Chapter ten

What on Earth!!!!

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I couldn't help it! I just couldn't help but stare at her! It was true she did look different to all the others' but still. I would never have thought that she was from Earth, in fact I wouldn't have thought her old enough to be out of school.

The girl I'm talking about is the small red head. Chiba... Chiba... Chiba Hanako that's it. Flower child of the Earth. I guess it suits her, she's from Earth and she does resemble a poppy flower...

"Earth? You're from Earth?" Jack asked in disbelief. Sometimes he made the stupidest of comments. What do you expect though he's part of the military.

"Yes of course she's from Earth," the other girl...Yuriko snapped, "haven't you been listening at all."

"Well pardon me your highness!" He scowled in return.

"Please stop fighting!" Neo-Nemesis begged, while Sinel and Amberlite stared up at Teal'c as though he was the most fascinating thing they had ever seen.

The girl who was at the heart of the debate however, was hiding obviously desperately trying not to be seen. In fact if I didn't know better I would say she was almost cloaked in shadows? No, must be my eyes, but still...

"How are you?" I asked her, careful to keep my voice gentle and not scare her any more than she already was.

"Anata desu ka?" She asked her quiet voice taking on a gentle lilt.

I recognised almost instantly the Japanese with which she spoke. It was different from that of the Sailors', as it had no extra words inserted, from their own language.

"Your Japanese?" I know it was stupid asking her in English, but, her companions were all talking in English so it made a certain amount of sense.

"Hai," She nodded slightly, "your...kara Amerika...aren't you?"
I had to smile when I realised what she had done. She hadn't known all the words she needed in English to complete the sentence so had inserted the familiar Japanese words in instead. That way making sure her question still got across. "Hai," I replied nodding, " watashi no namae wa Daniel desu."

She smiled slowly at me before responding,

"watashi wa Hanako desu."

"Hajime mashite Hanako-san. Eigo ga dekimasu ka?"

Once more smiling, but this time almost secretive; instead of answering, she instead reached with her right hand to brush away some stray strawberry locks from her ears before carefully pressing the emerald green stud that had been hidden from my view.

Suddenly I felt something, in fact it felt vaguely familiar almost like when the two Sailors' first appeared but different. How to describe it... it felt almost green...with gold surrounding it, protecting it. I know it sounds strange but that's what it felt like!

"Yep! I can talk in English!"

I stared at her, and stared, and stared some more. In fact even Jack and...and Yuriko stopped arguing to stare at her.

"Hanako-chan..." Yuriko had begun to speak, before breaking off.

"Hai Yuriko-san?"

I watched her stare at her younger companion strangely before shaking her head and replying,

"Nothing Hana-chan I was just wondering what you had done. That was all."

"Oh alright..." Came her overly cheerful reply.

"Umm Hanako-san," I begun, how on Earth do you ask someone about...

well what ever it was that she did.

"You want to know what I did don't you?" She blushed.

I almost blushed myself before answering her, "Yes Hanako-san I would."

"Well, I, well, I..." She broke off clearly embarrassed.

I felt Jack roll his eyes at her little display, and if we hadn't been around so many strangers I might have attempted to chastise him for it.

"Actually Jackson-san I believe that instead of Hana-chan answering you here it may be better if we went to one of the empty guest suites so as to escape notice. For it is nearing the third bell, and these halls will soon be filled with pages as well as the White guard." Neo-Nemesis broke in smoothly, saving her friend from answering my question.

I spared a quick glance at Jack before replying in the positive. It was then that I got another shock on this strange planet.

"Good. Yuriko-san?" The senshi asked her elder friend.


"Could you take them to the Blue tower please, while I de-henshin. I'll be back to with you in a sec. I just don't like going around henshined, it attracts to much attention." At with that Turned and strode down the corridor, before stopping and gesturing for Amberlite and Spinel to join her.

I had to bite back a laugh as I saw their pained faces, it was obvious that they did not want to go with her, but knew better than to actually say so.

So they hurriedly ran after her rapidly disappearing figure, they hadn't got far before I watched fascinated as Amberlite suddenly stopped turned round and waved cheerily at Teal'c before running after her brother and the Neo-Sailor, her long golden hair trailing behind her like liquid gold.

Turning back to those of us left, I saw Jack smirk at Teal'c, while he merely raised a single questioning eyebrow. Sam just smiled after the young local children.

It was the humph from Mizuno Yuriko that ruined the mood however as she took one glance at all of us, glared once again at Jack before striding purposely down another corridor.

"We better follow her, otherwise she will get in a mood." Hanako sighed. From the way she spoke it was obvious that she was used to this behaviour from her friend.

I spared a ushering glance at Jack before following the young woman down the corridor. I heard Sam sigh inwardly at this and I could almost hear Jack saying in his usual tone of voice, 'Daniel.'

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Useful Japanese phrases:

Anata desu ka? = Are you alright?

Kara Amerika = From America.

Watashi no namae wa Daniel desu. = My name is Daniel. (polite)

Watashi wa Hanako desu. = My name is Hanako.

Hajime mashite Hanako-san? = How do you do Hanako?

Eigo ga dekimasu ka? = Can you speak English?

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