," I said with an embarrassed chuckle.

Dah Merlin, Arthur hired the guy.

10 minutes later and BAM the tequila hit as I was humming along to the car radio. I was reliving the moments of the stripper over and over in my head and giggling like a schoolgirl. Then, the cab pulls up outside a Hugo Boss suit shop.

I look at the driver with a questioning expression.

"You should know the drill by now" was all he said as I sighed and stepped clumsily out of the car. Before heading into the store I looked around making sure there weren't any signs telling me to head somewhere else.

As soon as I go through the door, I hear a relieved sounding "Merlin!" come from my left.

Apparently, Will, is in on the trickery as well.

"Will!" I replied.

"Happy Birthday, mate."

"Thanks, now tell me why I'm here exactly. Please. Willy. "

"Christ, you've been drinking haven't you?"

"Surely you know what just happened with Gwen, so don't you judge me," I said, poking him in the chest with my index finger.

He just smiled sadistically. Bastard.

"Never mind. Anyway, we're here to get you a suit"

"I have a suit, it's a nice suit."

"It's also like 30 years old, time for a new one"

"When did you become such a fashionista?" I grumbled.

He was about to make some kind of come back when a bald, middle-aged attendant came over to us.

"Merlin, I take it?" he asked suspiciously in his very posh accent.

"That would be me" I replied with a smile.

"Excellent, before we get started would you like tea or coffee or anything else to drink?"

I thought about it, I wasn't thirsty but I was just a bit tipsy. Probably best to have something to sober up…

"Coffee would be great thanks, cappuccino with two sugars if possible please"

"Of course, sir. Please make yourself comfortable, I'll be but a moment" he said as he walked towards the back of the store.

I took a second to actually look at the store. It was so up market. There were black leather couches in every available corner, grand chandeliers hung from the ceiling and everything just looked beautiful and well, expensive.

The shop assistant returned with my cappuccino and I gratefully accepted it from him.

"Well then, first of all I'd like to take some measurements so when you're ready…" he paused, looking at me with his eyebrows raised.

"Ah, now's good" I said sheepishly as I stood and followed him, coffee in hand.

Standing on the little platform thing was awkward. Especially when the attendant asked me to "Spread my legs" so he could get a measurement.

It took more than half an hour but eventually I had a brand spanking new suit that I had absolutely no place to wear. It was gorgeous and I felt like a celebrity whilst wearing it but I'd only worn a suit once (Arthur's formal) in the last 10 years!

While the suit stayed in the store to have the adjustments tailored; I was given, what I thought was, a locker key and told to head to the train station that was one street over.

It was lucky I had that coffee; all this running (or taxi-ing) around was exhausting me.

Right! So off to the train station I went. It was a quick walk and actually helped push my lethargy to the side.

I walked in and I was already lost. The place was bonkers busy and huge. There were electronic signs every where telling patrons what trains were leaving when and from what platform, unfortunately no signs indicating lockers… This is going to turn into some kind of treasure hunt.

God, my 18th birthday is turning into a 'choose your own adventure' book… Awesome!

After searching around for 10 minutes and deciding not to wait in the horrendously long ticket line to ask for directions I found a map of the station. It was three stories high and one below for train departures. The upper three had shops, restaurants and AHA! Lockers!

They were on the second floor right next to the toilets. I scampered off in search of stairs or a lift and quickly found both. I took the stairs as the lift was already full of people and jumped up the steps two at a time in nervous excitement. I reached the second floor and escaped the stairwell into some kind of hallway. I ran up and down it twice before I saw the lockers sneakily tucked away in an alcove.

After monitoring the hall and seeing it was deserted apart from me, I took the key for locker number 34 from my pocket and stuck it in the lock. The lockers were rather old so I had to jiggle it a bit (hehe! Jiggle…) but eventually it caved to my will and swung open.

Inside there was a simple black jewellery box sitting atop another red envelope.

Now, here's a difficult question. Politeness designates that you open the envelope first, however, does it still matter if no one is there to see you?

Taking another quick look around to make sure I wasn't being watched, I took the jewellery box out of the locker. I took a deep breath and opened the stiff hinged box.

Oh my god…

Inside there was a perfect, shiny platinum ring. It looked kind of like a wedding band… Oh bollocks.

I started breathing a little harder and my mind was both blank and freaking out at the same time. I then took the envelope out and retrieved the letter from inside.


Stop freaking out, this isn't a proposal!
I know we're much too young and sensible for that kind of thing (well, I'm sensible at least :P)

However, that being said I would like you to wear this on your ring finger as I like to think that you belong with me and this is just a little token to show that I am 100% committed to you, just without the use of a marriage celebrate.

Hopefully it'll help to ward off the man sharks as well.

Rejoice! This is the last pit-stop today.
I'll be seeing you very soon.

I love you,


As soon as I finished reading the letter I pulled the ring out of it's box and put it on. It fit perfectly, of course. My heart was still racing, and Arthur's words of commitment had melted my heart just a little (ok, a lot) and I realized was turning into a sodding girl. That just wouldn't do! …But it would have to for today as I was surely running late by now. I'd have to deal with my insecurities about my manliness tomorrow.

I hurried out of the station and found my cabby. I got in and he immediately pulled away from the rank and headed towards Hyde Park. I was really excited now; I was finally going to meet up with Arthur!

My mind was going in a million different directions. I was thinking about tonight *wink wink, nudge nudge* and about all the trouble Arthur had gone to just for my birthday.

He really is my Prince I thought with a dreamy smile. Wow Merlin, that was super gay…

I was so caught up in my head that I barely noticed anything that we were passing and it wasn't until the car came to a complete stop that I even registered where I had been taken.

I looked around and noticed we were at the taxi rank outside of Holy Crap! The Dorchester Hotel. Now for those of you who don't know anything about The Dorchester…google it.

Simple put, this day had been amazing so far and this hotel was so extravagant, I felt absolutely overwhelmed. But absolutely in the best way possible.

"So this is your last stop, son" the cabby stated, snapping me out of my musings.

"Yes, thank you for being my chauffer" I said with a cheeky grin.

The man cracked what looked to be an uncharacteristic smile.

"Go on then, don't keep him waiting"

I let out an anxious breath, "I'm a bit nervous," I told him.

He chuckled, "Well you're just going to keep winding yourself up the longer you wait. Just go, Merlin, go have a splendid birthday"

Oh I will… I thought mischievously.

"Ok, I'm going. Wait, I never did catch your name"

"Geoffrey Palmont, at your service" he replied, holding out his hand.

I immediately shook his hand, "Thanks, Geoffrey"

"You're welcome. Now, GO!" he said with a shooing motion.

I took the hint this time and jumped out of the cab. I quickly checked the time on my phone and found it to be just past 4:30pm. It had been three and a half hours since I'd left home. Wow.

I walked into the hotel lobby and was immediately greeted by a busboy. I, somewhat awkwardly, told him that I didn't in fact have a bag and then proceeded to the front desk.

The clerk was on the phone and smiled at me in acknowledgment whilst I waited for her to finish the call. Pretty quickly, she hung up the phone.

"Hello, welcome to The Dorchester, how can I help you?" she stated in an overly professional tone.

"Um, I think I'm meant to be meeting someone here, Arthur Pendragon?"

"Ah yes! Are you Merlin?"

It's funny how many times I'd been asked that today…

"Yes, that would be me"

"Excellent, Mr Pendragon is waiting for you in the Belgravia suite." She paused for a moment to retrieve something from behind her. "Here is your pass-key, you're on the second floor and please have a wonderful stay here at The Dorchester," she said with a pleasant smile as she handed me the band-card like pass and indicated toward the lifts.

I pressed the up button and immediately the doors opened. I entered and after standing there for about two minutes I finally realized that you have to swipe the card to get the lift to go anywhere. Dah Merlin…

As the elevator started moving my nerves started going up with it. I was astoundingly curious as to what I would find when I entered the suite.

Suite! He got a suite?

BING! The lift stopped and the doors opened to another lobby and another busboy. I smiled tentatively as I passed him in search of the Belgravia suite. I found the door fairly quickly but for some reason I couldn't swipe the card and just enter the room. Something was stopping me.

I stood outside the door fretting. I paced left and right in an attempt to calm myself down, it wasn't working. Strange thing was, I didn't really know why I was nervous in the first place! Behind that door was Arthur, my boyfriend, my best friend and he was waiting for me.

I figured I was just nervous about the sex thing. It was all well and good thinking and planning it when it was still in the relatively near future, but now the time was here. And because I'm a bloody nitwit, I was obsessing and freaking myself out about it.

Five minutes had passed by the time I got around to talking myself into opening the door. I took a deep breath, then slid the card through the swipper thingy and pushed the door open.

The sight that greeted me was, Wow. There just really aren't many other words for it. It was just Wow. The whole room was lit only by candles and scattered everywhere, including the floor, were rose petals. The room was pretty big too and obviously expensively decorated. I saw a slightly ajar door leading to another room and figured that was where both the bedroom and Arthur were located.

I very quietly made my way towards the door, trying not to alert Arthur of my presence just yet. I peaked through the gap and saw Arthur lying almost naked on the bed. He was dressed only in red boxer briefs (Calvin Klein of course) and had a dark red rose placed conspicuously across his groin. Again, only candles lit the room and the floor was covered in petals. However, the bed was not – probably a good idea, as they'd stain the white silk sheets Arthur was resting upon.

"Merlin" he called in a silky voice, "I know you're there. Might as well come in…" he finished.

I smiled sheepishly as I opened the door.

"Hey sexy, happy birthday" he cooed as I made my way over to him.

God, I was already hard and I'd just arrived.

"Did you have a good d-" He never got to finish his sentence as I had already started attacking his lips with my own.

He was so fucking hot, I just couldn't control myself.

We were kissing roughly sitting up on the bed. Arthur's hands found my shirt and started fumbling with my buttons to get them undone. Pretty soon the shirt was tossed aside as he started working on my belt and pants.

Getting my pants off after being undone was a tad more difficult and I had to lay back on the bed to shimmy them off. Arthur took that as permission to get on top of me and take control. The passion was building quickly and I didn't know if either of us was going to make it long enough to even contemplate full on sex.

He was biting my neck and grinding into me, I was in a haze of pleasure. He slid his body down along mine and gripped the waistband of my underwear with his teeth. As he pulled them down we made eye contact, he looked at me with such intensity that my breath got caught in my throat.

After he discarded my underwear his mouth found its way back to my cock. He started licking me, slowly and languorously causing me to writhe in the pleasurable torture. He nipped at my thighs, making me jump then reached for the bedside drawer and pulled out lube whilst still paying attention to my body.

He opened the lid and coated two of his finger then engulfed my cock as his slid the digits into me. It was uncomfortable at first, like it always is, but soon, with the help of the distraction of Arthur's mouth, I was moaning like a wanton whore. My eyes were rolling into the back of my head as he skilfully brought me closer and closer to the finish line.

Suddenly, there was a third finger inside me and I was so close to coming that it was driving me insane. I somehow found the ability to hold it off as I grabbed Arthur's hair and retched him off of me.

"I want you to fuck me," I whispered in his ear as I climbed on top of him.

"Oh thank god"

That wasn't exactly the response I was expecting.

I looked at him with a puzzled expression and he suddenly realized what he had just said.

"I was afraid I might loose control of myself tonight and maybe rape you or something" he spoke with a big joking grin.

"The feeling was mutual, gorgeous"

It was just then that I caught sight of his left hand and saw he was wearing a matching ring to the one I'd just received from him. I picked the hand up and kissed the ring.

"I love you," I said sweetly.

He smiled lovingly at me, "I love you too, but right now I wanna fuck you til you can't move. So tell me, condoms or no? It's up to you"

I laughed loudly; he always knew how to ruin a sweet moment.

"Well we've both never been with anyone else, plus I've sucked you off so many times that if you had anything I'd have it by now anyway." I said, thinking out loud.

Arthur grinned. "So no then?"

I nodded in agreement, "I don't want anything between us tonight"

"Ok, that's decided, now where were we?" he said as his lips once again found mine.

Even with the interruption we were both still achingly hard and had no trouble reclaiming the sexual ferocity we just shared.

Arthur grabbed the bottle of lube again and re-lathered his fingers. He slowly slid them into me as he bit my neck, leaving mark after bruising mark across my skin.

Two fingers, then three slowly probing and exploring. Arthur and I had become a sweaty, panting mess striving to touch each other in as many places as possible at all times.

In a very swift moment Arthur flipped me onto my stomach and pulled me up onto my hands and knees. There was no slowing down, no mercy as he lined up and pushed into me in one thrust. It hurt like hell, so much so that if I were in my right mind I would've been very close to tears but being driven mad by combination of horniness and sexual torture I was enjoying the pain.

In and out, in and out at a brutal pace, making me clutch the bed sheets in desperation to advoid being literally fucked into the mattress. There was a mirrored wardrobe beside the bed and I could see Arthur in the dim light, he was dripping with delicious sweat, had his head thrown back in ecstasy and his kiss-swollen lips were just parted. He was the picture of sex.

Then, something happened. I'd heard about it, seen it happen in porn but never really got it until Arthur managed to hit it. I let out a guttural cry that I'm pretty the entire hotel would've heard.

"Oh my god, do that again" I commanded.

I could see Arthur smirking to himself in the mirror. Smug bastard knew how skilled he was.

"It's your birthday…" he said as he repositioned himself to pound into me at a punishing pace, managing to hit my prostate with every thrust.

I was moaning and gasping with every touch, my mind was thinking undistinguishable things just incoherent ramblings of Fuck, so hot. God! That feels good. My whole body was wracked with pleasure and I was just seconds away from coming.

"Arthur," I moaned, "I'm so close"

"Me too" he rasped. "Come with me, Merlin"

I pushed back to eagerly meet his thrusts then he forcefully drove into me two more times and we both came with very loud cries of satisfaction.

Arthur slumped onto of my back causing me to crash down upon the bed. My eyes were closed, enjoying the post-orgasmic high as I tried to catch my breath, Arthur's extra weight didn't really help however.

After coming back down to Earth he rolled off me and lay back against the pillows on the bed. When I didn't immediately follow suit he sat up and pulled me into his sweaty embrace.

Neither of us spoke for a while, just enjoying the wonderful moment. I was thinking about how it wouldn't be possible to love Arthur more than I did and that I hoped we really did stay together forever because losing him would be like losing my heart.

"Thank you" I said, breaking the silence.

"What for, gorgeous?" he whispered into my ear.

"For being the most thoughtful boyfriend on the planet, for making my birthday so incredible and… for the most mind blowing orgasm of my life!"

"You're welcome, on all accounts."

"I just have one question though, what was with the suit?"

"Well, technically we have reservations for dinner tonight…"

"But?" I asked, sensing his change of heart.

"I think we should eat in, order room service"

"Why's that?"

"Because I don't think my cock can handle you wearing a suit tonight. I'd probably spend half the night under the table…"

"Arthur! You're a menace to society!"

"But you love me anyway?"

"You bet you're sweet, saweet arse I do"

He kissed me passionately, "I love you too. You belong with me Merlin."

THE (Real) END

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