Alice Pleasance Liddell:1864 : 12 /1859, May 4th : 7 (Wonderland) /1852, November 4th : born

Wendy Moira Angela Darling:1864 : 13 /1862, March 6th : 11 (Neverland) /1852, September 4th : born

Lorinda Charlotte Liddell:1864 : 15 /1859, May 4th : 10 /1849, January 2th : born

John Napoleon Darling:1864: 10 /1862, March 6th : 8 /1854, April 4th : born

Edith Mary Liddell:1864 : 10 /1859, May 4th : 5 /1853, February 17th : born

Michael Nicholas Darling:1864 : 6 /1862, March 6th : 4 /1858, October 3rd : born

Chapter 1: School

Lorinda Liddell took her sister's arm and dragged her across the crowded London street to the dingy schoolhouse. Alice warily gazed up at the soot-covered building and relented, letting herself be pulled along. She had always known that when she turned thirteen she would have to give up her tutor and enroll in a regular school like her older sister did two years ago. Forever eager to learn, Alice had always gotten top marks, but she liked to be surrounded by her own things when she did so. Inside this foreign land that was the Gingham School for Girls she felt withered and naked.

At the front desk, Lorinda snatched up their papers that told them who their professors would be and what rooms they were to enter. Alice gingerly took her sheet and read she would be taking French with Mme Depaul, language with Mr. Carlisle, music with Dr. Thompson, geography with Miss Singh and drawing with Miss Dixon. With fear in her eyes, she peered up at her sister who led her to her room on the second floor. Lorinda glanced down and saw that Alice was troubled deeply. She bent over and planted a kiss on her sister's forhead.

"You'll do just fine, Alice. You are a very smart girl. Make mother proud," she nodded, turned and headed to the room for the sixteen-year-olds.

Alice sucked in a deep breath, straightened her starched pinafore and entered the room.


Another school year. Another nine months of textbooks, spelling tests, recitations and sketching. Why are we expected to be so perfect? Wendy Moira Angela Darling took out her pencils and paper and placed them neatly on her desk. The corners of her mouth pulled down into a neat little frown. But I suppose it is all part of growing up.

In that moment, the door opened and in stepped a towheaded girl, her hair was pulled back with a black ribbon and she donned a sweet little blue dress with a whiter than white pinafore giving her the appearance of an oversized porcelain doll. Her large brown eyes scanned the room until she found an empty seat next to Wendy and made her way over to her.