Year 2012

"Where the hell are we Dean?" growled Abby was they walked through the woods, "Who does Cas think he is anyway? Zapping us somewhere without telling us where the hell we are?"

Dean smirked shaking his head listening to Abby curse Cas out. He missed Abby, he really did. There was no denying it. He missed everything about this girl but was it really the right time for them to be in any kind of relationship with the apocalypse hanging over their heads.

"Listen, Abs," Dean turned around and she looked up at him, those big blue eyes that he loved. He smirked and pulled her close to him, "There has to be a logical explanation for this. Cas wouldn't zap us somewhere he didn't think was safe."

She arched an eyebrow at him, "You think?"

"I know," he smiled at her and kissed her forehead keeping his arm wrapped around her.

"I don't know something about this just doesn't settle right in my stomach."

"When we get back me and you…" but he never finished his sentence a hand with a cloth went over both their mouths. The two sunk to the ground passed out.

"Awe they look so cute together," said Abby from the future and Dean just gave her a look, "What? They have to know it's meant to be with us."

"Abs, shut up and pick yourself up."

"Bite me."

"Later babe, now let's go," said Dean picking himself up and throwing him over his shoulder.

Abby and Dean slowly began to wake up and tried to move but found themselves cuffed to a bed.

"What the hell?" asked Abby as she pulled on it. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Dean glaring at him.

"What?" he asked in a high pitched voice.

"If you wanted to cuff me up Dean next time let me know so I'm ready."

"You think I did this?"

"I wouldn't put it passed you Deanie," she tugged on the cuffs again.

"Trust me I didn't. Because if I did then I wouldn't have cuffed myself I would use these cuffs for your feet." He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned.

"Dean Winchester I am going to fu-"

"Hey watch the language," said a familiar voice to Abby and Dean.

The two looked towards the door to see themselves standing there.

"Doesn't that remind you of our wedding night?" asked future Dean looking at future Abby.

"Wedding night?" asked past Abby and looking over at past Dean.

"Eh, don't worry Abby we only get a few bruises from that night," said future Abby.

"W-what?" she asked and looked at future Dean who winked at her then at her Dean who looked at her then back at their future selves.

"What the fu-"

"I said watch the language don't need Bobby John hearing that and picking it up," said future Abby. Future Dean rolled his eyes and she hit his side.

"Bobby John?" asked past Dean.

"Who-who's Bobby John?" asked past Abby.

"Bobby John! Come here!" yelled future Abby and they heard footsteps running up the stairs.

"Yeah mama?" asked a little boy running in.

"Oh my God," said past Abby, "I think…no I know I am going to faint." She closed her eyes and past Dean rolled his looking at her.

"What is all this?" They heard a baby crying and future Abby and Dean looked at each other.

"That's Joanna, I'll get her," she kissed future Dean's cheek and walked out.

Future Dean picked Bobby John up and walked towards the two on the bed. "Bobby John say hi to Abby and Dean."

"Hi…daddy, they look just like you and mama," he said looking at the past and then at his father.

"Yeah they do huh? Well, I don't know about him but I think I look way better."

"Hey!" yelled past Dean and Abby laughed. Future Dean winked at her and she smiled.

"I like future you, at least he has a sense of humor."

"I have a sense of humor."

"Not recently."

"Look times are tough right now Abs! I don't want to talk about it."

She rolled her eyes and looked towards the doorway to see herself walking in with a baby girl. Abby's face softened and she sat up, "Is that…is that my daughter?"

Future Abby smiled and sat next to her, "Yes, meet Joanna."

Past Abby sat straight up and looked at her. She had her blue eyes and Dean's sandy blond hair. Joanna was just looking between both past and future Abby's. Past Dean looked at past Abby and then felt future self staring at him.

"Ok, what? Is this supposed to be our future or something?"

"Cas didn't explain anything huh?" asked future Dean putting Bobby John down and he went running out the door, "That's Cas."

"I'm guessing he wanted you two to see something before…something happened," said future Abby.

"He always did that…pissed me off," said future Dean shaking his head. "He couldn't come out and explain it. No, he had to show us by sending us into portals, future, past…anything."

"Maybe this is what we are supposed to see," said past Abby looking at past Dean.

"What? Us married and having two kids?"

"Three," corrected future Abby, "I'm pregnant again."

Past Abby glared at both Deans, "Can't you keep it in your pants for five minutes?"

"Hey, she's the one that can't keep her hands off me!" Future Dean argued. "After the first time at…" Future Abby put her hand over his mouth and shook her head.

"Don't tell them. Just…let them figure it all out themselves. They need to learn like we did."

"What if we don't?" asked past Abby looking down at Joanna who was now sleeping. "What if we don't have this future?"

Past Dean looked at her with a small frown, "Yeah she's right," he said clearing his throat, "with everything going on right now. How do we have time for this?"

"You will," said future Abby.

"How old is Bobby John anyway?"

Future Dean and Abby smiled at each other, "Three in a half," said future Abby. Future Dean smiled and looked at past Dean who was trying to do the calculations when it occurred to him. It's going to be soon when and if he and Abby get together and she gets pregnant.

Dean was in the garage with himself while Abby was with herself in the nursery. Dean was still trying to get use to talking to himself but this was just freaking him out.

"So is there anything you want to know?" asked future Dean grabbing a can of oil.

"There's just so much…I'm guessing the apocalypse didn't happen since you and Abby are here…where exactly is here anyway?" Dean looked outside at the forest, "I mean we hate camping why pick the woods?"

Future Dean shrugged, "It's pretty safe…no demons, no monsters…from what I checked anyway before we built the place."

"Wait? You and Abby built this place?"

"With the help of Bobby and Sam."

Dean looked at future Dean and he smiled, "Yeah we get back with Sam hunt before killing the devil."

"How do we kill the devil?"

Future Dean sighed opening the hood and Dean just looked at him, "It's…it's going to be hard ok. I don't think I should be telling you. It may change everything. If you want this future with Abby…then you won't ask me that again." Dean was torn between wanting this future and wanting to kill the devil now, "Look, Dean…the first time you two hook up…"

"I thought you weren't supposed to be telling me this."

"Do we ever listen to Abby?"

Dean made a face making future Dean smirk, "Except for in bed you'll listen."


"Oh yeah."

"Sweet." Dean rubbed his hands together and future Dean shook his head smirking.

"Look, the first time won't be though. She's going to try and run and you can either make the decision to let her go or keep her and tell her to stop running when things get bad for her or she's going to just keep running for the rest of her life. Things are going to get bad for all of you even Abs." Future Dean swallowed hard looking away from Dean, "Look…" he cleared his throat, "comfort her, tell her you'll be there for her…because she is going to need it in the near future for you two. She's going to be a mess just break down and be there for her."

Dean looked at his future self and saw the pain in his face and wondered if he was ready for anymore pain. What was he talking about? What's going to happen to Abby?

"I never thought I would name my daughter after my little sister," said Abby looking down at Joanna in the crib.

Future Abby smiled sadly at her, "Yeah, neither did I," she rubbed the back of her neck, "her full name is Joanna Mary Winchester."

"So…me and Dean…we get married?"

Future Abby nodded, "At first were not too keen on the idea."

"We as in me and you right?"

Future Abby nodded again, "Yeah you'll throw things at each other, yell, hit, scream…have angry sex…then tell him the I do's."

"Hmmm…I've holded out on him for so long and I let him take me during angry sex…nice, classy Abs."

Future Abby shook her head smiling again, "That's not the first time."

"Oh," Abby looked away.

"Don't worry things will get better for you two. I mean look at us now."

"Where's Sam?"

"With Bobby…on a hunt somewhere." Future Abby laughed.

"Hey," said future Dean as they walked in.

"Hey, baby," said future Abby as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

Dean and Abby looked at each other awkward before looking back at their future selves. "I guess this is goodbye?" asked Dean and they nodded.

"You got what you needed to know…like we did when we came here," said Abby. She walked up to Dean and hugged him, "Be there for me ok?" she whispered in his ear.

Future Dean went up to Abby and hugged her. She hugged him back and smiled that he still smelled like leather from his jacket that reminded her of her father. But the next thing she knew future Dean squeezed her ass. She gasped and future Abby and Dean looked and she shook her head.

"Dean…get your hands off my young ass!"

"Sorry, just had to." He winked at Abby and future Abby shook her head.

"Get use to that sweetie…"

"Hey do you think while I have the two of you here," future Dean went on, "I could you know…have a little threesome."

Abby's eyes widened and future Abby shook her head and slapped his arm.

"That is so something I would say," said Dean grinning and before they knew it they were standing back in the motel room and the awkwardness began to sink it.

Abby bit her lip and looked at Dean. He cleared his throat and looked away scratching the back of his head, "Maybe we should get some sleep before heading out."

She nodded and headed into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Things just got seriously awkward with the two of them.

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