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It wasn't exactly the first time this happened. The first time… Ciel did not allow himself to think back on just how exactly this had started. He found the experience extremely unbecoming and foul, even if he had requested it himself. Or actually… Because he had done it himself, he loathed the moment of weakness that had prompted him to make such a step. He was loath to remember the times when he had been forced to lower himself and beg, and grovel. That was not him, no longer.

The 'him' of this moment was… Who was he actually? He did not know anymore. There was only the pitch blackness of his room with the heavy curtains drawn and all candles blown out. He was alone in his room with the proverbial monsters crawling around in the dark. Except that the monster was only one and he was not quite crawling, but rather smothering him with his weight. He had wanted this, Ciel reminded himself. He had desired this. And he was getting it now. There was no room for fear. Couldn't be. Shouldn't be. But there was.

Despite the knowledge that he could make it all stop, that he could will himself to make it stop, there was still the fear of hearing that one word that meant the shift in their roles. He could become nothing, and his butler – everything. Irrational. Ridiculous. Untrue. Temporary.

He was still alive.


But Sebastian continued to move. Please the Young Master. Then get out and take care of himself, if he so wished. Everything happened accordingly to his Master's command. And even if he could taste the fear in his Young Master, he was forbidden to make comments on it. Outside this room, all of this was nonexistent. His contract was absolute. He could not break direct orders. And his Master still had to make that one order that would seal it for tonight.