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In a forest a young girl stood alone calling. It was dark, dead... As the lights came towards her only one word escaped her lips, "Edward?"

"Izzy? Izzy?"

"Izzy baby wake up!"

Bella jumped up and looked around her. Where was she? Last night she took her motorcycle and rode to... A club somewhere...

"Izzy?" She looked around and realized she had no clothes on. She also realized she had company.

Some guy and a girl.

What were their names again? Jilly and Peter? No... No that was last week... Jason and Pamela? No it was Milly and Mason. That was it!

"I'm fine..." Murmured Bella.

But no she wasn't fine. She has not been fine since he left. Since her whole life was changed... And nothing was the same.

"Well Izzy you were like crying in your sleep." Whined Milly.

God that voice! Urh... The people she will do when she's blitzed. It would almost make her quit drinking.


But she needed something. Something to fill the whole inside. And drink was... Something.

"Bad dream, It doesn't matter." She said as she looked around for her clothes.

"Who's Edward?" Asked Mason.

"No one of importance." Hissed Bella under her breath.

"Listen I'm late... I have to go..." She continued the same excuses worked every time with last night being a drunken haze and useing a name that nobody of importance would call her,

she wouldn't be bothered by people she had sex with wondering why she didn't call or why she never came back...

Bella enjoyed sex, it was she was good at it. It took her mind off things... Off them.

And she was gifted when it came to organizing threesomes. Men, Women they all lusted for her. But she still wasn't happy.

How could she be when he took her heart?

Milly and Mason were talking but it's not like she had to listen, not like she had to remember anything they say.

She slipped off the bed and pulled on her clothes.

To be honest Milly and Mason would be good together, they had similar annoying personalities. Yet were too stupid to realize it.

Izzy/Bella was doing them a favor by dumping them like this.

Milly and Mason follow her as she went to the door. Milly took Bella's hands pulling her close while Masons hands slipped around her waste and god if they kept this up the cocktail of hangover and annoyance may just kill her.

As she opened the door shock shot through her when she saw a person she never expected to see again.

"Alice?" She whispered.

"What the HELL are you doing Bella?" Alice shrieked.

"Living my life." She answered as the rage began to well inside her.

Nobody should piss off a half vampire...

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