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Chapter 1: Snow filled eyes

Bright sapphire eyes stared out into the cold, her small frame shivering in the mild snowstorm that was once again, not uncommonly, surging in Moscow, her 'home' for the last two years.

She didn't know what a home really was, being an orphan since birth and the system in chaos then as it was still making the transition from the USSR to a Russian government, so she was moved constantly to different orphanages all over the state, landing in Moscow admits an administrative change at the orphanage. She was left to herself, just three-years-old, eyes seeing nothing but terror as she was bullied and harassed by the older children, tugging at her short black hair and pushing her into objects and down stairs. She did everything she could to get help from the adults, but she was just pushed away, back into abusive hands. One child, named Natasha, took every chance to hurt her, even going so far as to push her off a fourth floor landing, causing the then four-year-old to fall into a semi-frozen pond, giving her a fever that bedded her for two weeks. After that incident, she avoided anything off the ground floor, even her own bedroom on the second floor until what she was told was her fifth birthday, rushing up to the room, grabbing her only other clothes: a thin part of socks, an old blue sweater and patched up pants & her stuffed bear before slipping out of the orphanage with a limp, another 'present' from Natasha, who had tripped her, causing her to both twist her ankle but also cut her arms on the sharp objects she landed on.

Moscow residents had a habit of overlooking lone children if it looked like they were taking care of themselves, which she was, barely and also avoided talking to her, even when she asked for water. Two weeks she had been on her own, dealing with her old injuries and any new ones from the other wayward children and also avoiding the adults from the orphanage when she spotted them, until the weather started getting worse, forcing the shops she had been nicking food from to close and move indoors. So here she sat, looking meekly up at any adult that passed, looking away quickly when she heard one-woman whisper to the man next to her

"Poor little dear, she looks lost, do you think we should talk to the police?"

But his response stopped the fear that was starting to rise in her little chest

"No Sasha, they have enough going on without worrying over another orphan."

She thought she was in the clear until she spotted two blue boots standing directly in front of her. She slowly looked up in fear, seeing that the clothing matched the boots, even the man's eyes, which were sky blue. He had a long beard that went to his waist and look old enough to be one of the elders at the school she saw other children outside the orphanage, but when he leaned down to her eye level, she knew he was even older then he seemed.

His mouth was moving but she couldn't understand a word coming out of his mouth and so when he reached forward, she startled back, terror shining in her eyes. He stopped, sat back and sighed before bring a long, thin stick of brown wood of his pocket and pointed it at his throat then at her throat; he looked at her again and whispered

"Do understand me now, little one?"

She nodded, but did not move from her spot against the cold wall, still terrified of the old man. He didn't have outward signs that he would hurt her, but many had lied to her before.

"Now I know that you may be frightened and confused right now, but I promise you that I am not going to hurt you. I want to help you; in fact I want to take you away to someplace much more fun then this cold land. What do you think of that, huh?" He asked, smiling at her.

She was wide eyed at him, was this a joke? Another cruel prank from fate? But it seemed so real, but she had been fooled in the past. What else did she stand to lose? Finally, she stood and nodded, gingerly taking his hand when he offered it again, feeling a strange pull at all sides before she was suddenly taken from the snow burdened Moscow to a damp, but warm environment, a huge stone castle looming in front of her. She didn't see much of it before her mind started swimming and everything turned the wrong way, her head soon meeting the damp ground, the old man cleaning her clothes, which seemed to have been covered in her own vomit, before he scooped her up and raced into the castle. Most of the way was a blur, but when they ran into a very bright room, she not only heard him speak but then a woman's voice.

"Poppy, I need you now!" He said, placing her on the nearest bed.

A woman, who must have been the Poppy person, burst of a room, in a nurse's uniform and without a word rushed to the bedside. She was too tired to even try and move away from the nurse's fingers but they left to be replaced with a short, thing red stick, waved over her small frame and a displeased look overtook the nurse's face.

"Albus, please tell you did not bring her here by side-apparation! She has hypothermia, a fever of 101 and several injuries and now those are all severely stressed thanks to you! Please, leave my hospital wing or I will not hesitate to take back my oath!" The woman hissed, her brown eyes sparking.

Albus nodded and went to touch the girl, but she found the energy to recoil, moving to the edge of the bed, eyes wide again as she stared at him before he left, leaving her in the care of Poppy, who went to work quickly but at a pace that wouldn't frighten her, Poppy seeing the defensive posture on many Slytherin's in the past. When it was clear to her that Poppy truly didn't mean any harm, she relaxed into the middle of the bed and let the woman work, who gave her a warm smile.

"Can you tell me if anything else hurts dearie?" Poppy asked, sitting on the chair next to the bed.

When she answered, it was clear that whatever the old man had done had faded on her end, because the nurse only looked confused before pulling out her stick again and whispering while a graceful arc of the wood that ended over her throat again.


"Ok, try that answer for me again."

Slowly, she opened her mouth and whispered

"My ankle hurts."

The nurse popped up and examined both ankles before smiling over her left one, walked over to a cabinet and pulled a lime green filled jar out, walking back over to the bed. She pulled the ankle up gingerly before applying some of the green goop to her ankle, pain instantly disappearing with a sigh from her lips.

"Now it was only twisted so it just needs some rest. Anything besides those cuts along your arms, how about a name?" Poppy asked, rubbing a different goop on her cuts, this time all the tiny wounds stinging before numbing.

She shook her head and whispered "Orphans don't have names if they aren't given one at birth and my mother died before she could or before she told anyone."

Poppy look saddened and held her hands in her larger ones. "How old are you?"


"Very smart for a five-year-old, tell you what, how about I give you a name? I bet you'll like it."

Her eyes caught the child's sapphire before the girl nodded and Poppy started thinking while she went into her office to fire call Severus for more nutrient and growth potions and after she spoke to the man, the name appeared in her head.

"How about Xander, pretty unique name don't you think?" She asked, walking back out.

The girl looked at her curiously before a deep thinking look overtook her features and she sat there for five minutes before looking up and nodding, her eyes smiling.

"So Xander it is, oh Severus there you are. How many do you have for me?" Poppy said, turning towards the door.

Xander turned and watched as a tall, dark haired man walked into, suddenly locking her sapphire eyes with his onyx and she instantly felt safe near him, despite his cold exterior. He had shoulder length black hair and a hooked nose but despite his mask, he seems generally concerned when he turned towards her, while Poppy put the bottles into the cabinet.

"Five of the growth potion and seven nutrient potions. I have more brewing if you think you will need more." His voice only seemed to calm Xander further, who moved to sit on her knees, but her ankle cause her to move her legs to the side of the bed, her feet just over the edge.

"When did she get here, Poppy?"

"Albus brought her in about thirty minutes ago, stupid old-Xander back under the covers, you still have a fever young lady- he brought her by apparation while she had a twisted ankle, 101 fever, hypothermia and several other little injuries that were stressed because of him and he wondered why she puked when she landed. Sometimes, I wonder if that man hasn't completely lost it!" Poppy answered, moving back to Xander, who had thrown herself back under the warm covers, with three bottles in her hands.

"You're not the only one, may I Poppy?" Severus replied, standing.

Poppy looked at Xander, who didn't seem frightened at all, nodded and walked back to her office, the door remaining open as she continued her quest for her own bed, eyes shooting back to the ward, Xander's bed in plain view, which comforted the medi-witch.

Xander saw that the nurse would be right there if she needed help, so she really wasn't worried when the man sat on the edge of the bed, holding a blue filled bottle.

"Xander, my name is Severus. Do you know where you are?"

"No, sir."

"Russian I see, where were you born?"

"The matron at the orphanage said I was born in St. Petersburg, but that old man found me in Moscow."

"Ok, well you are in Southern Scotland right now, do you know where that is? No, well that is very far from Moscow, better weather I think, even if it rains a lot. Now, what I am about to tell you is not a fairy tale: you are in Hogwarts, a school of witches and wizards and because you can see this school without the help of any spell-"

"Is that how she was able to get me to speak English?" Xander asked, pointing towards Poppy's office.

"Yes it was, though it's very rude to interrupt people when they are speaking, Xander. As I was saying, as you can see this school that means you are a witch and would normally attend the wizarding-school in Germany when you turned eleven, but as I don't think you will be going back, my guess is that you will be coming back here. Now, either Poppy or I will finish this conversation with you in the morning, but you are still ill, so I'm going to give you these potions here ok: one is a fever reducer, which will help you sleep, this one is a dreamless sleep, letting you sleep though the night and the last one is a nutrient potion, self explanatory. Any questions?" Severus asked, handing her the first potion.

She shook her head and carefully sniffed each bottle before she downed each on, turning on her side, facing Poppy's door, but before she drifted off, she whispered

"You'll come back tomorrow?"

When he nodded, she smiled and drifted asleep, clutching the blankets near her, wishing for her stuffed bear. He stood and walked out of the wing, her eyes standing out in his mind but what stood out more was her instant trust, while it seemed like Poppy worked harder to gain the young girl's trust. He let these thoughts flow through his mind as he checked his brewing potions before turning in for the night.

Over the next week, Poppy's spell had been taken off every morning so she could start teaching English to Xander, who looked none to happy but perked up the first morning when Severus entered the hospital only to be disappointed when he started to help the medi-witch, as she was told by Poppy that she was not a nurse but the equal of a doctor from her old world. But it seemed they started to make a break through, only to be interrupted by Albus coming into the hospital wing, sending her to the other side of the bed, a string of what sounded like very rude Russian flying from her lips as she stared at the old man.

"Seems like she is getting better." Was all he said before walking out, calling Severus to follow him, the dark man leaving after assuring the young girl he would be back.

Xander looked at Poppy, who was perched on the side of the bed, her hands wringing the hem of her apron.

"I swear I will hurt that man one day, he must know he frightens you, causing you more stress." She whispered, glaring at the now closed door.

"Ok, back to your lesson."

Two hours later, Poppy was cheering when Severus returned, a quirk of his eyebrow had her going on about how quickly Xander was learning English. He turned to look at the girl, who was smiling broadly at him.

"Hello, Severus." She said, in broken English, but still a vast improvement.

He gave her a small smirk before picking up where Poppy left off, letting the woman return to working on the pile of paperwork on her desk, still smiling over Xander's first English word an hour ago.

Poppy could see she was growing frustrated over her lack of movement until the medi-witch gave her what seemed to be a defining tip.

"When thinking of a word, place it on an object so it is easier to draw up when you want to talk about it, does that help Xander?"

The girl was looking at her entwined fingers, mouthing a word Poppy couldn't see until she looked up into Poppy's eyes and said

"M-mother." Her voice cracked but was happy when she looked at the woman.

"Oh my, that was very good, my dear." Poppy whispered, clutching the girl's hands.

Severus had her speaking the alphabet almost perfectly two hours later when the doors opened again, only not admitting not Albus, but a very tall, dark skinned man who seemed to know Severus.

"Kingsley, this is a surprise, what brings you here?" Poppy asked, moving out of her office.

Xander observed Kingsley from behind Severus' shoulder, as he had moved instinctively in front of her, and could see that he was built wide, with muscles that appeared from under his robes, as she was told that was what most witches and wizards wore, and could see the tip of his wand in his sleeve.

"Albus informed my office that there was a foreign orphan in Hogwarts that would need transfer papers in order to be placed in an English orphanage without hassle." Kingsley answered.

"No!" Xander cried out before she could stop herself, hands clasped over her mouth as all three adults looked at her.

Severus and Poppy knew instantly why she didn't want to go to another orphanage, fearing the same life as she had in Russia. Poppy couldn't allow the little girl to suffer anymore, so she turned to Kingsley with the idea that had been swimming in her head for three days now.

"Would it be any trouble if I adopted her?" She asked, trying to ignore the gasp that came from Xander.

"I think it would only trouble Albus, though I don't know why. But I would only need to get both the paperwork and Amelia Bones down here, may I use your floo?" he asked, moving towards the fireplace.

"Yes, please hurry." Poppy responded, moving over to the other side of the bed, catching Xander, who had thrown herself at the woman, Russian flying from her lips.

"English Xander, please."

"Thank you, mother." Xander cried out, clinging to the woman.

Poppy gave no response, only held the child closer while looking up at Severus with a silent question that he nodded yes to, gaining a smile from the medi-witch. The fireplace roared to life and Kingsley helped a young woman with short brown hair and honey eyes stepped out.

"Poppy Pomfrey? Amelia Bones, so I understand you want to adopt the Russian orphan that Albus brought here a week ago?" Amelia asked, sitting in the chair next to the bed, Xander again hidden by Severus' back.

"Yes, I've been taking care of her, talking to her, helping her adjust and I just know she won't survive in another orphanage since she has been in at least seven since she was born and she's only five-years-old. She needs a stable environment and I already adore her, plus she has grown to trust me. I feel like if she was left in a place with adults she doesn't trust, you would never see her leave." Poppy answered, gripping her robes tightly.

Amelia smiled sadly and looked towards Kingsley with a knowing look in her eyes.

"Can I speak with her or can't she not speak properly yet?"

"She's learning English, but it's broken most of the time. She just needs the translation charm for now." Severus answered, turning towards Xander and whispering


Xander smirked and moved to the edge of the bed, where she could see Amelia, who smiled at her.

"Can you tell me your name?"

"Xander and I'm five-years-old. I don't have a last name, in fact I only have Xander because Poppy gave it to me."

"You didn't have a name at all, how did that happen?" Amelia asked, concern in her voice.

"The first orphanage didn't have a name on record for me when I was left there, and it's not normal to give a baby a name. I just was called 'girl' all the time or worse names by the other children."

Amelia held back the tears that were burning in the back of her throat as she made notes in Xander's new file, already coming to her decision.

"So you like it here, with Madam Pomfrey?"

"Yes, I really do."

Nodding, Amelia filled out the information and handed the paperwork for Poppy to sign while asking

"Am I to guess that you will be the godfather, Severus?"

The man nodded and signed where it was indicated, getting a sudden hug from behind, Xander's arms barely reaching around him, when he finished. Amelia was silently speaking with Poppy before turning back to Xander, who was grinning up at her.

"You make sure that you take of your mom ok? We'll talk soon, so keep up all the work with your English, ok Xander?"

"Yes mam."

The witch smiled and left with Kingsley while Poppy seemed to jump into overdrive.

"I'll take to the manor right now, she needs new clothes and some toys. Severus, can you see if there are any books that I use to help tutor her? I know you must have some age proper potion kits that she could study with you at the manor with. Oh, the elves will be very glad to have something to do. Xander dear, come here, I need to change your clothes so you'll be warmer when we go out."

Xander slipped off the bed and walked up to her mother while Severus stood behind her, hand resting on the back of her head. Poppy waved her wand and the white gown was now a pair of warm pants, fur lined boots and her renewed blue sweater with a winter jacket over that. Poppy then transfigured her old boots into a pair of dark blue gloves and a blue scarf. Xander had never had this much clothing, so she starting tearing up, hiding her face from the adults but Severus could feel her body shaking and brought her up into his arms, her own arms linking around his neck while she silently cried into his neck.

"Is something wrong?" Poppy whispered, stopping midway up her jacket.

"No, I think she is just starting to let the shock set in. I think you should keep the spell active when you go into Diagon Alley, so she doesn't feel isolated." Severus replied, rubbing circles on Xander's back while he walked out with Poppy to the edge of the wards of Hogwarts. They thankfully avoided Albus the whole way and before she left, she gave Severus a thick letter to give to Albus before picking Xander up.

"Ok, now I can't use the floo network with you yet sweetheart, but I want to hold me very tightly. I promise nothing will happen to you this time."

"Ok mother, goodbye Severus." Xander whispered, the tears no longer flowing.

"Goodbye." He said curtly, but with a rare smile towards her.

Poppy held her close and apparated to a dark alleyway, putting Xander down, who clung to her open hand and pulled out her wand, tapping certain bricks before they started moving back, Xander's eyes wide as she watched as a whole new world appeared before her. Poppy started walking, Xander still clutching her hand.

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