Morrigan Aensland sat on her throne and looked out over great hall with a bored disposition. There was something bothering her and she couldn't quite lay her finger on it.

She wasn't hungry, having just had a very satisfying battle with the catgirl Felicia and her canine paramour Jon Talbain. Even if she was hungry, she kept a small harem of adoring darkstalkers and humans on hand for when she couldn't just go out and pick a fight.

Four females, seven males. Plenty of variety for a succubus who found sexual energy somewhat less satisfying than that created in a battle.

Still, she rested her head in hand and looked out over the empty great hall and thought as to what was aggravating her some more.

All the bureaucrats in service to the Aensland house were out doing their jobs. There was no battle in the Makai. The human world was safe from any rogue darkstalker of sufficient power to rouse the great powers. There was nothing for her to do.

She'd tried taking a few visits to Earth to party as she did before she ascended to the throne officially, but her responsibilities nagged at her and it made things less pleasant than she remembered.

"I've grown up," she muttered distastefully. "The thought sickens me, I should seek out Donovan and ask him for a merciful end. Of course, that what be the end of House Aensland..."

She stopped and straightened her lounging pose on the throne.

Indeed, after reabsorbing Lilith into herself and the troubles with Pyron and Dimitri, she was the only Aensland succubus still alive.

There were other succubi, of course, she had one in her harem. But after her, the Aensland house would be no more, and that would end the relatively peaceful arrangement the majority of the Makai had with the human world.

Responsibility again.

Of course, reproduction was not the easiest of tasks for a succubus.

Only the purity of a newly deflowered virgin could bare a succubus child. Anything less would produce only half-breeds, and that only with non-succubi. Two non-virginal succubi would simply be barren to each other.

Half-breeds could be strong and do the job, Donovan was proof of that, but there were political problems. The darkstalkers would only accept the rule of a true succubus ruler, no half-breed heir need apply.

Which left only one other option.

The human world.

Virginal succubi of child bearing age were rare due to the hungers and needs they developed as they hit that age, but succubi had always had another option.


A human virginal woman, to be precise.

Actually, given the deplorable state of the House of Aensland as it stood, four or five women.

Each of whom would become a fully free-willed succubi of House Aensland, and expectant mother, after the fact.

Given that none of them would be able to thereafter enchant or impregnate the others, being of the same blood and no longer being virgins, the resultant family would only be as close as could be expected of new acquaintances.

And, if Morrigan went at this as indelicately as she did when looking for relaxation, which usually but not always meant blood and battle and adrenaline, then she'd have rather hostile sisters.

The first step, the kiss, had to be willingly initiated by the human for this to work. Granted, deception, foreplay, drugs, alcohol, natural pheromones and ignorance could all be used since "willingly" meant merely no magical influence, but again, if Morrigan wanted a family...being upfront was...distastefully required.

She stood up and called out for one of the few attendants in view.

"Inform the council I'm returning to the human world," she declared.

"What for, milady?" the small, unimportant demon asked.

"I need sisters and children," she answered.

One particularly elderly demon muttered under his breath.

"About time."




Setsuna didn't shift as the doorbell rang unexpectedly, to the rest of the house's residents at least.

It was hard not to see an event of such significance as this coming given what her job was.

"Who could that be?" Haruka wondered irritably as she sat up from the table, where she'd been trying to figure out a plan of attack to tweak a few more seconds of lead time from her next race.

And near-ignoring the very well-cooked home meal Michiru had set in front of her and had since more than half-cooled.

"A polite visitor," Setsuna noted.

Haruka glanced over to the green-haired woman with narrowed eyes and then walked to the door to open it...

...and reveal a tall, broad-shouldered woman in a business dress that was both inherently sexual and very tasteful at the same time. The color was a royal purple that should have been ostentatious, but somehow wasn't on this woman.

Of course, Haruka's eyes wandered inevitably to the large breasts that strained artfully against the white fabric of the dress blouse under the outer jacket.

Upper level Cs, if Haruka was any judge at all, and oozing an invisible signal to come right then.

Michiru even stopped dead in mid-chastisement of her girlfriend as the succubus's pheromones wafted over her to enhance the unnatural beauty unnecessarily.

Even Hotaru was leveling a rather confused expression of desire at the woman.

"Normally I'd be up for a few games," the woman said with a smile. "But, you're all off the menu for now."

"You might try dialing down the pheromones," Setsuna noted, a mechanical fan nearby wafting the air away from the woman drinking tea.

"Oh, you're no fun, Setsuna," Morrigan said with a pout as she stepped in past Haruka, who was eager to step out of her way.

The succubus in humanoid disguise reached up to close Michiru's mouth and moved across to sit down across from Setsuna.

"Well?" Setsuna said.

"I'm going to be on Earth for a few weeks, maybe months," Morrigan said.

"You expect to court a full house that fast?" Setsuna asked.

"I am a succubus queen," Morrigan reminded her. "This is taking my time."

"You're not looking for bitter ex-lovers," Setsuna said.

"I am aware of that," Morrigan noted.

"Long term relationships take a little bit more work than you might be thinking," Setsuna said. "You're older than you would normally be to start this, but you're still young in many ways."

"I'm here as long as it takes then," Morrigan noted.

"That's better," Setsuna said. "Make sure to check in every so often and we have no problem."

Morrigan nodded and stood up to walk back out, smacking Haruka on the ass as she did so.

"And please stop harassing the uniforms!" Setsuna called out without looking up.

"Right, old lady, right," Morrigan said. "Try to check in with the authorities like a good visiting dignitary..."

The woman vanished into a swarm of bats that lifted off into the sky just outside the door.

"What the hell was that?!" Haruka demanded as her mind started to come to itself.

"Morrigan Aensland," Setsuna said. "Head of House Aensland and effectively queen of the Makai Realm...or at least the part of it that can be dealt with on any respectable manner."

"And what is she doing on Earth?" Michiru asked.

"She's looking for virgins," Setsuna said.

"Oh, good luck with that," Hotaru muttered, drawing every eye, including Setsuna's, toward her.

"Excuse me?" three adult voices said at once to the teenager.




A swarm of bats seemed to flow out of nowhere on the corner of a fairly empty street and slowly pull in to form a slender beauty with long green hair and dressed in a very fashionable and supporting business dress colored a royal purple that did not seem at all ostentatious or offputting as such presentments usually did.

The woman had broad shoulders that spoke of much physical activity. Her arms and legs held the well-toned muscles of a practiced and balanced athlete, without the overdone and somewhat counterproductive definition of a bodybuilder. Her chest was large and strained against the magically created fabric of her dress blouse in an artful way possible only to a succubi.

Morrigan, looked over herself and approved of the human disguise as she walked down the street to head for her first candidate.

Morrigan walked into the Interpol office with an air of belonging and importance. She brushed close, ignoring the confused and interested glances of assorted women in the front room, mostly secretarial types.

She was releasing a pheromone targeted to women right now, but she wasn't interested in weak women who could not handle the responsibilities of House Aensland.

She moved onward, through the doors, being noticed and ignored all at once.

It was also something she was used to as royalty. Just for the moment the cause of overlooking her was a supernatural effect rather than a sense of familiarity.

The disguised succubus continued to draw female attention, though most of the women looked more confused than anything. Probably "straight", Morrigan decided with a smirk, gender preferences meant nothing to her, even without magical aide.

After all, despite appearances, succubi were both male and female...sort of like plants.

That last thought came with something of a smirk.

She walked into the elevator and rode it up casually with a crowd of other people, most of whom were hot and bothered. Even without pheromones, males were an easy target.

The elevator opened on a floor from which she could sense a soul of strength and she pushed herself out into the hallway there. Then the soul came around the corner, dressed in a business suit of her own, rather than the more famous blue chinese cheongsam.

Morrigan stepped aside, letting Chun Li and the man she was speaking to pass beside her.

"I'm going to be doing some training for the next two weeks," Chun Li said. "I'll be off the grid unfortunately."

"Pulling a Ryu?" the agent she was speaking to asked with his own smirk.

"I don't plan on vanishing for years, thank you," Chun Li said with a trace of bitterness.

"Yeah, well be careful," the agent said as they came to the elevator again and Chun Li stepped on, Morrigan unobtrusively coming in behind her and moving to the back of the car.

The succubus took in Chun Li's smell and it was a sheer pleasure. Righteousness and passion and energy. Spices and herbs from her choice of diet giving her a tantalizing prelude to the woman's taste.

And, she was a virgin.

Chun Li turned back toward her briefly, eyeing her cautiously.

"Do I know you?" she asked.

"I don't think so," Morrigan said casually.

Chun Li narrowed her eyes a bit more and turned back to look forward, nary a sign of confusion or attraction.

Ooo, she was going to be a challenge, this one.

A yummy, amusing, titalating challenge.




Morrigan took a moment to sneak into Chun Li's hotel room to gather her travel arrangements while the Chinese woman was in the shower.

Very, very tempting, but she somehow didn't think barging her way into the woman's shower was a proper introduction.

It worked in some situations.

Just she didn't think the raucous frat parties and luxury rich debauches she used crash as a younger succubus were quite the right models to follow here.

In any case, from Juuban to the local Interpol office and now, since she was in the area, Nerima.

She appeared again in a swarm of bats, this time with a purple school-girl's outfit and a somewhat younger image than she had worn before. Again, she managed to make it both tasteful and sexy.

When she was younger, she'd likely not have worried about the tasteful.

"Now to see if this place matches the rumors," she said.




Morrigan caught her breath and released in a long, satisfied sigh.

Contrary to popular belief, Nerima didn't erupt into fights everyday. Usually at least a week went by before someone did something crazy that erupted into a brawl, especially not an all out brawl.

However, the atmosphere reeked of battle and Morrigan just couldn't resist poking the bee hive, with a particular satisfying battle to follow.

It had started when she came to the park to find the Tendo and Saotome families having some sort of picnic. From the sounds of it, the idea for the event had come from the patriarchs of the family. They were hoping somehow to get their children to like each other apparently.

Wasted effort in Morrigan's estimation, the two in question were complaining about the situation back and forth, but there was no lack of liking in there undertones. Just lots and lots of inhibitions.

Morrigan walked close and took in a smell of the people at the event. The most powerful was the young man, Ranma that was at the center of the rumors.

A shapechanger, male and female, and thus too magical to be on the list. Very, very strong though, and what a strong scent. He must have had women just dripping off of him.

"Really," the young blue-haired woman was saying. "Can't we just have a picnic. Does it have to be some sort of romantic opportunity every time?"

"I know that," the young man returned as he helped her unpack their picnic lunch onto the table. "Wait, what is this?"

"That's a bento, Ranma," the girl said.

"I know it's a bento, Akane," Ranma said. "But who made the food in it?"

"I did, why, is that a problem?" Akane demanded.

Ranma closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he asked his next question.

"Is it...curry?" he asked.

"Yes, if you must know," Akane said.

Ranma breathed a sigh of relief.

"Today's or yesterday's," the boy asked.

"It's fresh, of course," Akane said. "I made it today."

"Then it's not ready yet," Ranma said, putting it back in the bag.

"What do you mean it's 'not ready yet?'" Akane demanded.

The girl frowned and closed her own eyes.

As the show progressed, a tall brown-haired girl walked next to Morrigan.

"Hello there," she said. "Would you like a rice ball?"

"Oh, sure," the green-haired "school girl" said, accepting the black and white item from the package holding them and sampling it experimentally.

The taste exploded in her mouth like the climax of a battle with the street fighter Ryu and she shivered appreciatively, taking her next bite slower and taking her time to eat it.

"This is good," she said almost tearfully.

"Thank you, very much," the brown-haired girl said with a red-blush. "I notice you're watching Ranma and Akane...are you...perhaps, looking for Ranma?"

"No," Morrigan said, unconcerned that this girl just seemed to be aware of her despite any supernatural shielding. "He's not to my taste, and she'd be an amusing opponent, but I doubt much more."

"Oh," the brown-haired girl said. "That's good. My name is Kasumi Tendo, what are you here?"

"I'm just...brousing for now," Morrigan said. "And I am Morrigan Aensland."

She gave her name in a mildly haughty manner that spoke of much more self-assurance than the loud manner of another set of aristocrats of Kasumi's acquaintance.

Morrigan's eyes were drawn to a newcomer as a bouncey chinese girl arrived on the scene with her own food items.

"Brousing?" Kasumi said. "What are you brousing for?"

"I need to find some strong women," Morrigan said, curiously unconcerned with what she was saying.

A young man with a bandana and an umbrella arrived to join the developing situation.

"Oh, you lean that way?" Kasumi asked.

Now there was some girl with a giant spatula.

"I lean both ways," Morrigan said with a smirk.

"Oh my," Kasumi said, flushing redly and patting her chest down and sliding a little bit closer to her oblivious conversation partner.

Morrigan's eyes were mostly fixed ahead as she listened to the newcomers and the picnic goers and the attempts to keep things in check and out of chaos. They were doing a fairly good job, at least until the two that smelled like brother and sister showed up.

At their arrival it took some applied violence to keep things relatively cool.

But nearly enough to whet Morrigan's developing appetite.

"You look tense," Kasumi said. "Do you mind if I give you a back rub."

Before Morrigan could give a half-aware answer, a guy wearing glasses showed up and she'd had enough teasing.

Standing up and marching through the crowd of teenagers, all of whom suddenly noticed the radiating sense of battle that came into their midst, and then firmly kisssed the two at the center of the restrained chaos.

First Akane, stealing away the girl's breath and shocking the onlookers silent before moving on to do the same to Ranma.

After that she turned to face the others and said.

"Come and get it," with a smirk.

Battle ensued

Now she was sitting on the remains of the battle-ground, stretching out and just soaking in the post-fight bliss. Taking into account on the bruises and minor cuts she'd received because she'd avoided some of her more obviously supernatural attacks, it was still a most satisfying brawl.

That young man with the bandana could simply go forever.

He was even now only barely winded off to the side.

Most everybody else was in various stages of unconscious or wishing they were. The young man and woman Morrigan had used to start the whole deal were busy furiously trying to look at anyone but each other.

Morrigan smirked at that and wondered how long their pheromones would remain as ramped and specifically targetted as she'd made them.

Then she winced as the iodine touched one of her cuts.

"Oh, please hold still, Morrigan-chan," Kasumi said chastisingly. "This won't take long."

"I don't really need it," Morrigan said with a shrug. "And thanks for the other rice balls."

"Oh, it's no problem," Kasumi said. "Oh, and I made you a package to take home with you."

"Excellent, Kasumi-san!" Morrigan declared, eagerly accepting the lovely, little ribbon wrapped bento. "I really must repay you sometime."

"Well," Kasumi said with a blush.

Morrigan took another self-satisfied breath.

Yes, she hadn't found a specific candidate yet for her task, but this trip had to be considered very successful.




Okayama was next on Morrigan's agenda, the city proper. There was a small shrine up in the nearby mountains that practically radiated power, but she could already tell that there was a bit too much up there for there to be much of use.

Instead she'd followed the traces of power from that shrine down into the city and started to look for places the beings up that way might have frequented.

Eventually she came to a construction site and two women working there. A blonde woman who was off to the side delivering lunches under watchful eyes that were less leering than worried, and a green-haired woman who was using an air-hammer a little higher up.

The blonde was a bit out of touch for her. There were small elements of something that wasn't human by any stretch of the imagination running through her.

Probably best not to risk it.

Besides, the girl was so obviously clumsy and accident-prone at a glance that it wasn't funny.

She turned to look up a couple floors to see the green-haired woman working steadily with the air-hammer and glancing worrying down to the blonde every so often.

Or at least that was the intention.

"Who are you?" a voice asked suspiciously from above her.

Morrigan straightened her purple business dress and turned toward the sound and resisted the urge to be nervous. The cyan-haired woman before her reeked of power on a level with Pyron or higher.

Best to be upfront here.

"I'm Morrigan Aensland," she said. "Succubus Queen of the Makai, who are you?"

"Ryoko," the woman said, bringing some vague memories of tales of a demon by that name being locked in a shrine nearby. "You were poking about outside the shrine. A particular someone 'suggested' I see what you were up to."

Ryoko refused to call Washu Mother, Mommy, Mom or any other such moniker.

"I'm looking for mating candidates," Morrigan said.

That brought a reaction as the woman suddenly appeared in front of the succubus without seeming to move.

"Tenchi's off limits," she said threateningly, a long energy weapon at Morrigan's throat.

Morrigan broke into a nervous-eager grin and flexed her fingers.

"Must resist urge to fight," she thought to herself. "The senshi would really not appreciate a battle of this magnitude."

It was difficult, since taking Lilith back into herself it was so very, very rare to actually meet someone that had the same raw power she did, much less potentially more.

It was a very good thing she'd gone to Nerima first. Most of her appetite for battle was well-sated already, and there was no need to be a glutton.

"Is Tenchi the green-haired woman up there?" Morrigan asked casually.

The sword pulled back.

"You're interested in Kiyone?" Ryoko asked. "I thought you wanted mates."

"Yes, and if a half-breed were enough, I could get a man," Morrigan said. "But I'm royalty and a pure-bred heir, or more, is needed. And for that, a succubi needs a human woman. A virgin human woman."

Ryoko smirked and leaned back crossing her arms.

"You, are sizing up the detective as a royal consort?" Ryoko repeated.

"That is the size of it," Morrigan said. "Though, the long-term relationship would likely be more sisterly."

After all, there'd have to be a real damn honest attraction for their to be much love-making after the first time.

Someone sneezed in Nerima.

"Let's talk, lady," Ryoko said, gesturing for Morrigan to follow.

"Someday when I'm less busy," Morrigan said. "We'll have to have a fight or two."

"Oh, I'll be up for that," Ryoko said as she walked to a payphone and dialed it. "Eh, Sasami, is Washu there? Was...Was....grumble...Mom, yes, it's some non-terran royalty."

"Actually, we're from Earth," Morrigan noted. "Just not this phase of it."

"Whatever," Ryoko said to Morrigan. "She's looking for a bride...yeah you heard me. Kiyone."

The laughter over the phone was clearly audible to Morrigan who arched an eyebrow.

"I know! Right?!" Ryoko responded to the loud guffaws, almost chortling herself. "Anyway, I'm going to give her some info on the cop-lady and...Ayeka what are you listening on the other line?! Of course I know about Morquendi matchmaking rituals. I've been to Morquendi. You know I didn't destroy the planet, it's still there! Look, there's it, let me get a word in edge-wise. Gah she hung up."

"What was that?" Morrigan asked.

"My fiancee's other fiancee," Ryoko said distastefully, she looked up toward Morrigan. "Imperial edict, something about 'enough teasing'."

"I'm a succubus with a harem looking for several women to join in," Morrigan said. "No need to explain multiple spouses to me."

"Yeah, well, Earth," Ryoko said as if that explained things. "Ayeka's coming here with my cabbit to get things started."

"And how long will...." Morrigan paused her speech as the world around her changed into a crystalline room populated by two other women with large amounts of power.

"All right," Ayeka said. "We'll be moving to the edge of the system for better reception as we contact Kiyone's family for negotiations."

"I wasn't actually finished looking at candidates yet," Morrigan protested.

"Oh, this shall not take long," the jurai woman said. "Sasami will help you." She gestured to the green-haired fourteen year old next to her who waved cheerfully.

"Wait, Sasami?" Ryoko said. "What about me?"

"We have JURAI protocols to review," Ayeka said. "Ryo-Ohki, private room."

"Miah!" the ship declared as a crystalline wall opened up a door.

Ayeka nabbed Ryoko by a pointed ear and dragged her forward.

"Now, as first queen," long, irritated sigh, "you will be responsible for keeping up with the various Jurai militaries while I will be..."

The crystalline wall closed behind them and shut off the sound.

"Interesting marriage that will be," Morrigan said.

"Well, mother says most queens maintain chaste sisterly relationships with each other," Sasami said. "She then said that the sooner Ryoko and Ayeka 'boff each other silly' and get over the denial, the better for Tenchi and the universe at large."

"You know," Morrigan said. "I'm not really contacting these girls yet."

"You're not supposed to anyway," Sasami said as she started calling up a communication.

Several days later, Kiyone received an message from home.

"The Makibi family has approved a negotiation for matrimony of Kiyone Makibi, fourth heir in line, with Queen Morrigan Aensland of the Makai. Final decision to be Kiyone Makibi's. First meeting, Okayama, Earth Time, three weeks. Matchmaker will be on hand, the Aensland family will be represented by Sasami of the Jurai."

"Oh no," Kiyone said, hanging her head and rolling her eyes. "They ran out of cousins to sell off."

Still days before that arrived, or was even sent, however, Morrigan shook her head after several hours of questioning and explanation and distance paperwork.

The woman better be worth it after all that. Some part of Morrigan felt she'd already paid for the deal as it was.

At least that Ryoko woman was still having her ear bent when she'd been allowed to leave.

Now it was on to other candidates.




Morrigan sat off to the side in the police office as she watched people coming and going through the office. There were several near misses to be had.

A few rookies not quite there yet. A few experienced veterans a bit too experienced, unfortunately.

Or wrong gender.

Almost none of the criminals came close to working. Too crude, too brass, too likely to stab a person in the back.

This station was looking to be a bust and she shook her head, wishing she'd thought of this in the twenties. Then again, that might have presented a whole set of other problems.

She was about to get up and leave for the next location in her idle wandering around the city, and progressively realizing that Chicago wasn't living up to the glory days she remembered of Prohibition and the Untouchables.

And then someone came in.

The woman was young, nineteen, with the dusky skin and facial features of an Hindi woman. She carried a large gun a holster with confidence and ease and spoke with the cops on level. That implied more physical strength than she appeared to have.

There was a heavy amount of willpower and self-carriage. This wasn't the kind of girl to go to pieces in the middle of chaos. She was more the kind to focus harder, consider and plan.

She stood up and walked closer.

"Lesbian, hmm?" she said as she took in the girl's natural pheromones. "In denial? No. In the closet? Yes. And, virgin."

There was also, under the gun-oil, a lingering smell of adrenaline beyond that of the other warriors she'd seen so far. The sort of lingering smell that spoke of thrill-seekers and adrenaline-junkies.

Listening as she was to the girl talk about her 'cobra', she expected that the source was speed and power for this one.

She liked having horsepower under her ass, apparently.

"Rally Vincent," she said with a smirk before turning about. "This one will probably be the easiest of the lot."

Young, the easier gender preference, and a heavy adrenaline junkie. One that would love the minor regenerative kick a succubus had to keep those adrenaline surges from eventually breaking down the body by driving it at too high a level.

She cracked her knuckles with a smirk and started to walk out when a monster stepped out in front of her.

"BB Hood!" Morrigan gasped as she jumped back from the small blonde and into a fighting stance.

"The hell?" the little blonde hellion declared stepping back to reach into her jacket where Morrigan saw a multitude of grenades and Morrigan started to realize several things.

BB Hood was a virgin, psychotic, but a virgin. This girl was so very, very not a virgin. In fact she was a bit more experienced than the young succubus that joined Morrigan's harem recently.

What's more, this girl was not dressed like little Red-Riding Hood.

And finally, everyone in the office was suddenly staring at her.

"Oh bother," the succubus said before vanishing into a swarm of bats that flew out the window.

"What the hell was that?" Rally demanded, pointing out the window.




Well, Atlanta had been a bust. The only virgin with any sort of fighting strength she'd found was a werewolf bringing a message to Jetta. Said werewolf was out of the running for two reasons.

First, she a werewolf. Even if that didn't imply a high enough level of power to prevent a transformation from working, it definitely meant she was a shapeshifter. The first time she changed, she'd be right back to being a werewolf and apparent human.

Which left her with only three real candidates and a collection maybes in Nerima.

Meanwhile, Chun Li was probably two days into her training routine and so the private window was starting to close rather rapidly.

"Time to start wooing," Morrigan said as she let the bats swirl around her and shift into her normal attire before vanishing into the swirl and moving with it into the sky.

Chun Li spun out of a kick and followed the momentum into a twisting mid-air roll out of which came a painful axe kick that shattered the log she pulled it down on.

Speed and coordination: it had to be kept up, if not improved, or it would start to fade.

There was a definite scale of use it or lose it on physical conditioning and fighting skills. If there were no missions, tournaments or other adventures occurring, then training was the best thing for that.

Currently, she was just moving from one attack to another as quickly as possible, trying to push her coordination to the limits. Off the axe kick, she came down into a sweep to take out the makeshift platform the split log had been standing on.

She rose to her feet and took a short run across the field before leaping into the air and moving into a leaping sidekick meant to come down into another target like a spear.

Only she found her motion stopped dead, feet over the target and that wasn't all: someone was holding her.

She felt a long limb pressed against the back of her outstreched leg and foot, mirroring its extension gently. Another was curled over the same limb and a stilleto heel was coolly tracing along her skin as her hip and butt cheek were pulled into the warm softness between each of the legs.

One of the uninvited guests hands held one of her wrists in a hold like a dancers, but with iron strength while the other felt appreciatively over Chun Li's breasts. Into the Chinese woman's back, another pair of breasts were being pushed quite firmly and a green-haired head was leaning in to nuzzle into her neck.

All while surrounded by a whirlwind of bats that had seemingly come out of nowhere and held above the ground by this clingy woman's wide, purple wings.

"Mmmm, you smell so tasty," the green-haired woman said.

Immobilized and off the ground, Chun Li lacked leverage and anchoring to do as much as she would normally be able to, but all she needed was a moment of surprise.

Twisting her right elbow back into the succubus's head managed to shock the green-haired woman enough to let go of her other arm, and then it didn't take much to slide out of the not quite grip of Morrigan's legs and groping hand.

Taking a moment to rearrange her displaced sports bra under the cheongsam, Chun Li turned about to face Morrigan as the latter rubbed at her face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Chun Li demanded.

"Getting to know you," Morrigan said with a smirk. "But I see you want to play instead."

The humanoid creature darted forward and stopped in front of Chun Li as her wings swung out and shifted into a host of hard spikes which Chun Li backstepped away from without harm, immediately following up as the wings pulled back. The kick swung in and up cracking into a hastily raised wing that seemed to harden into a thick shield as Chun Li struck it repetively.

A blast of fire answered that attack, forcing Chun Li back into the air over the fireball, and summoning her own chi blast down into the woman below her. The blue ball of energy slammed hard into Morrigan's back as the other rolled out of the impact and came back up to her feet, flexing with a manic smile on her face.

"Ohh, excellent," the woman said before charging forward and slashing one kick over Chun Li's head before slamming her other foot into the Chinese woman's stomach.

Grimacing, Chun Li flipped up into a spinning kick as she tried to force Morrigan back only to find a spinning wing drill slamming in her direction.

The wing drill and the hurricane kick slammed into each other, sending Chun Li spiraling off course and into a force landing even as Morrigan was tossed like some sort of rag doll in the other direction.

Before were on their feet and charging forward, wing spikes trading blows with punches. Splitting high kicks conflicting with high sidekicks. Fireball matching chi blast.

Finally, Chun Li, bruised, fighting clothes a little the worst for wear, manage to push Morrigan to the ground and hold her there by sitting across the succubus' waist and holding down the woman's arms.

"Ooo, so you like to be on top?" Morrigan asked tartly, drawing one knee up so that it brushed against Chun Li's inner thighs close to her groin.

Chun Li growled and immediately forced down the offending leg with her own knee, though a visible blush worked over her face.

"Morrigan Aensland," she said suspiciously. "I've heard of you. You're some sort of demon that breaks into the streetfighting tournaments every so often. They say your the second person to fight Ryu to a draw."

"Second," Morrigan said. "I wonder who the first was."

"That would be me," Chun Li said firmly.

"I see," Morrigan said. "Then I chose wisely, I suppose."

"And what are you choosing me for?" Chun Li asked.

And then the human woman found herself being rolled off Morrigan forcefully until she was on her back and the succubus was atop of her.

There was a distinct difference in flavor to how Chun Li had had Morrigan pinned and the way the succubus now had Chun Li on the ground.

For one thing, the succubus was making sure that their breasts were pushed against each other so that either could feel every breath of the other's body.

"I am of the noble House of Aensland," Morrigan said. "But I am alone. The House needs repopulating and that's what I'm choosing you and the others for. To join at my side and help revitalize the House of Aensland."

"Wouldn't other demons be better for that?" Chun Li asked as she tried to squirm out of the hold without touching anything questionable.

It was proving a little bit close to impossible.

"After we're done, Chun Li," the woman said, stroking alongside Chun Li's face. "You'll be a creature very much like me and all you have to do is choose to kiss me to make it happen."

At that, Chun Li disregarded the worry of appearing to respond to the succubi's charms and merely pulled her feet in before pushing off the other woman and then rolling to her feet.

"Am I understanding this right?" Chun Li asked. "You want to make me into a succubus so I can join your House?"

"That's right," Morrigan said, dusting herself off.

"And what does that benefit me?" Chun Li asked.

"Well, power for one," Morrigan said. "I'm not all of my own right now, wouldn't be a fun fight if I did. While I can't guarantee you'll have as much raw power as I do, you will gain a great amount of power and abilities. That should be useful to a member of interpol such as yourself."

"If I'm joining your House or whatever," Chun Li noted. "Wouldn't I have to leave Interpol?"

"Why?" Morrigan asked. "I am the ruler, the head of the House. I am the one with responsibilities to the Makai. You'd be a daughter of the House, but unless something...untoward should happen and you were required to take my place, you would not be held off from your lingering human responsiblities."

"And what do I have to do for this deal with a devil?" Chun Li asked.

"You have to choose to kiss me," Morrigan said, stepping closer with a sexy sway until she was very close in Chun Li's face, their lips merely inches apart. "Once you kiss me, I take care of everything else."

This close and with the addition that the matter was her choice, Chun Li's hostility cracked and she couldn't deny that Morrigan's ruby lips were very appealing, as was the clearly soft skin.

Morrigan's hands lay lightly on the sides of Chun Li's arms, caressing her through the silk in minute movements without giving a sense that she was being held in. Likewise, those large purple wings were curling in to brush the back of the Chinese detective's knees.

It was a great deal of very inviting and confusing sensation that she was sure would lead her somewhere that she had never thought to go with another woman.

That idea scared her more than a little and she stepped back away from Morrigan.

"I'll have to...think about it," she said in a firm manner, though she'd originally intended to just say "no".

"Well," Morrigan said with a long sigh. "I'll have to respect that. I'll be back in a few days I suppose, to see what you've decided."

That said, she stepped forward again and chastely gave three burning kisses to Chun Li's forehead and each cheek before winking and walking away from Chun Li and giving her a suggestive wink just before vanishing into a cloud of bats which flew away.

Taking a deep breath herself with the succubus's leavetaking, Chun Li fanned herself, trying to get the plethora of images of her and Morrigan together out of her mind. Part of her wondered if the succubus had tampered with her mind a little, but she somehow felt that that wasn't the case.

Meanwhile, Morrigan found herself more than a little keyed up and biting her lip in outright frustration. She'd been just on the verge of getting the woman to come in, just on the verge of an experience that was new even to her: the experience of creating a new succubus, two really.

Just one more shove, just one little push down the row of thoughts and Chun Li would have been with her.

And probably would have messed up the entire reason she was here.

"Willing, they have to be willing," Morrigan repeated to herself as she passed over the Japanese wilderness heading towards the nearest town.




The sun was setting as she came down into the city next to the roaring sound of a streetfighter match in the running.

The World Warrior tournament wasn't yet running again, but there were several other tournaments ongoing in the streetfighting world. Some were more traditional and took place all in one location over a couple of days and some modeled off the World Warrior tournament and took place over the course of weeks in locations around a country, continent or even the world.

This looked like one of the former as she saw several fighters sitting to the side of the main ring and watching the current fight with vested interest. Glancing at the score boards explained why.

The tournament was a round-robin non-elimination and the last fight was running. If she read the scores correctly, then one of the current fighters was pressing for third place, while the other was trying not to lose the championship.

Morrigan wrapped herself up in a business dress as she walked down the stairs and up to the side of the ring, soaking in the intense passions floating out of the ring. Not nearly as fulfilling as actually being a part of the fight, but it was still a pleasant sensation.

Especially since the two fighters were both young, virginal women and striking with intense power and skill. Exactly what she was looking for, and just what she needed to round out her list of candidates.

She licked her lips eagerly as she took in Sakura Kasugano and Ibuki the ninja.




The ninja Ibuki was struggling vainly to keep the edge up against Sakura, but the Hadou-fighter was as relentless as all the practioners of her style.

In the first round, she'd managed to get in under the girl's guard and land some devastating blows, even winning the round. Even there, however, her edge had started inevitably grinding away as the girl in the sailor fuku figured out more and more of her moves.

Now, she was having the block more and more as Sakura hedged her in and limited her mobility with combinations of simple moves strung through in complex ways. And each of those blocks came at the back of a brutal impact that shook the bones in whatever limb she used to take the impact.

An apparent opening flashed open and Ibuki tossed kunai intended only to shift her opponent's stance and broaden that opening. Then she was flowing in, legs wrapping around Sakura's body to immobilize her as the ninja slammed her fist down into the girl's head.

Sakura responded by throwing herself back into the mat, almost slamming the ninja between her and the surface, but Ibuki had released before that could happen and was in the air as Sakura rose to her feet like a phoenix into a devastating shoryuken that connected with Ibuki's solar plexus and carried up through her chest into the girl's jaw.

Sakura landed lightly as Ibuki slammed hard into the ground, where she struggled to rise up to her knees and found her legs unwilling to go farther.

"And the winner is...Sakura Kasugano!" the announcer declared as the referee meekly climbed into the ring to lift the girl's hand up into the air.

Medics were already at Ibuki's side, checking her over as the girl finally climbed to her feet, stubbornly doing so on her own power.

The audience roared their approval of the victor, with a scattering of claps from the fighters at the sides.

They were in the locker room later, gathering together their things as Ibuki took in the other girl and her travel-worn duffel bag and the fresh set of clothes she was wearing, still of the same design.

"So that's what a World Warrior is like then?" she asked Sakura.

"Oh, I'm not a World Warrior yet," Sakura said cheerfully. "I've fought in the tournament, but that doesn't make me a World Warrior by itself."

"Really," Ibuki said. "I'd have thought that was the definition of the thing. What does make a World Warrior?"

"I'm not really sure yet," Sakura said. "Maybe when I get to the next place, I'll find out. You know, you're really good yourself, you should fight in the next tournament."

"Me," Ibuki said surprised and wondering if her mission schedule would allow for it. "I have college and stuff to do. Don't you have school?"

Granted, college was apparently an elite ninja training facility rather than the normal everyday sort of college she'd wanted, but still it was college.

"I exammed out," Sakura said. "So I could travel the world and learn and fight and get stronger. Just like Ryu. Nothing to tie me down anywhere."

Ibuki stared at her as the girl confirmed the rumors. She really was just like the older, more famous Hadou fighter. A wanderer only interested in improving herself through the fight. And she might be college age now, but she'd been travelling and fighting with the big dogs for years.

Ibuki trained constantly and ran missions for her ninja clan, but for the most part she'd just been a common high school girl, following the trends, hoping to meet a cute boy. She'd only recently come onto the radar for the World Warriors, and even then only peripherally.

No wonder Sakura was so difficult to face.

The two girls exited out of the arena into a rain, still talking, though Ibuki sort of wished that Sakura wouldn't dominate the conversation with talk about fighting and fighting styles so much. She hadn't even so much as gotten who Sakura's favorite singer was yet.

As it happens they had both been planning to take the same train into Tokyo, but that plan quickly found itself derailed as they came to the train station to find a massive lump of chaos surrounding the effort to clear a train that had left the tracks.

Ibuki slumped in defeat as she looked at the clearest and quickest way to her dorm room so totally mangled. Next to her Sakura merely shrugged and started to walk off down the road.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Ibuki said.

"I'm walking," Sakura said, pointing in the general direction of Tokyo.

"It'll take three days to walk to Tokyo from here," Ibuki said. "And its raining!"

"Rain never hurt anyone," Sakura said, shrugging.

"Might I suggest another option?" a third voice asked as a green-haired woman stepped out of a shadow.

"Who are you?" Sakura asked, dropping into stance.

"My name is Morrigan Aensland," the woman said with a smile as she moved closer to them.

This close, Ibuki felt a rising warmth on her face as the woman's presence came within feet of her. She'd never reacted this way to a woman before, but there was something about the way this woman smelled that just demanded attention.

"I saw the tail end of your match against each other," she said. "Both very impressive. And I have something I'd like to offer the two of you."

"What's that?" Ibuki asked cautiously.

"Let's get out of the rain first," Morrigan said with a smile.

"Out of the rain" meant checking into a luxury suite at the nearest major hotel, apparently.

Ibuki and Sakura both gaped at the decor and size of the room that this woman had apparently been able to just appropriate on demanded.

Then Ibuki felt a pair of gentle hands wrapping around from behind her and start to unbutton the blouse she'd put on after her fight.

"Let's get you both out of these wet things first," Morrigan's voice whispered into her ear.

With a shiver, Ibuki felt the long, manicured fingernails push into her skin as the sopping blouse was pulled seductively free, leaving only the bra for Morrigan to unsnap and pull off.

Ibuki found herself, without remembering moving, sitting on the bed and moaning as Morrigan vigorously rubbed at her bare chest and licked clean any stray drop of water.

Over the green-haired woman's shoulder, the ninja saw Sakura standing not far away, watching with a transfixed expression until Morrigan, satisfied that at least Ibuki's upper body was dry for the moment, turned about to look at her.

Sakura watched as Ibuki lay back in the bed and sighed as she tried to process what had just happened. Then Morrigan was in front of her and unbuttoning her shirt.

"I...I like guys," she said hesitantly after the fourth button had been undone.

"I can smell that," Morrigan said. "But I can smell you like this too, and I'm not doing anything that makes it so you can't say stop."

"Really?" Sakura asked as she was manuevered toward the bed beside Ibuki and tried to keep her sense about her as Morrigan proceeded to dry her just as she had Ibuki.

"Do you want me to stop?" Morrigan asked.

"Mmm, no," Ibuki sighed reluctantly from where she started to watch.

Sakura answered merely with a sharp intake of breath and a firm shake of her head.

"Good," Morrigan said as she let Sakura lay back then, beside Ibuki, both girls staring up at her uncertainly. "Now, the offer first."

The business suit faded away like dust, leaving Morrigan without a stitch, not even the shoes and slacks Ibuki was still wearing, or the skirt and boots Sakura had.

"I am Morrigan Aensland, Queen of the Makai," she said. "My House has dwindled and I find myself needing to bring more into the bloodline."

"What does that have to do with us?" Sakura asked.

"I'm proposing to change you into creatures like me," Morrigan said, tracing the tip of wing along each girl's arms.

"You'd, of course, have to learn the fighting ways of the succubi," with that she put a finger under Sakura's chin and focued her attention.

"And of course be irresistable to any man you desire," a presentment clearly for the ears of the girl who'd bemoaned her lack of a boyfriend several times in the period she'd been following them.

"I have to fulfill the duty to my clan," Ibuki said dreamily.

"Well, save in the unlikely case of my death," Morrigan said. "The duties of an Aensland will be light until a few hundred years have passed, plenty of time to settle any lingering human affairs."

Several bureaucrats in the Makai suddenly felt a sense of forboding for a reason they could not identify.

"What do we have to do?" Sakura asked, eyes having become small galaxies at the mention of new fighting arts.

"Kiss me," Morrigan said, smiling.

Sakura hesitated only briefly before pushing herself up on her hands and kissing Morrigan fully on the lips. A rush of energy flooded into the girl such as she had never known before and her entire body seemed to ripple into gooseflesh in response. The soft purple wings caressed her back as gentle hands cupped and kneaded her ample chest.

Ibuki moved in closer, nuzzling into Morrigan's neck from the side as the kiss lingered between the woman and the other girl. She stroked the purple wings and marveled at the downy soft fur covering what she had thought was hard leather.

Eventually, the kiss broke off and a bewildered but ecstatic look on the girl's face. Morrigan whispered "drink of my bosom" receiving an eager nod from Sakura, who moved to focus her attention on Morrigan's amble breasts and the hard nipples leaking a milky white liquid at the succubus's command.

As Sakura moved in to eagerly assault Morrigan's breast, with a deal more passion than skill, Morrigan turned toward Ibuki and offered her lips for Ibuki to take.

Once again, the willful taking of the succubus's lips opened a flood of the spiritual essence of the demon-woman into the body of the mortal-girl. Every pathway opened up in sheer pleasure, every single nerve standing at attention, every pleasure center broadcasting fully. Endorphins flooding the brain just as they had Sakura before.

Eventually, both girls were suckling at Morrigan's chest, like a pair of oversized puppies seeking their mother's milk as hands moved about over Morrigan and over each other, trying to imitate the effectiveness they had felt from the succubus, though with only minimal success so far.

Next, Morrigan pulled Sakura's milk stained lips away and spread her own legs wide. Sakura's smile was much less dazed now, as she threw herself into the moments of the passion and dived down to the lips between Morrigan's legs to finish absorbing the feminine essence of a succubus.

When she'd managed to draw a sharp gasp from Morrigan, Sakura rolled over, exhausted by the flood of energies into her, and Ibuki took her place.

Writhing under the more delicate ministrations of the ninja, Morrigan rose Sakura up to a seated position next to her and traced a hand down to her skirt and under its band into the panties below, careful not to actually invade the region of the girl's virginity yet. No, at the moment, she merely focused on teasing and drawing the panties down away from what they shielded.

Sakura closed her eyes and leaned into Morrigan's side and shivered with a smile as something light brushed past her face. and then worked it's way to her back, to be joined by several other such light touches. More than one hand could account for, more, in fact than two.

Still, she kept her eyes closed and trusted as the unseen tendrils wrapped around her stomach and pushed up between her breasts, seeking and searching. Then one pushed into her mouth and she could feel others finding her vagina and other orifice below.

As the thrusting started, she clung heavily to Morrigan and didn't worry about the sound of a scream, given the blockage of a something in her mouth that was pouring something salty into her throat.

Ibuki tired as she brought Morrigan to the first orgasm as well, but didn't roll over as Sakura had. Instead she climbed up Morrigan's naked body kissing her firmly on the mouth and saw that Morrigan's right wing had been replaced by a mass of tentacles which were pleasuring Sakura.

She could see a pair of small bony nubs already protruding from Sakura's back as the girl hugged onto Morrigan and writhed within the mass of tentacles.

With a smirk, Morrigan looked toward her and then down toward her left wing. Following the look, Ibuki watched as that wing also split into a mass of tentacles which poured over the ninja girl. Soon she was also writhing in the intense grasp of the male portion of a succubus.

Ibuki felt herself changing, even as she watched a pair of soft white wings fold themselves out from Sakura's back and then the Hadou fighter pass out curled up against Morrigan's side with the tentacles pulling away from her.

Ibuki wasn't in a position to see her own yellow wings burst out as she gasped with breath and joined Sakura in sleep.

Spent herself from her first creation of new sister-wives and children, Morrigan was not long behind them.

Omake by Amaretto:

The phone rang twice then three times. Morrigan heard the sound of plastic scratching against plastic. A voice in the back ground giggled, "Quit it."

A second masculine voice tease back, "Make me."

The female voice let out a small whimper, "Please." The girl's voice became clear across the phone, "Hello."

With a professional tone the succubus continued, "This is Morrigan may I speak to Setsuna."

With a slightly aroused tone the voice cooed, "Sorrrry." The voice became distant, "cut it out."

Morrigan blinked twice, "I'm sorry what was that."

"I'm sorry." a small giggled came from the voice, "Setsuna-mama is out may I take a message." The voice half giggled.

"Um." Morrigan clearly heard another laugh and a small struggle. The girl was distracted by someone in the background, "I just wanted to let Setsuna know I am going to be having an Omai."

Hotaru turned her attention to the phone, "Oh, so the virgin hunt is going well."

A snicker came from the background sounds of someone getting pushed off a bed filled filtered over the phone, "I found a" Morrigan paused unsure how to be polite, "Traditional family in Okayama."

The line went oddly quiet, "Oh, thats nice. Where else have you been."

Morrigan wondered about the sudden intrested but decided to keep the guardian informed, "Tokyo, Nerima, Chicago and Atlanta. Did you know there is are a few were-cheetah's running around there?"

Hotaru eeped, "Yes, I mean no."

Morrigan raised an eyebrow, "Does Setsuna know there are?"

An icy reply came across the line, "She better not or I'll make sure every one of your so called virgins isn't."

The succubus blinked several times as the threat crossed the telephone, "I see. Well just make sure she knows I'll be back in Tokyo by the end of the week."

Hotaru cheerfully replied, "See you then."

As Morrigan hung up the phone an automated voice announced, "Call completed with speed dial three."

Gina blinked several times, "Oh, who do we know in Tokyo."

A half a wake voice mumbled, "Ru lives in Tokyo. Did I go over the long distance minutes again."

Morrigan laughed. Gina shrugged, "No, Morrigan was just calling someone named Setsuna."

Brianna quickly blinked herself awake, "You didn't talk to her?"

"Um... no." A hesitant reply came from the Makai Queen, "She was out Hotaru took a message."

Brianna smiled, "Oh, ok. Just don't tell Setsuna about this."

Taking another sip of her drink Morrigan asked, "Something I should know about."

A blush crossed the lycanoid's face, "No, no."

Gina teased, "Aww, dating somebody but not telling mommy."

A stammer came from Brianna before she clamped down, "It's complicated."