Again, sorry for the late update. But I know this story is coming to an end and I'm not sure how I want it to go. So for now sit back read and enjoy. And again I own nothing but the thoughts in my head and what I make these people do with them.

Well to say life has been good for the past two weeks would be an understatement. Things with Edward have been well for lack of better words hot. But like every other married couple with a child there has not been a lot of sex. But luckily Edward's mom asked if she could take Mia for the weekend. So I jumped on that chance. I just finished another FF and there is a scene I want to try, but yet again I have a feeling I am going to freeze up. I still have no idea why I am so shy about this around Edward.

I am pulled from my thoughts by my phone.

Hey bitch. What are u up 2? *A*

Just thinking bout this weekend. U? *B*

OOOOHH what do u have planned? *A*

Well Edward's mom is taking mia and I just finished a story. *B*

What scene do u want? *A*

Well I think I need a trip to see Rose. U in? *B*

Hell yeah *A*

Meet me at the mall in 30 *B*

"Hey Bella" Ali almost knocks me over hugging me. "ok ok ok I am so excited to see what you have in that little head of yours for Edward.

"Ali, breath. Damn woman. Hi how are you." I manage to get that out without laughing. Ali slaps my arm and drags me to see Rose.

"Hey what brings you two here." Rose asked. The normal greeting withheld because she was with a customer.

"OH Bella here will be kid free and has something in her head." Ali says with the biggest grin on her face I have ever seen.

"Well look around and I will be over when I'm done here."

Ali and I go looking and Rose is to us in no time. "So Bella, in need of new outfits already?" Rose asked with a little snicker.

"Well the others did not make it too far. They kinda rip easy" for some reason I blush when I say this.

"Hot damn Bella." They both say. Yes at the same time. Kinda freaky if you ask me.

After countless times of trying on outfits we find one that is perfect for this weekend.

While trying on everything I tell them of the scene that I read and want to try. They both get very excited and say that with the little amount of time I have I need to go to Spencer's since I don't have time to order anything. Rose decides to take her lunch and come with us. "Rose, are you sure you want to waste your lunch shopping with us?"

"Yes Bella I'm sure. Besides today is a short day for me. I will be fine."

We get to Spencer's and we are like three kids in a toy store. I mean really I'm surprised they did not kick us out. Ali comes up behind me with a pimp hat on and these big ass fake boobs on. She is dancing around and I thought I was going to piss myself. We calm down and get to it. We find what I need to pull off my scene. I leave the girls with promises of filling them in.

Later that evening, Edward arrives home to find Mia is with his mom and I can see his eyes darken a little. We sit down to eat while talking about our days. He can tell I'm thinking hard about something and ask what it is.

"Edward. I um… I went shopping today. And umm…"

"Bella come on you know you can talk to me about anything. What is it?"

"There is something I want to try. And ummm in my head I am all over it. But saying it is different. Its nothing big or too dirty. But umm I want to try. With you." I look down as I finish the words. Next thing I know is Edward is at my feet. He lifts up my chin and softly says "if its hard to say then why don't you just show me."

I again look down. Edward hmms for a second then hes gone. Before I can even think too much of it he is back and sits two glasses on the table. "Here love, maybe some liquid courage will help you out." I look and there are two shot glasses right there. I don't even ask what is in them and I down both. Edward laughs. "oops was one of them for you?" I ask blushing. "Bella I got them both for you but didn't think they would be gone so fast."

We head up stairs and I head for the bathroom where I put the bag from VS. my other bag is in the bedroom. I quickly change and the liquid courage is starting to kick in, not a lot just enough to relax me. I walk in the bedroom to Edward sitting on the bed. "Bella, you will lead everything tonight so you can have what you want. Take your time we have all night."

I walk over and kiss him with everything I have. While mentally telling myself ok bella you can do this. This is your husband for fuck sake. Just pull up your big girl panties and knock it the hell off. We continue with kissing and touching until I pull away and Edward just stares at me, but waits. I grab the bag from spencer's and open it. Edward sees whats inside. "a toy. Fuck me." I look at him and am happy he is taking this so well. He stands up and I am naked in seconds. Hmm he seems to really like this idea. He tries to take the toy but I tell him he can play when we do what I want with it first. He is out of his clothes so fast I thought my head would spin. I turn to face the bed and tell him to get behind me. He does so and starts touching me everywhere and nowhere all at once. In a few minutes I cant stand it anymore and tell him I need him inside me. But first I take one of the bullets (there are two bullets connected to one controller) and tell him to rub it up up and down my slit to get it wet then slowly push it inside me. He does as I say and I thought I was going to cum right there. After he has the bullet inside I tell him to slowly push his cock inside. And he does and fuck is flying out of his mouth when he is all the way in. I tell him to start moving. He finds a good pace and I bring the other bullet to my clit. And holy hell does it feel amazing. He starts to move a little faster but then pulls out. I whimper and begin to tell him to get back in when I feel his finger in me. Then his cock is back. I realize he was just getting his finger wet, then he says "I want to try something and if you don't like it tell me to stop." I hum in response. The next thing I knew his finger was at my ass teasing my entrance and slowly slips it in. at first im not sure if I like this or not. But the feeling of both bullets, his cock, and his finger is beyond words. When he picks up the pace I am done for. I explode around him and he follows a few stocks later.

We lay there spent. He kisses me then says "that was fucking hot. I want to play with them and you later." We both fall off to sleep in no time.