Title: Ben's Thoughts

By: Technician Fan (Holly)

A/N: I was watching Caprica when I came up with this poem. It's short but to the point.


She's amazing,

So much like me,

But she shines

She's like the lighter part of me

The side that wants to be free

But that can't happen until after;

After we make our point

She smiles at me as I tell her we're going somewhere,

Somewhere different and new.

When we board the train her friend stops

She says she can't go

Then it's just the two of us

I can't wait for us to be free


With The Oneā€¦

I love you

I think to her as I push the button

Flames surround us and I soar free of the explosion.

* * *

Where is she?

She's not here.

She's lost down there

I want to go back

To get her

But The One says I can't he says I must stay

So I watch,

Waiting for her as she wanders down there

Never free, never safe

Why can't she be here?

Why is she still trapped?

I tried to save us,

I really did.

I'll always love you,

I say even though she can't hear me.

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