Chapter 28


For the first time in the collective history of the Race, an emperor was concerned about the almost open defiance being shown by his own people. Despite everything that had happened, many of his people were falling back into the exact same pattern as before 'The Conquering'. There was an almost overwhelming need; no, it was a near compulsive obsession suffered by the males and females to return things back to the way they were and ignore everything that happened less than three months earlier. The Race wanted to forget those horrible events while the emperor fought hard to keep the memory fresh. It was most frustrating and stressful to him. He understood the reasoning and indeed felt the same way but as leader he wouldn't hide in his shell and pretend that everything would be alright when he woke up.

The basic and essential services were nearly back to normal. Food supplies were at eighty percent capacity and improving. The people were healing from the emotional desecration of Home. There were plans for new shuttles and a new station to be placed in orbit, but the pace for these new projects were the same as the traditional planning that took years of development until the final product was certified fit to fly. However those thought processes were only a symptom of the problems the Race faced.

They didn't have the time to waste eighty years building a shuttle with improved thrust. They didn't have much time at all! If there were any males still alive on the stations then by the time help came they would most certainly be dead unless they could somehow rig cryo-chambers of some sort to survive in.

Only a few members truly accepted the reality of the threat looming just over the dune. Time was racing away faster than the majority of the members of the Race could comprehend. Things were not going to return to normal as his people assumed–hoped they would. Surprisingly it was a higher number of the females who recognized this threat. Many of the males pretended that nothing was wrong and tried to continue with their activities accordingly.

Runshan launched an immediate and exhaustive investigation over the detonation of the huge metal explosive bomb that wrecked a portion of Home and killed so many males, females and younglings. He needed to confirm what and who was responsible for such an atrocity. The Emperor was still enraged by that horrific event and, he was also somewhat ashamed that before this he would not have even lowered his eyes if the conquest fleet had used metal explosive bombs on Earth. He would have been indifferent Earth's suffering, but now, having experienced it first hand on Home, he looked at such actions in a completely different light. Many of the older, more experienced scientists were either killed or with the colonization fleet, so Runshan had to rely on many of the next generation males and females to perform the investigation.

The very quick analysis performed by these young, still yolk-wet scientists was convincing. Race plutonium had been used for the productions of the bomb, but it wasn't the Race that built the megaton-level explosive metal bomb that devastated the Diaez region. The Race didn't have the knowledge or the resources to create such a powerful weapon. The Kobollians ruled Home and controlled all of the aerospace and military factories. They took control over all nuclear facilities, therefore they were the ones who created and detonated the bomb that killed millions of the Race and poisoned tens of millions more with radioactive fallout. The Big Ugly Kobollians suffered no causalities themselves since they had vacated Home before the terrible thing detonated.

The regret and stress of the problems resulting from the short conquest was almost more than the leader of the Race could stand and things had to change. It was during one of his now frequent conversations with Fleetlords Atvar and Reffet that he began to realize the true depth of the Race's problem. The conquest of Home had shaken the very foundations of their beliefs.

The collective species of Race was afraid.

That was understandable since the emperor was afraid, too. But he learned quickly that fear is acceptable if it forces one to get up and do something instead of hiding hoping that your enemies would forget about you. It makes you sit up and take notice that hiding would only get you eaten. The Race knew they arose from a predator species to became dominate creature of Home. They were rulers of all they surveyed but as time passed the memory had dulled and the Race become too civilized to worry about things like something coming to conquer Home. Such an act seemed impossible and that was why the males and females had such a difficult time adjusting to the new reality. But this was the time when leadership stood up and clawed its way to the forefront and Runshan was a leader, one thirsting for justice and the future security of his species.

If he had any lingering doubts they vanished when speaking to both Ambassador Yeager and Roberts about the state of the galaxy. It turned out to be a most frightening, sober reality. The soon to be retiring General O'Neill adding his comments could have well caused the Emperor's cardiovascular system to seize if he had been just a bit older. The galaxy was a dangerous place, more so than he ever realized. After that meeting, it took a few days for him to think of the best options that had been suggested by the Terrans as none of them were pleasant. But in the final analysis he made a decision, one that would change the destiny of the Race and place them on a path they could have never imagined. Runshan, although not knowing the consequences of his actions wedded the Race to Earth and was prepared to accept whatever became of it.

Home II

"Fleetlords, a spaceship that just appeared in orbit," said excited Senior Sensor technician Vixli. "Like the Terran ships, it evaded our radar until it achieved stationary orbit. We can barely detect it but it is descending towards the established coordinates. The ship's power signature is huge! We have no scale to compare these power readings to."

"Very well," Atvar answered. "Keep trying to analyze the readings and continue observations. Inform Senior Communications Officer Injas to begin transmitting."

"It shall be done."

Despite Atvar's apparent command presence, inside, he was nervous enough to have to will his tail stump not to twitch in excitement. Next to him Fleetlord Reffet was all but pacing in excitement. Atvar looked on in distain at Reffet's lack of decorum.

The next in line to the throne had arrived at Home II. Risson, future Emperor and 37th to carry the name, had arrived in one of the alien starships. Normally, such an arrival would have demanded that the future emperor travel in a Race-built vessel, not only because of tradition and safety but as an emperor-to-be of a stellar empire, he had to maintain appearances to his people. But, as with the ever changing wind, things were turning in unknown directions. And, from a practical standpoint nothing could be done about it. The Race's starships, at maximum speed would take a thousand years or more to make the journey from Home to Home II, if it were even possible for the crews and passengers to survive such a long journey.

But Terran ships were much faster. It was yet another reminder that the Terrans were more advanced however unlike Reffet, he was learning to take such things in stride.

Risson's arrival was the latest in a series of Lizardians coming to Home II from Earth. The stargate had been active constantly and Humans and their equipment had been arriving steadily for the last several days. The Emperor had decreed that training by the Humans was necessary if they were to have a chance at taking on the Kobollians. Earth was more than happy to provide it. When asked why, Earth ambassadors simply said that they didn't like nuclear weapons being fired at their planet. Runshan understand that reasoning perfectly.

Different groups from various empires and not-empires of Earth poured through the gate and from ships transporting equipment and supplies. Hundreds of scientists from Home, specializing in disciplines ranging from biology to physics had also been transported by the unnaturally fast Terran ships. The Emperor hadn't specifically stated why this was happening, but from he long talks with his emperor, Atvar suspected that he knew what the plan was.

The Cylons eagerly offered their services for which Atvar was grateful. In return the Cylons were offered an equal standing in the Empire of the Race, a position not even afforded to the other races under control of the Lizardians. Yes, the Rabotevs and the Hallessi were equal citizens of the Race, however despite them having the same rights as the average Lizardian, there were certain things that they weren't allowed. They could not serve in the military or to participate in the Imperial senate. Having a few of them in the political or military arena might one day cause difficulties. Those freedoms were denied them by the Race. The Race weren't fools; conquered people needed to remained conquered.

Even the surviving Ones were pleased with this change in status. For some perverse reason known only to them, it seemed that the Race and the Cylons needed to be natural allies. He also attributed the facts that they had found Earth and had joined the Cylons on Home II as a sign of the One God he didn't believe in, that his people would survive. Already, with Earth's help they had found the reason why Cylons were unable to have children. It was the nanites inside their bodies the same microscopic machines that gave them extra strength, resistance to disease and the ability to resurrect, were the culprits. The same things that provided long life and extra strength to the average Cylon and resistance to diseases and cancers recognized reproductive cells as a threat not unlike any virus trying to invade the body as a whole. It was a programming conflict was not discovered until less than a year ago.

With the destruction of those nanites, the Cylons were now physically weaker, and more prone to diseases but the women could become pregnant. It was a glorious and yet frightening time. Wanting children wasn't the same as actually having them. But excitement overcame fear and the population had just begun to increase. Their plan was eventually to move on and create their own destiny; nevertheless, they had a ways to go and alliances were sorely needed if they were to survive. If the Colonials ever discovered them, the Cylons would face certain destruction as they had neither the numbers nor infrastructure to stop them by themselves. Humanity's children had to rely on another branch of Humanity to survive. And, this branch of Humanity had destroyed yet another branch of Humanity's children, the replicators; so, it was only fitting in the scheme of things the Cylons found refuge with the very people they once planned to destroy. The Nox would have shaken their heads and pronounced everyone as being very young and not listening to their elders. But they were the same beings that had chosen not to get involved so what did it matter what they thought?

Much of their own Cylon-based technology was lost but many of the survivors had excellent memories, training, and knowledge of their much hated foes and they offered it freely to both the Race and the Terrans. There was also the fact that the Lizardians, as strange and provincial as they were, were more accepting of the Cylons and treated them with more respect than the Colonials had ever done. In the five years the Cylons had lived on Home II, Earth had kept its word as had the Race and in turn the cybernetic beings felt comfortable enough to share a lot of their technology. This sharing had excited the Race scientists although initial resistance was stiff at first as the Race still had deeply ingrained superiority complex issues. The leadership, scientists, and technicians soon learned the truth although the general population remained blissfully unaware of the changes going on.

Syold Desert- Home II

By the standards of the Race, the one hundred and twenty-eight degree temperature constituted an almost perfect summer's day. It was still a bit cool for the summer season. The males and females were in a much contemplated, but nevertheless joyful mood while they waited for the arrival of arguably the second most powerful and influential male of the Empire.

In contrast, the Earthers and Cylons were all but hiding in shelters built for the occasion being cooled by heavy duty air-conditioners. The oppressive heat was a huge distractions that most people avoided when opened-air even such as this occurred and initially many of the Lizards felt it was an insult that both sets of aliens wouldn't participate simply because of the (to them) perfectly acceptable warmth of Home II which was so similar in temperature to Home. Of course, the Lizardians had a distain for the artificially chilled blowers inside the shelter and avoided them prodigiously. It was considered a waste to use energy for such a horrid device especially on such a beautiful and important day as this.

The more than three hundred thousand members of the Race, the Cylon delegation, and the Terran delegation saw Risson the soon-to-be Emperor of Home II transported in a beam of light to the designated landing point next to the ancient stargate of Home II. He looked somewhat nervous as he materialized but seemed to handle the experience well. A half million eye turrets lowered in respect the moment he fully materialized. Besides him were three other beings, never before seen by the Race.

After taking a few moments to survey the scene before him and composing himself Risson stepped forward to the microphone in front of him. "To the people of Home II, I send greetings from the Emperor," and here he as well as the others lowered their eye turrets in respect, "of Home and of the Empire. The Race has always believed that we were the center of the universe. Now we understand that this was never true. The people are in turmoil and under threat to those that would destroy us if given a chance. But, we have learned that we are not alone and we as a people will survive as we always have. I have with me those who have decided to help us become a stronger people and together we will help to protect our galaxy from neighbors who would take from us everything we have including our very lives." He stepped to the side as the three strangers took stage in front of a shocked and nervous group of males and females.

Atvar, his adjutant Kirel, senior ranking shiplord and second only to Atvar, and Straha were aware of what was coming next. The revelation made their scales stand up. Change was coming whether the people knew it or not. It was a frightening and exhilarating time to be alive.

The first alien moved slowly to the podium. He was taller than the Lizardians but somewhat short for the average Human. But his size in no way defined his presence. He was a strange mixture of a muscular Human and Roswell grey. He wore a brown and green uniform with a star cluster pendant on his left shoulder. His shoulder-length hair was the color of chocolate and was in a ponytail of all things.

"Greetings, the male creature said. "I am Uller Commander of the Asgard vessel Vorgaard. My two companions with me are chief scientist Jolena and specialist Vali. The Race needs to know that there have been many species destroyed by the goa'uld in their conquests of your galaxy. Your species only survived because the System Lord Ra considered you an insignificant threat. When they discover you, the others will not be so merciful. We have spoken at length to your Emperor and to the people of Earth and have decided to help to aid the Race. We will help you develop technology and increase your scientific knowledge to that you can survive the coming events that will test all of us. In the next two years we will help you improve your ships and equipment. We will instruct you in sciences new to your people. Along with the people of Earth we will help teach you what you will need to know in order to survive. The Asgard does not do this lightly. With this knowledge we are entrusting you with, you will be held responsible by us and the people of Earth for your actions if it is abused. Your Emperor has assured us that the Race honors your agreements. We trust it is true."

Risson took the microphone. "It is truth," he told the people looking intently at him. "It is the Emperor's will." Then he stepped back.

"Several hundred thousand stunned and traumatized members of the race looked at the strange humanlike creature and in one voice said, "it shall be done."

"Cavilus, his brother Cavil and the other awestruck Cylons at the same time said, "by your command."

Ambassador Yeager and his wife, Karen stared out across the dunes at the multitude of people there. "Like stars in the sky," he whispered.

His wife looked at him. "Sorry, I didn't hear what you said."

"Nothing" he whispered back while the Asgard whom most people in the galaxy assumed were extinct continued to speak. Their secret was still safe. Only a few knew they were still alive. However when the secret came out it would be very interesting times indeed. "I just said everything is changing."

"Yes, it is." she whispered back. "The Colonials won't appreciate what's coming, will they?"

He smiled viciously. "Don't think so," he answered refocusing on the Asgard's speech.

The speech in and of itself was interesting however Yeager only half listened. Instead he began thinking about the future and the relationship with not only the Race but with their new allies, and the Colonials. The Tribes had just been told truths they couldn't just ignore now and would certainly have a hard time accepting. But they wouldn't be alone in discovering hard truths.

Yeager remember Earth receiving a wakeup call like no other when the Colonials had fired capital grade nukes towards Earth in that first conflict. Not even the Anubis, or those other organic 'things' the Asgard and the SGC had fought had collectively frightened Earth as much. Anubis' attack focused on a specific goal and for the most part, the people of Earth unaware of the peril. The Wraith attack was frightening but the world didn't fully comprehend the threat of having those monsters literally holding in orbit, waiting to feed on Humanity until years later. The aliens the Asgard and Earth fought against hadn't made it near Earth's star system. But the Colonial attack was seen and felt by the world. The frantic announcements of nuclear missiles heading towards Earth with specific cities all around the world targeted had been a visceral truth of alien invasion. Many countries demanded that the IOA retaliate and remove the Colonial threat immediately, permanently and with extreme prejudice. The Kobollians would never know how close their worlds came to suffering a literally planet-cracking response. In his speech Goesel had said, war was easy, peace, less so. If God was kind, Goesel would never know how close his worlds came to naquadria-level Armageddon. In His wisdom, peace prevailed instead of revenge as such a brutal response would have emotionally crushed Earth and possibly forever ruined Earth's reputation in the eyes of everyone else…

But what happened was not forgotten, and this very young emerging superpower called Earth would explain this to the Colonials in no uncertain terms. No one liked bullies.

The people of Earth planned to respond but they would do so in a manner that wouldn't turn the worlds of the Colonies into desolate particles of dust floating forever around the cluster of Cyrannus stars. Turning to his beautiful wife once more he added words that his father would have said. "The Colonials won't like it at all. But it will be a learning experience–for all of us."

This is most certainly not – THE END

-As you can see there are a lot of things that have been left wide opened. They haven't been forgotten, I promise you. In this, another author and I are working on the missionary adventures and revelations as a standalone of approximately 4 chapters. I haven't forgotten Iblison or the problems he created – and why he did so. If you noticed, he tried several times to actually start a war between the Colonials and Earth, not to mention what he did to the Race. As I mentioned before, I originally had him as a deep cover Sebacean in the colonies. Apparently the Peacekeepers assumed that John came from the Colonies and were hades-bent on removing the 'chaotic and much resented and feared John Crichton' effect. But that has been changed and now Iblison is something else entirely.

One of the bigger problems I encountered was that Earth became too dominant in this story. Originally that plan was that everything mentioned concerning the enemies etc and Earth's situation was just background for the real story which was to be between the Race and the Colonials. As you can see, the Earthlings tried to take over everything. My muse kept pulling me back towards those pesky Earthlings.

I've never had a great love for the Colonials and the way they were forced on us in BSG2003. To me, none of them were worth anything except Dualla and she died. However, that does not say that they were worthy of extinction. Like Earthforce in the good old days post Dilgar and civil war era, they made mistakes, had their joys and sorrows, pains and successes, in other words they were Humans. But we also saw the dark side of the Colonials and that has resonated among many, many people and authors as a natural antagonist. So nay authors have seen the brutality and darkness and it has been reflected in the multitude of stories involving Colonials and crossovers. This is not an accident. Bob's RAAB caused such a stir because it resonated agreement by almost everyone who started reading it. Multiple variations of that story have been written, this one included with his blessings of course. Here, the requirement was that I made it different from RAAB while keeping to the original intent. And again I thank him for allowing me to do so and adding a few chapters in, himself. RAAB may be the mother but another of his stories (my heart) is its father.

Be that as it may…

It's a blessing that there are some authors who are pro-Colonial and are writing stories as such to counter my almost contempt for them. Here, I blame my dislike of Moore's vision, but again, everyone's entitled to their opinions and it was his show he produced. I'm only a 4th class passenger on the train. Everybody has their opinions and I hope that I am not coloring my readers opinions with my stories too much.

Now concerning the Race. I followed Turtledove's writing patterning of repeating things over and over when it came to the Race. For example, 'males and females of the Race', rather than just using the word 'people'. The Race may be somewhat sympathetic here in this story but make no mistake, they were dangerous and smart world conquerors who went after planets that they were technologically superior to. They would have nuked Earth in our timeline now if they were real because they would not have wanted to be threatened by us in the future. I have mentioned that time and time again so that the readers would know that these aliens were really dangerous when push came to shove. The Race were conquerors and not to be dismissed. Here in WW, they simply found someone who was more advanced than they and were subjected to the receiving end of what they did to others.

I wish to thank all of my readers and reviewers which have encouraged me so much. I also encourage those who made suggestions concerning possible stories to actually try and write them. I hear all of the time that people have ideas but can't put them on paper.

This is not true. To them, I would suggest this: grab a novel you liked, read how that author wrote (not just the content but the way he or she wrote it) and follow that pattern using that as a template. Start off with about 3000 words, refine, define, look once more and take the chance and post.

Once more, I thank you and this will be continued in a few months. I need to evaluate the Colonial Race relationship and how that will evolve with the kidnappings and training they will receive and what the Colonials and Race will do to one another.

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