Chun Li took a deep breath in the aftermath of her change and found herself smiling dazedly and again staring at Morrigan. An intense, driving desire to have a body close slashed through her, either in the thick of battle or something closer to what she'd just had. However, despite an appreciation for Morrigan's body, she didn't desire Morrigan right now.

"I want more," she said in wonder.

"That's hunger, we're both famished after that," Morrigan said, licking her lips. "And we're blood now, we can't feed on each other."

"Is there a danger?" Chun Li asked, wondering even the haze of what she was feeling if this was one of the "little things" Morrigan thought would work themselves out.

"Not particularly," Morrigan said. "If we feed soon."

Chun Li took in the surrounding wilderness.

"On what...or who?" Chun Li asked. "Can we eat the animals."

"That would take a monstrous amount at this point," Morrigan said. "However, there is a place nearby..."

She leaned back in thought for a moment.

"I'll have to teach you this later, for now," she said. "For now, I suppose I'm in the driver seat."

"Teach me what?" Chun Li asked right before Morrigan stood up and moved around behind her and hugging her from behind. "What are you...doing?"

And then, starting with Morrigan, the two girls split into a swarm of bats and flapped off into the night with paranatural speed, leaving behind Chun Li's camping gear.

Some miles away, the bouncer outside watched what first seemed to be a swarm of bats swirling down out of the night sky, only to split into two swarms.

"Ah hell, nobles," he muttered before twisting a side to speak into a microphone.

Then the swarms formed together into a pair of succubi, obvious nobles by the size of their back wings and their means of transportation. One appeared to be a bit new to the swarm self trick, however and was moving around carefully, though with a slight frown that said she was a bit annoyed.

Chun Li found herself dressed in a sleeveless blue tunic with yellow frills that revealed a large expanse of cleavage. A blue wrapping of cloth twisted about her waist and the cloth trailed on forward in back in two long tails.

She'd seen Mai Shiranui wearing a similar outfit several times.

"Mmm, I approve," Morrigan said, standing aside in her own normal attire. "But fashion later, we have needs to attend to."

Chun Li nodded and looked toward the building they'd stopped in front of, feeling an intense desire to just walk straight in. Had Morrigan not laid an arm on her shoulder, Chun Li might have done just that.

"We have a level of dignity to maintain," the elder succubus noted.

"What is this place?" Chun Li asked as they walked across the lot to the door.

"This is where those that depend on humanity go to feed," Morrigan said as they reached the door and she looked up toward the guard. "Morrigan and Chun Li-Aesnland."

Her tone of voice toward the bouncer was quick and expectant...and the bouncer, recognizing two very hungry succubi when he saw them, stepped out of the way quickly to let them pass. He knew better than to let them hang around and notice him.

A man was waiting to greet them as they came inside.

"If you'll wait with the others, your Majesty," the man, who appeared to be on or even made of fire swallowed nervously as the two succubi looked to him closely. "We'll have a menu on hand as soon as possible. We are a little busy at the moment and short on rooms."

"Thank you," Morrigan said with an engaging smile. As the man turned about to leave, she bent toward Chun Li. "Ifrit."

There were a number of beings in the front room, of a wide variety of types and though most looked human, Chun Li could tell that most of whom she was seeing weren't. She found herself turning to face of them like a school girl, idly licking her lips and biting them.

"Steady," she thought to herself. "You were just thinking about Morrigan's flightiness...don't go in for it yourself."

She reached out still to stroke a hand a long a tall, thin man's black cheek.

"Hello," she said saucily. "Who are you?"

"I...I..." the man said nervously.

Morrigan appeared at Chun Li's side.

"He's a fetch," Morrigan explained. "They feed on human fear. Some humans like the sensation, others use it steel themselves for dangerous jobs. Such a lovely specimen of a fetch too."

Both succubi virtually purred at the other darkstalker, hands trailing paths across his cheek as Morrigan directed Chun Li further on and pointed out another person.

A ice-pale woman with long, dark blue, almost black, hair. She appeared to be in her early twenties and was dressed in a sort of punkish manner with blue tattoos on her white skin.

Chun Li was still smiling over her shoulder at the fetch when Morrigan directed her attention to the young woman.

"And this is a yuki-onna," Morrigan said. "They feed on body heat. Isn't that right?"

"H..hai, Queen Aesnland," the yuki-onna

Chun Li smiled and bent down toward the yuki-onna to take a deep smell of her, before following Morrigan on.

There was a thin seeming gaki, whom Chun Li never the less recognized as being healthy, who fed apparently on human hair, gaki being strange like that. A pair of common vampires, fraternal twins, brother and sister. A leanan sidhe, a sort of fae creature of the makai who gave inspiration to artists, but whom frequent contact with could drive a mortal to insanity or early death.

That, in addition to the few humans she could see had Chun Li's urge-crazed head spinning as she considered the cornucopia of strange things around her and the fact that their strangeness wasn't chiefly what she was thinking of.

"And this is one of my harem," Morrigan said, as they came to a succubi with small, almost vestigal wings. "Maya is a common succubi, and a most loyal and inventive girl."

"Thank you, Mistress," the girl said, wings fluttering. "Di..did you need me mistress? I was just on my way out so I am well fed."

"I think I'm pleased to meet you, Maya," Chun Li said as she looked over the girl.

"Is this one of your new sisters, Mistress?" Maya asked, blushing.

"Chun Li Aesnland, pet," Morrigan said with a nod.

Before much else could be said, however, the ifrit returned and moved quickly up toward the two succubi.

"Uhh, we have a room for you, Majesty," the spirit said. "If you would follow me?"

"All right," Morrigan said as she swayed along and Chun Li followed impatiently, twisting about.

As they started to leave the room, however, Morrigan looked over her shoulders and briefly crooked her finger in a come hither gesture.

The proprietor of this particular establishment was an aging kitsune man who had been in the midst of some of the paperwork necessary to maintaining the places cover for the mortal world. Which was when he had the knock on the door.

"Yes, what is it?" he asked, tiredly looking up.

The door opened to reveal a handful of confused and irritated looking people, all for the most part human.

"Mr Yomijo," one of the young men asked. "I think we have a problem."

"Are there still no rooms open?" he asked irritably.

"No, some rooms opened up," a girl said.

"Then why are you all here?" he asked. "Shouldn't you be attending to clients?"

"That's just it," the man said. "There are no clients in the waiting room."

"There were a good seven or eight makai waiting for a place to feed privately," Mr. Yomijo noted with a frown as he stood up.

He reached over and pushed a button at his desk.

"Did anybody leave unsatisfied, Harold?" he asked, thinking of the werecreature bouncer at the front entrance.

"No, sir," he said. "Everyone leaving here looked well and satisfied. Did Queen Aesnland and her kin get settled? They looked rather hungry when they came in."

"Queen Aes..." Mr. Yomijo noted idly. "Kin?"

"Morrigan and Chun Li Aesnland," the bouncer confirmed.

The kitsune sighed and stood up, walking past the knot of confused looking humans and starting to move through the doors until he heard the sounds of what he was looking for behind a pair of double doors that led to one of the establishments most luxuriant rooms.

Opening the doors proved a little difficult as he had to dislodge the vampire twins trying to catch their undead breath in leaning dazedly against it. They simply fell over gasping and naked over each other as Mr. Yomijo came through the door, huge smiles on their faces.

And saw the rest of what was going on.

Morrigan and her harem pet, Maya, were currently straddled over the ifrit, with the makai queen clearly impaled on the fire-spirit's maleness and thrusting vigorously, driving the ifrit into her. Her mouth and hands, meanwhile were engaged with the succubus.

The gaki was sprawled out in a corner with the yuki-onna draped over him and each moving weakly.

Chun Li herself was practically sitting in the fetch's lap, grinding back into him as her arms wrapped about his head at her shoulders. Leaning over the new succubus, and kissing and caressing Chun Li's features obsessively, was the leanansidhe, a tall and inhumanly slender woman of Irish features and sensuous red-hair about medium length and strange feline eyes.

One of Chun Li's wings had shifted into tentacles which wrapped firmly about the leanansidhe and were thrusting into her animatedly. The Irish spirit interrupting her attention to Chun Li with each surge.

Grumbling, the kitsune backed quietly out of the room.

"She did it again," he muttered.

Chun Li now well fed and fairly aghast with her impulsive behavior under the effects of the extreme hungry she'd just indulged in.

"Such an orgy is expected after such expenditure of energy," Morrigan told her, casually blowing off the full event. "I'm surprised we actually made it to the room, Morrigan noted. It was a similar situation with Sakura and Ibuki. Though we were in a hotel at that point and had had to skip over to party full of healthy and highly charged mortals rather than grab some hungry makai."

"Mistresses," Maya said as she opened the door ahead of the two noble succubi.

"Thank you, dear," Morrigan said, cupping the now weary succubus's face.

"Perhaps the next time you do this," Chun Li suggested with a irritably twitching mouth, "you should arrange to have it happen in one of these places so that there is...nourishment immediately on hand."

Morrigan paused at that and tapped a finger to her chin in serious consideration.

"That might not be a bad idea," she noted casually.

Another door was opened ahead of them and Chun Li stepped through, flush with embarrassment.

"Milady Chun Li," the leanansidhe said adoringly.

"Right, thank you...," Chun Li said.

"Siobhan, milady," the red-head said tiredly and blinking at her.

"Yeah..Siobhan," the interpol agent turned succubus said.

A short, thin man appeared into the main lobby then, appearing with a fox's head streaked white in places with age and two tails swishing behind him irritably.

"Mr. Yomijo," Morrigan said cheerfully, "your place is as welcoming as always. Have you met my new sister-wife, Chun Li?"

The whiskers on the kitsune twitched as he looked toward Chun Li.

"Your Highness," he said politely, bowing respectfully, but in a restrained manner. "Your Majesty, I think we talked about this last year."

"Talked about what?" Morrigan asked idly.

"About how you should go to your own harem if your this hungry," he noted.

"But then I wouldn't have gotten to meet Milady Chun Li," Siobhan said dreamily as she moved up toward Chun Li's side.

The kitsune looked at that, jaw hanging open and then smacked a hand over his eyes, closing his muzzle and jaws tightly.

"Is she entranced?" he asked.

Morrigan, who had her arms around Maya's shoulder, looked casually over toward where Siobhan was clinging to Chun Li and then looked toward Mr. Yomijo.

"Perhaps just a little," Morrigan admitted. "I'm sure it's temporary."

Mr. Yomijo looked toward Maya who clutched tightly to Morrigan's arm, and then across toward Siobhan who was in a similar pose. Though the leanansidhe looked much more fatigued and about to fall off her feet than Maya.

"I'm sure she wasn't weak enough to be fully entranced by that little bit of an orgy," Morrigan said. "I saw Chun Li with the males much more frequently."

Chun Li flushed brightly and muttered for Morrigan to stop talking in an under the breath tone that the older Aesnland totally missed.

"I can't afford to come here more than once a week and its the day you come, Milady," Siobhan sighed.

Morrigan was silent as she matched her look with Mr. Yomijo's.

"Well, I'm sure her family will be happy to know there's a place for her in the Royal Palace," Morrigan commiserated.

"Your Majesty," the kitsune said irritably. "You need to stop this."

"This is only the second time," Morrigan protested. "Maybe third...definitely not more than four times over the past deca...five...three years."

"Morrigan, please," he pleaded. "Stop eating my clientele. The menu is complaining."

"There's a statement I never thought I'd hear in my life," Chun Li said under her breath.

"I quite like being on Milady's menu," Siobhan said with a sigh.

"Excuse me," Chun Li said, trying to recover her control and dignity. "Does she need to eat."

"Probably, and we have some artists stuck for inspiration waiting for her," Mr. Yomijo said. "The Aesnland account?"

"Of course, just like Maya," Morrigan said.

"Shall I go attend to my artists then, milady?" Siobhan asked.

"I think that's the best idea," Chun Li said, looking distinctly embarrassed still.

"Then I shall reunite with Milady another time," the young sidhe said, bowing unsteadily and shuffling off to inspire young artists.

"If we leave now," Chun Li started to say, half surprised she was saying this. "Will she get over this when she can't find me?"

"Oh, don't worry about that," Morrigan said. "She'll find you."

"How?" Chun Li asked pointedly.

"She's Fae," Morrigan said, as if that should be explanation enough.

"Those are the Irish spirits, correct?" Chun Li asked. "But if she doesn't know where..."

"She's Fae," Mr. Yomijo said.

"How does that explai..."

"She's Fae," Morrigan and the kitsune said simultaneously.

Chun Li took a deep breath.

"Whatever you say," she admitted. "I need to get back to my things before some bear decides to investigate them. We're...umm...sorry to have eaten your...uh clients, Mr Yomijo."

"You're newly become," he said. "First time succubi, especially those not born, have an excuse. More mature...or at least more experienced ones, less so."

"It really isn't that big a deal," Morrigan protested. "Maya came out fine..."

Chun Li and the kitsune sighed in exasperation.

The two left the establishment and returned to the human world. Morrigan pressed eastward intent on making her date with Rally. They continued with great speed until they reached a small town in England. As they stopped Chun Li noted the wrongness of the region.

Morrigan smirked as she looked at the corrupted ghoul, "So you know what that is lover?"

Chun Li looked at the undead abomination for a moment and nearly gaged as she felt it's corrupted essence. It was nothing like the the club. She muttered something in Chinese that clearly communicated her displeasure at being brought to such a filthy place.

"While it isn't better than a filthy worm I believe the current vernacular is ghoul." Morrigan's arm reached out and in her palm a blueish black sphere of energy coalesced into a deadly attack. The soul fist tore through the soul less zombie with frightening ease. The queen followed her attack in. Her wing turned into a razor's edge as it cut through two other abominations. She commanded with an almost royal voice, "Destroy them all."

The Interpol agent did not hesitate and for the next hour she and her queen tore through the blighted ranks of undead. Neither succubus found the conflict interesting nor did it do anything to ease the growing hunger inside of Chun Li. The soulless husks shed no ki emotions for her to feed on there was no heat in the slaughter to draw on either.

A blue wing reformed on Chun Li's back as she came to a halt. Her sensitive ears picked up the sound of gunfire and a female shout in the distance. Morrigan looked at her newest sister for a moment and gave her an almost invisible nod. A smile crossed her face she could have the virgin, there were far more interesting things in the woods tonight. Morrigan disappeared into a cloud of bats as she race off to find a certain dog.

Alucard strolled through the remains of Cheddar with a dispassionate air. The stench of death and the corruption of the ghouls lingered in the air. Strangely he did not sense any ghouls where the sent of their corruption lingered. The No-Life King paused as he looked at a fallen ghoul. The severed head was not removed by a bullet or sword but by something else. As he reached out to examine the destroyed body a sultry voice taunted, "Hello Count."

The elder vampire stood up and grinned, "I see Sir Hellsing's services are not needed here."

Morrigan raised an eyebrow at the comment, "My, my! You have stayed in the shadows if I missed you playing British nobel for the past 100 years."

A cool reply came from the bloody count, "The original Sir Hellsing was quite unsure how to deal with me in the end. After you left he devised something of a binding with the help of the locals. His granddaughter has decided to keep me as a retainer of sorts."

Chuckling a bit Morrigan quipped, "Ah, so this is not your doing?"

Alucard drew his pistol, "Sir Integra and I have a working understanding. I am hear to put an end to this foolishness."

Morrigan's arm lanced out to deflect the weapon. She harbored no weakness to the most likely silver bullets within the chamber but they could still cause her considerable harm. B.B. Hood had proven the usefulness of such things on several occasions. Alucard drove his fist into her wing as she knocked the weapon free. He complimented, "You've improved."

Her leg lashed out as she pushed him back, "One hundred years in a cave has dulled you Count."

The two old foes clashed again and again the intensity of the battle increasing with every strike. Morrigan frowned as the vampire continued with a dispassionate defense. Alucard contemplated his old adversary for a moment and decided not to indulge the Queen of the Maiki, "Perhaps but fighting you here would be most unfortunate."

The succubus shrugged as she stepped back. Morrigan could not argue the point. If he was not the vampire responsible for this travesty fighting him would be pointless. Morrigan gave the former count a small nod, "Another time then?"

"I look forward to it. Perhaps we should check on your young charge?" The elder vampire politely offered.

Chun Li followed the sound of gunfire and the sent of a virgin to a small chapel at the edge of town. New and strange instincts merged with a life time of skills guided her safely through the now armed ghouls. Armed with weapons of opportunity she picked off the armed ghouls from range while using her wings to dispatch any that got too close. The running battle with the former residents of the town had only made the fire in her belly grow. By the time she had caught up with the young blond woman she was almost salivating at the thought of seducing the young officer. That she hadn't even seen yet.

The gunfire stopped as the young woman had obviously run out of bullets. Chung Li moved through the pews of the church she collected her self her wings folding away and the tactical uniform mended it's self as she positioned herself to get a better view. The asian Interpol officer caught sight of her target. Blond hair, blue eyes and a police officer's uniform. She was so young, so energetic and so very pure.

She watched from the shadows as the woman ran up to the priest of the church. The priest reached out and violently grabbed her by the neck. From her hiding spot Chun Li shouted, "Let her go!"

The foul priest pulled the blond in front of himself like a human shield, "So you were the one cutting down my ghouls?"

A hopeful thought crossed the young police officer's mind. Just maybe this woman might be able to save her. An inhuman hiss came from the faux priest as he tightened his grip. The sound of gun fire filled the room. The blond screamed as a cloud of dust filled the air obstructing her view of her savior.

Agonizing moments passed as she waited to see the fate of her rescuer. As the dust settled all she could see was a strange darkness where the woman once stood. A sensual laugh filled the air, "Come now little vampire did you really think bullets alone would stop me."

The darkness parted then folded around the woman it concealed her eyes shone with an inhuman light as she moved. Chun Li's wings once again turned into a pair of swords as she cut down the closest undead creature.

He moved and repositioned the girl between himself and the devil that had come upon him, "Stay back or the police girl gets it."

"Really now? Hiding behind the virgin like that. Coward." She scoffed and then her form blurred slightly. Chun Li smiled softly as she read the officers name badge, "It is going to be alright Ms. Victoria."

"Back away and I don't kill her." He pressed the small pistol to the girl's rib's eliciting a whelp from the young officer.

The agent took several steps back and then stopped, "Last chance to let the girl go."

A smirk crossed the priest's face. A violent bang followed as he shot the girl in his arms. The wound was low and in the stomach. Something that the young girl might very well survive if they got her medical attention. He released the wounded girl letting her tumble to the ground. Then turned to run. His eyes widened in horror as the she devil appeared right in front of him, her wing already in motion. He futility tried to raise his arm perhaps to shoot her perhaps to block attack. It did not matter as the empowered attack cut through him like he was nothing.

Even as her doppelganger was finishing off the vampire Chun Li moved to catch the girl. Her hand pressed against the stomach wound as she cradled the fallen officer. New and strange instincts guided the former human. She hastily worked to bind the wound with the girls uniform.

"Talk to me Seras." Chun Li commanded as she did her best to close the wound.

The young girl coughed a bit, "I'm going to die here."

Dark hair draped across Seras' face as the asian fighter moved in close, "Not if you don't want to."

Blood seeped out of her mouth as she coughed again, "I don't want to die."

"Then kiss me." Chun Li moved so that her lips were almost touching the young woman's. Instinctually she knew that it would have to be Seras that crossed the divide for this to work.

Death's chill swept over the young woman. Seras did not want to die. She very much wanted to live. The cold fingers of death crept along her body but those lips, just a breath away, seemed so warm, so loving and so very inviting. She extended her neck just a bit and willed her lips to part just a bit as she pressed against the inviting nature spirit.

Chun Li gasped as she felt the connection open between her and Seras. Oh how she wished she could savor this first connection, her first kiss. Even as death dimmed Seras light she could feel it's warmth and purity. With a might effort she sat up and willed her clothing away. Sitting naked on the blood covered floor the neo-succubus pressed the officer's lips to her breast.

Seras Victora drank deeply from Chun Li's breast as the essence of the neo-succubus closed the wound in her stomach. As pain and blood loss slowly ebbed away she could feel a burning desire building in the back of her mind. Death's cold fingers slowly retreated from her soul. The burning desire of a succubus gently curled around her. As the damage was slowly repaired her hands wandered across the naked form of her savior.

As if on que the flow of essence from Chun Li's tit halted. The blond officer stood up already knowing the next part of the ritual. As she disrobed the two moved and curled around each other. On the blood soaked floor the two quickly positioned their heads between their partners legs

A pair of delicate asian fingers gently parted Sera's petals. The British officer's heavy scent from arousal and sweat washed over the succubus enhanced senses as she felt her partner mimic her movements. After the initial approach the two took vastly different techniques in pleasing their partner. Chun Li wrapped her arm up over Seras' leg pulling her in close. Her tongue slid in and out of the blond's folds almost teasing her with what was to come. She applied many of the tricks she had learned earlier in the day at the orgy with her new sister to her convert.

Seras felt rejuvenated, alive in a way she couldn't possibly explain. Her fingers roughly started to rub the folds of the asian woman underneath her. Chun Li's back arched as her partner's fingers moved faster and faster. The black hair succubus lapped and teased at her partner's dripping sex. Seras punished her partner's teasing with two fingers diving into her folds. Her fingers shook violently against her partners black hair as she pinched and teased her clit.

Chun Li felt her orgasm build as her hand moved from her partners ass and down her sides. She pooled her dark energies into her womb and let them spill upon Seras lips. The rush of energy crashed upon the police girl sending her into an orgasmic daze as she felt something slide into her that was clearly not a human tongue.

Morrigan watched attentively as Seras' wings wrapped around the asian succubus. Part of her wondered just what kind of creature she had created as she carefully felt the maternal instincts rolling off the exhausted interpol agent. Succubi were not known for their maternal instincts yet here Chun Li felt more like a dryad than a succubus. Tawny gold wings intermingled with blue black ones as the two succubi cuddled in their after glow. Her voice was a sensual tease, "I thought we were going to make sure refreshment was on hand the next time we did this."

Chun Li stammered as she sat up. Her sister getting the better of her in this situation was slightly embarrassing. Her eyes narrowed, "I didn't exactly come here to seduce her."

The flighty succubus laughed as she inspected the newest addition to her clan, "I bet you didn't even tell her what you are."

Seras stammered and tried to defender her lover and savior, "Miss... um... He shot me and well she saved me."

"Oh, you didn't even tell her your name." Morrigan laughed a bit as she caressed the blond's cheek. Looking down at the discarded uniform the elder succubus noting the name badge she taunted, "Ms. Victoria may introduce you to your new sister and wife, Chun-Li Aesnland."

The blond turned and gave her sire a passionate kiss on the lips, "Thank you."

"Oh you are quite the lady killer. First the lovely Siobhan and now Ms. Victoria." Morrigan finished her appraisal of the newest succubus, "She is quite the lovely specimen of regal succubus. You wouldn't know of any local retreats would you Alucard?"

The elder vampire smirked as he let his presence be known, "I'm sure Sir Hellsing wouldn't be terribly inconvenienced by any visiting royalty."

"Rally's a lesbian?"

It was the first thing out of May's mouth as the three friends sat down.

"How did I miss that?" the ex-hooker asked.

"I didn't I was sure that she was all the time," Misty said firmly.

"You're sure everybody's a lesbian," Becky snorted as she flipped through her files. "In any case, I have the information if you have the money."

"You're charging us for your help in protecting Rally?" Misty noted pointlessly as she and May put together the requested funds.

"No," she said. "I'm charging you to help you needlessly interfere in Rally's life."

May and Misty exchanged looks.

"So you don't agree with what we're doing but you're still going to help," May said.

"For the charge," Becky confirmed, holding out her hands. "Cash is fine."

"Mercenary blood-sucker," Misty said bitterly as she handed over the funds.

"Yes, yes," she said. "Now, the Aensland family has a small stretch of land in Northern Scotland that they've owned for centuries."

"So she's some sort of Scottish lord or something?" May asked.

"No, you don't understand," Becky said. "They've owned it, since at least the Britons were there. They've never been part of Scotland, or Britain or any other greater political entity. They got through thousands of years of conquerors and wars owning a castle and about fifty acres of land. They're their own political entity and they've just been left alone."

"She's Queen then," Misty said. "Of fifty acres of land."

"Looks like it," Becky said, shrugging. "But I've got some information on Morrigan Aensland herself. It must be an inherited name, because I picked up historical records of a Morrigan Aensland back two or three hundred years."

"Well, what about her then?" May asked.

"She fights in the Streetfighter circuits occasionally," Becky said. "One of two people to fight the current World Warrior champion, Ryu, to a draw."

May and Misty's eyes widened as they looked around carefully.

"You're saying she's on a level of personal power with the leader of Shadoloo?" May asked.

"At least," Becky said. "Other than that, all I can find is the expenditure of large sums of money for the mere privilege of being first served and any of a number of restaurants, hotels and other such facilities. And I've found more than a few exchanges of funds accompanying 'our apologies for the state of things when her majesty left' statements, so she tends to leave a bit of destruction in her wake."

"So, what you're saying," May said, calculating things. "Is that a rich, crazy bisexual woman who can take care of herself asked Rally on a date...didn't come to drug her, kidnap her, tie her up and rape her or what not, just asked her on a date."

"That's about the size of it," Becky said.

"And we're against Rally having a rich girlfriend why?" May asked.

"Didn't you hear? Leaves destruction in her wake," Misty said. "We've got to rescue Rally from this woman. It's got to be some kind of trick!"

Rally paced a bit, considering what to do about her situation.

A succubus had asked her on a date.

Correction, the Queen of the the Demon World, had asked her for a date.

To the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in town no less.

Should she wear the shoes? No, no, she couldn't walk on heels. Hell, what did she have to wear to match the expectations of that restaurant?

This would usually be the sort of thing she'd ask May about, but for some reason, May had gone off with Misty on some sort of business.

And she wasn't going to pay the fees to get Becky's very questionable date advice.


She went to the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, Roy?" she asked. "I need a favor, mind if I come over for a bit?"

"You have a date with a succubus," Roy said, and after she'd referenced the woman that had burst into a cloud of bats a week and a half ago, he found himself believing it. "Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't that akin to diving into a shark tank at feeding time while bleeding from an open wound?"

"Actually," Kate said, coming by with a round of coffee. "Succubi are rather playful. Much better than vampires, who take themselves too seriously."

Rally and Roy turned to face Kate with surprised looks on their faces as she produced her wallet and retrieved a card from it to hand over.

"Makai Feeder's Club," Roy read. "Member for five years...?"

"You're part of a club where you go and let yourself be...eaten?" Rally asked the sweet, innocent looking police woman who had all the apparent sexuality of a bright-eyed and bushy tailed small town girl.

"And it is such a stress reliever," she said with a sigh.

"So, the club you go out to each weekend," Roy said. "You're having sex with monsters."

"Don't be silly," Kate said. "I'm saving myself for marriage to a nice man. All vampires need is blood, Yuki-Onna can feed just from me holding them and succubi can feed off a good cage match. And there are benefits, hard to be scared of a thug with a knife when you spent your weekend being terrified by fear demon."

For some reason, the image of Kate in a no holds barred cage match with a sex demoness was even more wrong than the image of her in bed with one. The shiver of exultation she had at the mention of being terrified wasn't much better.

"So, who's the succubus asking you out?" Kate asked. "Because that sounds like an interest in something more than a feeding."

"Morrigan Aensland," Rally said watching Kate's eyes widen. "You know of her? She says she's royalty."

While the actual decision making process of a succubus was influenced by heavy hunger and desire, it was still a decision making process. Of course, there were a few instinctual flips and switches that those decision making processes went through.

A hungry succubus wasn't generally thinking clearly enough to actually willfully seduce someone, even regarding whatever pheromones or magic they had on hand. However, there seemed to be a stop gap that transformed stuttering, uncertain actions and words into smoky, purring voices and slinky intoxicating gestures.

So, when Chun Li said:

"I...really don't know wh..what's come over me. I'm not usually like this. Well, I know, but it's just so new."

For a human woman the thoughts would have come out clumsily and in a manner that would make most see her as somewhat overwrought, especially given how mortified some part of Chun Li still was over her actions. It would have been accompanied by hesitant actions that made her more something to take advantage of than something whose mere-est words would send a man (or woman) into tail-spins of fantasy that this creature wanted them for something more than mere sustenance.

But in Chun Li's case, even distracted, it passed through the instinctual translation that took over when succubi got too distracted and, drawing from hundreds of hours of social observation logged in the subconscious and deep memory, turned the voice into a sexual purr and the pose into subtle slink. When she pushed the man she was talking to down, it wasn't with an overaggressive shove that would have diminished the raw emotion with something like threatened pride, but a sensual yet domineering guiding hand.

For her own part, Seras, with less real world experience, had a somewhat less effective translation. Where as Chun Li would have been highly embarrassed and speechless in sheer humiliation, Seras was just overwhelmed by everything. Emotions she was used to, but that was rage, not raw desire.

Still, she went from a completely ineffectual and inexperienced barely-not-a-maiden to a purring sex kitten her words and actions might have had less impact on her chosen partner than Chun Li's, but she still had most of his attention.

Of course, Morrigan wasn't hungry, but she'd already demonstrated her ability in this regard by basically commanding several lesser Makai to her attention with little more than a few minutes of idle, non-sexual conversation followed by the crook of a finger.

In any case, they were indulging their new instincts, Chun Li for a second perhaps third time.

"Morrigan Aensland," Sir Integra said. "To what do we owe the honor of your visit?"

"My sister-wives need to feed," Morrigan said, shrugging.

"Yes, I am aware of that," Integra noted, looking toward Walter.

"As you wished," he said. "They've been placed in the lounge with some 'volunteers'. They were understandably reluctant until the women in question walked by."

"Yes, they do have some potential," Morrigan noted. "Though I suspect that they might be more of my preference eventually. Battle is not the best choice for a hunger so deep, is so easy to...overdo something. And overdoing a battle is harder to recover from."

"And also hard on the landscape," Integra noted. "But, you have not answered my question, why are you here?"

"I am courting," Morrigan said. "I am a Regal Succubus, but I was adopted into the House Aensland because there were no heirs. I am hoping to avoid such a situation in the unlikely event of my...inability to continue my rule."

"Those two girls then," Sir Integra noted.

"Yes, Master," Alucard said. "They used to be human. The process of reproduction for the succubi is a bit...more involved than it is for my kind."

"Speaking of which," Morrigan noted. "Since when have vampires taken to creating ghouls again? It is forbidden by treaty."

"This is not your concern," Sir Integra said.

"Of course it is," Morrigan noted. "I am the ruler of House Aensland, the treaty between Earth and the Makai is my responsibility and if there are members of my people violating the truce..."

"We have reason to believe that these are some sort of...artificial vampire," Sir Integra said. "Produced by humans, no Makai involvement needed."

Or wanted apparently.

Morrigan shrugged, if it wasn't her concern, then it wasn't her concern. Idly, she checked the time and frowned, considering.

"I need to be in Chicago for a date," she said. "Perhaps you could direct my girls to the Aensland castle?"

"You mean the Makai Embassy," Sir Integra noted.

"Whatever you're calling it these days," Morrigan said with a sigh.

Kiyone blinked once then again, "Five thousand you say?"

"Yes dear you heard me." The voice on the other line calmly continued, "and she offered another two hundred fifty just for the omiai."

The towel clad galaxy police officer grumbled a bit. Sure she didn't like the thought of being whored out but that was more than a ninety year pension plan paid out. An irritated voice replied, "Fine. I expect the 250 to be in my account no matter what happens."

Kiyone slammed the receiver down as she glared at Washu, "You... could you at least look annoyed."

"You're going to have to break a lot more than a phone to get me annoyed, you do know who your roommate and who my house mates are?" Kiyone fumed a bit but she really didn't have anything against the red head. The scientist shrugged as she moved from her work bench, "When was the last time you went on a date?"

An angry scowl came from the police officer but Washu continued, "Let me put it this way a succubus queen is asking you out because you are a virgin. Your career with GP is at a dead end. Breaking that phone is the most interesting thing you've done in months. Well aside from laying out Ryoko and Ayeka in your escape this morning."

The rant continued for a few moments. Till Kiyone looked like she was about to get her pistol and start shooting, "And your point is!"

Washu cheerfully chirped, "You need to get out more."

"And engaging me to a succubus is your idea of getting out? You're insane. " Kiyone's hysterics continued until she was screaming at the diminutive goddess, "This entire household, this planet, my partner! You're all nu..."

A gentle pinch to the neck knocked the ranting Galaxy Police Officer out. Sasami gently lowered the much larger woman to the ground, "You are definitely Ryoko's progenitor."

Kiyone awoke in a room with a cool breeze wafting through it. The air smelled vaguely of rosemary and salt water. As she sat up she looked around the ocean front villa, "Wha..."

"Oh good you're awake." A cheerful voice came into the room carrying a tray of something and a large clear pitcher of water.

Sasami smiled at the woman, "While water does have a technical definition we can get a bit creative with the bread."

Kiyone looked at the cornucopia of bread in front of her and smiled. Then she frowned, "I am very well schooled in the good cop bad cop routine or in your case annoying goddess, infuriating goddess maneuver."

'Sasami' pouted as her form shifted a bit, "Washu does have a point even if she was a bit crass about it."

The galaxy police officer threw a muffin at the goddess, "Arrrg... Fine, I'll play along. Few days meditating, maybe a week or two vacation for the honeymoon. Taking a first spouse at my age is perfectly normal. Let me write up a list of things you need to do while I'm gone."

The aggravated detective munched on one of the loaves of bread. As she tried to stare down the supremely serene goddess. Tsunami just nodded with every point Kiyone made. Tiny gears started to turn in her head as she decided it was time to get even not mad.

A pair of voices from the other room groaned, "Oh my head..."

Kiyone considered her next move should be then gave Tsunami a smile, "Handmaidens attend me."

Ryoko stumbled into the room first her normally chaotic hair even more absurd. She was followed by an equally disheveled Ayeka. The space pirate all but growled at the galaxy police officer, "Wha'da want?"

In a calm and polite tone Kiyone spoke, "I will need my swords and pistol from my room."

"I ain't letting ya shoot or stab us. Not happening." Ryoko bluntly replied.

The calm diplomatic tone continued, "I am of the warrior cast, to show up to a formal introduction unarmed or with unserviced weapons would be embarrassing."

Ryoko looked at Tsuami who just nodded. Ryoko vanished going in search of said items aboard the sunken Yagami. Kiyone's attentions turned to the crowned princess, "Ayeka you will have to see to my grooming. My hair is far to long for such an occasion and you will definitely need to shave and wax my legs."

All color drained from Ayeka's face and her mouth opened slightly a bit. She looked at the normally rational member of their group and wondered if they had perhaps pushed a bit too far. Noting the expression on her goddess' face Ayeka simply shut her mouth and walked out the door.

Tsuami sipped on her water as she took another bite out of the loaf of carrot bread, "Next your going to ask Tenchi too..." Tsuami shut her mouth before she could complete the sentence.

"Yes, he would make a very dashing man-at-arms. Would you see to the details." Tsuami just rubbed her forehead as she became Sasami once again. Quietly wondering why all of Washu's experiments to creat a more powerful being always involved so much mayhem.

Kiyone cheerfully supplied as Sasami left the room, "Don't forget the paper I need to make that list for you. Be sure to send Mihoshi by I'll have to have her arrange a leave of absence for me."

Kasumi walked into the house and looked about cautiously as she carried the groceries into the kitchen and started placing them away. And before doing so carefully set aside a perfect-bound paperback book with an area the size of a standard letter-sheet of paper and about an inch thick.

"Of Makai Kind."

She'd stumbled on to the book in passing the old curio store where Kuno had once purchased a phoenix egg. She would have kept looking save that the cover art included a print of an old painting that had a child with green hair and batwings in the background.

It looked so much like a young Morrigan, that she couldn't resist stopping to purchase the book.

With the shopping put away, she started the laundry and sat in the dining room reading as she waited for the washing machine to finish so that she could hang the clothes.

"Okay, Rally," Kate said. "A succubus is drawn to primal passion and confidence."

"I thought it was sex," Rally responded.

"Can you think of a more obvious example of a height of primal confidence than mind-blowing consensual sex?" Kate asked. "I report."

"So they feed on confidence then?" Roy asked.

Rally had a sudden image of her being reduced to a simpering, spineless wimp.

"No, they feed while you're at the heights of passion and confidence, it's their door to your lifeforce, like blood for vamps," Kate said, shrugging and sighing. "And it feels so good even while you're getting tired. Like you can rule the world."

She took a deep breath and widened her eyes.

"And it lets you keep your youthful looks longer," Kate noted. "Why else do you think I still look eighteen. I fairly regularly feed a succubus, so my youth is fading slowly...but that's how dick clark did it."

"So you're going to live longer out of beating up on sex demons," Rally asked.

"No, just stay young longer," Kate said. "I get old enough unless I find something else, the body still stops working. But I'll look great when it happens!"

"Oh, I'll bet I can call Jezebel," she said, pulling out her cellphone.

"Jezebel," Roy repeated, arching an eyebrow.

"Mmhmm," Kate said. "Hey, Danny, is your wife there?"

Rally and Roy exchanged a look and mouthed the word "wife" questioningly.

"I have a friend who has a date with Queen Morrigan Aensland," she said proudly, enunciating each part of the title and name. "And we were looking for an expert."

"And this is how tabloids get their stories," Roy said.

"Succubi generally feed via battle or sex. For most of history, this has been sex due to the fewer risks involved, but with the rise of full contact sports such as wrestling, boxing and martial arts tournaments, where the dangers have been comparatively minimized, battle-centric feeders are becoming more common as it became less and less likely that injury would outpace feeding.

Any individual of either primal passion..."

Kasumi took a marker and highlighted those words.

"...or extreme self-confidence..." well as those...

" like a beacon to a succubi. In the place of one or the othe..."

Kasumi skimmed a little further to find reference to "virgins".

"Most children of a succubus are half-succubi only, bearing a stronger relation to their other parent, but with a heavy streak of recklessness. Each succubi is capable of bearing only one full blooded succubi in their life-times, and that is when they are virgins just coming into their sexual maturity. If a succubi's first sexual encounter is with another succubi then the child will be a succubi, but they will never be able bear a full succubi child in their life again."

"Likewise, a human woman who is still virignal might become a succubi via ritual intercourse with a full succubi. The new makai will also be pregnant with fully succubi child. This is the preferred method of reproduction as it practically doubles the..."

Kasumi sat up straight and took in a breath.

Morrigan-san was a succubi, looking for human women to make more succubi. Including, and her eyes sparkled, children that would need to be cared for and protected and guided.

Something she only thought she'd be able to do by caring for the children of others given her leanings.

She was the woman for the job!


And now all she had to do was prove it to Morrigan-san.

"Primal...passion," Kasumi said consideringly.

The book did have another thing to say.

"Entrancement is a state of mind induced by the succubi's pheromones more than their feeding practices. The basic result makes the individual exposed more and more addicted to the situation of the exposure.

For example, most encounters with succubi produce a growing sexual attraction to women. At first this is a general attraction, but becomes more and more specific to the individual succubi with great exposure.

Succubi who feed in battle cause their opponents to receive a similar high from fighting that might overwhelm the seeking of other sorts of primal highs, such as sex.

For the most part this entrancement is temporary and fades away to a dream-like memory after sometime. However, in the face of a weakened lifeforce, the entrancement can become a more or less permanent effect that is not easy to reverse. This can result in a shift in gender preferences, a fetish for a particular color hair or body type, in the extremes, a near-obsession with the individual succubi that caused the entrancement.

When this is induced in a sexual feeding, the succubi usually prefers to accept the entranced individual as part of a harem to feed on regularly. There are ways to reverse the obsession, but they are, for the most part, more damaging than the fixation itself.

This has not yet been well observed amongst battle-centric feeders. But it is assumed that a growing desire for battle and especially for fighting the specific succubus will develop over time. Or even all at once dependent on the level of a particular combat.

Sakura ducked under the swift kick with a heavy intake of breath as she admired her opponent's form. They were close and intimate enough in their match, and their passion and confidence were both at such a high, that it was an easy open door for her to feed, drawing off some of her opponent's life force as she countered with a roundhouse that the other fighter stepped back from, letting her into the full set-up for a shunpuu kyaku.

The young succubus was about to make contact with her opponent when another kick interrupted her, sending her falling back to the ground momentarily and kipping up while rubbing at the cut on her lip. Smiling as if she had just been revitalized more than she had been hurt by the impact.

Joe Higashi took a deep breath and shook off the growing fatigue as Sakura came in again. The girl's form was just so beautiful and perfect. He could fight her all day and forget however tired he was. Especially as she seemed to be getting more and more energetic as the fight moved on.

He dodged aside again as a hadoken fireball streaked past him to impact the side of the ring, blowing away the support column for the scoreboard at the edge of the football field they were fighting on. So focused on their fight, Sakura and Joe continued dodging in and out trading blows, connecting and almost connecting while the scoreboard toppled behind them, sending up sparks as they moved their fight into its rubble.

It was an incredible feeling, even as it became more and more difficult to strike precisely and move quickly. Especially in comparison to her. It was like all his strength was being poured into her and it was...was... was feeling a lot like sex.

Finally they both came together in the center again, punches ready to land and decide which of them would win this...

and the round timer buzzed to a stop.

"Match draw," the referee declared.

Both punches landed moments later as the participants failed to listen to the referee. Both fighters struck and went flying backwards to the ground unconscious with silly looking grins on their faces.

"In recent times, with the increase of more full-contact, non-lethal sports, some succubi have become what they've called "celibate" by focusing all their sexual interest on one individual while gaining the bulk of their feeding from battle or competition."

"These are mostly formerly human succubi and it is unknown whether such preferences will extend past the death of a chosen mate. Also temptation to step away from this lifestyle is always present. In general pregnancies for the succubus lead to having to at least temporarily spread their sexual interests around as the pregnancy moves later into term."

Ibuki wrapped her wings around Anko tightly as the older girl held onto her. She nuzzled her face into the crook of Anko's neck, kissing lightly as she came down from a feeding.

"Anko-sempai," Ibuki cooed quietly as the weary ninja woman held the succubus's tender form gently.

"I have you Ibuki-sama," Anko whispered as she pulled the blanket over the other girl's wings.

She wasn't about to let the rest of the college know what Ibuki was. By now, the deans and her clan had to know that she herself was compromised. Anko had done some research after seeing the girl's wings for the first time, and knew what had happened, but didn't care.

Her obsession was induced by the succubi pheromones, and soldified by the first time Ibuki had fed on her and the extra layered entrancement slammed into her. But there was more to it than that.

She'd been something of a useful leper to her own clan for so long, and here was someone that looked up to her and called her sempai and looked to her for advice and aid.

This was someone who had confidence in her, Anko Mitarashi, accursed snake girl.

And Ibuki was trying to reciprocate as much as she could. Her streetfighting had become more frequent, and her random socializing less so.

For her part, Ibuki smiled quietly enjoying the feeling of a filled lifeforce and Anko's warm form. She'd always been after the perfect guy. The husband with whom to have children. Her change in species had broadened her ideas somewhat, and instead she'd found the perfect girlfriend.

Too bad she hadn't been a virgin when they met.

Note: Some of the segments, specifically the addition of Seras and Kiyone's decision to start making do, are put forth by Amaretto of the Anime Addventure, I mostly started this, but he's been adding significant portions of the story lately, so I'm siting his involvement here. We've agreed that the Hellsing segue will remain a touch-upon and the story will continue to focus on the silly and sexy as was intended.

I'm also going to try to avoid adding any more girls as actual succubi. We have now: Chun Li, Sakura, Ibuki and Seras with Kiyone, Rally and Kasumi in the wings...that should be PLENTY