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If Zanarkand never slept, then Spira was never at peace. At least truly, Tidus thought. Yuna had freed the world from Sin a little over three years ago, but it still needed as much attention as ever. That's why at the crack of dawn Yuna and he had flown to Bevelle to talk to Baralai concerning some matters that Tidus could really care less about. At least he thought could have waited until a time when he was actually awake.

Yuna conversed with Baralai and Nooj for over two hours about what they should do about some strategies for rebuilding Spira. Tidus sat quietly, giving his input everyone once in a while, but mostly just wondered why he was here.

Yet, every time he would see Yuna's determined face and hear her thoughtful tone, he would remember why he came along. He'd lean back in his chair with a smile on his face. After this dull meeting would stop droning on, he'd have Yuna the whole day, with her all to himself; no one to bother them.

And that was enough to keep him going.

When the meeting finally came to an end, it was noon and Bevelle was bustling with crowds of people, shopping or hurrying to where they needed to be.

Tidus stepped out of the once-Yevon head quarters and stretched, letting out the biggest sigh of relief ever.

"Thank Spira that is over!"

Yuna giggled, "I'm sorry that it took so long. Baralai has always been very precautious with details."

Tidus flashed a smile, and pulled Yuna close, "Doesn't matter because now it's just you and me. And I'm going to take the greatest person Spira has ever seen—who just happens to be my girlfriend—anywhere she wants to go to lunch," he gave her a peck on the forehead, "my treat."

Yuna laughed even more, "Someone is in a good mood!"

"Of course I am! I'm out of that boring meeting! Now let's go!"

Tidus grasped her hand, leading the duo as they made their way into the city.

"Oh and Yuna?" Yuna looked up at her boyfriend with a smile on her face.


"Never drag me to another one of those meetings again."

"Sure, if next time Tobli harasses me about performing another concert for him, you'll get me out of it."


The couple didn't even care at the stares they were getting as they ran through the city laughing.

"You really did that!" Tidus held his stomach laughing so hard.

Yuna blushed, but nodded, "It was the only way to get that record sphere from LeBlanc."

"But, really? You had to give her a back massage?"

"Yes," Tidus laughed even more, "but I don't understand why it's so funny."

Tidus took a drink of his water, "It just is. I mean its LeBlanc."

Yuna just shook her head with a smile.

The couple had settled down to have lunch a small café. Yuna had been telling Tidus about a few of her adventures with YRP, and they came across the one where YRP had to sneak into Chateau LeBlanc dressed as a few of LeBlanc's female guards, and Yuna ended up giving LeBlanc a back massage.

"You know," Tidus leaned in close, "I kinda want to know how good these back massages of yours are."

"Maybe you will someday." Yuna shrugged smiling.

Tidus's eyebrows rose, "Maybe?"

"I don't give them out to just anybody."

"Well what do I got to do then?"

"Hmmmm let me think about it." Yuna smiled coyly.

Tidus leaned across the table even more, "Would this work?" he closed the distance between their lips, kissing her softly before pulling away.


"What if I did it again?" Tidus asked with a smirk.

"I guess you'll just have to try it and see."

They both leaned in and were about to kiss when they heard a voice.

"Where could they be? My sources said they were sighted around here."

Both whipped their heads to look at the owner of the voice. There stood Shelinda, mike in hand, searching the crowd for someone.

Tidus and Yuna froze

"Shit! She's after me!" "She's trying to find me!"

Tidus and Yuna looked at each other in surprise.

"She's after you? No, she's after me!" Both said in unison. They glanced back at Shelinda, who was still scanning the crowd. Tidus grabbed menu and held it in front of them, so that she wouldn't spot the couple.

"What's she after you for?" Yuna asked.

Tidus let out a groan, "She's has been hounding me for weeks. A picture here, an interview there, she has been stalking me ever since I started Blitzball again." Tidus furrowed his eyebrows, "Why is she stalking you?"

Yuna sighed, "She always asks me about the Gullwings and my life as High Summoner, but I wouldn't call it stalking. She just has admired me ever since our journey to defeat Sin."

Tidus nodded, "So she's stalking you?"


Tidus just shrugged, "Stalking is stalking, no matter which way you spin it. Besides she's really annoying that just adds to her stalking quotient."

"She's not annoying—" Tidus raised an eyebrow "—ok she might be a little trying, but she means well."

"Well then, why don't you go up and say hi to her?" A smirked danced across Tidus's face as Yuna paled.

"I would rather not."

"That's what I thought," Tidus glanced over the menu to see Shelinda still in the crowd, asking a poor man, who looked like he was dying to get away, a few questions, "Let's get out of here before she notices us."

"Good idea." They both slowly rose from the table, trying not to attract any attention, and started off in the opposite direction of where Shelinda stood.

"Alright, we'll wait till were out of her sight then we'll book it."

Yuna nodded as she held his hand, trying to walk as casual as possible.

However, the young couple wasn't that lucky as Shelinda looked up from her interview and spotted the couple in the crowd.

"Oh High Summoner Yuna! Wait Lady Yuna, I have a few questions for you!"

Tidus didn't even look back as he started to sprint, pulling Yuna along, "Run! She's spotted us!"

Shelinda was surprised, but started soon after them with a sphere in hand recording everything.

"Lady Yuna is running away with a mystery man. Who is this man? And what is their relationship? I am pursing to find out more."

Tidus and Yuna dodged pedestrians as they ran down the streets of Bevelle, Shelinda following close behind.

"Is she still following us?"

Yuna glanced back to see the determined look on the former acolytes face, "Yes, she's still there."

"Damnit! We got to lose her!" Tidus look around to see small alley, "Bingo!" Quickly turning, Tidus pulled Yuna into the alley, hiding behind a few barrels. Tidus glanced over the barrels to see Shelinda looking around desperately.

"Darn! I lost sight of the two!" Shelinda looked down at the sphere, "But I do have some good footage. I guess that it will have to do."

When it appeared like Shelinda was long gone, Tidus and Yuna finally stepped out from the alley.

"That was close!" Tidus stretched and let out a sigh of relief.

Yuna spoke up, "Wouldn't it have been easier to just answer a few of her questions instead of running all across Bevelle?"

Tidus shrugged, "Probably, but this was more fun! Besides it didn't hurt anyone."

Yuna smiled, "I guess you're right, but she'll give us a lot of trouble next time she sees us."

"We'll just make sure we still can out run her when that time comes." Tidus clutched Yuna's hand, "Now let's get back to the ship. I'm pretty sure Brother doesn't want to spend his whole day waiting for us!"

Yuna nodded with a smile, following Tidus through the winding streets of Bevelle.

Tidus and Yuna had decided not to go back to Besaid for the next day they would be heading out to Tidus's next Blitzball match. So they were on Celsius in the Cabin when Barkeeper was watching the sphere.

"Oh whash theesh? Mish Yoona ish on the sphere."

Yuna looked up from their table in surprise, "What?" she got up from the table and rushed over to the bar to get a better look at the sphere. Shelinda was speaking on the sphere.

"—High Summoner Yuna was spotted in Bevelle today. She was seen with a young man whose identity is unknown. When approached, she and the young man quickly dashed from the area. I quickly followed after the two—knowing that there was a story—but they soon alluded me."

A scene of the chase flashed in a small square to the left of Shelinda as she gave her report. Yuna gasped as she saw her and Tidus running through the streets.

"The man's identity is still unknown, but many sources said that the two were seen earlier this day walking together, and others spotted the two sitting down for lunch at one of Bevelle's many cafés known for attracting young couples for dates. Are the two dating or is it just friendship? Is this Lady Yuna's secret love? The one she had been looking over Spira for? I can only speculate, but I will not rest until this mystery man is revealed! Until next time!"

The camera quickly shifted to the anchor, "Thank you Shelinda. After these commercials we will cover our next story: Shoopufs gone wild! A story of a Hypello's heroic actions that saved a Ronso and her cub."

Barkeeper shook his head, "That's imposhibble," he switched the channel "….no shoopuf goesh crazy. Hmpfh." Barkeeper went back to cleaning a few dishes as a Blitzball game played on the sphere.

Yuna still stood staring at the sphere with her jaw dropped. It wasn't until she heard the swish of the door did Yuna turn around to see Tidus, trying to sneak out of the room.


Tidus jumped in the elevator, smashing the buttons trying to get to a different floor as quick as possible. As the door began to slide shut Tidus thought he was in the clear, but Yuna bolted in as the door shut.

"It's not as bad as you think!"

"Tidus, everyone in Spira thinks I have a secret lover!"

"Yeah but—" Tidus tried to think of something to say, but couldn't come up with anything, "—ok it's pretty bad, but I'll make it up to you!"

Yuna put her hands on her hips, "And how do you think you're going to do that?"

Tidus gave a weak smile, "Would another kiss cover it?"

"Try again."

Tidus began to think, "You want me to clean the house for the next few weeks?"


"Shine the Celsius?"


"Give you a massage?" Tidus said trying to get a laugh out of Yuna.

"I don't think so," Yuna said, not even cracking a smile.

"Then what?" Tidus asked, stumped on what he should do.

"Let's just say the problem is part of the solution."

Tidus paled, "You don't mean…"

"Yes, next time Shelinda finds us you have to stay behind while I run away."

"Oh come on, Yuna! Anything but that!" Tidus was begging.

The elevator pinged open, and Yuna stepped out, but not before pressing a few keys on the dash, "Yes that, and you'll be helping Brother in the engine room tonight."

"But Brother hates me!"

Yuna smirked, "Not my problem," she waved him a goodbye as the door shut, "Bye sweetie!"

"Yuna!" It was too late, the door had already closed and the elevator was now descending.

Tidus groaned as he slid against the wall to the floor. The door swished open to Brother and Shinra, tinkering with engine. Brother looked at the door and glared at Tidus when he saw him. Tidus groaned even more when he realized that this was going to be a long night.

"Note to self: never make Yuna mad…EVER!"

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So this chapter came from the idea of Shelinda being a news reporter in FFX-2, which is super fitting because in FFX she was all up in Yuna's business and would not stop bugging the group about everything! She literally bugged the crap out of me. Every time I play FFX and I see her in the distance on the screen, I'm always like "Shit, here comes Shelinda…why can't I run!?" So then that led to the idea that what if Tidus and Yuna were out and Shelinda was the annoying paparazzi person chasing them? And bam this is what I got! Sorry if it is short!

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