OMG!!! My first Enchanted Arm's story!! YEAH!! This is just a one-shot, something me and my friend thought of when we were totally bored out of our minds. Well I hope you enjoy it as must as I enjoyed writing this.

Atsuma's clone?

Hikaru screamed out in pain as the older man's foot collided with his wounded forearm. The pain flooded his senses as he tried to hold back a tear that threaten to escape. He could hear the deep voice chuckling as he proceeded to add more pressure to his arm.

"I told you, you can never defeat me!" He announced as he laughed.

Hikaru tried to wiggle out of the man's grasp. He glanced over to where he had dropped his sword. It was too far to reach it. If he could only distract the man for a few minutes, maybe he'll have a chance. He moved his gaze towards the man only to see his hand wrapping around his windpipe. He couldn't breathe. He felt his chest beginning to burn as he tried to steal away a breath but not prevailing. He clawed at the man's hand with what energy he had left. His vision began to blur as he watched the older man's lips curve up into a sinister grin.

"This will be the end for Hikaru Kiyoshi." The man said in a sing-song voice. He removed his foot of the boy's arm ad with no little effort; he lifted him off the ground, dangling in his grip. His laughter echoed in Hikaru's ears as everything turned black...



Atsuma jumped, a girly squeal left his lips. He peeped up from the top of the red book he had in his hands. Toya, Makoto, Karin and Yuki surrounded the table at where he was sitting. Their puzzled looks made Atsuma more confused than ever.

"What?" He asked as their puzzled looks stayed fixed on their faces.

Toya blinked, clearly having trouble comprehending the situation. "'re reading a book!!!"

Makoto shook his head in disbelief. "This can't be Atsuma. Our Atsuma is too much of a moron."

Yuki's eyes widened as she waved her arms everywhere. "No, a bad man has Atsuma and replaced him with a clone. Which means," she gasped, "Atsuma's in trouble, he's probably being tortured."

"N-no, you guys are wrong." He defended, his hand waving in front of his face trying to get the others to stop. "I just like this book is..." He was stopped as I foot collided with his face sending him flying off his chair and across the room. Karin placed her foot back down. Glaring at not-Atsuma person, she pointed at him and spoke with anger in her voice. "Whoever you are you're going down!!"

Atsuma gulped as his so-called friends charged at him. "oh-no..."

Five hours later

Atsuma smiled weakly at his friends, "it's OK, and hey, at least you didn't decide to throw me out the window."

His friends looked down at Atsuma with guilt. Atsuma was lying in one of the metal framed bed in the academy's nurse's office wearing a full body cast. (A/N: don't ask, my friend said to put it in! :D ) Toya ran his hand threw his black hair, "sorry about everything, it was just a..." Toya pondered on the right word to say, "...foreign experience to see you read something besides leaflets and magazines."

Atsuma shook his head. "Nah, don't worry about it. But, um next time can you avoid kicking me between the legs, which really hurt."

Everyone stared at Karin who blushed, "It wasn't my fault, and no one dresses up as my Atsuma and gets away with it. It just so happened that no one did."

Tell me what you think. I know it's short, sorry. And the story at the start, I put it in to give it 's actually part of a horror mange Me and my friend's done. She's amazing at drawing.

Byebye!! :D