Chapter Seventy-two

Family drama

By Cindra

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the characters and storyline that I created. This has turned into an obsession of mine. You could say that the story sings for me now.

** Characters silent thoughts

:: Telepathic communication

The ceremony was to take place in Bella's Eden, so there were fairy lights in all the trees and woven through the canopy bowery pathway. Hand blown crystal glass luminary lanterns marked the path on the ground. The etched snowflake designs creating a dazzling prism and rainbow effect when lit. An icy glacial blue runner lined the path. The effect was stunning like walking through a crystalline wonderland.

Inside the conservatory were more fairy lights, but the theme of winter did not carry out it her choice of what flowers she had chosen for Venus. Such a free spirit called for less traditional flower choices. The vivid violets and blues were there in the Shasta daisies, wisteria blossoms, lavender, blue lupine, prim roses, and heather in both white and lavender. Wildflowers cascaded from garlands ,with crystal beads and fairy lights intertwined, from the ceiling, casting rainbows everywhere. Icy blue satin draped chairs in two rows ringed the center of the conservatory where a stunning arbor, where Fred and Venus would say their vows, winked with lights and popped with color.

The heated tent set up on the back lawns was connected to the long canopy tunnel, as to insure every guests comfort to and from tent to the conservatory. Inside the intimate surroundings were elegant tables each with glorious wildflower center pieces, silver candelabras, elegant table-scapes, and satin covered chairs.

Jazz had erected an intricate lighting system inside to set the mood during dinner and after for dancing on the LED lighted dance floor. She'd paid triple to hire a LIVE band from Seattle. Like the flowers, scoring them had also been a coup. But Alice never let Rose Parades or previous New Years Eve engagements thwart her for long. Her wholesaler and the band would benefit from the healthy bonus for bending to her will. The five tiered cake was a masterpiece of icy blue fondant, sugar wildflowers, and intricate sugar snowflakes.

"It's all finished?" Jake stood in the center of the dance floor, eyeing it all in disbelief.

"Yes, son. You got off easy." Edward, dressed to the nines in a dark navy suit, was strategically placing heaters around the tent. "Your suit is hanging on your bathroom door. Alice is on a tear as it is over having to use silk and real flowers because of the flower wholesalers prior commitment to their clients."

"The Rose Parade does use a boat load of flowers." Jake rolled his eyes, only Alice would be pissed because she was out bid by a national tradition.

"Even Aunt Alice can't outbid an order for a parade float for a Nationally televised tradition." Ness echoes his thoughts, breezing into the tent all done up to the nines for the wedding in her icy blue silk dress.

"Wolfe, you aren't even dressed yet?" Hands on her hips, scowl in place, Nessie eyed his sweatshirt and jeans appearance.

"I…uh…just…got…back…" Jake was lost for words, not unlike when she'd been all dolled up for the Winter dance. He cleared his throat. "The Text said light duty…"

"A ruse to get you back to the house. Fred's back as well. Went straight to his place." Edward arched a brow in inquiry.

"He has to get ready too. Grandpa Carlisle and Uncle Jazz went to check on him." Ness pointed out, eyes still on Jake's. He seemed frozen in place with the dazed look in his eyes again.

"All will be well, baby. I promise." Edward reached over and smacked Jake in the back of the head with heel of his hand to snap him out of it. "Isn't that right, Jacob?"

"Sure, sure, Alice wouldn't allow for anything less than perfection…" Jake risked life and limb by plucking a rose bud from a centerpiece. "

You look beautiful, Renesmee. Alice wasn't thinking when she chose that dress for you. You'll outshine the bride." He growled huskily, handing her the rose, gently kissing her cheek before leaving the tent to go change for the wedding.

"Daddy…he called…me…"

"Beautiful. Yes, I know…"

"Yes, that too…but he said my full name after…" She sighed, eyes dreamy, as she brushed the rose bud against her flushed cheek where he'd kissed her just moments before.

"Even Jacob has his moments…" Edward put his arm around her waist and gently steered his love struck daughter out of the tent and back to the main house.

Venus eyed her reflection in the full length mirror. Who was this beautiful girl dressed in white with flowers in her hair and jewels winking on her ears, throat, and wrist?

Her gown by itself was beautiful, but fun. White silk chiffon with an intricate embroidery done on the bodice of Austrian aurora borealis crystal snowflakes, while the floor length textured floral skirt added a dash of daring with a thigh high slit in the front. Designer shoes, blinged out to perfectly match her dress graced her feet. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders in soft waves with a satin headband embroidered with even more crystals as the finishing touch.

Alice draped a luxurious white velvet hooded cape, with faux fur trim, around her shoulders. "Perfection…" She stood back to take in her work.

"Oh, honey, you look beautiful." Maddie Storm dabbed at her damp eyes with a lace hanky.

"You're gonna lay him flat when he sees you." Lori and Twyla beamed at her.

"French lingerie put him to sleep. I seriously doubt seeing me like this will knock his socks off…" She muttered under her breath, but smiled at Lori and Twy. "Not before I get him to say I do first…"

"Finally, some answers about why you've been fighting me all afternoon. You're sulking about a failed seduction attempt." Alice pounced at her slip of the tongue.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, V. Bella failed numerous times before she married Edward." Rose smirked.

"I always ended up falling asleep, not the other way around. He'd start humming my lullaby or soothingly stroking my hair…" Bella rolled her eyes. "Or worse. He made me feel like I was the bad guy out to steal his virtue. Edward had major scruples. I sure had fun trying to tarnish his armor though…" She grinned wickedly.

"The boy loves you something fierce. I've seen the way he looks at you, sweetie. There has to be more to it than you're letting on." Maggie was doing Lori's hair with braids and jeweled pens.

"Fred worships you. He'd give you the moon if you asked him to. Maggie's right now spill." Leah wanted details.

"Darling, you didn't try and seduce him after one of his twenty four hour shifts at the hospital did you?" Maddie walked over to put her arm around her.

"I'd just gotten free of the brace and wanted to celebrate. So, I beautified myself, put on some icy blue La Perla instead of my usual sleep-shirt and leggings. Did the whole candles bit and lounged across the bed. He never even noticed any of it, just walked in and headed for the shower. The ten minutes later he stumbles out towards the bed, still oblivious to everything, so as soon as he was within arms length…I pounced. It was going aces until we rolled and his head hit the pillow. Then he was out for the count, leaving me a hopeless failure at being able to seduce my cutie." Venus, sighed heavily, bowing her head in shame.

"Nonsense, one failed attempt means nothing. Does Fred have any recall?" Tia arched a brow.

"I was too depressed to even ask the next morning and I'd changed to my comfy sleep stuff. He did stare at me for a while at breakfast though…"

"He knows. It's why he's being so pensive. It must have come up after I ended his call and the guys ribbed him about it." Alice's violet eyes danced wickedly.

"Fred's a boy scout, no question, but he's still male and to confide all of this to Embry, Sam, Uncle Bram, Jake, and Levi…I mean Josh, proves it's been eating at him up inside as mush as it has you. Sel, Emily, and Tiffany were all there too. He swore the guys to secrecy by threat of extreme retaliation. Left growling about keeping his word to your Dads." Dori grinned. "There are perks to being a twin."

"Well, it's clear to me that the two of you both have been silently suffering over something beyond both of your controls. Van's sulking because we didn't make this a double wedding…" Angela sighed with envy.

Bella, Alice, Rose, and Tia grinned at each other.

"Who says we can't." Alice flashed over to her closet and pulled out another garment bag.

"Van was at the City Hall." Venus was all for a double wedding. "You did get all glammed up too."

"But Jess, Mike, Tyler, and Mir won't be back home from Ireland till after the New Years. Her Grans better but they've decided to extend their stay and Ty and Mir are still on their honeymoon…" Angela bit down on her lip, as Alice slowly revealed her wedding dress.

Classic white silk with a sweetheart neckline and full skirt. The dress was the classic ballgown shimmering with intricate beadwork and delicate embroidery that twinkled on the bodice of the gown, continuing down the side and spanning the hem of the gown's train.

"Alice…it's my mother's dress…" Angela cried in delight hugging her.

"I know. Your father was showing me a picture of their wedding day and I had him see if it had survived being stored in the memory chest in your attic. It wasn't in pristine condition, but I had this replica made with your precise measurements. The veil is there too, refreshed and waiting the next generation to don it. I would have suggested a double wedding, but then I remembered all of your graduation invitations." Alice happily returned her hug.

"Small and intimate is fine by me. If I have to do it again later, at least I'll have had what I wanted first." Angela hugged the dress to her and twirled happily.

Alice picked up her phone and touched a number. "Van? If you haven't changed yet, put on the white suit. No. She's completely for it. I never once brought it up. We were talking about girl issues and she wished it was a double wedding…Van...Logan...hmmm…he dropped the phone." She set her phone back on the counter, barely holding in her mirth.

The rest of the girls were already in a fit of giggles.

Above the laughter came Tanya's growl from the hallway. "Fred, she's fine. You'll see her in an hour's time when she's being walked down the aisle."

"This is madness! She's my soul mate. She's it for me. My one and only. No other woman could ever compete with her. She's a brilliant shooting star and I am humbled, honored, and on my knees thanking the Powers for bringing her into my life. She completes me. I need to know that she's happy about tonight…" Fred's voice shook with all the emotion that he usually kept hidden inside.

"She needs to know that I take fifty cold showers a night and have since the gossamer lace number she was wearing that night when I was dead on my feet and only sleep was humanly possible. It's been driving me mad trying to keep my promise to her fathers with that vision of her permanently etched in my mind. I finally got to see her as a wolf…How breathtakingly, glorious, and stunningly beautiful she was and I wanted to whisk her away…but her Uncle's welfare weighted heavily on her heart and she was miffed about being banned from her first love. Flying down a snow covered mountain side on her board. Alice already had everything for tonight in motion and I was fine with it as long as Venus was happy. Clearly she is far from it and this circus will not happen unless I see for myself that…"

Venus streaked into the hallway passed Tanya and into his arms to kiss him mindless. :Ditto, cutie. To all of that and so much more! I am so ready to make you mine forever and ever!:

Logan paced the living room of Edward and Bella's newly renovated home. "A little warning would have been nice."

"What else would she ask you to pick up at the City Clerk's office? Didn't you even look in the envelope?" Edward arched a brow, his expression unreadable, eyes serious even though inside he was roaring with laughter at his big brother's sudden case of cold feet.

"Van, ya had to sign stuff first. Did she smile sweetly at you and had you a paper and say sign here?" Jake was struggling to keep a straight face.

"Like he could've said no." Jace snorted, rolling his eyes. "She's making up for Tyler and Miranda eloping."

"Son, you love my daughter. She's your soul mate, your other half. This is just the next step in your journey together." Eli calmly looked up from the sermon he was working on for Sunday mass.

"Logan, one mustn't run from ones destiny. One must always strive towards it." Sergei was reading Edward's memoirs. "That one knows the price of trying to thwart fate." He motioned towards Edward.

"Sergei, Van and Angela's courtship was hardly as tumultuous as Edward and Isabella's." Bram countered softly.

"That's the understatement of the century. I had to strike a bargain with her, a compromise if you will, just to get her to say yes. Angela would have married Van on the spot, no questions asked." Edward muttered under his breath.

"Ya promised her the Earth and Moon is what ya did, big brother. She just knows how to make you sing to her own tune." Jake grinned.

"Let's not go down that road again. Trouble and Eddie are in pure marital bliss. Forever eternally matched. No sense reminding Eddie and Jake about the battle it took to get them there on the eve of the first anniversary of last year's showdown with the Volturi. Angela's happiness means everything to me. If she has her heart set on a small family deal and not a big shindig, well, then that's what we'll do." Logan sucked it up, finding his courage to meet this next step head on.

"Our Angela was never for extravagant celebrations in her honor. Her wedding would be no different." Sergei arched a brow at Edward. "You matched my granddaughter with Ben Cheney, as a boon for helping you rescue Isabella and being a true friend to her?"

"She has such a lovely heart, mind, and soul. But deep down she was shy around boys. Ben was a good kid, who truly like her and she was drawn to him. Em's always up for a little fun, so we gave him a little push." Edward grinned that was a fun memory.

"That Yorkie kid is an annoying little pain in the ass. He's been texting, calling, and instant messaging her since he got back from college." Logan grumbled under his breath.

"True, he can be that and more. Eric Yorkie was the editor of the school paper, website, and yearbook. Angela was also a member of all three. He was also very briefly Angela's boyfriend during Junior year that was until she ended it to focus on Ben." Edward shot him a look of disbelief. "You can't possibly be jealous of that twit. Although, I must confess there were times when I myself was tempted to end him when he was still fixated on Bella. In truth, he only turned his focus on Angela after Bella shot him down like an annoying, yapping, little puppy. But not cruelly, no that's not my Bella's way."

"Did he Bells 'Baby' all the time…"

"Quite frequently. It was trying on my last nerve and he'd wrap his arm around her shoulders. It was all I could do not to rip it off his person."

"He sucked at surfing. I never got why Ty and Mike let him hand with them…" Jake frowned.

"They weren't complete idiots. Yorkie ran the school media, keeping him in their circle made certain that they stayed in the spotlight as the Sports Stars of Forks High. Eric was also an excellent sports writer and worked for the local paper. Scouts from Colleges and Universities tend to focus on articles and even podcasts of potential players. Yorkie helped them with that and in return they ignored the fact that he was hopelessly sports challenged. His love of sports included going to and watching sports events, so that created a balance of sorts in their friendship." Edward answered his query.

"Kid's a pain in the ass." Jace was in full agreement. "Gave me a migraine while he interviewed me about my new position at the school. Kid wants to be the next AC."

"Angela was pissed at him for that, she'd done an article about Maggie and you were next on her list. It's how she knew Yorkie was back in town. The Editor is his Godfather, so he dotes on him where as Ang is a freelance reporter covering the Olympic Peninsula for a larger paper. The Editor sees that as aiding the enemy, but she's good so he punishes her in subtler ways, like giving Yorkie her story." Van was glad that Sergei had changed the subject, it kept his mind off his instant case of cold feet.

The front doors opened and Lily Greywolf-Black breeze regally inside dressed in a glorious sapphire blue evening gown with jewelry to match. "Angela sent me over to check on you. Why on earth are you suddenly terrified of marrying the woman that you love?"

"Because this was sprung on me! All of it! Yeah, I said I wished it were a double wedding, because I'm ready to take that step and have been for months! I don't know why this is bugging me, Mom! I've never been one for following tradition, but I would have for her. This spur of the moment thing wasn't how I pictured it…She didn't even get to choose her dress or have a Bridal shower…None of it…" Logan paced in front of the fireplace.

"Logan, she's been planning this for two months. Alice would never spring anything on anyone, not without a carefully laid out plan." Edward tried to reason with him. He'd rarely seen him this unglued.

"She poured through my wedding album. Asked to borrow Tamara's dress and veil. One she returned, the other she requested to hold onto for a while. Angela and Alice have also talked at length about her likes and dislikes. Wildflowers are a favorite of hers, as is the color blue." Eli added. "No one is forcing her to do anything she doesn't wish to do."

"Of course there aren't. So we're doing this a little backwards, it's not going to scar me for life to miss a Bridal shower or Bachelorette party nor will it cause you grief to miss out on a Bachelor party." Angela stood in the doorway, her face and body concealed by a velvet and fleece lined cloak with faux fur trim.

"Babe…" Logan growled hoarsely at the sight of her. "You sure this is what you want…"

Angela's hood feel back as she glided over to him like a regal princess. Her hair in intricate braids with jeweled pins winking from them and like Lily she was royally blinged out. "Only if it's what you want too, Logan." She reached up to touch his cheek with her satin gloved hand.

"More than anything, angel. Lord…are you beautiful…." He cradled her face between his trembling hands and bent his head to kiss her.

"Your not so bad yourself, tiger." She wrapped her arms around his neck and answered his kiss with all the love in her heart.

Later at the reception

"Well? Are you going to stand there staring at her like a lovesick fool or are you going to dance with her?" Jace growled in Jake's ear.

The reception, now that dinner was over and the dancing had begun, was in full swing. Nessie as dancing with her friends.

"I don't dance all that great…"

"So, no ones gonna judge, ya now go dance with her." Jace gave him a shove and he stumbled out onto the crowded dance floor, just as Nessie whirled his direction and straight into his arms.

"Jacob, you hate dancing." Nessie said breathlessly, as the music slowed to a slow number.

"Can't dance is more like it." Jake shrugged as they swayed to the soft ballad.

"Just move to the music." Nessie tentatively reached up to put her hands on his shoulders. She was getting all those love sickness symptoms again and all he was doing was barely touching her waist.

"I feel conscientious when I dance around people at things like this where nearly everyone's a pro at it while I'm a rank armature." He pulled her closer to him, because she was trembling, and tucked her head under his chin.

:They've had decades, some of them centuries to prefect their dancing techniques.: Nessie couldn't concentrate and stepped on his toes. "Sorry…" she stammered, her nerves showing by the tremble in her breathless voice.

Jake lifted her up onto the top of his shoes, "Nah, no harm not foul, Sprite. I'm touch. I can handle it, but this way I don't accidently step on your toes." They were playing a waltz, a dance style he knew from his stint at Aiden's. Tanya had wanted dancing. He'd tried to bolt, but Twy dragged him back and taught him and the art of the waltz.

"Jacob, you waltz as if you were born to it." She let herself relax in his arms, as he spun them around the dance floor.

"Don't let any of this fool ya…I'm counting in my head like a madman, but this one was easy to learn. The others not so much. It's paid off in spades though, seeing as we're all dancing with our girls and no one's had a collision yet." Jake winked at her, grinning when she blushed and bit down on her lip in response to his answer. Like mother so very much like daughter.

"Jacob Black. When have you had time to sneak off for dance lessons?" Nessie felt off center, a feeling she loathed so she kept on with their bantering.

"Nothing formal, Renesmee. Just spur of the moment kinda stuff while were at Aiden's." He kissed her nose.

"Waltzing was part of your training?" She arched a brow like her father often did when he wished to know more about something.

"T wanted to dance, so we all kinda went along…" Jake eyed her warily, not knowing if she was still jealous of his time with Twyla, during there time apart.

"T and Twy taught you ruffians to waltz like princes and didn't think to record it for posterity?" Nessie stuck her bottom lip out in a pout, not the least bit jealous of who his teacher had been, only that she had missed the chance to see it.

"Ruffians?" Jake narrowed his eyes. "We aren't savages, Renesmee." He growled in a hurt tone.

"Jacob, don't be like that I meant rough around the edges that's all." Nessie crooned, standing up on her toes, and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. It wasn't meant." She touched her hand to his cheek, conveying her feelings of apology in everyway she knew how.

The music changed to fast and loud.

He stopped, set her back on her feet, and twirled her away from him. "Forget it, Nessie. Let's dance. I know you didn't mean anything by it I know I'm not Ivy league, it just smarts hearing it from you."

"I meant that dancing like this was more your style than traditional waltzing and when you boys are together you tend to roughhouse with each other. Never once was I referring to uppity society rankings…" The two of them danced in sync with each other, their moves mirroring their moods.

"It's a touch subject, okay. I'm sorry…I'm just used to…" He yelped when she kicked him in the shin and then followed that by stomping down hard on his foot with the heel of her shoe.

"I'm not most people, Jacob Ephraim Black!" She stalked away in a full blown snit.

"C'mon, Renesmee Carlie! I said I was sorry! It's been a long day! I didn't mean you were like that, just that I'm used to people saying and thinking stuff about me being from a reservation and all that!" Jake gimped after her, not caring if the entire family heard him or not. He cornered her at the cake table where two half-eaten wedding cakes, along with a variety of other desserts remained.

"You called me a snob like a Lauren Mallory wanna be!" She rounded on him when he touched her arm.

"I did not, Renesmee! I reacted to you calling me a ruffian because Twyla taught me how to dance during your time out for being a selfish, manipulative, spoiled, little brat!" Jake's temper was on the rise.

"I am not jealous of Twyla teaching you how to dance while you were at Uncle Aiden's!" She hissed up at him, dark chocolate brown eyes narrowed in fury.

"Yeah, well, ya could've fooled me by your tantrum out on the dance floor over me being touchy about being called a roughneck, because you can't handle that I wasn't being a mental zombie during my break from you!" Jake wanted her to admit that she was in the wrong as much as he was.

"Were you the only one who could have any fun, Renesmee? You didn't have any problem moving on with Weber! Going out with my cousins and the Weber twins! Filling your social calendar so full that you needed an appointment weeks ahead of time! After I got back, I had to play chaperone and chauffeur just to even see! So don't get all pissy over me learning how to dance and that Twyla was my teacher! Yeah, she and I became close friends, just like you and Weber! Fair's, fair, Renesmee! You can't have it all your way!"

"Matt has nothing to do with this! You called me a social snob, so don't turn this on me!" She poked him in the chest with a frosted blue fingernail.

"Well, you started it, sweetheart, by calling me and my brothers ruffians! We're guys! Hell yeah, we like to roughhouse, because that's what guys do! That doesn't mean that any of us are incapable of learning something new like waltzing from a friend who offered to teach us! Like it or not, it's you in the wrong! Not me! Little Miss Perfect Princess! I was just being honest by answering your question and you got your back up because you didn't like the answer! You're jealous over nothing! T wanted a dance. I didn't know how to waltz, Twy did. My mother taught me that it's rude to not accept guidance when it's freely given, so I did. And it made Twyla laugh and smile too. Just like you made Matt and Gabe laugh and smile. It's no different, Renesmee. I thought we were over this, but I was wrong…" He found himself with a face full of wedding cake. Ness had grabbed a tier right off the cake and threw it point blank at his face. Raspberry and chocolate ganache filling ran down his face and dripped from his hair.

"I'm not jealous, you idiot! Being that close to you makes me nervous, not that you would know what lovesickness feels like! Wait that's not entirely true is it! You felt exactly this way about my mother, but clearly not about me! No! I'm still like a little sister in your eyes, well, that's not how I see you! And it's very disconcerting and infuriating when you seem so oblivious about it all! It's not fair that I'm suffering through lovesick hell and you…" Her voice caught, as she let all of her pent up emotions fly. Hot, angry tears of hurt, frustration, and confusion streamed down her face.

"Nessie, it's not that I don't have those feelings for you, because believe me I do. It's just that it's all on lockdown until you're…no…we're both ready for that next step. Right now you're going through teenage hell, a rollercoaster of endless hormonal ups and downs. I've been there, I know. You wanna know if you make me crazy inside too? If that will make you feel like we're both in this together…knock yourself out…" He brought her trembling hand up to his cheek. :Look for yourself and if that doesn't ease your mind and being around me makes you feel uncomfortable, I'll move back to the Den. It's your call. You're priority, Ness. Your happiness means everything to me.:

"Your promise?" Nessie's eyes widened, all his shields in his mind were down, she could access anything.

"Yeah, your dad was flipping out about me holding you while you were sleeping. It was a weak moment. His new look kinda freaked me into instant submission." He smirked when she replayed anything that peaked her interest. Mostly his one-on-one chat sessions with her dad. Before moving back to his month apart from her at Aiden's and of Twyla. Then the night of the dance, she replayed that a dozen times. Ending with him seeing her tonight, again a dozen or so times, only to go back to the promise and his vow to her father.

"Daddy does have his moments and your mind it set entirely on keeping your promise." She eyed him thoughtfully, but to anyone who knew her it wasn't a sign of acceptance, but of challenge.

"Yeah, pretty much. So are we good now or do you need me to move to the Den?" He eyed her warily, knowing full well that she was plotting strategy, is not to use now then when the opportune time arose.

"Thank you, Jacob. Everything is so much clearer to me now. I feel much better now that I have a true understanding of it all. So, yes, Wolfe. We're good." She hugged him, not caring that she was ruining her dress.

Jake hugged her back, relived that for now they were back in sync again. "Oops…" He chuckled when chocolate and raspberry filling dripped down onto her head as he kissed the top of it. "Now we're both wearing tonight's dessert."

"It's just desserts. I mean, after all, I threw the cake at you. They're all enjoying the show anyway and all I want is to be held by you right now." She snuggled closer, her face burrowing into his shoulder.

:How about we go back inside, clean up, change into our PJ's and robes, and watch the ball drop in Time Square on the couch in the Living room.: He turned his head to look over at the dance floor and the tables around it.

All eyes were on them.

"Crisis averted. You can all go back to partying again. We're gonna go get cleaned up…Later…" He didn't wait for her to say yes or no and easily scooped her up into his arms and made a break for it out of the tent.

:Sounds like a plan to me. Or not…Daddy and Momma are back from checking on the triplets.: Nessie smiled sweetly at her parents. "Babies alright?"

"Sleeping soundly. Care to explain why the two of you are both wearing wedding cake?" Edward arched a brow.

"Not really. It's private, Daddy. I was confused and agitated over something, but learning all about the promise even the playing field. I now know the rules and where Jake and I stand, so we're back on track again." She locked eyes with her father.

"Rules are put in place for your own well being. Break them or test them and there will be consequences." Edward gave her fair warning that her plotting now or in the future would not be seen as acceptable behavior.

"Making a scene in front of the family, because Jacob is not openly displaying or experiencing what you are show how much you still have to learn about relationships. You are still an adolescent and Jake's a young adult. Now you are to go back in the house, clean up, and get ready for bed. You may stay up until midnight and watch the ball drop, but then it's off to bed." He played the heavy this time round and bent to kiss her forehead. "Night, princess."

"The rest of the kids left with their parents a little while ago, while you were dancing with Jake. So don't think we're playing hardball about sending you off to bed." Bella kissed her goodnight. "Night, my Nessie. We'll be up to check on you in a bit."

"Growing up is one endless trial after another. Sometimes it feels as though this rollercoaster of emotions and hormonal hell is never going to end. It's gotten me in one mess after another and I hate it. Tell everyone that I'm sorry for my tantrum and that I'm sorry that I missed seeing my Aunts and Uncles off." Nessie wisely chose to play the forgive-me-I'm-not- of-the-right-mind card.

"We'll pass along that you're sorry and wish them your love, but neither V nor Ang is aware of any surprise honeymoon plans. Now go wash all of that off, it can't be comfortable for either of you." Bella wrinkled her nose, "Just looking at you is making me itch…we'll see you in the morning."

"You have no idea…" Jake muttered under his breath, as he walked by them. His allergy was just starting to wreak havoc on his skin and he gladly carried Ness back to the house.

"You had to make him suffer just a little bit, didn't you, my treasure?" Edward pulled her to him for a kiss.

"Remind him of her allergy, maybe…but that's all." She wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Allergy? So that rash spreading like wildfire is a reaction to one of the cake fillings?" He growled against her neck.

"Raspberry. He's allergic to them. They're fine in small doses, but mass exposure not so much…" Bella purred between long soul searching kisses.

"Should I have dad go look in on him?" He slow danced with her in the shadows, not ready to join in the festivities quite yet.

He's not that severely allergic, so I don't think he'll go into shock or anything like that…" Bella snuggled closer, purring with pleasure when he ran his hands down her back and pulled her tight against him. Her mind was completely on her man. "Gran's on watch tonight …she'll take care of Jake."

An hour later.

Bella and Edward were sitting in their robes on the couch eating popcorn as they watched 2007 end with Ness and Jake. MJ and Tony had woken up and they had just gotten them down again, so they'd called it a night.

"Happy New Year, my Bella." He turned her face to his and kissed her.

"Happy New Year, Lion." Bella sighed happily, kissing him back. "Gran's tea has Jake and Ness out for the night, not that either of them minds in the least."

Jake had Ness cuddled beside him on the other end of the couch and the two of them were both sound asleep.

"I'll allow it for now…" Edward reached over to smooth his hand over his daughter's hair. "Happy New Year, Baby." He growled softly.

And so ends Book on of my Twilight Forever Saga. Next we take a leap into the future and a new adventure begins in

Twilight Forever- Transitions

Chapter 1


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