Alex loves soft thing's.


( Alex's POV )

Hi, I'm Alex Russo . I'm here sitting in the bed of my best friend. She doesn't know that I'm here in her bed under the covers holding her while she sleep's , shes a pretty deep sleeper . But I love that because I can just sit and think about everything. Todays topic on my brain is how much I love soft thing's.

I love soft thing's, I really do. I love how soft grass is , how soft a good bed can be with the warmest blanket's especially if it's Harper's bed, I love how soft a towel can be. I can think of so many thing's that are soft. The meaning of soft is not hard or rough. But for me I can sum it up in one word Harper. That what soft means to me.

She's soft in every way. Her eye's are soft brown that show so much love for life. Her hair a bright fiery red but when you touch that hair it's soft as cloud's. You could touch fire and never get burn when you touch her perfect red hair. Her smile is so soft and bright it's like seeing the sun smile at you knowing that it loves you.

My favorite soft thing about my Harper is her skin. I know what your thinking her skin eww, gross. But no it's not her pale skin here in the moon light coming from the basement window. It's so breath taking , she looks like a goddess and she is to me. I run my hand's on the perfect pale skin every night dreaming of how soft and warm it is. I wish I could feel her soft body on my body her arm's holding on to me tight letting me feel the soft embrace of her bosom.

" Alex, wh what are you doing here" asked Harper as she woke up. I looked at her and saw how cute she is and her soft brown eye's looking up at me.

" I couldn't sleep so I came down here and climbed in bed with you I hope you don't mind" I said hoping she believed in my lie.

" Oh, I see well stay in bed with me then it's don't and warm and we could cuddle like we did as little girls" said Harper as she moved a little so I could snuggled up to her.

" Ok, yha that sound's great" I say smiling looks like my dream's are coming true. I slid down a little bit and we share her soft pillow looking at one another . She smiles at her grabs my right hand and laces our finger's together.

" So what where you thinking of" asked Harper as she looks at Alex.

" I was thinking of how much I like soft thing's" I told her I don't like to lie to Harper I really don't . I never want to because if she found out her soft brown eye's would be filled with sadness and I can't have that.

" Soft huh, I know something very soft probably the softest thing on earth" said Harper as she moves closer to me like it's a secret. I want to know what's more softer then her skin. I move closer so I could hear whats so soft, I knew it was her voice it was like a angel's voice soft and musical.

"The softest thing on earth is this" said Harper as she leaned up to kiss me. I close my eye's and feel the softest thing I ever felt. Her Lip's the have stolen first place in my Soft list. She was right they are the softest thing on earth and maybe beyond earth as well.

" Wow , that is soft" I tell her , she grins at me and snuggles up to me more wrapping me with her arm's. She closes her eye's and then I do the same because I want to feel soft , I want to feel Harper soft.


Well Amy how about that it took me 15 min to wright that. I think it's kinda sappy but hey I hope this is what you want.