Last night I was arrested by the Eye, or so I thought. Serena Joy found my Jezebel costume, and I believed it was she who called them on me, but she was as baffled as I was when they appeared at the front door.

Two figures shroud in black cloth swiftly hurried me into the van. As we drove off, I cringed in expectation of what I had heard and seen at the wall. Would they torture me? Or kill me quickly to get rid of another member of Mayday? Either way, I was terrified.

Once we passed the check point, there was a collective sigh of relief from the two Guardians who took me as well as the driver and the one in the passenger seat in the front.

I thought of Moria and how depressed she had seemed at Jezebels when we talked in the bathroom. I wondered if she was still there. I would never see her again, not now, at least I hoped not, because that would mean she had been captured as well.

I also thought of Nick, and with that brought, back the memories of the night that we spent together. With a jolt, I realized that had been four and a half weeks since I had last seen Nick, and it had been much longer than that since I had needed my supply of sanitary napkins.

"Oh my." I whispered, causing all heads to snap in my direction.

"What?" Asked one of the guardians who had grabbed me. His voice sounded familiar, from a time far off. I felt my stomach drop to the floor and then begin doing back flips.

I took a chance and whispered "Luke?" as quietly as I could.

I could have sworn he nodded a fraction of an inch.

He removed the mask and cloth on his head. I was surprised; he looked much older than I remembered. His chocolate brown hair had thinned slightly and there were many more lines of his face than I remembered, but he was still my Luke. I looked around as the others removed their coverings; the three other men were unfamiliar to me, But they joked to each other, like I wasn't even there.

"God I hate those checkpoints," Said the one driving, he was blonde.

"Matt, got any drinks, it's hot as heck out there," Said the other guardian in the back with Luke and me.

The man in the passenger seat, Matt, smiled, "Nah, you know how the bosses are, no drinking on the job."

"You think she's gonna turn us in?" asked the man laughing.

"Come on Paul, you're not dying or nothing." Luke answered with apparent ease around these men. He did not make eye contact with me.

For another ten minutes we rode, them laughing and joking, me silent in the corner, I wasn't handcuffed, but there were four of them, so I stayed silent.

We must have been traveling East because by the time we got out the sun was low in the sky, it seemed as if I could reach up and grab it.

Looking around I realized we were in a camp with about a dozen other vans and crawling with Guardians.

Luke escorted me to a large fenced in pen and I saw several other women sitting, standing, or sleeping.

"Get in there." He said and gave me a little shove. I stumbled, and fell, but he had already closed the gate and walked off.

The other women looked up, but only two made eye contact. Don't recognize them, but they seem kind.

I am confused, Luke was so cold, I wonder if he was trying to hide his true intent. Its hot and I'm tired, so I lay down on the softest piece of dirt I can find and fall asleep.

I wake to the sound of my daughter crying, as I walk to her bed room, I try to understand the strange dream I had, Luke sleeps quietly and peacefully on the bed.

As I lift the screaming toddler from her crib, I utter soothing words, "don't worry Lydia, mommy's here, and she' not going anywhere."