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Chapter 2- Before I explode

While two brothers slept, one brother packed his bags as quietly as he could and wrote notes hoping his brothers would understand. He turns and looks at his youngest brother and gives his a sad smile. He walks into his older brother's room and puts the note down on his dresser. "I'm sorry Rocky." He whispers and makes his way out of the room and out of the house.

The next morning Jessica wakes up and wakes her sons. She moves to her eldest son's room and wakes him up. Rocky slowly gets up when he notices the letter on the dresser. He rubs his eyes and then grabs the note to read.

Jessica goes to her younger sons room and opens the door. "Colt, Tum Tum time to wake up." She was just about to leave when something caught her eye. There was only one son.


Back in Rocky's room he opens the letter and reads out loud.

"Dear Rocky, don't worry I'm not doing anything to overdramatic but you heard what dad said. He's going to take Ninja training and grandpa away from me. I need them Rocky or I will go insane. You know I will. So I'm leaving. Don't worry I won't be to far away. I'll practically be right under your noses. Take care of mom and Tum Tum I know they won't understand. I'm pretty sure dad won't care either way. I'm ticking time bomb and I need to leave before I explode and I don't want to be around you when that happens.

I love you Rocky,

He looks up when he hears Jessica make her way to his room. With her face in worry and voice in panic she asks "Have you seen Colt?"

He looks down at the letter in his hand then walks up to his room. "He left mom. He's gone." He answers truthfully. For the first time in a long time, he saw his mother break down in tears.

"Wait Jessica slow down." Mori tells his daughter over the phone. He was surprised when he was woken up early in the morning with his daughter in hysterical.

"Dad Jeffery is missing." She tells him through her tears.

"Why do you think he is missing?" He asks.

"When I went to wake the boys, he was gone and his bed was empty. He left a note to Samuel telling him he left. Where do you think he is dad? Oh god." She explains, a sob breaking though her thoart.

"He ran away? But that doesn't make sense." Mori says. He sees the alarm going off and looks out the window, waiting for his visitor to be shown.

"Oh gosh I think I know. Yesterday Samuel and Jeffery for into it about Jeffery's fighting. He treathen to take away summer training from Jeffery. He begged to me to talk to Sam. Oh gosh and now he ran away." Jessica breaks down.

Mori gasps and shakes his head when he sees his grandson walking to the front door. "Don't worry Jess, He didn't run to far. Look I have a visitor I'll call you after I'm done in the meantime you have to calm down you understand? He will come home." Mori explains. Jessica replies before hanging up the phone.

Mori walks to the door about to yell at the boy but stopped in his track when he came upon the crying boy, who for once in life, looked helpless.

"I'm sorry Grandpa but I needed you." He whispers. Mori nods his head and lets the boy in before pulling him into your arms.

"It's okay, Everything will be okay."

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