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It had been a few years since Tidus had returned to Spira, and it had been a few years since Tidus had returned to Blitzball. And in those few years, the ex-guardian had made quite the name for himself. Many of the denizens of Spira agreed that Tidus was the best blitzer around, by far. He had brought the Aurochs from the bottom of the heap to the top in the last few years. This made them one of the top teams in the league, if not the top team in the league. And Tidus, as a player, was the most sought after player in Spira. He had the speed, the stamina, and the shot. Spira could only look on in awe when he performed his signature Jecht Shot and his infamous Whistle Shot that could be heard from anywhere in Luca when games were being played in the stadium.

His skills made him famous, but it was his actions that made him loved by all. He was one of the most devoted players when it came to his fans. He would stay hours after games, signing blitzballs for young boys and girls, letting fans take pictures with him, giving tips to aspiring young blitzball hopefuls, and just being an all-around good guy. When in Luca, fans would mob him, but he wouldn't run off. He would take some time to talk to and thank his fans for all their support. Tidus considered himself very lucky, being given a second chance at life and didn't mind giving to others.

The combination of these two traits made him wildly popular throughout Spira, and him being the ex-guardian of the High Summoner, who he helped to put a permanent end to Sin with, didn't hurt his popularity either.

It was only after particular Blitzball games, he was nowhere to be found. This would happen every now and then, but none of the fans would worry. Everyone in Spira knew who he was off to see: High Summoner Yuna. Whenever Yuna came to see the star blitzer's games, Tidus was faster out of the gates than any of the fans were. She would be waiting patiently at the docks, he would greet her with a kiss, which she would eagerly return, she would then congratulate him on his most recent victory and then they would be off, nowhere to be found, enjoying alone time with one another.

And that was the plan after this game. It had been a simple league game against the Kilika Beasts, simple enough. It ended rather quickly. And before the fans even had a chance to move, Tidus was already out of the Sphere Pool, heading quickly towards the docks.

A smiled filled his face as he saw his girl sitting on a few crates, waiting for him like always. The blonde had been speeding through the game as fast as he could just so he could get to this moment, where he and Yuna could meet up and leave together. Yuna looked up to see Tidus jogging towards her, she raised her hand to wave when a young girl jumped in front of the blitzer, stopping him in his path.

"Ohmygosh! It's Tidus of the Besaid Aurochs!" the young lady flipped her dark brown hair out of her face to reveal two sharp, cinnamon color eyes and a pretty face, "I didn't think I would catch you! I am a huge fan and they say when you leave the Sphere Pool early you are almost impossible to catch."

Tidus gave a weak smile, "And here I thought I was home free." He glanced past the girl to Yuna, who still waited, but with a slightly confused look on her face. He shot her a smile and a wink, mouthing 'one second' to her. She giggled and nodded.

Tidus focused his attention back to his fan, "Haha well you caught me! What can I do for you?"

The girl's demeanor changed almost immediately and Tidus felt a shiver shoot down his spine when he saw the look in her eyes, it was like she was preparing to pounce.

She suddenly was a lot closer to him, her breath tickling his cheek and her slim body pressed up against him, "Well there are actually a few things you could do for me…" she said seductively as she trailed a finger down his bare chest.

All the warning lights went off in Tidus's head. He was used to woman coming onto him. It came with the territory; it was like this even back in Zanarkand. Typically it wasn't too bad, and most of his female fans were reasonable, but there were always those few that had dangerous written all over them. And this girl was no different.

Tidus grabbed her hand from his chest to give her a two handed hand shake—but mostly to get her hand off him—and flashed her a smile, "Haha ok! Well it has been nice to meet you—"


"—right Naomi. I am always happy to meet a fan and I thank you for your support, but I am kinda in a hurry, so have a great day!" he gave her hand another firm hand shake before walking away.

He let out a sigh of relief. He didn't want to deal with a crazy fan today. Tidus was only a few feet away when he felt two arms snake around his waist, bringing him to a halt.

"Whoa what's the rush, big boy! We just got to talking," An evil smile flashed upon her face as she whispered into his ear, her breath causing him to shiver, "And I feel like we have a lot more to talk about."

Yuna, who had been watching this all from afar, felt her jaw drop as she watched the girl's hands make their way down Tidus's front.

Tidus nearly jumped out of his skin as he felt Naomi's hands glide below his waist. He quickly grabbed her hands and turned around.

"Whoa there! Look, I'm sorry, but I'm not really interested. I'm involved with someone else, so you need to stop." Tidus was beginning to get irritated with the girl's antics.

Naomi stood on her tip toes so she was only a few inches from Tidus's face, "That's okay, she doesn't have to know. If you don't tell, I won't." She began to close the gap between them when she was suddenly pushed away. Naomi stumbled back a few feet before falling on her butt.

"What was that—"

Naomi looked up shocked as, Yuna fiercely kissed a wide eyed Tidus. It only took a moment for Tidus to realize who was kissing him before he responded with the same intensity as his girlfriend. Naomi turned bright red as she watched the couple make out, Yuna pulling Tidus down to her height with her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and her hands running through his hair. Yuna broke it off after a few minutes. The High Summoner turned to the fan with a glare that colder than Mt. Gagazet, her gun pulled from her holster and pointed at Naomi.

"He's mine." Yuna said slightly out of breath, "So get lost."

The fan nodded rapidly and quickly picked herself off the ground and scurried off. Yuna turned back to Tidus, who was still in a daze from her kiss. Tidus shook his head.

"Wow, I never took you as the possessive type."

"When it comes to you I am." Yuna smiled at Tidus's surprise.

"Well maybe I should have more crazy fans try to come onto me because," Yuna could feel Tidus's strong arm wind its way around her waist, "I am totally turned on right now." Yuna couldn't help, but gasp as she was tugged forward into his chest.

"Haha what can you do?" She ran a hand through his hair, "I am your biggest fan."

Tidus smirked, "Well I am always happy to help out a fan," he began to trail kisses down her neck, nipping at the more sensitive spots. "Any requests?" Yuna moaned as she tilted her head back, giving him better access, "an autograph?" he began to trail back up, speaking between kisses, "a picture?" he said as he left a hot kiss right below her jaw. He pulled away so that he was now staring straight into her eyes, which were clouded over with lust, "anything, you name it, I'll do it, anything for my biggest fan." He ended with a charming smile.

Tidus could feel his heart quicken when Yuna shot him a mischievous smile, "I have a few ideas."


Yuna traced the outline of the star blitzer's face, causing him to shudder at her feather like touches. "I hear you sometimes have private lessons." She let her hands drop to rest around his neck, her fingers playing with the hairs at the base of his neck, "Are you free for some one-on-one lessons today?"

Tidus smirked, "For you?"

Yuna shook her head, "No, for you," she leaned in close and whispered in his ear, "and if you do well enough I might even let you score." Tidus's jaw dropped and Yuna released him from her hold.

Tidus felt his mouth go dry as Yuna sauntered away, her hips swinging in rhythm. This was a Yuna completely different from the one he knew during their journey to defeat Sin. This Yuna was fiery, and mischievous, and so damn sexy, Tidus thought. He was in complete shock. A few paces away, Yuna glanced back over her shoulder to see an awestruck and slacked jaw Tidus. Yuna giggled at his appearance and Tidus snapped back to reality at her laughter. It was going to be quite the afternoon for the young blitzer as he followed his girlfriend with one thought in mind.

Maybe crazy fans weren't quite a bad thing.

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