Naruto and the Quite one

Chapter 2: Student and Pupil's beginnings.

(Author: Well I read your reviews and I've decided to agree with you and starting a small story out of this couple I hope you enjoy WARNNING LEMONS)

(Inside Naruto's mind)

"What now you calling me you stupid Fox" Naruto says rubbing his eyes and looking up into the giant dark cage.

From the darkness of the cage Kyuubi shows his face his sharp teeth and blood red slits "Don't be so cruel kit I just wanted to say well done scoring with one of your Fraccion girls I didn't know you had a thing for snakes" Kyuubi says smirking.

Naruto blushes "Shut up you damn fur ball if all your gonna say is perverted comments then I'm outta here see ya" said Naruto walking away back to the real world.

(Outside in Naruto's bedroom)

Naruto opens his eyes with an annoyed face from his talk with Kyuubi and was about to get up when he felt a bit of weight on his chest. He looked down and saw his pupil Sun-Sun breathing calmly snuggling on her Espada-masters chest seeing her look contempt with sleep he thought he just let her stay that way but then he looked at the cloak and saw what time it was. Naruto's eyes widen with shock at the time and remembered that he had an Espada meeting that Aizen ordered for and knew that he'd be mad if he was late.

Naruto moved his arms and shook Sun-Sun awake saying "Sun-chan wake up I've got a meeting to go to and the girls will wake up soon as well wondering where you are so please get up."

Hearing this Sun-Sun woke up with a yawn saying "Understood Naruto-sama but I wish I didn't have to."

Naruto smiled getting up "I know it was sweet of you to do what you did last night but I'll get in trouble with Aizen if I'm late and if the girls find out what we've been doing they'll be hell to pay."

Sun-Sun remembered what Naruto had said about keeping what they did a secret she promised him not to tell anyone especially her fellow Fraccion. So she got up put her cloths back on and was by his door ready to leave saying "See you later for your training Naruto-sama."

"See you later Sun-chan" Naruto said with a fox smile Sun-Sun smiled back and left leaving Naruto to get change when he was done he said "Well better get going" and used Sonido to dash of to the meeting chamber.

(Entrance to the meeting chamber)

Naruto reappeared in front of the giant door and knock on it for entrance.

"Come in" said a voice Naruto recognized as Aizen's and opened the door walking in.

(Meeting Chamber)

Inside Naruto noticed every member of the Espada was sitting down and was a little surprised to see Grimmjow at his seat considering that Naruto knocked him unconscious just yesterday.

Aizen turned around in his chair smiling at Naruto "Welcome Naruto you're a bit late this morning that's not like you your normally first to be here for my meetings."

Naruto sweat dropped with embarrassment and replied "Ha ha ha yeah sorry about that Aizen-sama my Fraccion kept bugging me for training and I just barely got away, It won't happen again my Lord."

"That's quit alright you're my strongest Espada and very loyal to me so your allowed to be late once in a while, so please take your seat and we'll begin" Aizen said turning his chair back around facing his Espada.

"Hai" Naruto said taking his seat in between Neliel and Aaroniero Arruruerie.

"Now that we're all here how about some tea to start with then I'll explain my plans" Aizen said with his normal calm yet scary smile.

(Author: I'm not gonna make this a whole fighting adventure story like I'm planning with my other story 'The Zero Fox' so I'll skip this meeting and have Naruto leave to go back to his Fraccion.)

After the meeting was over Naruto decided to go back to his chambers because he knew his Fraccion would be eager for their morning training with him so he used a quick Sonido and was at his chamber door in no time.

"Well better see if their up and ready" Naruto said opening his chamber door.

When Naruto did he saw Apache, Mila-Rose and Sun-Sun in one of their many arguments while Harribel just stood there with her eyes closed looking like she was sleeping but opened them when he came into the room waiting to see how he'll get the girls to stop fighting.

Naruto with a loud voice shouted "ALRIGHT THAT'S ENOUGH WITH YOUR QUARRELS SHUT UP" upon hearing his voice the girls became silent and stood facing him in a solder standing position nervous of what will happen next.

"That's better jeez I can't leave you girls alone for 1 hour without one of you making the others angry too the last time you three made so much ruckus Baraggan was so pissed he used his Resurreccion.Tried to turn you girls into old fossils your lucky I'm immune to his powers or else you'd be no more so stop your bickering I don't care who started it with whatever just get out side to the training field ready for your next lesson before I lose my temper got it" Naruto said with a serious voice.

The girls trembled and replied "Hai Naruto-sama" and walked out the to the field.

Harribel was the last to leave giving a nod to her teacher saying "Very well done Naruto-sama you know how to stop them arguing."

Naruto smirked "Thanks I do what I can for them they have the capability to be strong solders in Aizen's war but they must first get along it'll be hard but I like a challenge."

Harribel nodded her head saying "I agree and if you can train them to such a level as you did me then Aizen-sama is shore to win the war meet you outside Naruto-sama."

Naruto sighed thinking of what's soon to come but shook it off and went out to train his Fraccion.

(A few hours later)

After hours of training Naruto brought his Fraccion girls back in well he only carried two of them today so he knew they were getting stronger the only ones not very much tired were Harribel and Sun-Sun. Naruto put Apache and Mila-Rose to bed and left for his room he notice that Harribel wasn't around so e thought she was meditating in her room like he knows she dose and Sun-Sun wasn't around ether he just assumed she was in her room also and walked into his room.

(Naruto's Room)

Once inside his own room Naruto decided to take another shower to relax his muscles from stress. Naruto cooled off with a warm shower and went back to his bedroom but he notice that his room was dark and he was shore he turned the lights on before his shower so he asked "who's in room" no reply "come on who's their it'll only be hard on yourself" once again no reply so he went in turning the lights "alright wh….ah."

To Naruto's surprise on his bed on top of the covers not hiding anything with her cloths lying on the floor lied Sun-Sun naked with nothing on at all smiling at her Espada leader saying "enjoyed your shower Naruto-sama I hope it didn't make you to tied" Sun-Sun smile grew as she uncrossed her legs giving Naruto a good view of her pussy and he could tell she was really wet.

Naruto just stood there steel surprised that a very attractive and very naked woman was lying on his bed just saying 'please fuck me' and he was starting to get aroused "Sun-chan what are you doing here, on my bed, naked it's very different then usual" Naruto said a bit nervous.

Sun-Sun giggled a crawled on her hands and knees saying "Naruto-sama have you forgotten we promised if ether of us got sexually frustrated we'd help each other to get rid of that problem."

Naruto then remembered his promise to her and smiled evilly as her walked to the bed he replied "Your right we did say that and you remember what I usually say I never break a promise."

"Then come and for fill it Naruto-sama" Sun-Sun said sitting on her knees using the come here movement with her right finger.

Naruto couldn't take it anymore so he removed his towel and jumped on top of her holding her in his arms making out with her. As they were tongue wrestling Sun-Sun brought her hands to his hard cock and began rubbing it while Naruto replied with bringing his right hand to her pussy lips stroking, rubbing and sticking his fingers in her making her moan as he did the same.

"Naruto-sama your finger movements are amazing" Sun-Sun moaned breathing hard because of the kiss.

"Your doing an amazing job getting me hard Sun-chan won't be long now" Naruto said breathing hard also from their kiss.

Sun-Sun moaned "Ahh Naruto-sama please no more fore play please stick your hard rode inside me."

Naruto smirked as he positioned dick near her entrance "Are you shore I won't be able to hold back once I started."

"I'm shore I've wanted you dick all day I was gonna go mad if I didn't have it inside me soon" Sun-Sun moaned louder as she felt the tip of his dick at her entrance.

Naruto replied "Ok here we go" and he shoved his cock deep inside her feeling her warm, soft pussy lips wrap around his dick.

Sun-Sun screamed in pleasure after waiting all day to finally feel her master's cock inside her again moaning "Naruto-sama yes please give it to me I want to feel everything."

Naruto moaned thrusting in her more and more making both himself and her feel good "No problem to tell you the truth I've wanted to feel this all day to."

So they were at it for ages Naruto pumping in and out making her cum her juice's dripping down his cock making him want to cum sooner.

"Sun-chan lets change positions I want to feel you on top" Naruto moaned out feeling closer to his release.

"Ok Naruto-sama whatever you want I'll do it for you" Sun-Sun replied.

So Naruto lay down on his bed and Sun-Sun sat up on top of his dick bouncing up and down with her hands on his chest making them both feel good. Naruto decided to make spice things up so with both of his hands he pinched her nipples pulling and twisting them making her squeal in pleasure.

"YES Naruto-sama harder squeeze and pull my tits harder" Sun-Sun moaned feeling more aroused while she bobbed up and down making Naruto's dick harder.

"Yeah that's it my Sun-Sun keep doing that make you master feel good, yeah like that" Naruto moaned feeling very aroused wanting to cum but he wanted to try one more thing before he did.

Naruto let go of her tits and told Sun-Sun "Sun-chan I want you to turn around for me but don't stop ok."

"Ok anything for you my Naruto-sama" so Sun-Sun turned around while still sitting on top of his shaft and once she had her back to him she continued her bouncing making them both feel pleasure.

(Author: That's right people I'm having them do the reverse cow, girl hope you like it)

Naruto brought himself up to excited to care about anything else he grabbed both of Sun-Sun's breasts and squeezed them making her moan in pleasure.

"Yes Naruto-sama squeeze them harder, thrust your cock in me harder to I'm so close I beg you" Sun-Sun moaned out her thoughts filled with nothing but pleasure.

Naruto not able to hold on anymore moaned "Sun-chan I can't take it anymore I'm gonna cum."

Sun-Sun moaned out as well "Its ok Naruto-sama I can handle it please lets cum together again."

After a few more bounce's and thrusts Naruto thrust in one more, hard time and came inside her right away shouting "SUN-CHAN."

At the same time Sun-Sun released her juices all over his dick shouting "NARUTO-SAMA."

Naruto's seed shot out inside her and Sun-Sun's juices went all over his cock and after a while of their intimacy Sun-Sun lay down face first on the bed while Naruto laid on top of her back both very exhausted. So exhausted they couldn't say anymore so Naruto brought his blanket on top of both of them and they just snuggled up into each other with the lights of and they both fell asleep.

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