Naruto Effect

Chapter 1

Jane Shepard sat quietly in the shuttle as they descended towards the unknown planet. Across from her were Garrus and Tali, the latter whom they just met up with and got to sign onto their cause against the Collector's. It was a welcome change for Shepard after her failed reunion with Ashley Williams on Horizon after the Collector's made off with half the colony. Now they find themselves heading to a previously unexplored world following a Geth signal that EDI picked up. From what EDI could tell from the signal the Geth have been there for at least a few months. The last thing anyone needed was the Geth to be setting up a beachhead on a planet especially with the Collector's on the move. It also helped that killing Geth was always a good way to let off some steam. Arriving at the planet it amazed most of the Human crew how close to Earth this planet was despite differences in continents and a strange energy field.

"Still thinking about Horizon?" Garrus asked Shepard, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"I just don't like how things ended Garrus, that's all. I would have guessed that Ash would have been the first to join up for the fight and not just walk away like that."

"She was your best friend Shepard", came from Tali, "of course she would feel betrayed especially once she heard the name Cerberus. I was even shocked when I first ran into you with those operatives"

"But at least you and Garrus listened to me. She just shut right down. You were there Garrus..."

"Williams always had a temper. We all knew that. Just give it some time and maybe she'll come around or at least start talking to you again." came from Garrus.

"Maybe you're rig..." but Shepard wasn't able to finish her comment as their shuttle suddenly was rocked and falling very fast.

"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED" Shepard yelled at the randomly assigned shuttle pilot.

"We hit a massive EM field commander" replied the pilot "Hang on, we're going down hard and fast"

"This isn't exactly what I signed up for Shepard" came from Tali as they could see from the side windows the ground getting closer and closer very fast.

"I should have stayed on Omega" was the last thing they could hear from Garrus in his spot on the shuttle.

Uzumaki Naruto took a second to check his surroundings from a tree branch during his patrol. Three years have passed since his final fight with Sasuke and Madara with the former joining his side to help fight the latter after the elder Uchiha turned Sasuke. Since then things began to really calm down in the shinobi world with most of the major nations enjoying fairly peaceful relations. However, that doesn't mean that Naruto's life got easier, not by a long shot. Two months after the defeat of Madara, Tsunade recovered from her coma and Kakashi turned Hokage duties back to her. Looking back on it Naruto knew it made sense – His commander was a good War-time leader but had no real ability to deal with day-to-day politics and dealings. With that came Naruto's promotion to Chunin though many figured he should be at least promoted to Jonin but he's come to learn his being held back is more politics than a reflection on his skill. Those politics mostly stemming from the growing hostility via the Hyuuga clan after Naruto and Hinata's friendship soured. Naruto hated losing his friend but he just couldn't return her feelings and she just couldn't accept that and now it seemed her whole family (with the exception of Neji) and clan had it in for him. It never ends he thought to himself about his complicated relationships with people. Along with that his friendship with Kiba and Shino also fell apart although he couldn't blame them, they were supporting their team-mate and that's something that he couldn't hold against him after all the crap he went through with Sasuke.

Of course that didn't even scratch the surface for his and Sakura's relationship. Friends, companions, lovers and more could easily be used when describing the two of them even though he himself had no clue what they were. Of course now isn't the time to think about that since the 'One Eyes' came from the sky 6 months ago. People started seeing more and more of their sky ships in and around Earth country until 2 months ago when the Iwa stopped sending out trade caravans. Now there's been nothing except sighting of more and more of the One Eyes. That's why Naruto and his team is out on patrol today – hoping that the One Eyes have not made their way into Fire country.

His musings ceased as he was nearly knocked out of his tree as something raced over his head and crashed into the ground.

"That one nearly got me" he said to no one but himself.

Looking down he could see the path of destruction that whatever it was carved into the ground as it came to a stop. He knew this is worth checking out and where before he'd just go, now that he's 19, Naruto knew enough to at least tell the rest of his squad, all of whom were spread out to increase the range of their patrol what he was up to.

Strangely enough he was beaten to the punch as his short range radio went off with the voice of his commander

"Anyone seen what that was that came down?"

"It nearly took my head off as it went over my head Kakashi-Sensei. It's fairly close to me so I'll check it out" he replied into his radio

"But you're ok?" came a female voice over the radio

"Yes Sakura-chan, I'm fine" Naruto replied in a jokingly and sarcastic tone

"I was only asking. Geez Naruto don't be such a baka." she replied in annoyance

"Enough of the chatter. Naruto, you go in and observe but do not engage or interact with anything there. We'll move in to join you and evaluate the situation once we're all there"

"That means you don't do anything stupid, dickless"

"Hai Hai, Kakashi-Sensei and fuck you Sai" was the response as Naruto began to move to check out the crash site.

When Shepard came to she learned something new – the old saying "Any landing you can walk away from is a good one" was a crock of shit. At least she didn't seem injured herself though their shuttle was trashed and she could only hope that everyone else was ok. Pulling herself up from the floor of the wrecked ship she managed to get herself outside to look into the pilot's compartment and saw that their shuttle pilot was dead.

"Everyone ok?" she stated hoping to hear a reply from inside the ship.

"I really should have stayed on Omega" came from Garrus who looked none the worse for wear as he sat up.

"Tali?" when there was no response Shepard asked again "Tali, you ok?"

"No…" came a weak reply as Shepard and Garrus moved to where they heard it from back in the ship.

As the pair found her they could see it wasn't a good situation at all. Tali was inside on the shuttle floor and holding her side as Shepard could see Tali's suit has been damaged.

"She won't last long with a suit breach like that Shepard."

"Then we got to get it fixed before it gets too late!"

Unbeknown to the crash survivors they were being watched by someone nearby in the trees.

By the time Naruto arrived at the site he could see someone moving about. Hiding in the tree he wondered why they couldn't sense him coming in; much less sense him being this close now. Whatever it was they traveled in, wasn't anything that matched the descriptions of what the One Eyes used – this transport was white in color and rectangular in shape. He then saw someone get out of the ship. It was a woman with red hair in a short pony tail wearing strange dark color armor. From what he could tell she seemed to speak the language of the people overseas as she appeared to be checking on the other occupants. That was when he got a major shock as he saw a big grey skin…creature…get out and move about. Naruto generally didn't judge one by their looks but he would admit that the big creature's look freaked him out a bit.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he noticed the two started to panic, talking about someone else there being hurt. Naruto knew his orders were clear to not do anything and wait until the rest of the team arrived but at the same time he knew these were not One Eyes. They were people and if someone was hurt and he could help he knew he couldn't just sit by in case someone was dying and he could save them. Biting his lip Naruto just hoped that his squad, not to mention Baa-chan when he got back to the village, wouldn't get too mad at him for breaking orders as he moved towards the site.

Pumping her full of all the Medi-Gel and pretty much anything else they could find Shepard and Garrus knew that Tali was still in trouble. Had it been a minor breach they knew she'd be out of it but safe as the safety measures that Quarians had would have done their job but given this damage, her immune system couldn't handle the exposure. They needed to get her back to the Normandy and fast.

"Joker, we need the other shuttle down here now" Shepard shouted into her Comm unit, "and we lost our pilot in the crash."

"Miranda and Mordin are working on getting the other shuttle ready but it will take a while to adapt it to the EM field, you're going to be on your own for a while" Joker reported

She didn't like the sound of that. Tali didn't have long and every second counted. As Shepard got up and turned around she saw a blonde haired boy in an orange and black suit with a red cloak walking towards her. Not knowing if he was friend of foe she wouldn't take the chance and went for her pistol and directed it towards him. Hearing the noise, Garrus looked at Shepard and also saw the boy and followed her lead by grabbing his gun and aiming it at the intruder. To his credit, the kid did the smart thing by raising both his arms in the air.

"Commander, you still there?"

"Hold on Joker, we've got a local," was Shepard's reply before taking her hand away from the communicator and steadying her gun. Looking at the 'local', she knew she had to figure out his intentions but it seemed he was already going to open the lines of communication.

"umm….hi?" was what the kid said to them. Omni-tools translators kicking in, Shepard was at least happy that they would be able to talk since the kid spoke what seemed to be a variant of Japanese. Last thing they needed was a gunfight given Tali's condition.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Shepard questioned.

"My name is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto. I saw you guys fall from the sky and was checking if you were the One eyes. Are you guys alright?" was what this 'Naruto' said.

Shepard watched him carefully and saw he seemed to be unarmed. Still, she was curious if 'One eyes' meant Geth… A cough from behind reminded her that time was of the essence.

"We've got an injured squad member and she's going to die, so I'm lowering my weapon since you're clearly not a threat." Shepard stated, "Garrus, I don't think he'll hurt us".

"You better be right Shepard, I don't feel like getting shot up again".

Naruto watched and knew they were speaking another language but he was still able to understand them clearly. It was odd and he wondered if that orange light he saw on their arms had something to do with it. What was important was that someone was hurt and they needed help.

"I'm Commander Jane Shepard of the Normandy by the way," the woman then said to him "and this is Garrus Vakarian," she gestured at the taller creature who just nodded at Naruto.

"You said someone was hurt right? There's a medic in my squad so she should be able to help as soon as she gets here" Naruto said. He knew he was giving up a bit of information but at this point they needed help and he knew they were not of another Shinobi village.

"You wouldn't happen to have any first-aid equipment on you" he was asked by female who clearly was the leader.

"A little and I know one healing jutsu that I can use to help if need be"

"Healing Jutsu?" asked the one he was told was Garrus

"Ya. I take it you don't know anything about Jutsu's or Chakra or anything right?"

"Ummm…that would be a no but if you can help till your medic arrives then we'll take it" the woman named Jane Shepard stated and then gestured that he should follow into their crashed transport. Upon entering Naruto saw another girl, in strange armor, sitting on the floor, clutching her side and in a dire condition. Without even asking he reached for his radio to signal his squad.

"Sakura-chan, we need you here ASAP. We've got a Medical emergency"

With just a look to Garrus both he and Shepard activated their Omni-tools and, rather easily, patched into the radio frequency this Naruto was using to listen in. She didn't think he would cause trouble but who knows who he was talking to.

"Naruto! You were ordered to observe and not engage…" came an older male voice that Shepard guessed was Naruto's squad leader.

"They're not One Eyes, they're people and one of them is badly hurt…." was Naruto's reply "...I won't sit back and watch someone die if I can help them." Naruto shouted back. Good intentions, Naïve but still his heart is in the right place Shepard thought to herself at his reply. She knew that disobeying orders would probably be bad for him given that she herself would not stand for it but she also hoped that whoever his commander was would understand the situation and not be too hard on him.

"Don't do anything stupid Naruto, I'll be there in two minutes" came now the voice of a girl. Shepard could tell she sounded young, probably in the age range as Naruto. Still, given Tali's condition two minutes might be too late.

"Hai Hai Sakura-chan"

Turning towards Tali she could see Garrus checking on her with what best could be a concerned look on his face

"She's not doing well" he said, "I don't think she'll last."

"Stand back, I'm going to try to put a bit of Chakra into her till Sakura-chan gets here. I hope it'll help keep her alive" Naruto said/asked.

"Tali, help is on its way but this boy is going to try to do something in the meantime, ok?" Shepard asked her downed team member

"ok" was the weak reply they got.

Leaning down Naruto could see that he'd need to use something more than normal chakra to do the job given his own still shotty chakra control. Looking down at this 'Tali' he saw where the problem was and put both hands by the hole in her suit.

"Hang on Tali-chan." He said to her, "You're not going to die today, promise of a lifetime"

Closing his eyes he began to concentrate, focusing and then tapping into the world around him. Shepard and Garrus, along with near delirious Tali, watched as Naruto's hands started to glow and could see Tali react to this. Instead of it being bad, they could tell via their Omni-tools that her vitals, while extremely weak, were stabilizing.

"How?" asked Shepard

"I'll tell you later," Naruto said "but for now just keep an eye open for my team, they're very close now."

Time seemed to move slowly and Naruto just kept hold the Chakra but even using his Sage mode he was reaching his limit. It didn't escape any of the off worlders that the boy's eye color had changed from blue to yellow.

Shepard heard movement behind and turned quickly, drawing her gun on instinct but seeing a man with grey-white hair, a pale younger man and a girl with pink hair. She could have sworn she heard the man mutter "Kushina?" but maybe she was hearing things.

"I take it you're Naruto's team?" she asked as she lowered her weapon, ignoring the comment.

"Yes, and I take it you're the people he's helping?" was the reply

"That's us, but time is short so could your medic help out Tali..."

Kakashi could see the faint glow from inside their…transport. Obviously that's why Naruto wasn't waiting for them and clearly he was off helping another person yet again. That boy will be the death of me one of these days…he thought to himself.

"Sakura, go – do what you can" as the girl nodded and went into the shuttle. Turning back to Shepard the man bowed before her.

"I'm Hakate Kakashi, this is Sai. The girl who went in is Haruno Sakura and I believe you've already met Naruto." as he finished his introductions

"Commander Jane Shepard, that's Garrus Vakarian." Sheppard said in reply back to the man. As far as "first contact" situations went, this one was going well and better than expected.

"So, I'd say welcome to fire country but clearly you're not here by choice" Kakashi said trying to lighten the mood. He knew things were tense and these strangers were clearly on edge. Of course Kakashi wasn't going to let on how the sight of that Garrus caught him completely off guard.

"Well ,whatever the Electro Magnetic Field around your country is it completely messed up our systems.." she started but then said "..and you have no clue what I'm talking about do you?"

"None what so ever!" he replied in a very happy voice with his one visible eye closed. He then changed his demeanor completely. "Sakura is one of the best medics we have; she should be able to help your friend especially since she's got Naruto with her in there as well.

With a sigh Shepard just hoped that this medic that went into the shuttle would about to start chanting in Voodoo or something along those lines…

Entering the strange craft Sakura could see Naruto crouched over someone in a full suit with his hands glowing over a spot where there was an obvious hole.

"See, told ya help was coming Tali-chan. Sakura-chan will heal you up in no time, she's the best" she heard Naruto say to this Tali person. Reaching closer she could see that Tali was not human, she had claw like hands and claw like feet. Still, if she could help then Sakura would. She would not let Naruto down.

"How you holding up Naruto?"

"Fine though I'm getting tired. Tali-chan has a very weak immune system so I can keep her stable but only if I pump chakra into her" he told her. Sakura realized that at the same time he explained how serious the situation was with Tali and without hesitation Sakura began her own diagnostic jutsu just to see what needed to be done to get Tali to the village for more treatment.

"What are you doing?" came a quiet voice.

"I'm running a scan to see how bad you are while Naruto keeps you stable. Best way for me to see how I can get you ready to take you to our village" Sakura replied.

"Thank you, both of you, for helping me" she said, "where I come from most people wouldn't help a Quarian". Sakura could tell that Naruto's chakra was probably giving Tali a bit more strength to be able to talk.

"We're not most people and Naruto wouldn't leave anyone to die if he could help it" was all that Sakura could say. "Ok, I'm ready to take over Naruto, you can take a break now..."

As they switched over and Sakura started to work on getting Tali ready to move Naruto was going to get out of the way when Tali reached up to stop him.

"Please stay…" was all she could say.

"Sure Tali-chan, I won't go anywhere" he said with a smile as he took and held Tali's hand and looked up at Sakura who had a smile of her own directed at him.

The minutes dragged on outside the ship and Kakashi had already started to read his book when they heard movement from inside the shuttle to see Sakura followed by Naruto who was carrying Tali on his back piggy back style.

"How is she?" Sheppard asked

"She's fine if we take her to our village right now. We should be able to heal her up there if that's ok with you." was Sakura's response.

"Then I guess that's where we're headed" Garrus stated.

"How are you feeling Tali?" Sheppard asked her friend

"Better than before though I think I still have a fever but I'll be fine now that I have my transportation ready" she jokingly said referring to Naruto as said transportation as she also squeezed her arms around him a bit tighter.

It was nearly missed but Kakashi noticed a quick spike of killing intent from Sakura. Interesting. "Will you be able to carry her back to the village Naruto? You used a lot of Chakra today"

"I'll be fine, I made a promise to Tali-chan that she'll be fine and I won't go back on my word" earning a small giggle from the girl on his back.

"Well, then I guess we should get going. Sheppard-san, Garrus-san please follow us to Konoha" Kakashi requested to them.

"Sure", she said before tapped her ear communicator "Joker, we're moving to the locals village to get more help for Tali. Track my signal and send the other shuttle when ready."

"Shepard, did you say locals?"

"Yes Miranda, I would say they are quite friendly as well and I think they know where the Geth are" she finished as she closed the link.

"Geth?" came from the silent boy known as Sai

"I think they're what you refer to as "One eyes" though it's a long story" Garrus told him.

"We should get going to the village then so we can hear it" was Kakashi's response as the party left the crash site to head to the village known as Konoha.

Author's note: So here you have it - chapter one of my first actual attempt (as opposed to those other attempts where I started then scrapped the idea) of a multi-chaptered story here. Right now the plan is for once a week updates as I'm actually quite far ahead in the actual writing, being currently on chapter eleven, and my beta has cleared chapter two through four so I've got a bit of a buffer in case something comes up. Anyway, I hope people enjoy it as it's an odd crossover to do but then again, where's the fun and doing the easy thing? ;)

Thanks for reading.

Edit - changed up a few words since it seems like some couldn't make a connection unless it was specifically noted. I hope the change clears up the issue.