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It had been months since the defeat of Vegnagun and the return of Tidus. Things were beginning to fall into place just like they always did. And when things fall into place people are able to go back to doing what they love. Tidus spent most of his time with Yuna, seeing they were separated for over two years, but Tidus also spent his time playing his favorite sport: Blitzball.

That was why the young couple was in Luca: to see Tidus and the Aurochs back in action. It was the opening tournament again and it was the last round of the day: the championship round. It was the Aurochs versus the Psyches, a rematch that the Psyches had being wanting since their defeat during Yuna's pilgrimage.

The stands were filled to the brim. There wasn't a single empty seat in the stadium. The crowd was cheering for the game to begin. A person couldn't even hear himself think with all the noise that was coming from the mass of people.

The Sphere Pool's water supply was being checked and all the final arrangements were being made for the final round. The Aurochs were trying to calm their nerves. Keepa was nervously sitting inside the Aurochs' locker-room, holding his stomach. Botta and Jassu were tossing a blitzball back and forth, trying to get warmed up. Datto was juggling a ball with his feet, and Letty was going over attack formation that would work best against the Psyches. The captain of the team, Wakka, had decided to sit the opening game out, wanting to stay with Vidina and Lulu still, and Beclem was busy playing coach for the Aurochs rather than playing the game.

The last player for the Aurochs was standing on the edge of the Sphere Pool taking in all the excitement of the crowd. It had been a while since he had actually played a Blitzball game. Tidus was excited. The Farplane was so boring compared to life in Spria. Sure, he saw his mother again, and he was finally with his dad, Jecht, and Auron was there, and meeting Braska was interesting, but it didn't feel like he was home.

Home was with Yuna on Besaid, and if felt great. They had been spending the last few months together at every moment. It wasn't until she left on that mission with Paine and Rikku that Tidus had felt truly alone. That's when he began to practice Blitz again, just in time for the starting tournament. He had shaken off the rust and was ready to play.

"Tidus, get in here! The games about to start and we need to go over a few things!" Tidus glanced over his shoulder to see Beclem motioning for him to come inside. Taking one last look at the crowd, Tidus disappeared into the locker-room.

He barely paid attention to what Beclem was saying. He heard something about what formation they were using and the weaknesses of the Psyches were, but other than that Tidus couldn't recall a thing. He was too excited for the game.

Before he knew it, the Aurochs went bursting into the Sphere Pool. Tidus felt at home in the water of the Sphere Pool. The Psyches came out soon after. Tidus and Berrik shook hands before swimming over to their positions. The ball was launched and the game began!

It was a tough game. Datto had little luck against the defense of Nimrook when it came to shooting. Nimrook was like a wall, nothing could get by him. Eigaar was causing trouble for the Aurochs' defense. Botta took him down a few times with his Nap Tackle, but Egiaar answered back with his own Venom Tackle, making it hard for the ball to get up field to Tidus and Datto. Keepa was doing a good job defending the goal. But, the game was going nowhere. Tidus would get up field only to be tackled hard by both Judda and Lakkam without the referee calling a single foul.

By the end of the first half the Aurochs were down 0 to 1. Blappa had managed to squeeze the ball past Keepa with a Nap Shot.

When the Aurochs entered the locker-room, Beclem began to shout about the lazy job that they were doing, just like how he had first started training them on the island. He drew up a new attack formation and yelled at the Aurochs to get out there and play their game.

The second half was much livelier than the first. Players were tackling each other like there was no tomorrow and were scrapping for the ball. Letty managed to pull off a long pass to Tidus. It went through and put Tidus in a great position in front of the goal. Judda and Lakkam came charging after him, but Tidus' Jecht Shot put a quick stop to them, and the only thing that could be heard for a second was the ball swishing into the back of the net. The crowd went crazy, cheering on the Aurochs.

The last play of the game for the Aurochs came at the 4 minute mark. Keepa dived in the way of the ball, throwing it out to Jassu. Jassu managed to dodge an attack made by Blappa, to throw it all way up field to Tidus.

Tidus leaped over Judda, and side stepped Lakkam. He was free and the only thing between him and the goal was Nimrook. Time was ticking down only 30 seconds were left, but time seemed to stop for the star blitzer. His ocean blue eyes scanned the crowd, almost like he was looking for someone. His eyes stopped when he found the person in east block, front row, fifth from the right. It was a young woman with short brown hair and bi-colored eyes. Their eyes connected for a moment. She gave him a reassuring smile, and he gave her a thumbs up. He kicked the ball to the top of the pool, so hard that it went outside the water. He followed it soon after. Gravity didn't seem to affect him up there. His foot connected hard with the ball sending it whizzing back into the Sphere Pool and straight at the goalie. Only five seconds left. Nimrook eyed the ball as it came to him at an amazing speed. Four, he prepared himself for the catch. Three, his arms began to tense up nervously. Two, he blinked. One, he opened his eyes in time to the ball jet right past him. Zero, it hit the back of the net.

The crowd roared at the amazing feet. The Aurochs had come from behind to beat the Psyches. Tidus dived back into the Sphere Pool, only to be crowded by his fellow teammates. The crowd began to chant his name, while the Aurochs patted him on the back while shoving him around in excitement, like most sports team do.

Yet, Tidus didn't see, hear, or feel any of that. His eyes were locked with Yuna's, who was smiling widely while cheering with the rest of the crowd.

Yuna was patiently waiting for Tidus to come out from the locker-room which was kind of hard seeing a horde of fans was piled outside it. She knew it might be an hour or more before her beau would make it out.

That's why when she felt someone enveloped her in a hug, she almost pull her guns on them. But when she heard his voice, she relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

"Surprise," he whispered as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Yuna smiled, "How did you manage to away with that crowd right outside your door?"

Tidus spun her around so that she was facing him, "Hey, in Zanarkand it was just like this! Don't you think I would have developed a trick to getting out of the locker-room without being mobbed?"

Yuna giggled, "Yes, the star player of the Zanarkand Abes would have a few tricks up his sleeves," she laced her fingers with his, "just like that shot at the end of the game! That was amazing!"

Tidus smirked, "Yeah, that shot has always been a favorite of mine!" he began to walk away with her deeper into Luca, "it was meant for this cute brunette I saw."

"Really?" Yuna played along, "where was she seated?"

"Somewhere in the East Block." He said playing coy.

"Front row?"

Tidus nodded, "Fifth seat from the right!"

"Is she pretty?"


"Really?" Yuna asked surprised.

Tidus' smile only grew wider, "Yeah! And she has these eyes you just get lost in!"

Yuna blushed hard and gave him a light shove.

"And the best part is that we are going on a date tonight."

"Where are you going?"

Tidus winked and pulled her closer, "Well we are going somewhere special, but I can't tell you! It's a surprise!"

"Tidus!" Yuna complained.

Tidus let out a big laugh before racing off, "Hey if you can catch me, I'll tell you!"

Yuna started after him, "This will be easy!"

Tidus rounded a corner and Yuna followed only to be tackled into a hug by Tidus.

The two were laughing so hard that they could barely breathe.

When the duo calmed down, Yuna smiled, "I caught you," she whispered before giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"I guess you did!" He wrapped his arms around her waist, returning her kiss, "And for you prize you get to chose where we are going." He muttered between kisses.

But the only answer he got was Yuna, wrapping her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. They stayed like that for a while oblivious of the stares they were getting from the random passersby when Tidus broke off the kiss suddenly.

Yuna looked up at him confused.

"But one thing, Yuna," she nodded, "no bars!"

"Oh poopie!"

Ok this is my first FFX one-shot I hoped you liked it. I had been playing FFX recently and I really started to get back into it, so I read a couple fanfics. And you know what I realized? They are all depressing! Gosh! Most of them were about people recreating the final moment with Tidus and Yuna on the airship at the end of FFX, which is fine if you want to write about that, or about Yuna being depressed and whistling for Tidus, but he never comes back. Then half the other ones were about Yuna and Tidus not working out because Yuna changed too much. I mean that's cool too, it has an interesting point of view, but sometimes (for me most of the time) you just want a happy ending and see what their life is like after they finally got back together!

So I'm starting this: Life in Spira. I'm not sure how far this will go, but it will just be a series of one-shots in no particular order about Tidus and Yuna's life, and maybe some of the others life in Spira.

Last thing! The last part of this story, the part about Tidus saying no to bars, is actually a reference to one of my favorite FFX-2 stories, Public Displays of Drunken Affection by Miss Maggie. Seriously funny and a good read! So GO READ IT! Disclaimer: I do not own that plot or story and it owned entirely by Miss Maggie.