Edward towered over Bella who was still sitting on the bed, his eyes held hers as they stared at each other, almost as if in competition, who would look

away first?

It was Bella who lowered her gaze to her hands, clasped together on her lap.

Edward grinned, Bella was more then right in her assumptions, mind reading had lead to him learning so much about sex! He of course was changed in the

1900's even though he was brought up in prude Victorian times, his mother encouraged him to marry for love and save himself for a woman who would love

him and he did, but that did not stop him thinking of intercourse.

He saw so much in the heads of both men and women even at the time, for at the time it was the time of the re-birth of sexual deviancy!

Over the years scandalous books were written and then even movies were made, more and more people began to think of one thing and one thing only as

they reached a certain age and that was sex and he had heard it all.

Sometimes it was unwanted but he was in no way innocent as so many in his family may believe, they forget he can hear the thoughts of scores of people at

one time! Except Bella's... She knew... She knew him!

"Isabella, you must understand that though you have grown my love, even gained experience with sex, that I could still hurt you as you said I am a sick, perverted Vampire..." He hissed leaning over the bed and razing her head with a finger under her chin.

"No you can't, Edward I know you wont!" Cried Bella. This is how she had dreamed this would go! Mates are perfect for each other right? They find balance

and compromise, sexually Bella knew well what the balance would always have been.

She loved Edward but could see how anal he was, the need for control was something she had always noticed about him.

Bella had once again found trust in Edward, she could do this, she could give herself to him! But first she needed to tell him.

"Isabella you have no idea, your playing with fire girl." He whispered in her ear, after listening to her voice so convinced she was that she could handle him

and their situation, if he had her, really had her, both vampire side and human, he would break her! His double persona of the loving carer and rough lover

would be too much for anyone who didn't play the game, the game he had found out about and craved.

"I trust you as much as you trust me Edward." Said Bella softly, not daring to move an inch.

"I trust you to a point that could be considered insane Isabella." He said moving his cheek against her, like a cat would brush against a hand.

"I'm glad we feel the same on that point... Master." Whispered Bella so quietly Edward thought he had imagined her saying it.

"Did you?" He gasped

"Yes... Were mates Edward, two halves of a hole." She repiled.

"We... You know what you've done?" He hissed. "Once we start Isabella, every time it's me and you alone in bed, I'll be in control!"

"It's what I've wanted for a long time, I guess I've never had discipline or boundaries and I find the idea... The whole concept of nothing but trust, perfect."

She whispered. "If you don't want me or think I can't fulfill your-"

"No!" He cut her off taking her hands, "It's always been you Bella, but that why I left I didn't want to force you to become a vampire or a submissive for my

selfish needs!" He yelled turning his face from her.

This was the Edward Bella knew well, however he was not the one she wanted to talk to. She wanted master, she wanted to sort it out with him!

"Edward... Master... Mine... I know how this works and I want it as much as you do, I love you Edward, all of you, even when I hated you, wished you dead

I loved you, I always had you there in the back of my mind like an itch I couldn't scratch, I used drink and drugs even sex to try and make it go away." Bella

told him.

"You cant make me go away Isabella dear. You always are such a good little girl around me, who would have thought... You were my little slut deep down."

He said kissing her on the lips.

"I love you, I want to make you feel good, I want to be good for you." Bella cried, her eyes pleading for him to kiss her again, he answered her pleas with

another kiss.

"You are a good girl Isabella, my good girl, I'll see to it it stays that way little love." He whispered in her ear as her gathered her up into his arms.

"Well well well." Said a unexpected voice from across the room, slowly clapping adding to the sarcasm in his voice.

"What a heart warming scene, the virgin and the whore, did you tell him Bella, all about what I did to you that night?" The couple broke apart in shock.

It was Bella who broke the silence after that, with a roar of anger.

"You should be dead, YOU BASTARD I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" She yelled.

"Oh Bella you always were so feisty, Victoria told me all about that side of you."

"I'll kill you Riley." She shouted trying to break free of Edward's grasp but he held her behind him.

"There's no need Isabella. I already have that covered." And Edward lunged for him.