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Chapter 39: Family Affair

* Land of Wind *

Puppets rained down from the sky as they attacked everyone in sight. Sasori remained in the same spot with the Kazekage puppet hovering next to him and he watched with satisfaction as everyone fought his puppets. Chiyo shouted to everyone, "Don't get hit by the puppets! Sasori most likely coated all of them in poison."

Sasuke avoided a few puppets and had his sharingan activated and was able to predict the movements of some of the puppets as he evaded them. He did a few handsigns and took in a deep breath, 'Fire Style: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!' he shot out a volley of small fireballs all of them hitting a few puppets knocking them back. Kakashi avoided getting cut in half and quickly summoned a clone. Both did the Raikiri the real Kakashi using his right hand and the clone using it's left, the two lighting jutsus created a kind of lighting chain and the both ran forward cutting down a few puppets with ease.

Pakura had small sun like orbs floating around her and she shouted, "Scorch Style: Extreme Melting!" the orbs flew at the puppets stopping them as a few started melting. Hana and her ninken used the Fang Rotating Fang all four becoming like buzz saws cutting a lot of puppets in pieces.

Hinata used her clan's taijutsu and used her palm strike hitting the puppets with enough force to break them to pieces. Ibiki did a few handsigns and then slammed his hand to the ground shouting, "Summoning Jutsu: Iron Maiden!" Something came out of the ground trapping ten puppets inside a white maneki neko, chains shot out of the sand wrapping around the statue and then dragged into the sand.

Shi used his monstrous strength to break a few of the puppets and Takako used her tanto to cut down a few of them as well. Arashi was surrounded by five puppets who started opening up parts of their bodies to attack, moving his foot an inch to his right and he vanished. Soon all the puppets shattered to pieces and Arashi reappeared in spot he was just at, kunai in hand and pieces of the puppets were just now falling to the floor.

Sasori watched with amusement as everyone struck down his puppets, he had around now thirty or so left. He pulled his remaining puppets back and everyone watched as the puppets lined up behind him, Sasori smiled and said, "Now I know how each of you fight. In mere minutes of fighting you can gain a lot by observing how your enemy fights."

Everyone remained on guard and Sasori's puppets behind him went limp and fell to the sand except for the Kazekage puppet. Chiyo quickly shouted, "Everyone get away from the broken puppets!"

It was too late as the broken puppets exploded. Sasori moved the Kazekage puppet in front of him and the iron sand came out of the puppet creating a large wall that protected him and his puppets from the explosion. The constant explosions from the puppets were the cause of Sasori placing numerous explosive tags in the heads, chest, arms, and legs. Unknown to the other ninjas Sasori had actually used his strings from his chest to move the broken pieces about so as to try and kill as many of them as possible.

When the explosions stopped the iron sand wall lowered and he saw a few Suna nins were caught in the explosion as well as a few Konoha nins. He saw a dome made out of cloth and he watched as it came undone and went into a woman's sleeves, he knew the kunoichi as Maki a very skilled and elite of Suna. "She protected the Hokage's son?" he said and also saw the Inuzuka girl and her ninken were also with them.

Kakashi came out of the sand along with Sasuke both took some damage from the explosion, but not a lot. Hinata managed to distance herself from the explosion in time with Takako. The ones caught in the explosion was Chiyo, but she defended herself using a mechanical left arm that used a chakra shield to protect her. Shi was also caught in the explosion and took a lot of damage along with Ibiki, but he was forcing himself to stand. Pakura was also caught in the explosion, but somehow only took minor damage. While the other ninjas were severely damaged from the explosion.

Sasori was still amused calling out to everyone, "I'll be more than happy to let you all live in exchange for the jinchuriki you have. Just hand over them over." There was a hushed silence and he suddenly heard someone behind him, "The answer is no, Sasori." He looked back and saw Arashi standing behind him.

'I didn't even sense him. No one has ever been able to get the drop on me like this." Sasori thought. Arashi had his kunai aimed at Sasori's back saying, "Don't make any sudden movements. Though you might be a puppet and not feel pain, I can still chop that body up with little effort."

Sasori made his Kazekage puppet fall to the sand and he calmly rose his hands in the air saying, "Which will it be? Capture? Or Kill?"

Arashi replied, "Depending on the information you have." Sasori chuckled, "I know a lot. I've been with this organization for a very long time, much longer than my partner."

"Then the answer is very self explanatory." Arashi told him, he then noticed a large shadow on the ground and looked up. This caused everyone else to do the same as they saw a giant white statue fall from the sky. Sasori said, "We had this prepared way before we attacked the Kazekage's son. You should run, this explosion is to great for anyone to get away from completely unscathed. I mean unless they are as fast as you."

Arashi backed away from Sasori and looked up at the giant statue, he did a few handsigns and then held out his kunai black writing appeared just beneath the statue and it began to disappear. Sasori looked up surprised thinking, 'That's a Space-Time Ninjutsu!' He looked at Arashi and used his Kazekage puppet again to strike Arashi, but Kakashi and Sasuke appeared and both kicked the puppet and Chiyo also appeared tossing some kunais at Sasori who backed away.

More and more the bomb was being sucked away, that was until it started glowing a bright white color and it blew up. The shockwave was powerful enough to knock everyone off their feet and else where there was another explosion where Arashi was sending the large bomb and the shockwave from that one kicked up sand creating a large sand cloud.

Haru came out from beneath the sand along with Sakura, they both hoisted Gaara up and Haru said, "Those were two big explosions enough to bury us under the sand." Sakura agreed, "Yeah, one came from the battlefield and the other just a couple miles away."

Standing up Haru said, "Sakura-chan take care of Gaara, they need my help." Sakura nodded, "Alright go!" Without another word Haru ran off to go help.

Arashi was barely standing up after the shockwave knocked him down, Sasori used the Kazekage puppet's kekkei genkai to shield himself from the shockwave and was smiling. Arashi looked around and saw that everyone else was still down from the attack and he was the only one standing.

"That was a close one. Had you not already separated half of the explosion no one here would be alive and you're not even worn out. You certainly are powerful, I dare say even stronger than myself." Sasori praised. Arashi was calm and wanted to keep Sasori's attention so that he wouldn't go after his comrades.

Sasori asked, "Now what will you do?"

"Win." Arashi said with confidence, he started running at Sasori. In retaliation Sasori used the Kazekage puppet to use his Iron Sand spitting out little grains of sand that shot at lighting fast speeds at him, the grains of sand seemed to go through Arashi which greatly surprised Sasori, more images of Arashi appeared on the field and before he knew it, he felt some one hit him and he flew back.

Arashi turned to the Kazekage puppet and did the same jutsu as before, but this time the puppet was completely engulfed and disappeared. Sasori looked up not amused asking, "Where is it?"

"I sent it elsewhere. That's my Space-Time Barrier jutsu, I sent to a place of my choosing far out of your range." Arashi said to him, "Give up Sasori."


Arashi turned around and saw Haru appear next to him, "How is he?" Haru answered not taking her eyes off of the Akatsuki ninja, "He's fine, Sakura-chan is healing him now." They both heard Sasori chuckle and they looked at him, "What's so damn funny!" Haru shouted.

Sasori answered, "You two. Being his siblings I can see a grave difference in personalities." The two scowled at him, "There isn't a doubt in my mind that the Namikaze family is a force to reckon with. I helped train that boy over the course of three years and he is strong. Maybe not as powerful as you Arashi-san, but certainly more powerful than your sister there."

"Why you!" Haru was about to charge forward, but Arashi stopped her, "Don't he's just baiting you."

"An easy tactic yet it almost worked. You can't control your feelings, you can't shut them out little girl, not like your brothers nor your father who I had the unpleasantry of meeting during the war." Sasori told the two, "He never fell for that goading, your big brother there didn't and I doubt that Naruto would either. You seem to be the odd one out in the family of talent."

Haru's fist trembling not out of fear, but out of anger. Her blue eyes were flashing red for an instant and Arashi quickly said, "Haru calm yourself." she started to breathe slowly and calmed down a bit.

Arashi aimed his kunai at the older ninja and said, "As long as I'm here you can't win. Even with your partner hiding above the clouds."

Sasori replied, "Hiding? He's not hiding I guarantee you that." The two Namikaze's looked on with confusion, "We've been buying time, the puppets, the explosions, everything was both a tactic to buy time and to create a diversion. Deidara never left the battlefield, he's been preparing."

Haru shouted at him demanding a response, "Preparing what!"

Sasori crossed his arms and said, "You know that we in the Akatsuki have names for our two man groups right?" Arashi and Haru continued staring at him as he talked, "Two Artists, that's the name bestowed upon myself and my partner. Of course your village met our Zombie Brothers, Kakuzu and Hidan." Sasori pointed behind him now and said, "Well these two are called the Monster Duo and you know them as well."

Looking behind Sasori they saw three figures making their way toward Sasori and finally they came into view and they saw Deidara appeared, but more importantly the 'Monster Duo' came into view, it was Naruto and Kisame. Deidara said, "That was a pain in the ass to do with one arm, un."

Kisame was smiling showing off his sharpened teeth, "I see why you two had trouble now. The Second Flash is here and it seems that the Nine-Tails is here too."

Arashi moved a bit in front of Haru with his kunai at the ready, "This was unexpected." he whispered. Deidara walked up to Sasori asking, "Oi, Sasori-sama, mind if I have Naruto here reattach my arm for me?"

"Your arm got taken off? When did that happen?" Kisame asked, Deidara looked upset and said, "The One-Tail Jinchuriki did this to me. Anyway from what I've seen from a distance all of them are pretty damn strong, un…" Deidara then smiled and replied, "Though I think the only one we should really worry about is the Second Flash, un."

The four Akatsuki stood there, Haru could feel the killing intent rolling off them. Almost suffocating, the amount of blood lust. She grabbed her arm feeling almost afraid, not of Naruto, but of the other three. Arashi calmly said to Haru, "Hey, just be my back up." Haru looked at her older brother in surprise, "I don't want you to be involved directly so be back up."

Arashi took out another one of his kunai and called out, "How about it Naruto?"

Kisame smiled showing his sharp teeth, "Hear that Naruto, he's calling you out." Naruto looked unnerved and said to his teammates, "Stay back. I'd like to see our gap in strength." Deidara, Sasori, and Kisame nodded and watched as Naruto walked forward. They knew how strong both ninjas were, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see two Namikaze collide with one another.

"Haru, watch the other three. If they move at me then back me up. If they try for you then I want you to retreat. Understood?" Arashi asked not taking his eyes off of his little brother. Haru watched as Naruto got closer and answered, "I understand. I got something planned anyway." She took a few steps back and Arashi began walking toward Naruto.

The two Namikazes stopped just ten feet away from one another both with intensified stares. Arashi said with his arms now at his side, "Naruto… I don't hate nor despise you for what you've done. You're my brother and I want to protect you." Naruto didn't say anything and continued to listen, "Before we left on this mission… Kaa-san wanted me to tell you something." Arashi smiled and held out his hand that still held the kunai saying, "She says, 'I love you no matter what you've done. You're my little Naruto'."

It was a split second, but it was only Arashi who was able to see it and it made him smile more. He aimed his kunai at Naruto asking, "Shall we?" Naruto held his hands up and said, "I've always wanted to fight you. Don't go easy on me." Arashi replied, "Wouldn't dream of it."

Haru started to sweat and not from the heat, but out of nervousness. Meanwhile Kisame, Deidara, and Sasori watched with anticipation. It was almost instantaneously, but the two jumped at one another and Naruto pulled two kunai out that were in his pouch and they began to fight, sparks flying everywhere from their kunais hitting against one another. The two were complete blurs as they collided sand being kicked up from the speed of their attacks.

Deidara said out loud, "I can barely keep up they're moving so damn fast!"

Arashi found an opening and tried to stab Naruto in his leg, but the kunai shattered.

Naruto retaliated by trying to kick him in the head, but Arashi turned his body out of the way dodging the attack. The way he moved Arashi tried a spinning wheel kick to hit Naruto in the face, but like Arashi Naruto had easily avoided the kick. Arashi tossed his broken kunai at Naruto who hit it away from him, smiling Arashi vanished. Realizing what had happened Naruto looked at the kunai and quickly covered his whole body in his steel skin.

Arashi appeared slashed Naruto across his face hitting what he was aiming for, Naruto's eyepatch. The two jumped away from each other and Arashi saw the evidence of the Byakugan, the bulge of the veins next to his eyes. Arashi noted in his head, 'It really is the byakugan. That explains it all, father's deduction was right.'

There was a distance between the two was about the same as before, neither said anything and Arashi watched as Naruto opened his eye revealing the dojutsu of the Hyuuga clan. Naruto pointed his thumb at his eye asking, "Plan on taking it from me?"

Twirling the kunai in his index finger Arashi replied, "It's necessary to take anything that is part of Konoha back… to answer your question… yes, but this includes you as well." Naruto smiled and he completely removed his Akatsuki kimono and let it fall to the sand and smiled, "You know you're the only one in Konoha who made me feel like I could give a genuine smile. You always had this protective older brother aura." Naruto was bare chest and you could see numerous stitch markings around his arms and body.

Arashi stopped twirling his kunai and held it firmly in his grip and Naruto said to his older brother, "And also the one I feel I could really let loose against. I'll test my strength against you."

What seemed to be instantaneous they both vanished and reappeared both swinging with precision trying to land a hit on one another, but were unsuccessful as they were gracefully dodging each others attacks. Haru watched in awe as her brothers were fighting and was barely able to keep up with their speeds as well, 'No wonder nii-san is able to stand toe-to-toe with Itachi. He simply is to fast for anyone to keep up and yet Naruto is matching him.'

The three Akatsuki ninjas watched as the two fought and were impressed with the rate they were fighting. Arashi reached down and grabbed Naruto by the ankle and pulled him putting him off balance and Naruto retaliated by pushing both his palms at his brother and a wind jutsu launched out and nearly hit Arashi who dodged it barely. Once his back hit the ground Naruto quickly shot back up and disappeared using his Swift.

Arashi leaned back avoiding a kick to the head and grabbed hold of Naruto's leg and tossed him, "To slow Naruto!" he shouted. Naruto's hand touched the ground and he flipped in the air, but saw that Arashi was in his face. Naruto disappeared again and reappeared trying to distance himself from him, then felt a kunai against his throat. Turning his head just a bit he saw Arashi was behind him with the kunai aimed at his throat and Naruto thought to himself, 'He tagged me back then when he grabbed my ankle.'

"You can't escape from me this time." Arashi said calmly. Naruto responded, "You won't kill me." there was a brief pause and Naruto spun around quickly taking out a kunai and sparks started to fly as their weapons clashed. Naruto kicked out at Arashi who ducked under the kick, the threads unraveled from Naruto's thigh and he dispatched his leg, quickly using his thread he made his kick change direction and he hit Arashi who blocked it just in time, but was still knocked back.

Naruto reattached his leg and watched Arashi slowly get back to his feet, "Pretty tricky little brother, I wasn't expecting that." Naruto's thread came out from his side and attached to one of his masks that were on his obi and stitched it into Naruto's right shoulder and then another to his left shoulder. Naruto held out his hands and wind started to circulate into a sphere and Naruto said with a smile, "This is gonna be fun."

The stitching on Naruto's forearm opened up and the platinum powder poured out and started to float around Naruto making a ring around him and Naruto's skin hardened using the steel release. The mask on on his hip moved to his stomach and opened it's mouth, now ready for combat Naruto ran at Itachi with his platinum powder still hovering around his body.

Kisame watched and replied, "Naruto's absolute attack and defense. No blind spot in his defense nor can anyone escape his attack easily. This'll be fun to watch."

When Naruto got close Arashi teleported and appeared quickly behind Naruto and tried to touch him on his shoulder to place another seal on him to restrict his movement. A spike soon shot off of the platinum ring and almost hit Arashi in his stomach. Naruto smiled and saw Arashi with his byakugan off to the side, "You escaped at the last possible second." Naruto pointed to his eyes, "This is why I took a Magnet user after hearing the stories about Sunagakure's jinchuriki with the ability of the ultimate defense I decided to base this style off of him. I have no blind spot and with my reaction time I can bend the powder to my whim to defend me." Facing Arashi he pointed to his body, "I chose a steel user for the defense as well."

Naruto pointed to his stomach, "The Lava user for the attack." and finally pointed to his back, "And the Swift user for the extra kick of speed. With this byakugan I can combat even the fastest fighters accordingly, no genjutsu could be placed on me, and I can see you no matter where you go in the fight."

Arashi listened to his little brother and couldn't hear any gloating in his voice, he wasn't speaking about his strength and power… There was something he wasn't catching.

Naruto soon took his eyes off of Arashi jumped out of the way avoiding the sand that collapsed under his feet and a large puppet shot out of the ground. Sasori quick to react rushed ahead and locked on his Chakra threads to hold onto a giant circular tribal mask with sharp fangs, fur lining the edge of the mask and a cloak covering the rest of the body, 'The Sand Trapper Puppet… Oba-san do you have anything original.' Sasori thought to himself. He was about to summon out another puppet, but he felt someone kick him in the head and was sent flying and hitting the sand hard. Looking up quickly he saw Haru was giving him a cocking grin, "Stay down Sasori!"

"I won't be beaten by the likes of you Namikaze!" he said with venom lacing his voice. He heard a sound from the puppet above and Sasori quickly released the puppet and got out of the way of the two elite ninjas who came down trying to kill him, but missed it was Kakashi and Pakura.

Kisame held up Samehada and said, "Looks like the one on one is over." and he charged. Deidara shouted, "Hey guys I don't have my arm still!" despite his lost arm he ran forward pulling out more pre made sculptures he had hidden on him.

Naruto used his platinum powder to create a platform under his feet and to keep him in the air. He spun around and blocked a punch from Arashi who appeared behind him. The platform was big enough to hold the two, but they stood both feet planted and tried to hit the other. Elsewhere Kisame found a few sand ninjas jumping out of the sand all attacking with wind attacks, smiling he swung his sword hitting the wind attacks and absorbing the chakra from the attacks, he heard a rapid spinning noise and turned around seeing two buzz saw blades coming his way along with a fast moving twister. He jumped and nimbly avoided all four and when they dissipated he saw the Inuzuka girl along with her ninken. He was about to attack, but heard another noise behind him and he barely avoided a punch from Ibiki who was smiling at him to which Kisame gave his shark teeth grin.

Sasuke finally recovered after the attack helping to pull Hinata out of the sand, "Arigatou Sasuke-kun." Sasuke asked, "Why isn't your byakugan activated?"

"I have to conserve some chakra. I've been using it non stop until the battle. I'm a bit drained by it." They were brought out of their conversation by the sound of moving sand and they saw Shi coming out of the sand. The two quickly ran over and helped him up with Sasuke asking, "You good to fight still?" Shi nodded showing that he could still fight. The three then heard a strange noise behind them and saw misshapen human figures made of clay running at the two. Hinata took out the Black Mamba holding it one hand and had her left hand open in a palm strike form and Sasuke calmly held up his hands to fight and he saw a tanto tossed in front of his face and he grabbed it. He looked at Shi who had his fists up saying, "You could use that to fight Sasuke-san."

"Thanks." Sasuke replied.

Deidara watched from a distance as the Konoha ninjas battled his deformed sculptures and then suddenly heard someone running at him and avoided a few kicks and punches. Distancing himself he remembered her from one of the hit lists, "You must be Kurenai the Genjutsu Mistress." Kurenai stood up tall and replied, "And you must be Deidara from Iwa. Nice to make your acquaintance." Deidara replied holding out a clay sculpture in his hand, "The art of Genjutsu vs the Art of Explosions."

Chiyo crawled out of the sand and saw most of the battle, "I have to seal Naruto away for a moment, I owe it to Kushina." she looked around and saw a battle in the sky soon ten puppets were wearing white cloaks with hight collars each with a crest on their foreheads. The puppets flew up to where Naruto and Arashi were fighting. Naruto saw the puppets heading towards him with his byakugan and quickly had his Jyoki mask open it's mouth and Naruto said, "Lava Style: Grand Lava Bombs!" Arashi saw a bright light emit from the mask's mouth followed by the growl. He vanished and barely avoided the lava ball that shot out.

The platinum powder turned back into the ring and Naruto vanished reappearing on the ground below. Arashi appeared next to Chiyo to defend her, Naruto looked at the two and said to his brother, "This is fun, but I have to work to a schedule otherwise he'll bug me about not being able to get the job done."

"The one you talk about it's Madara isn't it?" Arashi asked Naruto. Chiyo's eye twitched at the mention of Madara who she thought died decades ago, Naruto didn't bother hiding it, "Yeah he always hounds me about my loyalties. If I bring him the Ichibi Jinchuriki then maybe he'll finally leave me alone." Naruto knew that there was no point in hiding it since he knew that his father would know and he had a feeling that it wasn't exactly a secret anymore.

Arashi said to Chiyo, "If you can corner him I can latch a seal onto him and restrain him." Chiyo tried to say, "Wouldn't it be better to whisper?"

"No point, Naruto has the byakugan he can read lips as well. He showed a knack for it before he left Konoha when Haru tried to mess with him." Arashi explained to her. Chiyo looked up and her puppets were still hovering above Naruto she just waited no reason to rush it. Naruto could hear the sounds of the battlefield was actually scanning for Gaara, but his attention was drawn to something else.

"Aniki mind if I ask you something?"

Arashi kept his guard up, "Sure why not? What's your question?" Naruto let his hands fall to his sides and asked, "Are you still with Hana-chan?"

"I am. Why?" Arashi asked back still not taking his eyes off of him. Naruto looked over to where Kisame was fighting, "How important is she to you? I'm not asking in a threatening way… Just asking."

"I love her." it was a quick response and Naruto looked back at his brother, "What about you Naruto? Do you still love Hinata-chan, because she still defends you even after everything you've done. She's loyal to you, but are you loyal to her?"

Naruto closed both eyes and crossed his arms across his chest, "My heart…" Naruto touches his chest, "When I even see a glimpse of her, it beats fast much faster than my other four hearts. It's warm a feeling that I don't want to loose and I have no rational explanation as to why." Arashi smiled knowing that the words coming from his brother were genuine. Naruto pointed to where Kisame was and said, "Kisame is about to kill Hana."

Arashi stopped smiling and his eyes widened in fear without another word he vanished and left Chiyo there. Chiyo looked at Naruto asking, "That was your plan to separate from him wasn't it?"

"It is. I can fight my brother one on one with no trouble, the problem is that you're here along with ten puppets made by Monzaemon Chikamatsu. Sasori told me about you and how you fight."

"He did hmm. Well I'm actually here for three separate reasons, all three in a way are personal. I'm good friends with your mother, she came to Suna years before your triumphant return to Konoha and the two of us became fast friends. She's kind, brash, a bit tomboyish, helpful, and she spoke highly about loving the fact that she was a mother." Chiyo told Naruto who looked indifferent at what she was saying, "I say this because two of the reasons are because of you and your twin sister. I'm here to take Gaara back because I'm at fault for his current situation, I'm also here because I won't let the Akatsuki take Haru, and lastly." The ten puppets slowly surrounded Naruto, but remained at a distance, "Im here because I am a comrade of Konohagakure and I will capture you for Kushina."

Naruto watched her and calmly stated, "Looks like my family can touch the hearts of others. Do the Namikaze's have many allies?"

"It would appear so." She told him. Naruto held his arms out in a combat position and said, "Let's see if you can keep up with youth Chiyo."

* Kisame Battle- Same Time *

Kisame kicked Hana in the stomach knocking her into a sand dune. One of the ninken tried to bite him, but he grabbed the dog by the throat and slammed it to the ground. He lifted his leg up for an axe kick, but yet another one of the dogs came and bit him in the leg stopping him. Hana tried to get up and was helped by one of her ninken who bit her flak jacket and jumped away with her.

He slammed his fist on the dog's nose making it yelp in pain and in the process let go as well. After that Kisame kicked the dog in the side sending it flying and hitting the sand hard, walking over slowly to finish the dog off he spun around and grabbed another one that had lunged at him by the throat. Hana and her ninken that protected her both charged and spun rapidly.

Kisame saw them coming at him and held the dog up playing chicken with them. When they got close enough they changed course and went around him, Hana stopped her jutsu the second she was to his side and lunged at him swinging wildly at him while shouting, "Let go of him!" Kisame used little effort to avoid her attacks he used Samehada to extend it's spikes at her a few of them nicked her, but didn't injure her severally.

Once he was distanced from her he looked behind him and saw her one okay ninken was behind him snarling at him, "Inuzuka's really latch onto their pups don't they?"

"Let him go now!" she shouted in anger and showing her fangs at him. Tilting his head with his hand still latched onto one of her dog's necks he said, "I've met a few Inuzuka's in my time, but you were the only one who doesn't have that wild appearance. That seems to be changing now, you look more feral than before." She didn't answer and he noticed her canine fangs grew longer along with her finger and toe nails.

Intrigued he held the dog up at her saying, "I wonder how much stronger you'll get… if I do this." at that instant all you could hear was a crack and Kisame let the dog fall to the ground. Hana froze and remained rooted to the ground, her eyes wide open looking at her dog who was lying lifelessly in the sand. Showing his sharpened teeth he called to her, "Let's see how monstrously you fight now."

Hana's eyes narrowed and she screamed and immediately dropped on all fours and vanished. Kisame was surprised for a moment, but jumped back avoiding Hana's attack when she reappeared. Kisame could feel the evil intent practically radiating off of her, she had a small pill in her hand and she tossed it into his mouth. Kisame turned and saw the ninken's fur color changed a darker shade of gray and smoke enveloped him and he saw that the dog looked exactly like Hana.

Kisame held up Samehada and replied, "This is gonna be a blood bath. Both disappeared and he remained still remembering his training for becoming a swordsman of the Mist listening to all the sounds around him. For a split second he heard it, dodging to the left he avoided a strike behind him, he couldn't tell if it was Hana or her ninken that struck out at him. He was about to slam Samehada onto her, but the other Hana appeared grabbing onto the first and moved both of them away from the attack. Staying calm he heard a shout, "Fang Rotating Fang!" He looked back and saw two buzz-saw blades heading toward him. One was vertical and the other was horizontal, Kisame jumped avoiding the horizontal one and used Samehada to defend against the second one. Sparks flew in the air as the two collided with one another.

Grinning he said, "Got you!"

The buzz saw slowed and suddenly stopped and he swung with all his might like he was swinging a baseball bat. With all his might he saw Hana fly and crash into the sand next to her dead ninken. She held her ribs as blood poured out from her wound she received from the sword. Kisame replied, "I drained your chakra and since you didn't revert back to a dog I can safely assume that you are the real one."

Spinning around he swung Samehada again just in time to hit her disguised ninken drain it of it's extra chakra and make it change back. Her ninken fell to the sand uncurious and Hana looked over to her dogs seeing all three were unconscious. She touched her dead one saying, "Hai, Ma, Ru… I'm sorry especially to your Ru… I couldn't save you." She was starting to cry as Kisame walked over to her and looked down at the scene before him. He held up Samehada in the air and for a split second he saw a woman with long light brown hair. He stopped momentarily, but then swung Samehada down to kill her.

Samehada hit the ground, but he didn't feel it impact a body. Confused he didn't see her or her ninken and instead saw just sand, he looked around and then his eyes fell onto Arashi who was holding Hana in his arms and the ninken was at his feet. His eyes gave off a deathly glare toward him, "So the Second Flash appears. Judging by why you're here I'm guessing that you care for that girl more than your little brother." He didn't get a response and he rested Samehada on his shoulder, "I thought that she would be more of a challenge, but she barely put up a fight even when enraged."

Arashi said to him, "Don't move. I'll be back in a seven seconds." Kisame was a bit confused and saw him vanish, "What the hell?" seven seconds later Arashi reappeared without Hana, but now two kunai were in his hands.

"Looks like a rematch from three years ago." Kisame said aiming Samehada at him, 'In all honestly I don't think that I can beat this guy one on one.'

Arashi replied, "I'll go slow so you can keep up."

"Looking down on me huh? You'll regret that!" Kisame shouted as he ran at him.

* Meanwhile *

Naruto was jumping around avoiding the attacks of a puppet of Chiyo's that looked like a woman holding two massive swords. The platinum powder moved in front and blocked one of the attacks, Chiyo stood back keeping one puppet with horns close by. Naruto continued avoiding the attacks and did a back flip avoiding another puppet that had a single patch of hair that stood up atop his head. Landing he easily avoided the female and the other puppet, meanwhile Naruto looked inside of the mechanism of the puppets seeing the weapons that they contained inside themselves.

His platinum powder shot up blocking a two puppet combination attack which was a red faced puppet with a orb coming from beneath the head and four chakra blades spinning like a buzz saw, it's hand was connected with another puppet with long black hair. Both of their arms were able to extend making it long distance combination. Naruto leapt into the air avoiding it and continued observing the puppets.

Five black cables headed his way and Naruto spun around with wind chakra circling his fist, "Wind Style: Great Wind Straight!" punching his fist forward a advanced version of his Wind Straight attack the wind shot out into wind tunnel with a great impacting force that headed toward a bald blue puppet with the black cables coming out of it's head. When it impacted the puppet was destroyed with one hit.

Naruto landed back on the sand and the puppets surrounded him again. Naruto said to her, "Puppets aren't the best to use against me. I can see all parts of them making it impossible to attack me." Chiyo had to admit that she fought a few byakugan users back in her time and never really succeeded against them since they could see her attacks coming ahead of time. Usually she would be able to overwhelm her opponents, but that won't work this time. She made a few hand movements and the girl and horned puppet moved in to attack. Naruto blocked with his steel arm the two swords that came down at him and blocked the horned puppet's massive fist with his other hand.

The puppet with the patch of hair on it's head moved in and it's arms extended and spikes came out creating a cage trapping Naruto with the puppets. Another puppet appeared with a single eye and opened it's mouth revealing a small lion head with numerous fangs, when it shot it grew bigger and Chiyo saw sand kick up from the lion mask hitting the sand and hopefully Naruto.

She couldn't see because of the sand, but the activated as proof of the black markings that appeared over the sand. The sand finally died down and she was shocked seeing eight of her puppets were all stuck together in weird angels and a black thread was going in and around them all sewn together. Naruto meanwhile was standing outside the cage, his hand going through her caging puppets chest, it's head blown off, and it's arms were shot out of their sockets and he had a sword in his other hand with the same thread going through the eye of the sword.

Chiyo was beyond shocked and Naruto told her, "I'm too fast for you. Normally I like to take my time in fighting to really get to see my opponents' attacks, but I detest fighting against puppet users. Take your puppets away and you've lost." Naruto ripped his arm out of the puppet and turned off his steel skin and his platinum powder retreated his mask's mouth. A blue sphere appeared in the palm of her hand, it was a technique she'd seen before. Naruto charged forward shouting, "Rasengan!"

Acting quick Chiyo held her right hand up and four parts of her arm came up revealing that her right arm was in fact mechanical. Chakra emerged creating a shield and Naruto's Rasengan hit it, but did no damage to which Naruto was a bit surprised. Chiyo moved her left index finger and the orb from her red puppet and the four blades spinning wildly, Chiyo knew that his wouldn't work, but she needed to try something.

Naruto vanished and she stopped her attack looking around for the blonde haired ninja. Chiyo looked for him, but couldn't see him anywhere and Naruto reappeared above her a Rasengan in his hand as he was about to hit her with out her knowing. Hearing a spiraling sound she looked up and saw that Naruto was coming and she was to late to stop it. Happening in an instant, Chiyo felt someone push her and then a loud explosion following after that.

Sand kicked up and she felt someone grab her and pull her away, looking up she saw Haru, "Hey oba-san you alright?"

"Hai, what was that just now?" Chiyo asked her. Haru was able to put distance between them and pointed, "I'm about to go all out." Chiyo looked at the dying sand and saw Naruto and Haru were apart from each other which meant that the one who moved her was a clone.

Naruto looked at his right hand seeing scorch marks leading all the way up to his elbow. Haru was smiling at him shouting, "Round three!" Naruto replied, "You've already lost twice to me. Do you want to add another one to that so badly?"

Haru pointed at him, "Last time I wasn't in the right state of mind. I won't make that same mistake twice." Naruto stabbed his Nuibari sword in the sand and rubbed his scorched arm, "We'll see about that." he disabled his byakugan telling his twin, "Let's see how strong you actually are."

Chiyo and the Haru clone watched from a distance as the two siblings were about to square off. Naruto pulled out his Nuibari and ran at her shouting, "Let's see how good your kenjutsu really is!" Haru pulled out a scroll and unsealed her Kubikiribōchō and they were in a dead lock. Naruto saw that sword and commented, "So you have one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist's swords as well."

Haru nodded, "Yeah and over the past few years I've really gotten the handle on it." Naruto said with a smug remark, "We'll see." using his strength he pushed her back making her raise both hands in the air. He tried to kick her, but she leaned far back avoiding it and followed up by using as much of her weight as possible to swing her head forward and she landed a headbutt hitting Naruto square in the forehead and making him stumble back. A cut appeared on his forehead and Haru dropped her Kubikiribōchō and was holding her head shouting, "Damn that hurt more than I thought!"

Naruto really felt that one and wasn't expecting something like that to come from her, though he should've. Haru looked at him shouting, "What the hell is your head made out of!" Naruto quickly replied, "I should ask you that it felt like I was hit with a steel pole."

Haru backed away a bit and said, "Okay let's try that again." she leaned down and picked up her Kubikiribōchō swung her sword horizontally. Naruto jumped in the air and despite being far from her he knew that she could use her wind chakra to extend the reach of her broadsword. Haru thought to herself, 'He saw that one coming even without that eye of his.' She grinned, 'But what about this?" Turning her sword slightly Naruto saw a paper seal on it and smoke shot out and hundreds of shurikens and kunai shot at him, "Weapon Style: Hidden Steel Rain!"

Naruto's Bannai mask opened it's mouth and the platinum powder shot out making a shield defending him. Haru watched as he landed on the ground and the powder went back in the mask, 'A retractable defense. Almost like Gaara-kun's sand barrier. I have to keep him guessing.' Haru shouted, "Massive Shadow Clone Jutsu!" smoke shot out everywhere and Naruto saw at least a hundred clones.

'This might be fun!' Naruto thought running blindly into the crowd of clones and even without his byakugan he was doing well, he just needed to keep moving. Naruto felt something grab his ankle and saw a pair of hands coming out of the sand, the clones took this chance and jumped on Naruto grabbing him trying restrict his movements. Naruto whispered, "Magnet Style: Platinum Quills" sharpened platinum spikes shot out from his stitching hitting the clones and Naruto quickly stabbed Nuibari into the sand hitting the clone that held his ankles, then followed up by saying, "Magnet Style: Opposite Attraction!" his chakra burst out from his body in a large area and the clones saw the kunai and shurikens from earlier move toward Naruto and he shouted making the sharp weapons shoot outward destroying a large number of the clones.

A few clones were still around Naruto jumped in the air after feeling the sand move below him avoiding the large Kubikiribōchō that shot out of the sand. Haru appeared behind him doing a spinning back fist, but Naruto blocked it just off of instinct. Not amused that Haru that attacked smiled and her clothes vanished and another Haru appeared shocking Naruto who was hit just beneath his ribs making him wince. The Kubikiribōchō that shot out of the sand also turned to smoke revealing another Haru who kicked Naruto in the jaw making fly in the air.

Naruto suddenly felt an large hand grab his body and saw Haru was on the ground with the Kyuubi's chakra surrounding her, but it wasn't one of her tailed forms. She extend the red chakra around her arm and yanked Naruto back down and jumping out of the sand were three clones all pulling their fists back and hitting Naruto with all their might in his face sending him flying and the real Haru who was surrounded by the Kyuubi's chakra shouted, "Haru Namikaze! Attack Barrage!" Naruto impacted the sand hard and was wincing from the overall might of the attack commenting to himself, "I should've kept my byakugan activated. I underestimated her."

Pulling himself up Naruto saw that Haru dispelled all her clones and Haru stood there with her arms crossed smiling. Naruto dusted himself off and heard a familiar voice in his head, "Naruto retreat now…"

"What? We're not done here we still haven't captured the Ichibi yet!" He said out loud. Haru was eyeing him suspiciously, 'Who is he talking to?'

There was a brief pause and Naruto closed his eyes and said, "Understood." Naruto looked at Haru and turned his back to her, "See ya." he started to walk away, but he jumped in the air avoiding Haru who charged him trying to kick him, 'Damn he saw it coming!' she thought. Naruto had his byakugan activated and distanced himself from Haru, "Sorry, but I have other things to do."

"You think that I'll just let you walk away!? No chance!" she shouted at him. Naruto looked to his right and said, "So that's where Gaara is." Haru's eyes widened in shock and she moved so that she was in his line of sight, "I won't let you get to him."

Naruto said in a mocking tone, "Won't let me? Can you honestly beat me one on one."

"Not alone!"

Naruto was so focused on Gaara's position that when focused his byakugan sight he saw Sasuke (sharingan activated), Shi and Hinata all three were behind him. Naruto cracked his neck and his masks each let out their own noise, "Looks like I have to go all out. No this is good." he looked at Sasuke in particular, "Kakuzu taught me a very powerful fuinjutsu and you're the perfect test subject." Naruto although outnumbered still remained calm, "Who wants to go first?"

Sasuke didn't hesitate and shot out a fire jutsu and Naruto's Bannai mask opened it's mouth and a water ball shot out a water ball that cancelled out the fire jutsu. Once he got close they started to fight in taijutsu, Shi had followed behind Sasuke and tried to punch Naruto. Seeing it coming he quickly avoided the attack, Haru appeared in front of Naruto was amazing speed and punched Naruto in the stomach making him fly into a sand dune.

Sasuke looked at Haru saying, "Hey good shot-" He stopped and really noticed that Haru's eyes were different they looked like green toad eyes and she had a pink eyeshadow around her eyes. Haru told Shi Hinata, and Sasuke, "He's trying to get to Gaara keep him away!" The three understood and followed after Naruto.

Naruto pulled himself out of the sand and held his stomach his stomach was covered with his Steel skin, but he still felt the pain, "So that's the power of Senjutsu." He caught something in his vision and saw Shi and Hinata appear. Both tried to strike him, but he was faster and grabbed both of them by their wrists stopping their attack. Sasuke appeared in between the two with a kunai in his hand to try and stab Naruto.

"Predictable." Naruto said as threads shot out of his masks and wrapped around Shi and Sasuke. Hinata twisted her wrist making chakra shoot out from her wrist making Naruto let go. Once free she changed the chakra in her hand to the similarity of a blade and cut the threads, once they were free Sasuke did handsigns at amazing speeds shouting out, "Fire Style: Fire Dragon Bullet!" Hinata and Shi jumped out of the way avoiding the attack. Naruto was engulfed by the flames and Sasuke continued his fire jutsu a little while longer. He finally ended the technique and Hinata knew that Naruto wouldn't be beaten by a jutsu like that and in fact was watching him. That white powder shot up creating a barrier around him.

Sasuke looked back wondering how much longer Haru would need. Naruto started to move his powder went back in his body and each step he took he could hear glass shatter, Sasuke's technique was so hot that it turned the sand around him to glass. Once again facing the three he was about to attack, but a sudden flash of yellow appeared in front of him that yellow flash turned out to be Haru she landed perfectly aimed uppercut that knocked Naruto in the air.

Reacting quickly Sasuke and Shi leapt into the air Sasuke and Shi both hit Naruto with enough force to send him crashing to the ground. Hinata watched the battle and felt that something wasn't right, he wasn't trying at all. Naruto was barely using any technique and he seemed to be slower in his responses, she watched as he stood up and Haru ran at Naruto and unleashed a flurry of punches to his body. Haru's final attack was a straight right that hit him square in the jaw making him spin multiple times before hitting the sand.

Haru was breathing rather heavily, "Had enough?" she asked. Naruto slowly rose back up to his feet messing with his jaw, "No I got the information I need." Instantly Naruto vanished and appeared behind Haru doing a spinning back fist. Haru was able to sense him and ducked under and Naruto gathered more information, vanishing again he went for Sasuke trying to punch him in the face.

The Uchiha was able to predict the attack and he leaned back avoiding the attack as well. Naruto once again vanished and appeared standing alone, both Haru and Sasuke eyed him suspiciously and Naruto answered, "Now I know how fast you move to oncoming attacks. So let's try this again." Naruto barely moved his foot and he whispered, "Swift Style: Blind Attack." he disappeared and went for Haru first he threw a left punch, but Haru thanks to her Senjutsu was able to avoid the punch by leaning to her right, but then felt something hit her stomach and knock her off her feet. Naruto had separated his right hand with his stitches and made it move independently of his own body. Naruto used that same hand to grab her by her ankle and swing her around in the air and toss her at Shi who caught her making him skid across the sand for a brief moment.

Naruto showed up behind him and covered his whole right leg with his Steel release and kicked Shi in his side making the two ninjas fly into a sand dune. Hinata watched shocked as Naruto took the two down with now little effort. Naruto quickly vanished appeared next to Hinata wrapping his arm around her waist, Sasuke charged at Naruto to stop him, but Naruto said out loud, "Too slow." and he vanished with Hinata.

Sasuke couldn't keep up with the speed Naruto now moved at, "He took Hinata. Damn!" before he could go get Haru or Shi Naruto reappeared behind Sasuke his back to the Uchiha, "Why save Gaara?" Sasuke froze in his step and barely looked over his shoulder at Naruto, "Where's Hinata?" Sasuke asked in a dangerously low tone. Naruto pointed, "I put her over there. I don't want her to see what I have to do, so why save Gaara?"

"What kind of question is that?" He asked looking at him. Naruto looked at the Uchiha seeing the famed sharingan, "You love my sister don't you?" Sasuke was taken off guard by Naruto's words, "But from what I've witnessed it seems that Haru is in love with another. I know what happened at the Chunnin Exams three years ago from all the commotion that was given about the kiss seen around the world." Sasuke didn't change his expression as Naruto spoke, "You save the man the woman you love, loves instead of you. Makes no sense to me." Sasuke balled his hands into fists as Naruto now faced him entirely, "I can make it so that Haru is yours let me walk away right now. I go over there knock out Sakura and take Gaara. We seal the biju in him, he dies, and Haru turns to you for comfort."

Sasuke's eyes looked downcast actually considering Naruto's suggestion… Naruto looked up and saw Deidara was far off, but was indeed making his way over to them he was still a ways away though he didn't want him to interfere. Naruto started to walk passed Sasuke and thought, 'Last thing I need is for an unnecessary audience.' Naruto started saying to Sasuke, "You chose right. Just tell everyone that I was able to slip passed you, there was nothing you could do."

"Wait." Naruto stopped and looked at Sasuke, "You obviously don't care for your sister's happiness. You're something else." Sasuke took out another kunai and aimed it at Naruto, "All you've done is make her cry and if I let you take 'him' away then I'll have to see those tears. It's true I love her and that she is in love with another…"

Confused by his actions Naruto asked, "So why?"

Sasuke smiled and lightning charged in his hand and kunai, "It's the only way I can express my feelings for her!" a sudden inspiration hit him as he asked, "That's blind love, but tell me… Would you do the same if I told you that Hinata loved another?" he got the response he wanted which was Naruto's visible eye narrowing in what seemed like anger and in an instant the lighting shot out of the kunai in the form of a spear and pierced Naruto through his back and out of his chest greatly surprising Naruto. Blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth as his Ondekomen Mask let out a loud screech as it detached from Naruto jumping at Sasuke trying to wrap around him.

He released his lightning jutsu because of the black mass that attacked him, but it was weak it seemed to be dying. He was able to get off, but Naruto appeared in front of Sasuke his left fist surrounded by his Steel release and he threw an overhand right punch that hit the Uchiha square in the face with enough force to knock him straight down at Naruto's feet, the very sound of the impact was enough to make an echoing sound. Naruto grabbed Sasuke by his collar and lifted him into the air, seeing that he was unconscious. Naruto was about to attack him again, but he then suddenly felt two palms strike him in his chest knocking him back and making him drop Sasuke.

He slid back and saw Hinata standing where he just was she was breathing kind of heavily like she had just ran a marathon. Hinata walked over to Naruto with her hands kept at her side showing that she wasn't there to harm him, "Naruto-kun stop this." Naruto continued watching her a she walked closer to him. Now standing before him she grabbed his hand asking him, "Naruto-kun this isn't you… You'd never attack your friends like this."

Naruto looked at Sasuke seeing him staring to recover and was trying to stand, "I've never viewed him as a friend. Barely even an acquaintance." Hinata stood her ground saying to him, "Regardless he's our friend! He's a Konoha ninja!"

"I'm no longer a ninja of Konoha." Naruto said matter of fact tone. Hinata reached up and placed the palm of her hand on the far right side of his chest, "I know that you still keep your original heart." Naruto's eyes widened at that statement wondering how she could possibly know only Kakuzu and Kisame of their group know no one else, she didn't remove her hand and asked, "Why is it that no one died when you and your partner attacked Konoha and why is it that you used every ounce of your ability to fight your hardest against Chiyo and your brother… but not against us?"

Naruto gritted his teeth wanting to back away from her, but couldn't her hand was giving off a warmth he hadn't felt in a long time. Hinata slowly closed the distance until she was pressed against him, "You tell me, you look me in my eyes and say that you absolutely don't care about your village nor me… and I'll stop chasing you." He's never seen her like this she was always the meek little ninja who never would've done this even when he went to Konoha she seemed so submissive that if he said for her to join him on the spot she would do it in an instant.

Feeling defeated, actually defeated to the point where he was trapped he hung his arms loosely at his side closed his byakugan eye and stared at her with his normal blue eyes, "That statement… I do care."


He looked back and saw Shi rushing him charging a massive amount of chakra into his fist. From the speed he was gaining it'd be enough to severely injure Naruto and kill Hinata and from the angle he was coming at he can't see her. Naruto was going to use his swift, but for some reason he felt weak, so instead he quickly grabbed Hinata by her jacket and tossed her away and summoned out his steel skin, Sasuke watched finally regaining himself and saw Shi's fist hit Naruto square in the chest and in the briefest moments the steel skin cracked and the blonde ninja was sent flying colliding with numerous sand dunes.

Shi asked, "Hinata-sama I didn't see you there!" Hinata got up and ignored him and was about to chase after Naruto fearing that he was genuinely hurt. Haru appeared in front of Hinata stopping her, "Wait Hinata-chan!"

"Why!? Naruto-kun might be hurt!" Hinata protested her friend, but she calmly said, "Something has appeared!" Hinata stopped wondering what she meant and the other two walked over with Sasuke asking her, "What are you talking about?"

Haru looked over to the direction where Naruto was sent flying saying, "In my Sage Mode I can feel the chakra of everyone around here. By Naruto there's another that just appeared out of thin air and his chakra before Shi struck him it was like it was cut to less than half in an instant."

Hinata activated her byakugan and scanned over to Naruto and saw what Haru said, "I see him. He's standing over Naruto he's wearing a mask that I can't see passed. He's wearing the Akatsuki colors." she got into a battle position prompting everyone to do the same and her eyes suddenly widened in horror, "Naruto-kun! Naruto-kun vanished!" The were all getting ready and they saw the man appear before them adorned in the Akatsuki cloak, spiky black hair, and an orange swirl mask coming from the right eye.

"It seems like I have to approach things differently from now on."

His voice was deep and the chakra coming off of him was sinister, he was looking at each individual, "An Uchiha, the Jinchuriki, the Hyuuga, and the last Monk. Quite the gathering here."

"I remember you from three years ago! Madara!" Sasuke shouted. "Wrong Uchiha I've fashioned a new name. Only a select few can call me by that name and you're not one of them." He then pointed to the four one by one saying, "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a Biju by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, Eeny, meeny, miny…. moe." he suddenly sunk into the ground and Hinata quickly dashed forward to catch him, but he moved to for her to catch up with and he became completely submerged in the sand and before any of them could move the worst happened.

"What the-"

Sasuke, Hinata, and Haru over and saw that the man was behind Shi with his whole arm going through his back and out his chest. All three were horrified at his speed and Sasuke retaliated first summoning Chidori in his hand he tried to strike him, but the assailant turned making Shi face Sasuke and mistakenly Sasuke impaled Shi through his stomach.

Tobi responded, "Looks like you're on your way to betraying the village too Sasuke-kun. Attacking your comrade like that." Haru jumped over him and tried to kick him in the head, but instead went right through him. Tobi ripped his hand out kicked the back of Shi with enough force to make him collide with Sasuke and hit the sand.

Hinata rushed and tried to strike him shouting at him, "Give Naruto-kun back!" When her first strike went through his body Tobi reached out and grabbed Hinata by her hair to spin her around and punch her in the stomach knocking her back. Haru saw Hinata get punched and shouted furiously, "Don't you touch HInata!" Haru started attacking with a wide variety of strikes that all went through him. Unamused he said, "I would've thought that the daughter of the Yondaime would be more of a threat." Haru now completely pissed tired to punch him and instead went through his whole body. Once she passed through him entirely he grabbed her by the hair just like Hinata and spun her around to kick her in the side.

Hinata and Haru slowly started to stand and Tobi was staring the two down, "I need to make an example here today otherwise the nations will think that my organization is a collection of weaklings. But first." Tobi looked at Hinata and commented, "You do resemble that picture he has and Haru-chan did call you Hinata… So you are the one who's corrupting his mind." Tobi moved to fast for either of the girls to follow and he appeared in front of Hinata's face saying to her, "I'll be taking you with me as well. You'll be my leverage over Naruto-kun." Hinata felt her body being compressed and all she saw herself getting closer and closer to Tobi until everything became dark.

Haru watched Hinata get sucked into this stranger's eye and vanish making the anger in Haru rise, "You son of a bitch!" Haru held her hand out and a Rasengan formed in her hand, but it started to change color and the shape of it began to change and morph and it took a new form.

Sasuke was watching the whole time from a distance trying to make sense of how they passed through him so easily, but when he attacks they connect how was he able to switch back and forth from being intangible to solid in an instant. Sasuke moved Shi's lifeless body off of him and gritted his teeth, 'I can't let him get away with this!' Sasuke reached into his pouch and took out a kunai. Lightly tossing it in the air he did three hand signs and grabbed the falling kunai and electricity formed around his hand and kunai.

Tobi looked ahead seeing Haru form a new Rasengan and looked over his shoulder seeing Sasuke with a new jutsu as well, 'Interesting… Very interesting.' he thought to himself.

Haru charged at him shouting, "Big Bang Rasengan!" The new jutsu started to turn yellow as opposed to blue and blue chakra was spinning on the outside of it.

Sasuke kept his sharingan locked on Tobi rushing to his back shouting, "Raikiri!" they moved so quick that it was almost a blur. Though just as they connected Haru aimed for his head, but went through him and Sasuke aimed for the base of his spine going through him as well. Haru went over Sasuke and Tobi decided to put them both down right after both of them passed through him completely he grabbed Haru's ankle while she was in the air, "You're coming with me as well." he felt something stab into his leg and his whole body spasmed. Haru quickly spun in his grip and kicked him in the head knocking him away from her.

Tobi looked down at his leg seeing a kunai sticking out it, 'He threw the kunai that was imbued with lightning chakra!' Tobi fought through the jolts in his body and grabbed the kunai ripping it out. Sasuke charged at Tobi doing a few handsigns thinking, "Fire Style: Great Fireball!" he spat out a large fire ball that went flying toward Tobi. Haru could see from the angle she was at that he phased through the sand avoiding the attack. When the fireball hit hit exploded kicking up a lot of dust. Tobi came from out of the ground appearing before the two, "Your tandem attacks work well and actually I'm impressed. If I didn't have the ability to make my body intangible I would've actually died by now." Tobi gave a look at both of them, "Maybe I'll let you stay alive just a bit longer and like I said I need to make an example here today. I've killed one already, how about I kill four more to prove a point." he looked to his left, "Starting with her." Tobi disappeared and the two ran at him to stop him from disappearing, but it was to late.

Sasuke looked at Haru asking, "Where did he go?" Haru's eyes widened and she looked in the direction of where Gaara and Sakura where, "Oh no!"

* Sakura & Gaara *

Tobi was standing in front of Sakura holding her fist and a kunai was jammed in her chest, "Predictable." Tobi said he pulled the kunai out of her chest and Sakura fell forward onto her knees holding onto her chest trying to heal herself. Tobi walked over to the unconscious Gaara telling Sakura, "You won't be able to heal from that one. I took that kunai from one of Sasori's puppets, meaning that it's doused in poison added to the fact that I stabbed it close to your heart. I'd say that you don't have long to live."

Sakura started to sweat a lot and her breathing became unstable, she glanced at Tobi seeing him standing above Gaara. Sakura did a few handsigns and thought to herself taking a big breath, 'Fire Style: Heated Stream!' when she spat out fire it came in the form of a line of fire that passed right through Tobi. He looked back at Sakura, "It's pointless to fight it."

"Sorry, but I don't give up that easily! I might be just as stubborn as her!" Sakura shouted, four things suddenly jumped out of the sand. Tobi saw them as four other clones of Sakura, they kept a distance and he replied, "What will you do now that you have me caught?" he suddenly felt something grab his ankles and he looked down, "Another one!?"

The clones then charged him and unlike before he held the kunai that he used to stab her to fight. The first clone that ran to him trying punch him was stabbed in the chest and dispersed, the second he threw it with such force that it knocked it off it's feet dispelling it. The third and fourth one charged and each threw a punch at him, timing it Tobi caught their wrists before contact and twisted both of the clones' wrists snapping the bones following up by punching both clones in the face dispelling the two. He looked down at the clone hidden in the sand and punched the ground with tremendous force that disrupted the clone and destroy it. Sakura saw Tobi starting to walk over toward her saying, "Pretty clever, I'd expected a tactic like that from your teammate and from Naruto in the usage of Shadow Clones. I must say that I underestimated you." in a split second he grabbed Sakura by her throat and held her dangling in the air, "Something I won't do again." Tobi pulled his fist back to punch her, but sand shot up and wrapped around his arm.

He looked back and saw Gaara was barely awake, his hand reaching out stopping Tobi from striking, "You're with Akatsuki right? Then your fight is with me." he said. Tobi dropped Sakura and looked at Gaara as he forced himself to stand up, "You can barely stand yet you think that you can win against me?"

"I'm not an idiot. I can't beat you one on one." Gaara let the sand fall off of Tobi's arm and he reached into his ninja pouch and unraveled a scroll shouting, "Which is why I'll do this!" doing his handsigns he touched the scroll unsealing a large amount of gold dust, making hand movements he mixed the sand around him with it and brought his hands together shouting, "I don't plan on holding back anymore!"

Tobi saw the gold sand surround Gaara and a massive amount of chakra explode out and imbued in the gold sand.

* Haru & Sasuke *

The two were running quickly knowing that Tobi was after Jinchuriki and since Gaara was injured he was the perfect target. Haru was running as quickly as she could her Sage Chakra drained and now using the small amount of Kyuubi chakra she can control and Sasuke was desperately trying to keep up his sharingan blazing. As they neared the area they stopped dead in their tracks when they felt a massive amount of chakra.

"What is that!?" Sasuke asked. Haru recognized the chakra as belonging to a tailed beast, 'Gaara-kun is awake and he's fighting!' she shouted at Sasuke, "Come on we have to save Sakura-chan and Gaara-kun!" agreeing he followed her and in the distance they could see a large figure rising out of the sand.

*Gaara *

Tobi was looking up seeing the Ichibi Shukaku staring down at him it's body a mass of sand and gold markings covering the body and tail. It has a jagged, concave mouth and the sclerae of its eyes are black, with yellow irides and pupils that each takes the shape of a black four-pointed star with four black dots around it. It was much bigger than Tobi was who didn't seem to be phased at all by the new appearance.


Tobi looked behind him seeing Haru appear and then looked to his left and saw Sasuke checking Sakura.

His attention was brought to the gigantic biju who was letting out a bloodthirsty roar and then it tried to hit him. Tobi didn't panic and instead phased right through the giant beast's arm completely unharmed, 'You cannot control it in your weakened state can you? The beast has completely taken control.' Tobi thought to himself and it did seem like the beast was on a rampage destroying everything in it's wake.

Sasuke picked up Sakura and tried to get far away from the rampaging beast while Haru used the remaining biju chakra to propel herself at Shukaku's nose shouting, "Gaara-kun you have to calm down!" Shukaku kept roaring and flailing his tail and his arms around smashing the sand around him.

Tobi distanced himself and watched from a distance as Haru looked to try and calm the beast, "Hey!" he looked back and saw Kisame appear behind him, "What are you doing here?" Kisame looked a bit beat up and worn out.

"I came to get you all out of here. I already have Naruto-kun, retreat for now I'lll capture the Jinchuriki." Tobi said authoritatively. Kisame said, "No can do." he pointed behind him and Tobi looked back and saw Kakashi and Arashi had followed them along with Pakura, Maki, and Ibiki.

The two Akatsuki faced the elite ninjas and Arashi calmly stated, "Madara."

"Arashi-kun and as well as the best of the best of Iwa and Konoha." Tobi stated, "You have a choice today, waste all your time and energy on stopping the two of us." he then pointed behind himself to the large biju still on a rampage, "Or use all that to calm him down. Your choice."

Ibiki said to everyone, "We can capture him another day, but with that biju on a rampage who knows how long before it decides to head to a populated area." Everyone understood and started running around the two Akatsuki except for Arashi who remained where he was. Tobi moved over and held his hand out to the beast, "Your move."

Arashi walked passed him, but said calmly, "You stole two people from my village. I doubt that I'll get Naruto back, but I'll be taking Hinata-chan back."

Tobi glanced at him through his mask asking, "Oh you tagged her as well?"

"Always and if she's hurt I swear that I'll-" Arashi asked. Tobi nodded, "Of course she is unharmed. Right now she's tending to Naruto's wound, they are talking as we speak I merely observing your brother's feelings right now." Falling from Tobi's left sleeve looked to be small flap of skin with a seal formula on it, "Better luck next time." Arashi gritted his teeth and ran off to fight.

"Go Kisame, I'll wait here a little while longer." Tobi said watching as Shukaku was on a rampage.

* Meanwhile *

Sasuke helped get Sakura a safe distance away and eventually found Chiyo who was surrounded by dead or injured ninjas. Sasuke set her down asking her, "Where did they all come from?"

"Arashi brought them all. What happened to her?" she asked. Sasuke said, "She told me that she was poisoned."

Chiyo observed her saying, "She was, this is Sasori's poison."

Sasuke looked around and saw something intriguing, "What's he doing here?" Chiyo looked back and saw Sasori was there except he had been bisected, his arms removed, and was held down by cloths. Chiyo told him, "Your sensei and the others saw to his capture. Thankfully he had the antidote on him."

"I never would've thought that I'd bee in this predicament Chiyo-baa-san." Sasori said smiling, "My puppets destroyed, our reinforcements abandoned us, and my partner is most likely run away as well." Sasuke kept his distance saying, "No honor amongst criminals huh?"

Sasori chuckled, "No honor either amongst traitors either right?" Sasuke gritted his teeth and wanted to strike, "Sasuke-kun…" a familiar voice stopped him and he saw Sakura was again gaining consciousness, "Sasuke-kun…" he moved over to her and kneeled down next to her, "Don't speak just rest."

She shook her head and reached up grabbing his collar and pulling him down and whispered into his ear. Sasuke's eyes widened and he quickly got up, "Chiyo-san take care of her."

"Where are you going Sasuke?" she asked.

Sasuke closed his eyes, "To help my friends. I've obtained a new power one that could redeem my clan for it's hatred." he slowly began to open his eyes, "A power obtained not through hate, control, or darkness." when his eyes opened revealing a Mangenkyo Sharingan, "One gained through hope, sacrifice, and light." his eyes contained three red intersecting ellipses and a black background.


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