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Title-Storm Front

Author- Quetzalcoatls

Beta- Satan1111

Summery- When Harmonie went to Dumbledores office she never expected to discover a well kept secret of his,that both she and Harry had been lied to, but now the cats out of the bag and Dumbledore is going to learn the hard way why you don't kidnapped Demi-gods.


"Miss Granger?" Hermione looked up from her book to see McGonagall standing in front of her table in the corner of the library.

"Yes, Professor?" She answered frowning, wondering what was so important that she would track her down on a Saturday, let alone on the first day of second year.

"The Headmaster would like to see you Miss Granger. The password is Skittles." She said Hermione nodded as McGonagall left, and packed up her bag before swinging it over her shoulder and heading for the headmasters office. It took her only 10 minutes to reach Dumbledore's office and, upon giving the password, went up the stairs to find a very harassed looking Headmaster. He looked up when she entered the room.

"Professor McGonagall said you wanted to see me, sir?" His slightly confused look at this was immediately replace by his grandfatherly smile and twinkling eyes.

"Ah yes Miss Granger I did indeed, however something has come up at the Ministry that I am need to attend to. I should be back in a half hour or so if you would wait for me to return. If I take an unreasonable about of time, feel free to head back to your common room." He said brightly she nodded

"Thats alright headmaster, I'll wait." She answered. She sat down in one of the chairs and pulled out a book as Albus flooed to the Ministry. Ten minutes past and Hermione simply read her book in silence until an odd glint of light caught the corner of her eye. She paused in her reading for a moment glancing over with a frown to see a slightly open cabinet off to the side through which a small shaft of silver slight was glinting. She shrugged and went back to her book, but after another five minutes she sighed and put the book down, staring somewhat resignedly at the partly open cabinet. After a year of being around Harry, it would seem he had corrupted her. Last year she would have happily gone back to her book without ever thinking about the cabinet again, but now her curiosity was getting the better of her. She glared at the ceiling for another minute before sighing once more and putting her book down on the chair she had just vacated.

She eyed the cabinet, wondering if there were spells to prevent someone from getting into it and concluded that they most likely were, but they probably weren't active because the door was not actually closed. Careful not to touch the door, she pushed it the rest of the way open using a quill. Inside was a simple stone bowl with runes carved around the sides. Inside of the bowl was a swirling silvery substance she didn't recognize. She tilted her head to the side staring at the spinning liquid intently for several moments before using the quill she'd opened the door with to poke the substance, the moment the quill made contact with it the room seemed to lurch and she was sucked into the bowl. The world seemed to vanish into a black mist for several moments before it re-solidified to show a strange room she had never seen before. She watched in horrified silence as the memory unfolded before her, shattering everything she had ever known.


"What did you wish to speak to me about Albus that could not be discussed at the school? I am very busy after all, this had better be good." Snapped Snape as he entered the room. The Headmaster looked up from where he was standing by a crib.

"Ah Severus, there you are, I am in need of you knowledge of Greek mythology I fear." He said brightly. Severus gave him a slightly nonplussed look at this.

"Why? And who are these two?" He asked crossing the room and looking down at the two sleeping newborns.

"They are the reason I am in need of your knowledge my friend. A plan I have been working on for nearly 12 years has final born fruit, and the acquisition of these two is that fruit." He said smiling Snape stared at him worriedly.

"Albus, what have you done?" He asked Albus smiled and took a step away so Snape could get a better look at the children.

"These two are very special children Severus. The boy is Orion Ashton, Demi-god and son of Zeus." He said ignoring Severus's growing look of horror. "The girl is Hermione Soren, daughter of Poseidon also a demigod. I was thinking of changing the boys name before I place him. Orion is a bit unusual, something a bit plainer I think Harold maybe. The girls is normal enough to not be thought odd though." He said going off on a bit of a tangent.

"Albus, please tell me this is merely you misguided attempt at a joke! You can't be serious!" Snape all but pleaded. The headmaster just smiled and shook his head.

"Now Severus, I would not joke about something this serious! This is why I need your assistance. Your knowledge of Greek mythology and the powers they will have inherited will be very valuable." He said brightly Snape just stared at him, his mouth hanging open in shook before he finally managed to find his voice again.

"Albus your mad!" He said, still unable to get the look of utter shock off his face. "You can't!... You CANNOT truly expect to get away with this! I am surprised you're not already dead!" He said, a look of absolute disgust on his face as he spoke, moving between the crib in the room and the smirking Headmaster.

"I already have gotten away with it Severus, I've had them for two weeks if Zeus and Poseidon were going to find them they would have, and as you said I'm not dead yet so my plan is working perfectly thus far. As it is I've covered my tracks well. They will not be tracked between this reality and the one I took them from those two can tear their world apart looking for them and never find them" He said sounding completely smug Snape just stared at him his mouth hanging open slightly at the Headmasters confidence.

"You honestly think," He began softly a deadly edge to his voice, "That one way or another you will get away with kidnapping two Demi-gods from their parents? Let alone the children of Zeus and Poseidon? You are more arrogant then I had ever believed possible Albus! I cannot allow this!"

The Headmasters eyes glinted. "Is that a threat Severus?" He said amused. Snape turned slightly and looked at the two sleeping children before turning his full attention back on the headmaster and drawing his wand.

"Yes Albus, it is. Even if they weren't the children of the gods, I would not allow you to go through with this plan." Albus just shook his head mournfully.

"Tut tut, Severus, you should know better. I am far more powerful then you, especially now, but then again, I suppose I should have known better then to tell someone who still follows those gods of this. I thought you could see all the good this would cause! After all," He said smirking, "Isn't it said that all Demi-gods are destined to be heros? I'm just helping things along a bit, but I guess I will have to do this without your help." An instant later Severus no longer had his wand and was unconscious on the floor. The Headmaster paused, looking thoughtfully at the downed potions master "You know, maybe I won't kill you, a few spells and you should be very helpful." He walked past Snape and looked down at the two children, smiling in his superiority, "As for you two, I believe everything will work out just the way I planned, although what to name you both though...you know, I like my original idea, Harold it is." He said brightly and picked the boy up.

(End Memory)

Hermione reappeared in the Headmaster's office the moment the memory ended staring at the swirling liquid is absolute shock that...That couldn't be true...Could it? But something in the back of her mind said that, yes, it was. Almost on auto pilot she backed away from the cabinet and closed it using the quill, then grabbed her bag and all but ran out of the room, headed for her sanctuary, the library. She had some research to do.


Hermione stared resigned at the book in front of her. It had taken 6 hours, but she had finally found what the stone bowl in the headmasters office was. It was a pensive, a device used to store memories. If the book was to be believed they could not hold fake memories either. Something about how ones magic bonded to their memories and that they became unstable and dissolved due to the absents of that magic if they were fake. This meant the memory she had seen in the pensive had to be true. And the names he had given the two children in the memory? Well, considering the way things went in this world, the chance that it was a different Harry and Hermione then she thought it was were slim to none. The thing she kept coming back to in this though was simply if she was the Hermione in the memory. Shouldn't she have known if she was that different? That she was a daughter of Poseidon and a Demi-god? She could see this happening to Harry and, technically speaking, it was, but her? And if she was the girl in the memory there was very little chance that Harry wasn't the boy. She smiled faintly, Orion did sound a lot better than Harry, but how to tell him? He hated being special!

Then again, she thought grinning, if this was true then that meant Harry had a family. She blinked, that meant she had another family...oh dear...what was she going to tell her parents, or rather her adoptive parents. Hermione sighed and rubbed her face in frustration. This was getting her nowhere. She needed more information, but how to get it? She paused, a thoughtful look crossing her face, her eyes slid surreptitiously towards the restricted section. There was that book she had spotted in there on one of her forays into the restricted section. The one about curses to bind a person's magic. Albus would have to have used something like that on them if this was all true and not a result of too much studying. She glanced around the library. That would require borrowing a few things from Harry and returning later tonight. A slight smirk on her face, she packed up her bag and returned all the books to their proper places before taking her leave of the library. It was almost dinner after all, her plan wouldn't have to wait long.


Hermione waited until almost midnight to ensure everyone was asleep before sliding out of bed, still dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. She silently picked up her bag which contained the invisibility cloak she had nicked from Harry's trunk before dinner and made her way down to the common room. "You're not usually one to sneak about." Said someone quietly. She jumped a mile and spun around. The portrait of Godric Gryffindor above the fire place looked down at her thoughtfully.

"Umm..." She said looking nervous. Godric shook his head.

"No need to worry dear unless you're planning on taking down the castle I don't tattle on my lions." He said with a grin and winked, "Just don't get caught." She blinked and nodded before hurrying out of the common room throwing the cloak over herself as she did so. Godric watched her go with a faint smile. It was good to see her beginning to live a little, he thought amused and sent a faint pulse of magic threw the castle ensuing she would have good luck in whatever her endeavor for the night was. Little did he know of the real difference his little confrontation and good luck spell had made.

Hermione glided silently down the hall keeping an eye out. It wouldn't do to be caught. Not when so much was potentially at stake. About ten minutes later she arrived in the library. She carefully checked the surrounding area again. With its vacancy mostly ensured she carefully entered the library, ghosting along the aisles until she reached the door to the restricted section. She carefully activated the trigger on the bottom of the door that bypassed the wards. She had discovered it by accident while watching Filch clean the library and seen his use of it. It made perfect sense really. How else was he supposed to get in there to clean?

She closed the door behind her in case anyone came in while she was looking and set off in search of the book she needed. After 20 minutes, and one close call with a similar looking book that started screaming when she opened it, she located it. It was almost more of a journal, really, being only an inch thick.

Binding Spells and Their Counters

Reading the title, she tucked it away in her bag and silently left the library. After making it back to Gryffindor tower in record time she nodded to Godric on her way up the stairs and changed quickly before getting into bed. The book would have to wait until the next day.


"Morning Hermione." Said Harry sleepily as he came down the stairs from the boys dorm. She glanced up from her spot on the couch by the fire place taking in Harry's new look as far as she could guess. He had realized that he could get gallons changed for pounds at the bank and bought a new wardrobe. He was currently wearing black jeans and a grey T-shirt with a light black jacket and had new glasses with silver frames. A definite improvement from the near rags he had once worn.

"Ready to go to breakfast?" She asked him. Harry nodded and she got up to follow Harry down to the great hall. 20 minutes later Ron wandered down stairs and looked around confused.

"Where are Harry and Hermione?" he asked. Several snorts echoed around the room

"They didn't wait for you, obviously, just like they haven't been waiting for you since school started I think you're supposed claim to fame is slowly disappearing into the sun set, better wave good bye while you can." said someone dryly of to the side. Ron spun around to face the speaker, a snarl on his face, but couldn't locate exactly where the voice had come from. Several snickers echoed around once more at him. He raced out of the room a moment later to track down Harry and convince him to wait for himself from now on.

-In the great hall-

"So how was your summer?" Asked Hermione as she loaded her plate with fruit and cereal he shrugged.

"Better than usual." He answered dryly munching on a piece of toast. She gave him a sour glare out of the corner of her eye he sighed.

"All right all right..." He said grinning, "They ignored me all summer that unfortunately included not feeding me, but luckily I just went out had had lunch somewhere seeing as I got a good amount of money changed at the bank the last year. I just hadn't had the chance to use it yet." He said. She eyed him appraisingly for a moment before nodding.

"Good to see my annoying little brother is finally following my advice." She said in a mock superior way. He just snorted and went back to his toast. Ron burst into the room a moment later and Harry shot Hermione a look of great suffering. She hid her smile by starting to eat a large piece of cantaloupe.

"Hey Harry, mate, why didn't you wait up for me?" He complained sitting down next to him, loading his plate with a truly obscene amount of food, and digging in without really chewing. Harry scooted a bit further down the bench much to Hermione's amusement. She put the cantaloupe down and leaned over whispering in Harry's ear.

"He truly has no idea dose he?" She said quietly. Harry nodded a sardonic smirk on his face.

"Not a clue." He agreed. The truth of the matter was that, contrary to Ron's belief, he and Harry had never been friends. Harry's only real friend was Hermione, who was truthfully more of a sister to him. Ron was like that annoying tag along who followed people in an attempt to be included, only, unlike most of that sort, Ron thought he had succeeded in his quest.

10 minutes later Hermione and Harry bolted, leaving the oblivious Ron behind to continue stuffing his face. A few minutes later they were in an abandoned class room. Harry looked at Hermione with concern as she cast a massive number of privacy spells. He waited until she was finished before speaking. "What's wrong Hermione?" He asked her. She sighed, looking frustrated.

"I can't say anything yet Harry, but I think we've both been lied to too a dangerous extent. I'm researching the situation now but I don't have anything conclusive yet." She said. Harry translated the Hermione speak easily and was concerned with what he heard this was not good.

"How bad is it?" He asked quietly. She closed her eyes for a moment and he swore violently.

"Just don't trust anyone Harry." She said looking tired, "Especially Dumbledore, If I'm right he's far worse than we ever thought; although, I think we may have an ally in this we may never have considered before." She continued. Harry nodded.

"Great," He muttered and looked at his watch before grimacing, "Right good luck Hermione, I'll have to get to transfiguration." She nodded and took down the spells they both left the room quickly heading to their respective classes. In the great hall Ron looked up confused and noticed that most of the people were gone including his supposed best friends having ditched him. He blinked before grabbing his bag a chicken leg still in his hand and raced off, ignoring the looks of disgust the remaining students in the hall sent him.