Worldwar: The Balance Destroyed

Author: Albert Green Jr.

PG- 13

Summary-Book One: The 'Race' has intentions of conquering Tosev Three otherwise known as Earth. They will conquer it and then colonize it. They believe that the conquest will be easy because after all Earth could never develop much in a mere eight hundred years from wearing furs, riding quadrupeds and using spears to developing flying machines and machine guns. Tosevites, known as Humans could have never developed so quickly. They were wrong. It was bad enough when they attack Earth and discovered a world war in progress in that other universe. In this universe they came a bit later.

And it's enough to make the Race wish that they'd never heard of Tosev Three. On the other hand…

The Colonials have had their butts royally kicked. They are not happy either. Just how does this unhappiness affect everybody?

We shall see.


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Dedication: Bless my wife and the girls most of whom are now out of my house!!!! They bug me enough top make me hide and write in the basement. At least I can use their cars, now and they buy me stuff!!

Again, thank you, Harry Turtledove for writing such an intriguing series. I can't do it justice but I will merely try to make what I write interesting, with as few editing errors as I can.

And finally, this is an official AU of Ash Boomstick's (Bob Regent) story called R.A.A.B. located on this website. I was given permission to use it as a background. I recommend that you read his story to get a feel of SG-1 and nBSG and the disagreements they have with one another.

'Be it therefore known to all, that this will be a somewhat darker tongue-in-cheek book than WW: DTB. The rating will be the same so everyone can read it'




Caprica city

Two years post failed attack on the Thirteenth Tribe:

It had been raining hard for the last two days and many of the eighty or so reporters and new crews who waited for the senator had been soaked just getting here. He had so wanted to make this announcement outside in the open air but that wouldn't be practical now so the press conference would take place inside, at the Home Court of the Ministry of Justice.

His wife kissed him on the cheek, whispering, "gods of Kobol be with you," as she adjusted his tie for the final time.

He stepped up to the podium and was assaulted by several dozen camera flash units. He lifted up his hands and waited for the whispering to die down. Adjusting his glasses, he began.

"For the united twelve nations of mankind," he began. "That is what we've become. These last three years have been filled with glory and difficulties for the Twelve Colonies of Kobol as we now strive and seek to find our place in the galaxy. During this time, we've discovered that we are no longer alone and that the galaxy is more crowded with life than we first believed. We've witnessed with a sense of satisfaction the destruction of our enemies, the Cylons. No longer are they a constant threat to our people, our children, and our way of life. The annihilation of those machines marked the end of forty years of cold war filled with fear and tribulation. We rejoiced in our victory. But our leaders were too quick to assure our safety. Another threat appeared in the shadows. We discovered that the Thirteenth Tribe wasn't a myth as we believed and we rejoiced but that rejoicing was short-lived. Our first contact with the Thirteenth Tribe showed us that they were not as we were.

"They were revealed to be dangerous barbarians that had rejected their true heritage and their belief in the gods. In love, we confronted them with their heresies and they attacked us and fled. Many brave men and women were lost; however, we learned something that day. Now we know that there are many worlds filled with people and that on many of those worlds Humanity existed as slaves to a race of parasitic aliens called the Goa'uld. The Earth people had fought against them for many years and defeated the aliens that claimed to be gods. But in the process, the Thirteenth tribe became as corrupt and dangerous as the very creatures they were fighting. They became arrogant, ignoring the will of the gods they cheerfully abandoned.

"Understanding the danger that the Earth colony posed to our own people, our leaders set forth a bold mission to liberate the beleaguered colony from its corrupt and morally decadent leadership and guide them back to their rightful places among our family. As with any freedom-loving nation, there was descent. There were those who opposed this reunion. However, the will of the gods prevailed and we sent brave men and women, those who had bled in the Cylon war, upon a glorious and righteous mission to reunite our brethren and punish those who had denied our brothers and sisters their rightful heritage. It was understood by all that if we were to battle against the new Goa'uld System Lords then in order to achieve victory against those that would destroy us, we needed to reunite and become as one. Our brave and noble forces did as they were told. Their faith was strong.

"But the Earthers revealed their hidden truths to us all. In their ignorance, they allowed a Cylon remnant into their star system, perhaps dooming Earth in the process. Rather than embracing their brethren and reuniting Humanity once more, they fought against their Colonial brethren, killing thousands of brave soldiers. Our worlds still mourn because of the senseless losses of that day but our president, claiming that his orders were overridden, denied responsibility. His faith was tested and found wanting.

"'We' have been found wanting. We have lost our sense of whom and what we are.

"No more! We must look in a different direction. We must turn our attention back to what we have forgotten and taken for granted. I propose that we should no longer be called the Twelve Colonies but the Twelve Worlds! It's time for us to step forward claim our place in the galaxy and successfully fight against those who would enslave and destroy us and our way of life. Faith to the gods, duty to the people and taking responsibility to make the hard decisions, that is what is necessary to be a successful leader. I have searched my heart and after much soul searching I have come to a decision. That is why I am announcing that I, Senator Antonius Goesel, have decided to run for President of the twelve Worlds of Kobol."

Smiling brightly, full of confidence and a mouthful of shiny white teeth, yet projecting a look of thoughtful serious, he worked so hard to perfect he stood tall listening to the scores of reporters demanding answers and throwing out questions.


Antonius was still wired after the day's events. Dinner had been rushed and his wife was at home resting from the days hectic activities. The last interview of the day was finished and he looked forward to spending a few hours at home before the whole spectacle began again tomorrow.

His secretary James, tapped him on his shoulder. "She wants to see you," he whispered before he could even turn around. "She's in the car waiting."

The urgency in his voice made Antonius pause for a second. Realization struck. 'She's here!' Brushing his bodyguards aside he stopped outside into the cold damp air. He covered his shock as he glimpsed the black stretch limo parked in front. It was a Chenbri, one of the most expensive, luxurious air-ground cars ever made. The rear door opened. An invitation. Without hesitation he stepped in.

"Senator Antonius Goesel, please come in," the closer of the two women suggested, "of your own free will."

He entered and sat down on the huge back seat. The door closed and the Chenbri slowly lifted vertically about five hundred feet and began moving south at a leisurely pace. There were two women in the car, the second one being older, one whom he recognized immediately. The first woman, a brunette around twenty had opened a bottle of chilled Ambrosia, the good stuff he noted, and poured it into a tall glass and handed to the older woman. The woman touched it to her lips and passed the glass to him. He took it and sipped. He was right, it was the good stuff and more than that it was an offering that he dared not refuse. In doing so he had accepted an invitation of which he had no idea.

The elder woman smiled. "Senator," she began. "I see you understand traditional offering to the gods."

"I was an altar servant to Athena's temple when I was young," he replied. "I have always respected their ways."

"You know who I am." It wasn't a question.

"Yes," he answered, "High Priestess Livia Sytomia, First Priestess of the Gods. I am honored to be in your presence."

She nodded acknowledging his confirmation. "Did you know that on Earth, males weren't allowed in the temple of Athena. Instead of the goddess of wisdom, she was revered as the goddess of war."

"Strange. How did they corrupt their understanding of the gods so completely?"

"We believe the Thirteenth Tribe was altering their beliefs before they even arrived on Earth. When they reached Earth, monotheists had already infiltrated and corrupted the pure teachings. This is why they are the way they are. They are corrupt and their corruption will spread to the twelve worlds and beyond if they aren't stopped."

"I am only one man," he said. "What can I do?"

"One man can change the course of history with the right resources."

"And you're offering me resources," he stated. She nodded once. "I've just announced that I'm running for the presidency today. Several other people are running and there's no guarantee I'll make it past the primaries."

"If you do what is expected, I'm sure the gods will be very pleased with you," she answered.

"Is that to say that the College is please with my record?"

"We," she stressed, "are more than pleased and I can say that you will have the full weight of the College behind you if you wish it."

"Why would I not wish that?" he asked. "The College of Pontiffs holds the blessing of the gods. Of course, there's always an offering to be paid."

"Yes, there is."

He stared at the woman. "And what is that price?"

"The complete subjugation of Earth."

"Antonius was taken back. "I don't understand. They're no longer a real threat to us. We lost the battle and came home. We have no reason to start another battle to liberate them until we're ready and as of now we-are-not. Opening a dialogue with them is in our best interests. We should be more concerned with the new System Lords gathering power. They're the real threat."

"In that, you are mistaken," she said. "The Earth people don't think as we do." She took the glass from him and drained its contacts – another message. "One hundred twenty ships lost. Eighty Battlestars, almost seven hundred fighters – they couldn't even slow down less than a dozen ships and their fighter escorts. The Earthers don't understand the concept of wars as we do. We considered it a battle that we lost. It has been this way as long as anyone can remember and that prudence has prevented our worlds from destroying each other. The Earther ideas of conflict are different. They have considered that one battle an act of war, one they will pursue when they are able. With their technology to use as they see fit, the entire twelve worlds are threatened. Tell me, what do you know about the battle of Appellai III?"

"Well, our forces tracked the remnant Cylons there to Earth. We aggressively tried to reunite with the Thirteenth Tribe and we lost. We came home. However, you're telling me that it's not over and they're coming."

"Yes, they will come," she affirmed. She lowered her eyes as she spoke now. "What you don't know is that Adar was contacted by the Tau'ri. They offered to allow the survivors return home. After deliberation it was agreed that we would not accept them back. Adar had to be convinced that this was in the best interests of everyone. Because of the seriousness of the Tau'ri hostility against our beliefs, the captives were assumed to have been contaminated with foreign bacteria and viral agents that could have hurt the colonies. We couldn't take the chance that the Earthers would try to destroy us from within. Adar disagreed and now his presidency is in doubt." Slowly her eyes locked onto his. "The contamination of the monotheists' heresies could not be allowed a foothold in the colonies not during this time of uncertainty, not now!" Again she paused as if weight what more she would reveal to him. "There's something else you don't know. During our reclamation of the new worlds, we spoke to a free Jaffa agent."

"You mean interrogation, don't you?" he asked. Inside, he was reeling from the information just given him.

"No, I mean conversation. We're not foolish enough to start hostilities with them yet. His hatred of Tau'ri was very evident according to our sources and he was most talkative when it came to then. According to him, they've destroyed possibly two planets and destroyed a star. They have a mineral that we're trying to obtain called naquada. That's what makes their nuclear weapons so powerful. It took them less than a dozen years to destroy the collective System Lords with little to nothing in terms of support. Does this give you an idea of the dangers they represent and why we must prepare?"

"If those reports can be believed," he said.

"The System Lords are gone," Livia answered defending her arguments. "Nature abhors a vacuum, Senator. The new Lords are establishing themselves and the Tau'ri are becoming stronger everyday. We will be swept aside in the coming war if we don't have the strength to stand our ground and fight."

The senator sat back in his seat continuing to digest this information.

"The Tau'ri weren't impressed by our most powerful ship," Livia said. "Our Warstar meant nothing to them. They've spread across many worlds convincing the Humans populations there that they are the Home world, not Kobol as we all know to be true. I fear for our survival. We will be scattered to the winds unless we can equalize the field of battle." Smiling slightly, she handed him a large envelope. "There is more to the battle than you and the other senators were allowed to know."

Cautiously, he opened the envelope. It was several minutes before he spoke again as he digested everything. "Why weren't we told?! Alien life? Intelligent lizards and these others creatures?"

"Billions of space faring creatures," she said. "Not Human. An Empire of their own. No concept of lightspeed. Think of what we could do with that resource under the right control. Unlike the Cylons, they'll be under our complete control with the right incentives. We've learned from our mistakes. They'll, Senator Goesel, be our edge, Senator; a most powerful one indeed, a knife to stab at the very heart of the Tau'ri and Goa'uld as secure our worlds both physically and spiritually. Will you help your people?"

His eyes narrowed. "If I win the presidency, I will."

"Then congratulations, Mister President." Her adjutant poured another glass of ambrosia and offered it to him. "Another taste?" Livia asked.