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"Megan's getting married?!" Pepper half-yelled down the phone, she was shocked.

"Yep, Jack took her out last night to that fancy restaurant in town, real romantic apparently" Pepper's mother, Barbara, answered her.

"Oh god, I can't believe my baby sister is getting married" Pepper chuckled softly.

"Just you left now Pep, oh that reminds me, how is that man of yours?"

"Man? What man?" Pepper was a little confused; she hadn't had a boyfriend in months.

"Tony Stark..." her mother replied, and Pepper could feel her mother smirking down the phone.

"Oh right" Pepper cleared her throat. "Yeah he's great, everything's great" Pepper tried to sound genuine.

"Good, then you can bring him with you this weekend. Megan and Jack want things to get started straight away, so take a long weekend off for the wedding. Tony Stark in our house, it's going to be good" Barbara sent her love and they both bid their farewells.

CRAP! Pepper didn't know what she was going to do. Her mother had been at her back for months about not having a steady, reliable man in her life. So to shut her up Pepper had told her she was with Tony Stark. Why? Why had she done that, what an idiot! Now she had to bring him with her.

Oh God, he was going to love this.

Tony was just waking up at 12 in the afternoon; he heard the click of Pepper's heels heading for his bedroom. Quickly he pulled the duvet down and lay back down so that he looked asleep and was 'innocently' showing his bare chest.

"Oh god can't believe i'm going to ask him this" Tony heard Pepper say under her breathe. She sighed and picked up his shirt off the floor and folded it onto the seat in the corner. She then walked over to the bed and Tony felt the bed dip where she sat near him.

She sighed again and held the bridge of her nose, squinting her eyes shut. When she opened them again she saw his bare chest, her breath hitched in her throat. He looked so good! She then took a deep breath and shook Tony's gently awake. He smirked and pretended to only just wake up.

"G'morning Miss. Potts" Tony smiled and sat up so he was the same height as Pepper and very close to her.

"Good afternoon, Tony" Pepper smiled back at him, slightly dazed by how close he was. "You'll be glad to know that you haven't got any meetings today, so you're free to work on your suit... or pack" Pepper mumbled the last part.

"Did you just say pack, Pep?" Tony looked slightly confused. Pepper couldn't believe she was actually going to do this; she cleared her throat and stared right at him.

"Well, err... basically. My mom is one of those high-matinence, traditional women. Who think that their daughters should be married and pregnant with their third kid by the age of 30. And she was pestering me because I haven't had a boyfriend in a... while. And..." she looked up at Tony and saw him looking utterly confused, because she was only describing her mom at the minute.

"And I sort of told her, that we were going out" Pepper looked back at him and wasn't surprised to see a large smirk spread over his face.

"Well, well, well. Looks like you've put yourself in one there Potts" Tony lightly chuckled. "But why exactly are you telling me of your amazing lie? Which we should sort out and make reality really." Tony couldn't help but add that bit in.

"Well, my baby sister just got engaged and they're rushing the wedding plans pretty quickly. This weekend to be exact, so could... you... possibly come with me and act like my boyfriend? It would only be a few days and I know you'll lap it up anyway." Pepper inwardly smiled at it, Tony was more than happy to agree.

"When do we leave, sweetheart?" Tony winked at her and Pepper smiled back.

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