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"Angela, you need to remember. We are undercover. Please, you mustn't blow up our cover." Dr Brennan held the phone to her ear with her shoulder whilst she folded a shirt to put in the suitcase that lay open in front of her.

"I mustn't blow your cover." Angela corrected. "Don't worry sweetie, I got it and I've made sure everyone else has as well."

"Really? Because Booth says—" Brennan started again but was quickly interrupted.

"Look Bones, give me the phone." Booth took the phone from her before she could argue. "Ange? Listen... yeah, just go along with it. Yeah? No of course we're convincing! Goodbye Angela." Booth thrust the phone back at Brennan with a frown on his face. "Why does she not believe me?"

"Because you're not a trained actor, that's why. Angela? Uh, she's hung up. Thanks Booth." She put the phone to one side and picked up another item of clothing to fold.

"No problem." Booth chucked another bundle of clothes into his own suitcase. "Right, you know who we are, don't you?" He pointed a pair of stripy socks at her. "Ryan and Katherine Miller. You're a teacher, I'm a—"

"Wait, why am I always a teacher?" Brennan dropped the last of her luggage into the suitcase and shut the top, pulling the zip neatly closed.

"You're not always a teacher. I think you'd make a good teacher anyway. As I was saying, I am an extremely volatile unemployed man and what I say," He shoved the rest of his belongings forcefully into his suitcase, "Goes."

"Fine." Bones agreed reluctantly, rolling her eyes as Booth closed his suitcase and attempted to zip it closed. "You know, there is a reason why you're meant to fold clothes before you pack them." She leant on the case as Booth forced it closed.

"Yeah well, sometimes even the best reasoning is wrong." The zip caught on the final edge of the suitcase.

"Yeah and sometimes it's completely justified." She looked pointedly at Booth.

"Nonsense Bones, it just needs a bit of..." He rammed the zip home. "Force – see, told ya." Brennan didn't look convinced but kept her mouth shut. Let Booth think he'd won. Sometimes it was just easier that way. There was a sharp rapping at the door. "Hey I guess that's our ride. Got that Katy?"

"I prefer Katherine." Brennan stated. Booth helped her on with her coat and quickly slipped a wedding band onto her finger as well as his own before opening the door.

"Mr and Mrs Miller?" A burly man looked at them over his sunglasses, despite the dark in the hall. His eyes were a fierce green, but his black hair was going grey at the temples. Brennan would estimate him to be about mid-forties. Frown lines creased his face and from their prominence, even Booth could tell he didn't smile often.

"That's us. Mr and Mrs Miller." Brennan repeated, grabbing her luggage from the bed and dragging it towards the door. She grabbed Booth's hand in passing and leaned into him as if to reiterate their marriage. "Are we going or not?"

"One thing first." The man stepped forward and rattled a pair of handcuffs.

"You can't be serious?!" Booth dropped Brennan's hand in protest. "We're coming quietly! Look!" He held up empty hands, wedding ring looking curiously at home on his left hand. The man ignored this outburst and snapped the cuff on Booth's left wrist and Brennan's right.

"Just in case." The man winked over his sunglasses at Brennan, who had, on Booth's orders, changed into a dress and heels. She scowled back, unimpressed by being cuffed. Booth moved across the room and grabbed his suitcase off the bed, pulling Brennan along with him. She was even more unimpressed. She pulled sharply in return, causing Booth to frown and yank back.

"Ouch, sweetheart, easy on the wrists." He over-emphasised the term of endearment, 'sweetheart' as if saying it with force would make her behave. However, Booth knew Brennan and though she seemed to behave now, he knew it wasn't going to last. The man who had cuffed them raised an eyebrow behind his dark glasses before motioning for them to leave the room before him. He was almost positive that they weren't going to run. Why would they? There was no reason to. They were only being brought in for questioning. The cuffs were more a way for him to keep an eye on them both together than anything else. The man also liked to think that it gave him the air of one who was in control, yet one look at 'Ryan Miller's' impressive physique told him that, if he had wanted to, he could pretty easily floor the slightly overweight body of the man in the sunglasses.

The man led the couple out to his car. It was an SUV similar to Booth's although, in Booth's own opinion, not half as nice. Brennan and Booth had, effectively been arrested, in an investigation into the murders of 25 year old Jennifer Baker and 14 year old Jessica Harris. They were looking at a serial killer, possibly in the police force. This had led Brennan and Booth to one of their famously successful undercover missions. Booth's job was to become known as the troublesome but otherwise harmless man, Ryan Miller. Brennan's job was to infiltrate the ranks as his well-meaning wife, thus allowing them to hang out down at the local police station.

They had managed to become well known about the station. Some of the men had tried to hit on Brennan when she'd first arrived, but once Booth had drunkenly threatened all of them they seemed to have understood. Dr Brennan was impressed at how good Booth was at pretending to be drunk. He claimed it was a result of being witness to too many of the FBI Christmas parties, Brennan wasn't entirely convinced but then she wasn't sure if he was joking or not. She didn't ask.

Everything had been going fine until the third murder. Cecelia Charles: murdered on her 19th birthday. Unfortunately, 'Ryan Miller' had been in contact with Cecelia the day she was murdered. She had been a possible witness to the murders. Booth had been hoping to get some further knowledge out of her but she was killed before they could get any further. Her body had been sent to the Jeffersonian for identification, although that had already been established, and cause of death. But Ryan Miller was now a suspect and as such was being taken to the FBI for questioning along with his wife who was a possible witness. It had taken several difficult telephone calls but now the relevant people knew who they were, who they weren't and when they would arrive.

Angela had been very excited when she'd found out and was dying to see them together as man and wife. They'd organised for Officer Nathan Michaels, the man in the sunglasses, to 'arrest' them and take them for their interrogation. There, he and the second officer, who was probably waiting in the SUV, would meet up with Dr Sweets where the officers would conduct the interrogation themselves. Angela was planning to appear at some point. Brennan wasn't sure how but she had no doubt that it would happen. When Angela decided something, even Dr Brennan thought twice about persuading her otherwise.

"Come on now." Officer Michaels opened the door of the SUV, allowing 'Ryan and Katherine' to slide in. He then got in the car himself, put the key in the ignition and started to drive. Now they were heading straight for the Jeffersonian, straight home, straight into the heart of the fire.

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