What if it was Carlisle waiting for Bella when she got back from seeing Jacob? (takes place in Eclipse)

Carlisle/Bella romance fic.


Like everyone else (excluding S.M) I don't own Twilight or any of the characters - I just wish I did.

Ok people this is my first ever shot at something like this - and I want you to tell me what you think - constructively - because if you just say It's crap then it doesn't help me. So read on and review

I couldn't help but feel guilty, I had promised Edward that I wouldn't go and see Jacob down in la push - but I had gone anyway. Now here I was sitting beside Jacob in his beat up truck heading back to Charlie's, but to get there we had to cross the boundary line and closer we got the more worried I was. Would he be waiting for me? Would he be angry? I could never decide which was worse, when he was angry or when he was disappointed. It always made me feel human in the worst possible way when he was disappointed, like he had expected better and then realised I wasn't……. perfect I mean, how could I be standing next to him?

As we approached the turn in the road ahead I knew he was waiting for me, so rather than look I stared at my legs instead. I heard a low chuckle beside me "It looks like you were right about the leech bells, do you think that now he's so predictable that you might get bored and come and have some real fun with me instead?" asked Jake. "Dream on dog boy" I said sounding a lot braver than I was feeling.

I felt the truck start to slow down as we approached the boundary line and then it shuddered and came to a stop. "Sorry bells, but this is as far as I go…. Hey are you alright? You don't seem to be looking at much but your legs and that's weird even for you". I sighed and looked up to meet Jakes curious eyes "I'm fine… it was good to see you again Jake - try not to be a stranger ok?". "Sure bells, you know me - I'll always be here for you - especially if the bloodsuckers aren't". "Ha ha Jake very funny, I'll see you around" and with that I turned and opened the door of the cab and slid out. Breath Bella breathe I chanted to myself, I heard the dull roar of Jakes truck starting up again, the honk of a horn and he was off leaving me to face my demons (so to speak) alone.

I started to walk toward the bright lights of the Volvo not looking anywhere but at my feet when I heard the slam of a car door. I looked up, but instead of seeing the bright lights of a Volvo - I instead saw those of a Mercedes and there wasn't an angry copper haired vampire striding towards me… but a blonde?