This is a new story that I would like to call That Girl.

Summary: Ash Ketchum goes to his favorite place to eat breakfast: Veilstone's Café. He meets a beautiful waitress that suffering. This will be in Ash and Dawn POV at different times. A AU.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

I sighed as I made my way to Veilstone's Café. This morning was going so slow minus the traffic. I just couldn't wait to sit in that chair and eat the usual: bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast. As I walked in the café everyone greeted me.

" How's it going, Ash?" one man asked.

" Hi Ash." one girl swooned.

I knew every waiter, chef, and customer in this café. But today I spotted someone new. She had long blue hair that almost reached the end of her back. Shimmering blue eyes to match that beautiful hair. This waitress was absolutely stunning.

" Good morning." she said in a angelic voice. " My name is Dawn. Can I take your order?" she asked taking out a pen and a notepad.

" I would like the breakfast special." I told her without looking at the menu. She gave me a funny look and wrote it down.

She smiled and made her way to the kitchen. I heard a loud crash and someone saying I'm sorry over and over. I heard a yell that completely ruined my day. The manager Paul. He always yelled at his employees. He called them rude names and disrespected them.

" Watch where you're going you worthless little girl!"

I looked up and saw Paul's angry face storm across the room. Diana; a older waitress walked past me, shaking her head. I grabbed her arm to catch her attention.

" Diana. What happened back there?"

" Well sweetie." She started. " The new girl was walking into the kitchen, when she bumped into Paul. He pushed her into a waiter with a tray that was walking by."

I looked at her shocked. Why would Paul even do such a thing. She apologized already.

Diana sighed before continuing. " She's still back there only on the floor, crying. I tried to help her up but she refused."

" Well, I'm going to talk to her." I explained, getting up.

I walked into the kitchen to find Dawn with her head in her hands, sobbing.

" Why does everyone hate me?" she asked herself.

" Not everyone hates you." I said, surprising her.

" Then tell me why my dad left me and my mother after I was born. Or what about when my mother took up drinking and beat me every night. Or how about the fact that this is my first job in months."

I looked at Dawn with a sad look.

" Not everyone hates you." I told her.

" What do you know?" she spat.

" I know that I don't hate you."

" That's because you don't know me." she said.

" And I would like to know you." I quickly added." I held out my hand so I could help her up. She hesitated before she grabbed it.

" Now let's go lift up your spirits." I said smiling at her. She brushed food off of her apron before returning the smile.

"Forget the food. I'm going to brighten someone's day." I thought as we walked out the café.

Very short. But hey this is just a start for some Pearlshipping coming in later chapters.