A/N: This is what happens when you listen to very epic final boss themes and read a page of a very tragic Pokemon Nuzlocke run comic. Somehow. Anyway, this is an actual scene from one of the stories, though perhaps not how it will be written whenever I get there. It'll likely also change. Think of this as an early version. No spoilers for who the characters are though.

Sometimes, all they wanted to do was destroy.

Constant battles, damaged ruins, lost lives, everything sacrificed for one final plan. Then helplessness, despair, insanity, grief, a last hope – all they could do was endure. Not survive. Endure. A soul could emerge triumphant, but given a release in the flames.

For them, as they watched the once towering fortress engulfed in smoke and roaring fire, that release was the end of one long, torturous nightmare.

Cathartic? This chapter was finally over. Their vengeance was done. Somehow they had survived, their handiwork visible in the wreckage before them. Now they had to think beyond that death and onward to a future that actually existed, not one borne of despairing dreams. They didn't know how.

But for now, they could enjoy the brilliant crimson spiraling into the night sky.

"Beautiful, isn't it…"

One glanced at the other, covered in burns and makeshift bandages. He was no better.

"It's really over."

They were silent for a long time, watching the burning ruins.

"Think you can get us back?"

A chuckle. "I can try."

He smiled and forced himself to stand. It took more effort than his weary body liked, and his vision paled for a few moments. But he shook himself and knelt down to ease his companion up, supporting the entire way. There was a future to live in now. They could collapse when they arrived.

"Right then. C'mon. Let's go home."