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A/N: Basically, after writing the latest chapter of "The Survival of Hope" (Chapter 14), I decided I needed humor and proceeded to write about six pages worth of drabbles and crack. These all take place within a future timeline that is so long and complicated that I haven't posted up anything about it. However, there are distinct hints to this timeline in most of my Digimon stories, and one crossover I have "Message of Mewtwo" is directly related. I'm halfway done with a couple of oneshots that basically explain what happened, but...

Long story short, the fabric of the Digiworld itself got warped, causing time to pass such that one week in the real world was roughly one year in the Digiworld. Due to problems with barriers between worlds, tons of problems in the Digiworld, war, attacks, etc., the Digidestined made the difficult decision to just go live in the Digiworld until the time warping stopped. A close friend, who happened to be a Pokemon master, with her team, decided to join them since she's gradually gotten involved with their dealings too. This is where the light Pokemon crossover comes in; there's little enough of it that I felt it was still appropriate to keep the story in the Digimon section.

These drabbles are written in no particular order, and are likely to be very confusing. But funny. I'll try to explain some of the background to things as I go along.

Background: Izzy has taken up inventing and basically likes to make stuff.

Izzy's new machine, one that supposedly could switch the consciousness of two linked partners, was one that most of the Digidestined and digimon decidedly refused to test out. In particular were the few who had been the test subjects of the machine "that transported people places", who had to admit that though it worked, it was an experience they had no desire to repeat.

Unfortunately, one couple decided to be nice to Izzy, and allow him to use the machine on them.

Five minutes after the switch had been flipped, they were starting to freak out a little.

"What do you mean it's not changing us back?!" Joe screeched, frantically waving his flippers in the air.

Izzy looked at them apologetically. "I'm sure it's just a slight programming error. Just give me a few minutes to find the error and I'll put you guys back."

Gomamon, in Joe's body, was enjoying the experience much more than his partner. He was currently attempting to walk, and failing miserably as he continually fell down on his face. Finally he gave up and padded around on all fours, which only looked hilarious because of whose body he was in. "Man, how do you humans walk on two legs?"

Joe groaned. "Do you really want a full anatomical explanation?" He crept forward a bit on his flippers. "And why are you so calm about this?! What if we're stuck this way forever?!"

"You aren't going to be stuck this way forever," Izzy snapped back. "Now chill out and wait while I find this error."

The digimon with human mind sat back, clearly peeved and unhappy, which was a slightly foreign expression on the non-human face.

The human with a digimon mind just grinned cheerfully. "Just take it in stride Joe! Just think, maybe you'd be able to digivolve!"

Joe looked at his partner, exasperated. "And what would I say when I did? Joe digivolve to Ickyjoemon or something?"

Tentomon, who had been hiding in the corner of the room since the switch had occurred, tilted his head to the side. "Ickyjoemon?"

Gomamon sniggered. "Haha, Ickyjoemon…"

Joe threw his flippers in the air. "Agh! That's not the point of this!"

There was a sudden noise of mad typing and a couple of beeps.

"Got it! Joe, Gomamon, get back to the machine!"

It took five hours of trial and error to return the two back to normal.