1 Chapter One

The Dragon's Sword

"Make a wish, Lo."

"I wish…. That we were together again, in the desert."

Goodbye, Lo, she thought. She wished she had the bravery to say it. I loved you, Lo, I did. I don't think I chased you because of my comb. There was something else…

And I'm sorry I took a rock to your head. I was scared. I didn't know what I thought. I was scared to love you.

She jumped.

Lo, I love you. I love you so much I jumped off a mountain to make you happy.

She fell through the mist that covered the top of Wudan Mountain, she, the governor's daughter, the lovely wife, the apprentice of evil, the hidden dragon.

The mist brushed her face as she fell. Will I be falling forever, through the mist of the mountain?

Her thoughts drifted to her teacher, the crouching tiger. Jade Fox. She was dead now.

Li Mu Bai had killed her. Then Jade Fox killed him.

Jade Fox was the reason she was now falling through the mists.

She closed her eyes, and she thought of the beautiful sword, the Green Destiny, the thing that brought her to her ruin.