Author's Note:

My apologies to everyone that has added this story to their favourites and watchlists but I find myself unable to continue writing it. Pokemon is not an easy subject for me to write for, especially as I find it terribly cringe inducing at times, despite the enormous enjoyment I get from the games.

I did write something of an ending for it though. It was actually the first thing I wrote, way before I had even completed the first chapter, and I have included it below for anybody that wishes to read it.

Things that were meant to happen before this point:

Team Rocket were defeated.

Aniel evolves into Gardevoir.

Lyra, having fallen in love with Silver, stays with him to train at the Dragon's Den.

Tekka loses to Lance at the Pokemon League, then meets Cynthia.

Tekka summons Giratina at the Sinjoh Ruins and attempts to capture it, but is mortally wounded by it in the process, prompting Aniel to expend most of her energy to open a vortex to help him flee to safety.

I hope you may enjoy the half-assed ending. Again, sorry for the disappointment.

Aniel's black hole, which had swallowed Tekka and herself, dissipated into a tiny speck of darkness before disappearing completely. The spacial anomaly had deposited the distraught Gardevoir and her trainer inside a large golden hall, bordered on all sides by transparent walls that looked out into a cloudy blue sky and a distant expanse of land that stretched out below and far off into the distance.

"Annie..." Tekka gapsed. "I'm sorry. I wasn't, strong enough..." And his words trailed off, the ability to speak now lost to him.

Aniel cradled Tekka's head in her lap, fraught with fear as his precious life blood spilled out onto the golden stone walkway beneath them. The gaping wound in his gut, inflicted by one of the great talons of the spectral dragon, showed no signs of healing, and Aniel was at a loss for what to do to save her master's life. There were no techniques that she knew, and no powers that she possessed which could heal such severe trauma, she could only cry helplessly and stare into his eyes as he slowly slipped away.

There was a rhythmic clacking sound, emanating from the end of the hallway, and what sounded like an electronic wail. The clacking grew louder and an enormous steed of pure white emerged from the shade, golden hooves continuing to send the sound around the hall as it advanced toward Aniel. A golden jewel was set in its forehead, and another golden frame wrapped tightly around its midsection. Set into its pure white head however, was a deep black face and two sets of emotionless, bright green eyes.

The giant steed considered Aniel for a second, turning its head to the side as if it wasn't sure what to make of her, then shifted its unblinking gaze to Tekka as he lay bleeding on the ground. The steed reared its front legs as if it were about to attack, and slammed them down on the ground, creating a high pitched wave of sound that caused Aniel to shrink back briefly but ultimately caused her to wrap her arms defensively around Tekka's head and chest.

"I will not allow you to take him." Aniel declared to the steed as it loomed over her.

The steed's head bobbed backwards in surprise at the words that came forth from her mouth. It seemed as though it wanted to express its surprise to her but only another electronic screech issue forth from its face.

"You," Aniel narrowed her eyes at the large creature, "You cannot speak?"

The steed shook its head in acknowledgment, and scrutinized the Gardevoir again, longer this time, then raised one of its front legs to point at the psychic plate which had been fashioned into a bracelet around Aniel's slender arm to increase her powers, but even the boost granted by the plate had not been enough to defeat the spectral dragon.

"You want this?" She asked, and without waiting for a response, she removed the plate from its home on the bracelet and placed it on the ground before the steed.

The steed lowered its leg, placing the golden hoof on the plate. In an instant, the steed's golden adornments flashed and shifted to a vibrant pink, nodding its head toward Aniel.

'We, are the Alpha,' The steed spoke directly into her mind, 'We, are Arceus, but we are not complete.'

"You are the Alpha?" Aniel gawped at Arceus, barely able to fathom that a being claiming to be her god had appeared suddenly before her.

'This human shall soon perish, and you shall be free, as we had intended you to be free.' Arceus continued.

"Can you save him?" Aniel asked.

'We will not.' Arceus stated.

"I beg you, Alpha, if you have the power save him, please save my master!" Aniel clapsed her hands together and again implored Arceus to comly.

'Our humans have grown too strong,' Arceus continued, 'Their eternal quest for power, and their dominance over all species was never intended. We wish only for it to end, and for all our children to be free. Your desire to save him, is only the result of his forced dominance. You will be saved... From his corruption.'

"I have not been forced!" Aniel protested, "I have stayed with Tekka by choice!"

A light from Tekka's belt briefly lit up the hall, and each of his partners emerged into the physical world in a stream of red light. Blade, Evil, Nodoka, Harpo, and Lareth all aligned themselves behind Aniel and their wounded trainer, their determined gazes boring into Arceus' empty green eyes.

"We have all stayed with him by choice!" Aniel added, "We have served him because he has served us! We have been equal, and together we have changed the world! Without him, without his determination to fight for all of us, we would only have suffered! And after all he has done for all of us, you would let Giratina take his life?"

The assembled friends cried in protest, though they could not speak with human words like Aniel, they understood their meaning, and Arceus equally understood their cries.

"We beg you, please save him!"

'We have heard you, and we understand. We will not wish for our human child to die.' Arecus admitted, but its tone shifted from monotony to melancholy, 'But we cannot save him. Our power has been dispersed throughout this world, and only our will remains trapped within this body. We can no longer create life without the power which we have bestowed upon our children.'

"The power that we have?" Aniel asked.

Arceus twisted its head sideways to examine Aniel once more. 'You have much power. Your power is enough to save our child, but we do not wish to sacrifice one child to save another. All that you are is dependent on the power we have given you. Without this power, you will cease to be.'

"I want to save him." Aniel stated stubbornly.

Arceus raised its head to its full height and looked down on its assembled children. 'We will grant you one wish if it is within the limit of your power. Child, what is it that you wish?'

Aniel looked down at Tekka, he was still unable to speak, but he could see the fear in his eyes. Begging her to save her life even at the expense of his own. But she could not allow it and and she drew closer to him, pressing all of her being against him in one last display of love.

"I want us to be together." She said confidently. "I want us to stay together for as long as we can."

Arceus withdrew its hoof from the psychic plate and regained its golden framework. Whatever thoughts it may have had were now lost to Aniel as the magnificent creature began to shimmer and distort the space around it.

The gathered friends shielded their eyes at the intensifying light, and Aniel and Tekka were hoisted into the air by an unseen force. The light grew so bright that it seemed they might all go blind, and all too soon the entire world seemed to be consumed by this radiance, Tekka and his most trusted friend disappeared into the blinding rays.

The snow drifted down gently in the city. It had been a long time since Tekka had seen a natural snowflake, but now he was watching them flow slowly through the air outside his window. He shivered a little, and pulled the covers further over himself to hide in the warmth of his own body heat.

He almost expected to feel the familiar pressure of his affectionate Ralts jump onto his duvet, trying to rouse him from his lazy morning sloth, but he knew that wasn't coming. Tekka peeled back the duvet and peered again at the window, and sill beneath it. Five balls arranged in a neat row, all of them containing the resting forms of his dearest friends... But of course... one was missing.

The white ball which had been the scant used home of his Ralts, Kirlia, and finally Gardevoir, was no longer with the others. The ball had been lost... Tekka had woken up in the Sinjoh ruins with only five balls, Aniel's premier ball was nowhere to be found.

Tekka sighed and threw back the covers, knowing that he shouldn't be spending all day in bed, and it shouldn't be up to Aniel to make him remember that every morning. Making his way groggily into the bathroom, Tekka washed the sleep from his eyes and dressed himself before making his way downstairs.

His mother was nowhere to be seen, no doubt she was outside enjoying the snow with Lyra's mother. Tekka couldn't help but wonder how Lyra was doing, and if she was happy being with Silver and Clair in the Dragon's Den. He was sure she would be happy with him, but he would like to hear from her once in a while, since as far as Tekka was concerned, that guy still wasn't trustworthy.

Tekka stepped outside into the snow, and looked up at the cloudy sky and falling white flakes. It was beautiful no matter how many times he saw it and he was glad the snow had made its way to Kanto finally.

"It really is beautiful isn't it? I can see why you missed it so badly." An airy feminine voice said from behind him.

Tekka turned and smiled at the figure sitting on a sheltered bench outside his home, and the human girl with forest green hair, donned in a flowing white dress, stood to meet him. She strode pridefully to his side, looping his arm with her own.

Tekka held out his free hand to let a few flakes of snow settle, and melt in his palm. "Do you regret it, Annie?" He asked, "Giving up your powers?"

"Being a human is strange." The girl replied and nestled her head into his shoulder, smiling warmly at the happy feeling it gave both of them. "But you know that I don't."

The two of them turned to face each other and joined hands, staring blissfully into each others eyes.

"This is everything..." Tekka started.

"...That I ever wanted." Aniel finished.

Their lips met tenderly beneath the snowfall, and they stayed like that, neither of them wanting to break away from the other. The excitement of this adolescent adventure was finally at an end, and now it was time for them to embark on a journey of a different kind.