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Tidus had been practicing a few shots on the beach when he saw the Celsius flying in on the horizon. It had been over a week since Yuna had left on her mission with Paine and Rikku, and Tidus had missed her very much. It was the first time they had to be separate from each other since his return. Tidus threw the ball over his shoulder to Datto, who he had been teaching the Sphere Shot to, as he ran to meet the Gullwings.

The ship sprayed up the water causing a wake in the waves. The dock lowered and Yuna walked out of the airship to see Tidus waiting at the bottom, a smile shining on his face. She returned the smile as she jumped the final distance between the two, tackling Tidus with a hug. He caught her and held her tight as he greeted her with a kiss.

"I missed you." Tidus mumbled between kisses.

"I missed you too." Her arms wrapped around his neck as they continued to kiss.

"Hey, hotshot," Tidus and Yuna broke apart to see Beclem yelling at them, "stop making out and get back to practice. We have a tournament coming up and you got to work hard if you want to be in it!"

Yuna looked down at Tidus as she stroked his cheek, "You are blitzing again?"

"Yeah, when you were gone I realized how much I missed Blitz, so I joined the Aurochs again," Tidus raised his eyebrows, "That's okay, right?"

"Of course," Yuna giggled, "I realized something while we were apart too."

Tidus lowered Yuna to the ground, "What's that?"

"I want to have an adventure!" Tidus arched a brow at her comment, "Remember all those things we promised to do on our journey to defeat Sin? I always thought I would never be able to experience those things because I was going to die, but now we're both free to do whatever we want." She played with the corners of his hoodie, "I want to go on another adventure," she looked up at him with a tender gaze, "and I want it to be with you."

Tidus hugged her close, "Anytime, anyplace. Anywhere you go I'll follow," he pulled her an arm's length away, "I'm your guardian, remember?"

Looking up at his cheerful face, Yuna shook her head, "I'm not a summoner any more."

"But, I'll always be your guardian, summoner or no."

The pounding of her heart felt so fast when he kissed her. She couldn't even think straight, and she just blurted it out.

"Let's go now."

The blitzers face was surprise, "Now?" He looked up at the sky, its color painted orange and pink, "But it's almost dusk, it's going to be dark soon."

"Exactly," Yuna began to pull Tidus towards the ship, "I know exactly where we're going first."

Tidus nodded and looked back at Beclem, who stood impatiently on the beach waiting for his return.

"Beclem! I'm leaving now, and I'll be back as soon as I can! Keep the Aurochs going while I'm gone!"

"Tidus! Get your butt back here right now or you're fired!" Tidus continued to be pulled by Yuna onto the ship, Beclem clenched his fists, "Fine! Go! But you better be back by next week or else!"

Tidus waved over his shoulder as the dock began to close. Beclem angrily kicked a ball at Keepa, who barely managed to catch it before Beclem began to bark orders to the other Aurochs.

"Tell me where we're going?" Tidus laughed as Yuna led him off the ship, her hands covering his eyes.

"You'll see soon enough."

"It's not going to be some dungeon and this whole thing isn't a ploy for you to kidnap me just so you could have me all to yourself?" He leaned back so he could whisper in her ear, "Because all you had to do was ask."

Yuna rolled her eyes and kept them moving forward, "No, that's not it." They took a few more steps, "Now wait here. And no peaking!"


"I'll tell you when you can open your eyes."

Tidus relaxed as he used his other sense to figure out where he was. He listened to hear the flow of water, and the sound of birds chirping in the background, far different from the seagulls on Besaid. The smell wasn't the tropical smell either. The air smelled sweet with flowers, but not like the exotic ones he discovered on his island. He shifted his feet. The ground was gritty and solid, with a few pebbles here and there.

"So it's not sand. And I can feel a breeze and hear the leaves blowing in it. That rules out Killia and Besaid."

It was getting cooler but the sun still warmed his skin.

"Sunlight, water, and forest. That takes out many of the places we've been together."

Tidus felt a slight rumbling in the ground and frowned, "What the—" He finally figured out where they were.

"You can open your eyes now."

Tidus's eyes blinked open as they took in the landscape. He was at the Moonflow with only a sliver of sunlight left. It slowly disappeared behind the horizon as the moon rose to take the sun's place. Pyreflies exploded from the moonlilies, and the whole river glowed.

"You remembered." Tidus said as stared awestruck at the vision before him.

"Yes, I haven't been to this river at night before," Tidus whirled around to see Yuna standing with her hands clasped behind her back, watching the pyreflies float into the night, "I've been waiting so I could see it with you." She smiled softly at him, "Like you said we would."

Tidus looked back out at the glowing river, "Its…beautiful." He hadn't seen anything quite like it in all Spira. The most he had seen pyreflies was when he was around Sin, and those weren't as peaceful as the ones dancing on the river now. Yuna clutched his arm as she leaned against him, admiring the view along with him.

He studied her as she gazed off into the distance. The light from the pyreflies reflected off her skin, causing her to shine with a soft glow. It gave her a look of radiance and an ethereal appearance. He could see the pyreflies mirrored in her eyes, flowing on the wind. The breeze guided the pyreflies around her, almost like a halo.

Tidus's breath caught. Yuna always looked beautiful, but tonight she was something that he couldn't even describe. The Moonflow suddenly didn't matter Tidus. It was just Yuna.


Tidus could have sworn she glowed even brighter when she looked up at him with her gentle smile.

"Yes?" Curiosity glinted in her eyes just like the pyreflies.

Tidus brought his hand up to meet her cheek, touching it with a light caress. Yuna leaned into his touch, and her eyes slid shut, savoring his touch. He traced he lips lightly with his thumb; they were slightly puckered at his touch. His left hand rested lightly against her neck as he pulled her towards him: her lips meeting his.

He ran his fingers threw her hair, suddenly wishing he didn't have a glove on so that he could feel the softness of her silk locks. Yuna added pressure to his lips as she snaked her arms around his neck, her fingers playing this the hairs at the base of his neck. It sent a shiver up his spine. He pulled her closer, moving his lips in sync with hers.

The pyreflies danced around the couple as the continued to embrace in the pale moonlight. There was no worries, no thoughts of the world, not even a sense of time: it was just them.

Soon the couple broke apart for air, but they stayed close, resting their heads against the other.

"I love you."

A few tears filled Yuna's eyes. It was the first time he said that to her. Tidus gently swept the tears away, kissing a few along the way.

"I am so happy we got to come back and see this," Tidus glanced out at the river, still sparkling with pyreflies, "and the only thing I want now is that I get share more of these adventures with you. Because this Moonflow is beautiful, and I'll remember this forever, but," Tidus gripped her hand in his, "that's only because I was with you."

Yuna threw her arms around him, tears still flowing from her eyes.

"I promise that I'm not going to leave you, Yuna, so let's have more of the adventures: everyday for the rest of our lives."

"Every day?"

Tidus nodded, "Every day."

Yuna pulled back with a grin, "Be prepared because I can make that happen."

"I'm counting on it," Tidus smiled as he leaned in once more for a kiss.

This was the start of many of their adventures together. A new chapter in their story.

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