Warning: There is spoilers here for the movie if you haven't already seen it.
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Based on the movie, Escaflowne: A Girl from Gaea

The Last Time I Say Goodbye
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

People spend their lives dreaming. Or is it that we live in a dream that
made the parting so difficult? Because it wasn't until I met you, that lonely boy
in a lonely world, almost a man but not quite, that made me want to comfort you.
Maybe it was the sadness in your eyes that I detected, like the sadness I lived
with every day of my life.

The first time I saw it on your face, that peace without a trace of pain, I
knew. You were sleeping in my arms, after all. I wanted to tell myself that, and
not remember the blood that seeped onto your armor, not remember the rain and the
beast-man who stood, telling me to let you go. That was the bargain we made in
life, isn't it? The wish that you and I both shared that had brought us together,
and it was that, that opened my eyes to something beyond myself. It was you who did
it, waking me from my restless dreams, waking me from my sollace in the silence, and
the loneliness, and the destructive emptiness in my heart. I hadn't realize it until
then, when you laid within my arms, your wishes almost fulfilled, how much the
reality of that wish scared me.

It was then that I began to understand how much I was afraid of true

It was raining, wasn't it? Washing away the disguises we put up, bearing
the pain we held inside and making it come forth. I've never seen so much pain in
my life, the pain reflecting on your face, the pain of your beautiful world, Gaea,
turned to war. After all, I have never seen a war beyond the one I fought inside
of myself. I had never seen hatred that reflected my own self-hatred, until I
came to here, till I found myself on Gaea.


The land of dreams.

So it is there I found you, Van, a boy. Others would call you a man. You
fought like one after all, you had the skills and the strength and the heart of a
King, which qualified you to be a man. You saw what many men never saw in their
lifetimes: betrayal and fire, war and hatred, loss and emptiness. But inside,
deep down in your heart, you were a boy. With the dreams of a boy, and the heart
of an innocent. That was why Folken -- enemy, brother, and once even a hero in
your eyes -- hated you.

Hate? I never understood it, until that day he came for me in all my
emptiness, after I had deliberately pushed away my best friend so I could stand
alone on those steps, stand there and wish to merge into nothingness. Merge and
become the emptiness inside of myself. Hate, so close to love that one can cross
the lines and never realize it. Folken loved you so much that he hated you, and at
the time, neither of us had truly understood it till the end, till his last breath
escaped him with your name on his lips.

Sora's song had called to me in my darkest despair, calling to my emptiness.

Yet, it was you I sought, you that Escaflowne bowed to as I was sent
tumbling into your arms. You, who had reached out as the world crumbled beneath my
feet and caught me with your hands, wings extended like an angel in this world, dark
with war. You would smile and deny your own deeds to necessity, claiming me your
savior. But I remember that time spent within your heart, warm with the breeze of
long ago, a past I never was and never will be a part of, not in your world.
Yet, under the tree I promised that as long as we were together, we can hurt each
other, didn't I? So that we could reach out, so that the silence inside both of
us would melt away.

It was my promise to you.

Now, after the rocky years of adolescence. After the times spent in
another's arms, loving and giving, cherishing the children we shared, the pain we
inflicted upon each other, I remember you, Van. I remember the way you looked up
at the Mistic Moon -- the name you've given to my home, my Earth -- and I remember
that silent curiosity in your eyes. It was the same feeling I had felt when
Escaflowne opened and I fell into your arms, seeing the armor you were adorned in,
feeling your strength and the strong beat of your heart beneath my hand. You had
startled me from the very beginning, and even when I realized we shared the same
fate and heart and dreams, you remained always a mystery to me.

A magical moment.

You were my first love, not my last, but one who I'll always cherish in that
corner of my heart. We could not stay together, you and I, we who are of different
worlds cannot mingle. Yet, now, before my last breath escape my lips, I wished with
all of my heart to see your face. Your face, darkened by the sun with liquid brown
eyes, sad and lambent. I remember how your dark hair had felt beneath my fingers
when I had brushed it away from your face while you were wounded. I remember the
warm scent of sweat and heat and the earth, that scent of Gaea on your skin.

You were the wings of freedom of my heart that I had never had before I had
met you. And when we rode the dragon together, when the feathers rained down on the
city after the war was over and life was once again returning to normal, I knew.

I loved you then, and I love you now.


King of Fanelia, King of my heart.

I have loved others, you had taught me that. I have gotten over my fear of
giving myself. But we never said goodbye, you know? Maybe this time we won't have
to be parted. I lived my life and you lived yours, after all. You became King and
I went back to the normal life of a teenage girl in Tokyo, no longer seeking solace
in sleep, no longer wishing to disappear. Whenever the darkness came too close, I
remembered your face and the wings on your back, and the strength in your arms. I
remembered how you had illuminated my world in the dark and knew no other way of
honoring you than to love you and to love myself.

We will never be parted, you and I.

You showed me that we are never truly alone.

Van, let me see you before I close my eyes and sleep. Before I meet you on
the other side. So that I know that life is not a dream, nor is Death. I want to
believe that our love was not an illusion, nor the strength of your arms holding
me close.

"Hitomi," I turn my head to see my children kneeling near my futon.

I can see my growing grandchild looking uncomfortable and a little sad. She
reminds me of myself when I was her age, and I smile and stretch my hand, now
gnarled with age, at her. "Child," I say. "This is not the end." She weeps, but I
had sparked a bit of hope inside of her, and I know someday she will meet someone who
will teach her a greater hope than I. I know, I have been at the same crossroad and
chosen -- though perhaps a bit more bizarre and exotic then most.

I had asked you that same question in my youth, fearful of the answer,
wanting to be assured that we would never truly part. And you nodded with that sad
smile on your lips, telling me that it will never end, not love. And I believed
you then, as I believe you now. Love goes on and on, born in us who loves, like
Gaea and the legend of the Mystic Moon. Love is like the ocean in your heart, Van,
one that will never be dry, and can never be swept away.

Love is eternal, like the heart of Escaflowne, beating to the drums of the
human desire.

Wait for me, Van!

I close my eyes and remembered the way you whispered my name. Not Tsubasa
no Kami, not the Goddess of Wings from legends past, but me, Kanzaki Hitomi.

I smile and see the feathers falling around me and know the truth you spoke
when you inclined your head at my childish fears so long ago.

We will never be parted, for this is not goodbye.

It is only the beginning, Van.

The End


* Jajuka is the beast man, since Hitomi, in the movie (not the anime) never got to
know Jajuka except that one encounter (not that she got to know him at all in
the anime either), I thought she might describe it that way. Don't take me wrong,
Jajuka is an adored character in my mind, but here, he will be "beast man" but not
in the derogatory sense, just in the descriptive sense.

* Yes, the movie is different then the anime. I've seen both of them. :p Hitomi
in the movie is a manic depressive, please don't argue with me on this point if
you have not seen the movie. And if you have and think that she is not a manic
depressive, then... I don't know how you can think otherwise. Really, if you
think of Hitomi as optimistic in the movie... I'm scared of you, or the very
least, I'm scared FOR you.

* For those of you who would like to have Hitomi and Van long after each other for
the rest of their lives, to that I say, YEAH RIGHT! They love each other, give
them a break! Let them be happy! If Van and Hitomi spend the rest of their lives
pining away for each other it defeats the whole purpose, reason, whatever, of what
they'd learned from each other! In other words, it defeats the whole purpose of
their relationship! GAH! I know angst is good but in this case, it would've been
inappropriate. So YES! Hitomi has kids! YES! She married another man! And
YES, (for the love of Kami-sama!) She LOVED someone else other than Van! (Don't
scream, you might pop my ear drum... if I haven't already popped your ^_-) That's
what they taught each other, right? To love and to give? And if anything, I would
be one of those people who DOES wish that she spend the rest of her life with Van.
But really, that's not the reality of this anime. Please, if you are going to flame
me, don't flame me about this or I swear, I will hunt you down and give you a piece
of my mind (yup, I can come up with more things to rant and rave about ^_^v)! :p

* Oh, and hope you enjoyed the story. This is my first Escaflowne one ^_^v