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Chapter 5: Only The Good Die Young

"Инесса роyз?" Poppy whispered, turning towards Severus. "Could that be the name her birth mother wanted to give her? But how did she figure it out?"

"I would guess that it was the trance she had, I'm going to go in and see if she is 'awake' or not." He replied before gently resting his fingers on Xander's brow, drawn instantly into her mind.

He found himself again in her Redwood forest, but the atmosphere was different, chaotic and yet peaceful at the same time and the fog that drifted along the forest floor was warm and almost seemed to be pushing him towards a new area of the forest. He walked only seconds before he found his goddaughter, standing atop her favorite stump, Hallie surprisingly there as well, the lynx running around the stump, her hisses drawing Severus' eyes to the mouse that she was chasing.


Sapphire eyes turned to him, tears racing down her face, but there was a sad smile that graced her features.

"Uncle, I'm glad you're here."


"We were right, the visions and the people, they were no, are connected to my past."

Before Severus could respond, the area changed until they were standing in a version of Hogwarts. Xander walked over and pointed, Severus following her arm towards a couple of students who stood out from the rest of the students around them.

"Those are my parents."

"What?" Severus moved towards the pair, quickly arriving next to them.

He didn't understand how Xander came to the conclusion that these were her birth parents; the woman had blonde hair down to her waist and gold eyes & the man…

"No." He whispered, eyes wide as he turned back, finding Xander at his side.

"How do you know this?"

"I remember a tune, you know the one I always hum? I have a memory from when I was born and left at the orphanage, not my own of course, but hers and she's singing the song to me." She replied, turning her gaze to the woman, a tune instantly playing.

"Shtozh tý, milaya, smotrish iskasa,

nizko golovu naklanya?

Trudno výskazat' i nye výskazat'

fsyo shto na sertse u minya."

Severus watched as the area dissolved from Hogwarts to a small room where the woman was now holding a small child with black hair to her chest, the song softly falling from her lips. The woman looked exhausted: sweat plastered some of her hair to her fair face and she was holding the infant loosely, her limbs held up by her knees.

"Miss, I need you to give the nurse the babe, I'm not done repairing the damage." A voice to Severus' left said, a male in a long blue overcoat coming into the scene.

The woman nodded and handed the baby to the waiting nurse, and the doctor went to work, but not before she whispered to the child, the whisper obvious to Severus and Xander but not the doctor or nurse.

"Be well, my Inessa Rose."

As the nurse left the room, the area dissolved to what had to be a later time, as the room was now dimmed and the woman was sleeping, an IV and heart monitor surrounding her. Severus went to speak, but was stopped when Xander pointed to the door and he walked in and over to the woman's bedside.

"Thought you could hide from me? ME? You were foolish, YOU pathetic thing."

"Her name is Alisa, you bastard." Xander hissed, her sapphire eyes light up.

"You will regret betraying me." He said before pulling out a familiar wand and whispering "Avada Kadavra!"

Alisa's body went limp and the monitors started ringing out, but all Severus could hear was Xander's cries as she hugged her knees and the scene went back to the Redwood clearing. His onyx-eyes took his goddaughter's crying form in a new perspective: she had her real name, some of her history, but what could be the worst news, the names of her parents. Severus eased out of her mind, seeing that she woke when he did, both avoiding Poppy's demanding brown eyes.

"I know those looks and I know I won't get anything out of both you, but please tell me that nothing is physically wrong with her?"

"Physically she is fine." Severus replied, grasping Xander's hand before she moved to the edge of the bed.

"I'm going to go back to the common room." She whispered, quickly leaving the infirmary, not seeing emerald eyes follow her.

Over the next week, Xander was able to avoid any questions about her short time in the infirmary from Blaise, while also avoiding Severus, who seemed to want to flesh out his knowledge of her parents, so by the time the following Friday came, she gladly crashed on the white couch, her homework long done, her friends finishing their own homework when a small group of upper Slytherins walked down to the common room.

"Alright, listen up! Since we are fully into the year, we have decided to introduce you, our youngest housemates, to a new tradition we started up about four-years ago. Now, who here knows what Karaoke is? Only a few of you, well it is a muggle thing were they sing along with the music of well known songs, but we are tweaking it: we have a way to for you to sing a song based on an emotion or memory or desire, you get the point. As firsties, you have to do it, So you," the sixth-year redheaded Slytherin pointed to a brunette girl who slowly got up, "will go first."

The brunette, whose name escaped Xander, seemed hesitant until the red-head tapped her shoulder and a tune started playing, causing the brunette to sing along, the song a semi-slow song that seemed to be called 'Linger' before the girl was able to sit down and a third-year took her place, the upper years mixing in with the younger years so not to have them feel embarrassed, because they didn't all have to go first before the other years. Some of the songs had the common room laughing, disturbed, crying or feeling confused, but the hours seemed to go by and for once, everyone seemed relaxed.

"Ok, Xander, you're up." Danielle said, smirking at her wide-eyes response.

"I only sing in the shower…" She whispered as Blaise pushed her forward, glaring at the brunette before the redhead tapped her shoulder, still glaring when the tune started.

"Something always brings me back to you.

It never takes too long.

No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone.

You hold me without touch.

You keep me without chains.

I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain."

She knew instantly what the memory was that spawned the song, seeing Alisa's ghostly form in the back of her mind and could feel the tears form behind her eyes.

"Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.

Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.

But you're on to me and all over me.

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile.

When I thought that I was strong.

But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.

Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.

But you're on to me and all over me."

Blaise, Draco, Theo and Pansy were watching her like hawks, seeing the unshed tears finally fall, her sapphire eyes light up with pain and anger, her finger clutching her chest as the song finally ended.

"I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you're everything

I think I need here on the ground.

But you're neither friend nor foe though I can't seem to let you go.

The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me down

Keeping me down

You're on to me, on to me

and all over...

Something always brings me back to you

it never takes too long."

She remained standing there for only a moment, seemingly hours for Xander before she returned to her seat, ignoring when more students went after her, Blaise's hand resting on her shoulders the rest of the night, Alisa's memories coming in pieces, randomly flying through her mind, finding places to hid in the redwood forest of her mindscape.

"You ok?" Blaise whispered, when the night finally ended around 1 am, most of the other students in their dorm rooms, but Xander, Blaise and Draco remained on the white couch, the room dimly lit by the fire.

Draco watched her carefully as she drew a deep breath, sapphire eyes meeting silver and honey before speaking.

"I want a promise, from you both, that you won't speak of word of this to anyone." When they swore, she drew another breath before she spoke again.

"You know I'm adopted and you know that I originally came from Russia, but what you don't know, and honestly we didn't know it until recently, is who my real parents are. I was left on the doorsteps of an orphanage in St. Petersburg's when I was just a few days old and I was shuffled to orphanages all over the country before I finally found myself in Moscow. No one had any knowledge of where I came from or what my name was, in fact Xander was only given to me by Poppy when I was five, after Dumbledore brought me here. I still don't understand why he brought me to England, but I think, no I know it has something to do with my parents, or my father to be more precise." She paused, regaining herself, not looking into her companion's eyes before she continued. "Ever since I was adopted, I have these…trances, where I seem to either be in a memory or I just hear events of what I now know are my parent's history. The most recent on was last week, when I was going to see mom in the infirmary: I walked into a trance, if that's the right word and I was in Hogwarts, but I wasn't," sensing the confusion, Xander decided to reword, "it was like I was back in a different time but in a observant view. I knew it was a memory because everyone was walking through me until I came upon two people: one woman with waist length blonde hair and gold eyes and a man with short black hair and blue eyes. The woman had a Russian accent and after she left, he was left in the hallway with…." She stopped, looking up at Draco.

"What?" he asked.

"Your grandfather and another man. It wasn't until Uncle Severus viewed the memory of the trance did he confirm who the man was." She suddenly felt herself shaking, the memory of Alisa's death stopping her words.

"Xander, who is he?" Blaise whispered, stopped by Draco.

"I have an idea, who. I'm right, aren't I Xander?"

She didn't respond, her breathing erratic, his eyes seemingly staring at her from the embers in the fireplace, but when gold eyes replaced them, she calmed her racing heart a little to finish before she stopped completely.

"My mother's name is Alisa Ivy Lebedev, she was 20 years-old when she was pregnant with me and she had me in secret because it turned out that the man she loved was a sociopath. He killed her after he found her in St. Petersburg, shortly after I had been taken out of her room, because she had a complication and needed surgery, & as far as I know, he never knew she was pregnant because she left Britain. She loved astronomy, cooking, and herbology and wanted to raise me more then she could even state. She had two brothers that were killed when their parents were attacked by muggles before anyone from the Russian Wizarding Ministry could help them. She wanted to be a number of thing but they were taken from her because he couldn't control her." Xander's sapphire eyes were flickering with anger and sadness again, the embers seemingly mocking her from the fire pit. "And my father…his name was Thomas Marvolo Riddle."

Draco and Blaise were silent when she finished, Blaise's hand still resting on her shoulder, but Draco was now standing, his eyes glued to the window. Xander didn't know what to expect from the silver-eyed boy, but wasn't expecting him to suddenly turn, hugging her while she still sat, eyes-wide.

"This is a formal apology to the way I treated you in the past and I want you to know that you will always have a friend in me."

"And I'll be a shoulder for you to use." Blaise added, smiling when she started tearing up.

"They mean it mistress." Hallie's thoughts floated from somewhere near the dieing fire.

She let out the breath she didn't know she had been holding before returning Draco's hug.

"Thank you." She whispered, smiling at Blaise before she stood. "I think I need to get some sleep, then deal with Uncle Sev in the morning. Yah, that sounds good, in fact I think it's my best idea ever."

She walked to her shared dorm, Blaise and Draco's laughter accompanying her down the hallway before it ended when she closed the door behind her.

Four years later

"You're fucking kidding me!" Draco seethed, throwing the new 'Defense' professors book across them common room, bringing sapphire eyes up from the potions essay she was finishing.

"She's worse then Lockhart, I did not think that was humanly possible! There is nothing of value in this piece of garbage that she calls a text book!"

Xander shared a look with Blaise before returning to her essay, letting her silver-eyed friend continue his rant on the incompetent Dolores Umbridge, the wanna-be professor appointed by Minister Fudge, in his attempt to 'fix' Hogwarts. So far, she had pissed off almost all of Gryffindor, not that hard, but also had the most of the staff against her, and it was only the first week of school, not a good thing for the 'cursed' position of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Most didn't want to believe that the dark lord was back and alienated Harry Potter, but she knew all to well that the bastard was back, if his constant presence on the outskirts of her mindscape meant anything. Also, it seemed when he regained himself last June, it seemed to trigger a mini-inheritance from Alisa's genes over the summer: her hair is now at shoulder blade length and was mixed with blonde streaks and her iris was slowly being taken over by gold rings. They found out that Alisa was part Elvin, which was why she had gold eyes and 'moon-kissed' skin and Severus also found out that Elf blood is dominant, meaning that Alisa's last parting gift to Xander was a way to push her father's influence out of majority control on her genetics.

A pull on her hair pulled her out of her musings, causing her to turn to stare at Blaise.

"Hey, you know that isn't nice to pull people's hair." She said, pretending to glare at him.

"Sorry! I'm just not used to my girlfriend having blonde hair." He replied, giving her his usual grin.

"I'm not blonde, I have blonde streaks, thank you very much. I mean we all can't be perfect blondes like Pansy and Draco."

This drew Draco out of his rant, turning his gaze onto her, causing her to stifle her giggle as he stalked over.

"And what does that mean, Pomfrey?" He asked, standing at her knees.

"Exactly what you want it to mean, Malfoy." She responded, refusing to look at him knowing she would lose control of her giggling, instead concentrating on Hallie, who was resting on her feet, in her 'small dog' form.

As an adult, Hallie was of course, normally the size of a full grown lynx, but since this caused her not able to find comfortably in a lot of places near Xander's side, she constantly changed shape, her favorite the size of a newborn kitten, as it allowed her to get into areas that let her spy for her mistress.

"Sometimes, I just want to hex you into oblivion." Draco said, semi-glaring at her.

"And the other times?" She asked, quirking her brow.

A visible twitch under Draco's eye was the last straw and Xander started laughing, something that seemed to relax the inhabitants of Slytherin, because over the last year and half, Xander seemed to be on edge and then at the end of last school year, actually snapped at someone, a hex at the tip of her lips when she recoiled, fear in her eyes more then the fourth-year that had 'irritated' her. She had mumbled an apology before running out of the common room, mumbling something like 'never gonna be like him' under her breath.

Xander relaxed against Blaise's knees after she recovered from her laughing feet, Draco finally sitting down again, Hallie now on her ankles, which were just on the other side of Draco's lap, his books resting on her legs. He sent a wordless spell at the pile of 'Defense' books, setting them alight in a contained fire, a bubble charm directing the smoke through the fireplace, every Slytherin confident that they could do any essay or test for the class without reading the book.

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