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Chapter Two

The wind felt nice. It cooled down his warm skin and soothed is pounding head as it moved lightly through his black helmet. It woke him up a bit, making him more aware of his surroundings. But still, being cautions, he moved at a speed much slower than he was used to. Maneuvering his bike with ease around his surroundings, even when he found himself cowering over his body, the pain in his chest increasing. Thankfully he had ridden around this area so frequently that it was like the black wheels knew their own way along the familiar roads. This allowing his clouded mind to glaze over against the different pains attacking it.

He knew he had to see a doctor soon, but he liked taking care of things on his own. With a few aspirins and nice hot shower, he'll feel fine in no long.

Yeah right.

He knew his was pulling his own leg, trying to lie to himself about how he really was feeling. He's told himself that an uncountable amount of times. Even the one girl he never wanted to see him show weakness knew something was wrong. On several occasion during the past few weeks, she has looked up at him with worry yet determination in her eyes as she used any threat that may have pop into her head at the moment. But so far, it hasn't worked. And it wont any time soon.

Or will it?

He really didn't know what to do. Continue trying to make a man proud that he hasn't seen in 5 years and ignore the girl he cared for the most, or listen to every reasonable thought that was popping into his head and go see the doctor.

Whatever. He'll figure things out tonight. He'll judge how he is feeling by then, and if, only if he is still feeling worse, he will get an appointment with his doctor.

I'm sure Kat will love that. Winning.

But at the moment, he had to use all the concentration he had left in his body to stay on the now extremely heavy feeling bike as he entered the school grounds. Keeping a look out for any teenagers and badly driven cars as he moved to an open space near the front door. Getting in an accident with his already angry body would not be the best idea.

And as he pulled into the closest spot, he can feel his body aching to get off. It just wanted to lay down on the ground for a few hours and turn into a blob of painful flesh. Actually, never moving again sounded like an attractive notion.

With a cautious sigh, not wanting to set off another cough attack, he turned the bike off and got off its heavy mass as the kickstand was put down. However he found himself having to quickly disguise a fall as his tired legs began to give out. So as smoothly as he was able to, he leaned back down on the leather seat resting an arm on the handlebars. Getting his breath under control quickly, he smoothly took off his helmet with the arm not busy keeping him up right.

Holding in the coughs burning the inside of his chest, he looked around lazily at the other students idling around in wait for the first bell. Those who had watched him drive in, quickly hid their gazes as they were met by a cold brown look. A shiver running up their spines at the mysterious yet extremely interesting body on the sexy black vehicle. Thankfully, it seems he had hid his stumble well. Making it look like he sat in waiting for someone, rather than sitting waiting for enough energy to drag his tired body through the school doors.

Practice makes perfect, I guess.

That was something his mother used to always say to him. Back when she was sober. And as he successfully hides yet another stumble on the school ground, he begins to remember those many times she said that to him as he tried yet another new activity.

This distant memory quickly leaves his mind however, as a familiar, clunky vehicle makes its way demanding through the many students. Allowing a few coughs out, he eases the pain in his chest and quickly gets himself under control. He was not in the mood for another lecture of why it would best for him to go to the doctors. Like he didn't know that already, thanks.

So making sure his breath was under control, and the now building nausea that was taking its familiar place in his throat was kept down, he pushed himself on his now surprisingly strong legs.

See, just seeing the girls ugly car is enough to make me feel better. It's all good now. All better.

Plastering his legendary smirk on his pale face, he settled into a position in front of the main doors, leaning against the wall he knew Kat would move past to enter the school.

And then there she was. It was easy to tell something had annoyed her, her whole aura sparking with frustration. It may have something to do with the teens younger sister, who he could see stomping off in the opposite direction, a similar look on her face. Like always, this foul mood she is in does nothing less than amuse the hell out of him.

God she's sexy when she's pissed.

"You know, I like you when your angry. Its kind of sexy." He easily quips as she approaches where he stood.

She looks surprised at first when she first hears his deep voice coming from the wall close by. She hadn't seen him as of yet, annoyance directed towards her preppy sister still heavy on her mind.

But she quickly sets herself in her normal mode as she roles her eyes and stomps right past the man that causes her whole body to tingle just with his presence. Don't get her wrong, all she wants to do his walk up to the man presently haunting her conscious and unconscious mind and capture his lips with hers. But really, she wasn't in the mood for his arrogance. No matter how sexy it is. But she did expect him to follow her. No, she depended on it.

A deep chuckle escaped Patrick Verona's lips as he watched her storm through the crowed of students, yelling threats to anyone who stepped in her way.

But he should have known he would regret it. For not a second later, his breath caught in his throat and the ever present pain increased. He quickly shot out a hand to hold him up against the nearest wall as he doubled over against the attack of coughs he had been holding in since he left his house. Again, black spots began to blur his vision as the pounding in his head increased with each wracking cough.

Too focused on keeping conscious and holding down the vowel substance making its way up his throat, he did not notice Kat turning back around with worry in her eyes as the sound of his coughing reached her ears. Nor did he feel her quickly walk to his side and place her hand on his back, trying to sooth the pain from his abused chest as she softly rubbed his toned back. Both unaware of the crowed forming around the pair, gawking at the schools bad-boy nearly falling over against the schools wall.

It wasn't until a girl from their English class stepped forward. Emily, yeah, that's her name. Gaining enough balls to approach the ill-talked about pair.

"Are you alright, do you need me to get someone?" It was a timid question, barely louder than a whisper. Not knowing what the response would be.

Snapping his previously closed eyes open, Patrick quickly tried to stifle the coughs as he tried with all his might to stand up straight.

"What the fuckā€¦ are you all looking at." He growled at the unexpected audience in-between coughs. Giving them a look that was enough to send any one running, he shook off the soothing hand that had previously been sending unfamiliar tingles down his body and began walking away.

He didn't get far however, before his head began feeling light and the floor moved underneath his feet. Behind him, he could hear a distant voice yelling his name, but it sounded miles away.

Right now, there was only himself. Himself and the floor that was getting closer and closer. And as his body made contact, he barely felt it. His mind focusing on one single thought as his vision darkened.

Maybe it's not just a cold.

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