bury me deep under the water

He sits on the bank and dangles his legs into the river.

The water looks nice today. Wouldn't it be easy to walk out into it and not stop, Itachi?

A tilt of his head towards his companion.

You don't think so?

A chuckle.

You just want your birthday present. Don't worry, I won't die before giving it to you.

Lips quirk into a smile.

Of course I don't think that you only like me because I always know what you want.

A glance back at the river.

But it would be nice to just sink into the water. Peaceful. I'd hate to die and have my body consumed by fire. Will you remember that and not let them burn me, Itachi?

Raised hands, a gesture of surrender.

Alright, I'll stop talking about this if you promise me.

A content smile now.

Thank you, Itachi.

I was feeling in an odd mood when I wrote this and it kinda shows, I guess. Semi-suicidal Shisui owes his existence to half a dozen other fics that I've read recently but can't remember the exact details of now.